Rolling Stone Names Its 50 Best Albums Of 2013

Rolling Stone names Kanye West's "Yeezus," Drake's "Nothing Was The Same" and Danny Brown's "Old" in its Top 20 in the Best Albums of 2013.

Rolling Stone has named its "50 Best Albums of 2013."

Kanye West had the highest ranked Rap album on the list with Yeezus. Rolling Stone wrote about the project, which was #2 on the list, and how it ranks in West's discography. 

"Kanye's electro masterpiece is his most extreme album ever, which is saying something," Rolling Stone writes regarding Yeezus. "No wonder the late, great Lou Reed embraced Yeezus, since it's basically the Metal Machine Music concept translated into futuristic Hip Hop, all industrial overload and hyper-tense egomania and hostile vibes." 

During a September interview with BBC Radio One, Kanye West spoke about Yeezus' sound.

“I was able to start making exactly what was in my mind again,” Kanye said, speaking about Yeezus. “Not having to speak the textures of the time. Cause you know Cruel Summer is definitely Kanye West…If you look at it 200 years from now it’s not gonna stand out in the way that 808s or Yeezusstands out. And can completely push or redefine or make people say ‘Hey, I completely hate that’ or ‘I completely love that.’”

Drake's Nothing Was The Same ranked at #14 and Danny Brown's Old landed at #17, rounding out the list's Top 20.

Eminem's most recent project, The Marshall Mathers LP 2, landed at #24. Chance The Rapper's Acid Rap struck at #26 and Miley Cyrus' Bangerz arrived at #27 on the list.

Pusha T's My Name Is My Name made the list at #33, J. Cole hit at #41 with Born Sinner, Earl Sweatshirt's Doris made it at #42 and M.I.A. arrived at #47 with Matangi.

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  • Anonymous

    Drake is better than Danny Brown? List is wack

  • Anonymous

    Miley Cyrus' Bangerz arrived at #27 ^ ^ ^ SO THE WHOLE LIST IS IRRELEVANT

  • da1

    good job danny. i like the run the jewels comment. but if we was gettin into top hiphop albums that would be on there. but since this is best albums. its good to see danny on 17

  • Catherine645

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  • Anonymous

    what a faggat article

  • golf

    Drake album is garbage and it's not hip hop at all. Singing while rapper is corny and his lyrics sound like a third grade written everything cause it ain't lyrical.

  • TaZzZ

    Acid Rap made 26th as a free project, all in-house. That and Old are the only two I've listened to more than a few times, the rest are ehhhhh, undeserving.

  • Fuckkanye

    MMLP2 was a better record then all the shit on here

  • Da Realest

    niggas call drake a pop star.. like so far gone was pop? 5am in toronto was pop? drake is pop when he shows up on every kids bob, and i don't think his lyrics gonna make the disney channel cut. it sounds cute when y'all say it.. but it doesn't make sense.. drake is no where near pop.

  • Anonymous

    So a Miley Cyrus album makes the top 50...but not Magna Carta Holy Grail. Rolling Stone is hilarious.


    It's funny how people say what do a bunch of hipster rock taste makers have to do with what is good and what is not. The thing is, guys like Drake, Kanye, Jay, Em, etc. like to be put in these magazines along with rock and pop acts for two reasons: 1. It gives them a broader appeal outside of hip hop. 2. These magazines are bought by a demographic with disposable income who will go out and pay for an album unlike a bunch of website commenters who will bootleg shit and give their -2 cents.

  • Overlooked

    Run The Jewels should have definitely made it on that list. It is one of the best concept albums to come out of rap music

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus #2, hightest rap album........ just lost all respect i had for this list in a second.

  • Betty Gregory

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  • East

    Kayne West is Christ and his album is comparable to the albums of when the beatles did drugs. Yeezus is a classic album.

  • Fish

    Hipster bullshit, nothing to see here.

  • dewey

    It's such bs that Born Sinner ranks at 41, it should've ranked way higher.

