Jordan Brand Welcomes Drake To Team Jordan

Drake shows off pairs of OVO Jordan sneakers.

Jordan has announced that Drake is now a member of Team Jordan. 

The brand made the announcement via Twitter.

Drake also posted images of Jordan shoes on Instagram. Some of the pairs he posted include the OVO logo on the bottom of the sneakers. His captions appear to note that the shoes are part of the OVO Stingray Pack, to be released via Jordan.

Nevertheless, details regarding Drake's involvement with Jordan have not been revealed.  

Drake's involvement with Jordan coincides with the announcement of Kanye West's involvement with adidas. West, who has worked with NIKE in the past, has been confirmed as a part of the adidas family by the company, though details surrounding how West will be involved with the brand have also not been reported. 

The social media posts can be found below.

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  • Gman Willis (EA StreetWear )

    We'll see how this goes....good move for Drake going into different business endeavors...gotta make power moves in this hip-hop climate... Follow Endless Ambition Streetwear. Dropping real soon. IG: endlessambition_streetwear Twitter: @Gwillisjr89 @EA_StreetWear

  • Anonymous

    jigga nas eminem also weezy are million times better than this wanksta

  • Anonymous

    that sweater is gangster

  • janetrlail

    upto I saw the check which said $6844, I accept that my brothers friend woz like actualy bringing in money parttime on there computar.. there great aunt has been doing this for only about and as of now repayed the debts on their cottage and purchased a brand new Alfa Romeo. navigate to this web-site WWW.Ring77.COM I am an experienced designer who went to a top art college. So I know what i am talking about. Thanks.

  • Champagne Papi Life

    The greatest b-ball player and the greatest rapper, it's only right.

  • The_Observer

    OVO is an ugly logo

  • Barbara J. Reynolds

    just before I saw the receipt 4 $7503, I did not believe that my mom in-law had been trully making money in there spare time from there labtop.. there aunt started doing this 4 only twenty months and resently repaid the depts on there apartment and bought a great new Toyota. website here... And you DO have the option to participate by watching the Twitter feed. It isnt ideal, and yeah, you get spoilers, but you still have the option.

  • 666

  • Anonymous

    i didn't think they could make one worse than the 15's but i saw the above pics

  • Congratulations to anybody who takes care of their family

    "Hate is love at the same time" - Drake

  • Anonymous

    Drakes the type of nigga to put glitter in his Jordans

  • lew

    nicki minaj might get a kangol hat sponsership

  • lew

    so Drake gets jordan and lil wayne gets Supra? nearly as shocking as when G unit were making reebok shit!

  • Jaye

    Drake gets the cosign from Nike's Jordan Brand to basically Nike I.D. his favorite pair of Jordans, and those with absolutely no taste want to compare him to Kanye West who actually designed an entirely new shoe? The hate is strong. Big ups to Drake for getting his deal. Some of you are acting as if Nike left Kanye, when it's he who left them - for wanting to do more than just change a colorway and put an ovo stamp on a shoe #champagnepapi. Side note: Who the fuck is gonna wear these? Looks like it should be sold at Nordstroms Rack or even worse - Warehouse Shoe Sale. No shade. Ye is trying to do more, and being a model for us all. Jay-Z gave us the Blueprint. Kanye gave us his interviews. Drake ain't bout that life.

    • Chris

      Drake doesn't claim to be a fashion icon. We all knew he was a bama a loooong time ago. He might have said it a little hatefully, but you can't denythey already look dirty and they're brand new. I would never purchase these and that's not hate. I'm not a fan of his music either, but I respect that he sells a lot of it.

    • Anonymous

      Funny how you are talking about the hate is strong and then turn around talking shit with your "side note".

  • sumguy

    Oooh shit, Kanye's gona be pissed when he hears about this. Can't wait to hear his new rant about this lol

  • Latanya Fields

    up to I looked at the draft of $5644, I accept that my friend woz like trully bringing in money in there spare time at there labtop.. there neighbor haz done this 4 only 18 months and a short time ago repaid the debts on their place and purchased a great Porsche 911. see this here... Luckily, for the few who have the inclination to pay attention to the wildly interesting sociological case-study that is Kanye West, Justin Hunte provides an astoundingly well-written perspective. As he often does.

  • Anonymous

    Nikes have been sold out pieces of shit for years. Yes, if you want to wear the same thing as every other schmuck then buy Nikes.


    This is some STRAIGHT UP BULLSHIT!!! WTF, Jordan?!?! WTF NIKE??? Partnering up with TOMS would make more sense!

  • Maryann Thomas

    uptil I saw the bank draft saying $5731, I have faith mother in law was realy earning money part time at there labtop.. there friend brother has been doing this for less than 14 months and as of now repaid the loans on their villa and bought a new Buick. navigate to this web-site... I am an experienced designer who went to a top art college. So I know what i am talking about. Thanks.

