Drake To Build Studio In Philadelphia High School

Drake says he was inspired to help a school by an ABC report.

Drake has announced that he is slated to build a recording studio in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania's Strawberry Mansion High School. 

The school, which serves more than 400 children, was considered one of the most dangerous schools in America, according to ABC News.

“In the next few months, I’m building a recording studio inside your school,” Drake said to the students. “This about you. This about your principal. This about your future. I love you. I care about you. I want to see you succeed.”

The rapper said he was inspired by a "World News With Diana Sawyer" report that featured Strawberry Mansion. 

“I caught this piece that Diane did, and by the end of it I was so heavily effected I started like questioning like major aspects of my life,” Drake said in an interview with ABC.

In Diane Sawyer's original piece, a student of Strawberry Mansion speaks about her lack of hope.

"I don't dream," a student says in the piece. "Why would I have hope if I know, well, I think, ain't nothin' gon' change about this school or this neighborhood." 

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    why dont he give back to his own city and community? oh yeah cause he came from a well off area who dont need shit

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    Alot of you guys say alot of stupid shit on these comments..and thats real talk from a real nigga

    • self titled real dude

      and drake talks too much. like he talks like he wants like a lot of the credit but like he doesnt like speak well. then like he leave out some like da words like to sound closer like 2 da street when we all know he like knows how to like speak. good he's doing something, but dudes in the hood already dont respect drake and they are not looking at this as "drake cares about us." I promise. If you're gonna do it, do it and don't go on abc news like its all about you and you want everybody to go awwwwww. even game does it better honestly. you actually believe game when he does it, cause he just sends a tweet about how it hurt him and the only time he puts his face all over tv about it is when somebody like arsenio asks him. point is, it shouldn't be about you and that's exactly what drake is doing. jay understands that. anonymous giving is the best. even if it wasn't, just tell the school. it'll get out eventually, he just looks like he wants to be on tv staying relevant.

  • Chris Etrata

    The word, pervert comes into my mind. Why would he build a studio in a high school? Is it because he wants to be closer to the girls?

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    Lets see how fast they will break in and steal all the equipment I would say, 1 week

  • Anonymous

    O lord. We don't need anymore shitty rappers. Who gonna want to record rap music in a damn school anyway? Don't you know that the only way to succeed in the rap game is to drop out, sell drugs, and then start writing raps? It's in the How To Be A Bum Rapper For Dummies handbook.

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