  • Phoebe Canales

    before I looked at the paycheck which was of $8320, I be certain neighbours mother woz actualie earning money parttime online.. there neighbor has done this less than seventeen months and by now paid for the depts on there appartment and bought a gorgeous BMW 5-series. check it out... I even remember hearing BG from Cash Money say it in an interview, "Nas could rap but I didn't like those beats." Plain in simple, I might like "Gimme the Loot" or "Everyday Struggle" and you might, but I know most people can't relate.

  • rossco

    danny brown OLD was one of the best albums in a long time. if you havent heard please check it out. so good

  • Anonymous

    White artists always outsell the Blacks because we are superior.

  • Anonymous

    dam Jay z didn't make the list i guess the Illuminate must be pissed at him lol

  • Anonymous

    chocolate droppa should be up there

  • j

    Yeezus was thrown together out of pieces by someone other than Kanye because he couldn't complete it. 3 hours of pieces, not full song. Rick said it made him sick. Especially knowing how little time there was to finish the album. How the fuck can you know that and still rave about it. How can any fuckin body listen I Am God and relate to that shit much less have any replay value. It's not that I hate it. It's just overrated like a motherfucker. And he we are giving this dude something else to think his pedestal is even higher. SMH

    • Com

      @Sam Where did I say Yeezus was good or bad? You came into this thread looking to go on some rant about the album. Love it or hate it, Yeezus is different, and it's remarkable because of the context it's in. You can't argue that

    • Com

      @2nd Anon What happen was Rap got turned into a product, it became about selling people songs AND an image. It's gotten to the point where if you aren't hoping on mainstream trends, you aren't "relevant". It's a bandwagoner's game now

    • Anonymous

      kanye stated in an interview that he wanted it to sound like a demo tape

    • Sam

      @LOL It's not idiotic if it's true. Why don't you stop riding Kanye's dick and eating up any shit he puts out. I've listened to Yeezus and it sucks. Just because Yeezus has a different sound it isn't automatically gold. If you like it, good for you, but even then there's no way you could consider it a better album than some of the other albums on that list like Old or even one's that didn't show up like Run the Jewels.

    • Anonymous

      @Com agree 100%. hiphop was supposed to go against the norm, what happened to niggas making exactly what they want?

    • LOL

      @ SAM just shut the fuck up with your idiotic metaphor and go listen to YEEZUS

    • Sam

      I agree wholeheartedly. And @Com, just because an album is more experimental and is different that doesn't mean it's good, nor does it mean it's better than any other album. If I took a rainbow colored shit, it'd still be shit. It wouldn't be a "better" shit than a normal shit. Point is, shit is shit, no matter how different it is than other shit.

    • Anonymous

      COSIGN 100%, truth

    • Com

      It's entertainment. You think that nigga is serious when he's talking about eating ass and what not? C'mon. You're smarter than that. I hope. What makes Yeezus is how experimental it is for a mainstream RAP album. What mainstream rappers are doing shit like this? It's not perfect, but you have to contextualize. People thought 808's was some straight ass, and now look. We got niggas basin' they whole fuckin careers off of Street Lights, as Big Ghost put it.

  • dentaldamboy

    as a young money groupie bitch with no accounting skills, I can confirm that I am crying like a bitch because my idol drake lost so bad to kanye.

  • Trollhunter


  • Anonymous

    Won't fight. But someobody here might be Water. You just can't live without it... #TrueGod

  • Kanye West


  • Anonymous

    Wtf? MMLP2 Went Platinium... Did Yeezus? How does Eminem gets #24? I'm defiitly a Eminem Fan, wihc is why i'm talking aobut the main topic issue and my favourite rapper/Artist. So all the haters can shush. As a fan of Kanye West's work since The College Dropout i don't think Yeezus is a #2 album. Eminem should definitly take his place on Top 10. Same to Miley's and J.Cole. Drake's new album is not the best of his carrer (He doesn't have a big carrer yet), Take Care was. So he ''failed'' with his Album. He should go higher not backwards... Expected MUCH more from ''Nothing Was The Same''. Yeezus would go to #18 (Cause of New Slaves, Bound 2, Blood on the Leaves, Im a God and Black Skinhead. Keep the Professionalism Up and the Negativity and stupidity Down.I've Said.