  • drake runs rap

    drake continues to have sucess while you hating internet nerd virgins continue to deny that drake is getting bigger and bigger. Drake is the face of rap just look at his accomplishments once all the old hasbins retire drake will be the king of rap with no dispute. Does it make you mad haters that drake is the leader of all new generation rappers.

  • Jackpot

    Chingy's Air Chings are way better than this, but the world ain't ready to see them yet. He'll put those shits out when he drops his new album next summer. 2014 is Chingy's year! #FullDekk

  • Anonymous

    so jordan brand is over for me

  • youngsta

    hell yeah. those kicks are dope, drake. eminem can't come up with cool ass shoes like those. #NWTS #OVO

    • Ricardo

      And this is the problem with western society... Why do you have loyalty to someone you don't know? Because you like his music? It defies all logic and common sense to me personally. You're the new "Stan" of this current period of time... You have attached yourself to a product and a brand, congratulations.

    • ^

      And none of this is true.

    • youngsta

      reasons why drake is better than eminem: - makes songs with his family while eminem disses his family and later apologizes - outshines eminem on forever "last name ever, first name greatest" is seen everywhere - take care is better than anything em has made, including his 1st three albums - drake talks about real things in his life while em makes up shit about killing and rape - all of drake's work is critically acclaimed while em receives mixed reviews for his work - and his shoes are awesome while em's are awful drake owns eminem! #NWTS #OVO

    • WOW

      Look at this pathetic fag. What the fuck does Eminem have anything to do with this?! You just can't accept the fact that Eminem SHITS on Drake can you?? What a clown.

    • Anonymous

      Your opinion youngsta. OVO J's aren't going to be a rare find, you barely see regular 2's anywhere.

    • youngsta

      lol, those are wack. who the fuck wants shoes with eminem's lyrics all over them? drake's are way better. nice, simple, clean looking shoes that don't look like over the top clown shoes. #OVFuckinONigga!

    • Anonymous

      Google Eminem edition Jordan 2's.

  • Anonymous

    I did not know Jordan endorsed faggitry

  • fuccya

    Hey this dude is gay, why the hell Jordan. Hed better join adidas like kanye did.

    • Michelle Jordan

      Drake is the safe, non threatening rapper that everybody can appeal to. He can't do wrong in their eyes, hence the reason why deals are coming left and right.

  • WellHell

    Good look but the logo on the bottom of the shoe, I hope not the sole of the shoe damn. congrats because whatever the percentage he gonna make money, PS Kanye shut up and stay in your lane and Nike would have done it for you. You can't act superior to others when you are a fly on someone else's radar. He rubbed that lamp wrong and got booted, if he try and sell an addidas for $200 he will be laughed out of designing anything else. We all know he dropped big cake on that new home and he lost money in the fashion business. Karma talking to and kicking his ass harder than any of us ever will. He gone learn the hard way to stay humble and stfu.

    • Kanye West

      "aka your bitch worth more than you and she got it all from sucking another niggas dick on video" both of our net worth combined trumps anything you got in the bank, chump. and why bring up that stupid sex tape? that was years ago & she was fucking with a lame @ the time. also she has other venues that made her the woman she is today: dash's clothing store, her reality show, not to mention she models.

    • lol

      Kanye a good musician claiming to be a creative genius. The movie room he came up with, anyone could think of stupid shit like that once ur sitting on millions but the average american don't think to patten a movie theater and don't know how to do it. Kanye has bad emotional intelligence and had just happened to do good for himself because when hes humble he's likable. Good musician, decent entrepreneur but doesn't have the personality to go to new heights.

    • Anonymous

      " I have a safety net. " aka your bitch worth more than you and she got it all from sucking another niggas dick on video

    • Kanye West

      @WellHell and that's the difference between me & you. I lose 13 million, I can recoup that money through extensive touring, music, merchandise, etc. I have a safety net. If YOU lost money, you'd be in the welfare line, begging for food stamps & shelter.

  • Anonymous

    Great. A line of high heel J's.

  • Kanye

    They only put him on cuz he a light skin N#gga, this country is trying to keep me down, they want to avoid me because I'm not a puppet like him, it's politics man.

  • Anonymous

    I'd rather have Kanye work with Nike rather than Drake, for one reason Kanye made the Yeezy's (would have let to other dope shoes). and I am a Nike head. But Congrats to Drake.

  • Anonymous

    no one is buying reeboks or addidas because of kanye, rick ross or tyga.

  • ColeWorld

    LOL poor kanye Difference between Kanye and Drake is Drake is actually grateful for a shoe deal, Whereas Kanye thinks he's the reason Jordan's even exist still.

  • Anonymous

    thats a good look for nike. fuck kanye

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