    • Anonymous

      Eminem's rhyme structures shit on anything Kanye has ever said, it would take 5 years for Ye to think of a punch line as clever as him let alone full songs with variations in speed and flow.. GTFOH people want to call Yeezus experimental but that doesn't mean it is any good.. I understand trying to progress the genre but he is only helping it spiral down in flames

    • Anonymous

      Artistically: YEEZUS>>>>MMLP2

    • A Person

      You lost all your credibility when you mentioned sales, so... by the fourth word.

  • Anonymous

    Definitly*(Written by the poster) Sorry if there are more errors in it.

  • Anonymous

    Kanye stay winning

  • A Person

    Black Milk's No Poison No Paradise, Tweleve Reasons to Die and Czarface are my three albums of the year.

  • Funkyslvanelf

    There is a couple of artist out of this list that I apprecated & shoul be n he list, mostly Kacey Musgraves & Tegan & Sara. With that said, I knew without even checking that Arcade Fire, Daft Punk & Vampire Weekend would be in the top 5. They're not that good. Also, no Run the Jewels & 12 reasons to die is a travesty.

  • JayJ

    Not only was Yeezus one of the best album this year... But have you guys even gone to one of his fucking concerts??!! Its fucking life changing and I'm a fan of Kendrick. That was the reason why I went to it but then Kanye came on and I didn't expect what I saw... Deffinetly earned a whole new respect for him.

  • M25

    I honestly feel that J. Cole had the best album out of all the hip hop artists, I can't compare Born Sinner to Miley or non-hip hop acts because I have not heard their albums. Born Sinner hip hop album of the year.

  • austin

    Acid Rap (originally a free tape) gets counted but Blue Chips 2 doesn't?! ahhhhhhh.

  • drake runs rap

    drake should have been number 1. Drake is the face of rap eminem is washed up garbage thats gonna be retired pretty soon. Drake is only 26 and his carreer is allready legendary. Drakes album is the best of this year drake is officially the best rapper alive its a fact.

    • Anonymous

      No one believes your lies, Drake stan.

    • JayJ

      Lol Ya if you wanna think about your ex and eat box of chocolates with a side of tears. I'm not listening to Drake anymore his attitude has changed like he bout that life when he grew up well and did Degrassi. Even though Kendrick didn't come out with an album this year he's still killing features and is running rap now.

  • Anonymous

    MMLP2 > kanye drake ......

  • Fan

    Xzibit, B-Real and Demrick - Serial Killerz or it didn't count.

  • Anonymous

    #YEEZYSEASON Lol where are all the haters and Eminem stans?

  • PATHH88

    So miley considered rap now? smh, or considered Hip Hop enough to be mentioned with the rest of the rap albums you named ??? GTFOH this is HIPHOP dx no ?

    • Anonymous

      Don't you ever call Miley Cyrus or Lil Debbie an "emcee" that is a fuckin joke, you don't even know what that words means

    • ^

      Is that a joke? Miley's a talentless ugly pop star who's not hip-hop in any way and is just exploiting the culture for profit. And who the fuck is Lil Debbie?

    • white women are the right women

      She's hip-hop. She raps better than a lot of niggas. And the fact is niggas in the game are fiending over her sexy tight White body. Who can blame them really? Emcees like Miley and Lil' Debbie have paid their dues and they are smoking hot. End of story.

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus for haters is over their head, they need more cooking cutter straight forward rap. Yeezus is ahead of its time and this was a good album I 100% co-sign with Rolling stone/hiphopdx on this. I bought a lot of these albums and I can say Yeezus was one of a kind everything else I forgot about in a month or blended in with everything else I bought.

    • ShatteredWorld

      ^^^^^ I wouldn't say that it's 100% subjective, but it's definitely polarizing.

    • Anonymous

      Yeezus is one of those albums where it is 100% subjective. Half the people are going to listen to it and hear an innovative album of the highest quality. And the other half are going to hear a weak attempt at artsiness and critical dickriding.

    • Anonymous

      Co-Signature to Anon

    • ELjay

      Yeezus was the cheapest sh*t I've ever heard in my whole life. And you confuse "haters" with "having an own opinion". Like you, you have your own opinion on Yeezus and I have mine.

  • thats_right

    Some self-absorbed rockist tastemakers made some shitty list about albums, better make an article out of that instead of actual music news!

  • night walker

    yeezus number 2 some hipster shit cant anyone say anything that sounds shitty is actually shitty instead of praising it as some obscure piece of art

  • ---

    who the f*ck writes this shit, number 2 for yeezus HAHAHHAHA

  • xx009

  • Anonymous

    of cuz we know dat rolling ston e dont know shit about hip hop..yeezus was a wack album..everybody in the hood knows that..hows that number 2??? placing born sinner and pusha t is just ridiculous..wack list

    • Anonymous

      since when does anyone really care what "everybody in the hood" thinks? aint they the ones who listened to chief keef and gucci mane? aint they the ones who dont buy albums?

  • Young

    You spelt it wrong too, it's 808s & heartbreaks

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus had great production but that alone should not give it rap album of the year. What ever happened to substance? So many rap albums on this was better.

    • Anonymous

      So BlackSkin Heads, New Slaves, and Blood on the Leaves have no substance? Go back to you Chief Keef or Eminem Yodeling nonsense then.

  • bass219

    Not to sound ignorant or as a racist, but this is why non-hip hop sites/organizations/magazines/etc should not review or include in their reviews hip hop projects. However you think the order should be, we all know the Yeezus AND MMLP2

  • Anonymous

    how the fuck did danny brown beat em? Im not even that big of an em fan but lyrically he is on a whole other level. fuck this list

    • mike

      the album does not have great replay value like his first album at first your amazed with his literary skills but the songs just don't strike like mmlp

  • Fish Food 4 Thought

    Why did HipHopDX mention Miley Cyrus? Is she now classified as HipHop? Did I die and end up in purgatory because I'm hell rejected?

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

  • TMZ

    Trinidad James Disses Jay-Z and the whole new york !!

  • Doug

    Eminem's should crack top 20, lyrically a great album, still better than anyone out there. Yeezus was something nobody has ever heard, love the high ranking. Danny Brown's album was great. Not a Drake fan so no opinion there. I guess if songs all sound the same and have good bass everyone likes them, but when Kanye and Em have their own sound, everyone hates it.

    • Anonymous

      So Death Grip is now Hip-Hop soul like Kanye has been the bulk of his career? GTFOH for a mainstream Hip Hop artist to do what Kanye did on Yeezus is revolutionary you hating Fux

    • Anonymous

      as a death grips fan...every time I hear this comparison I have to laugh because it's not a good comparison at all

    • ^^

      Death Grips has been doing the same thing that Ye did on Yeezus for the past couple of years. This isn't anything new.

  • TMZ

    Trinidad James Disses Jay-Z and the whole new york !

  • LUKE


  • Yeezus was fuckin weak

    Czarface and RA the rugged mans album should be on there

  • Anonymous

    MMLP 2 is def the top 5. Idk about all the rest for sure. But Yeezus and MMLP 2 should both be in top 5. Eminem is lyrically so good. And Kanye, while I can't stand him at all, does deserve top 5.

  • Black De La Rocha

    Why was Miley Cyrus' album mentioned??? Do we consider her hip hop now???

  • Champagne Papi Life

    The real travesty here is Eminem being ranked ahead of Chance The Rapper. Drake and Chance definitely had top 10 albums. Yeezus was probably top 20-30. And MMLP2 wouldn't even crack my top 200. Drake's killing the game right now.

  • Anonymous

    How is Yeezus so popular? I get why people loved My Twisted Dark Fantasy, and to an extent 808's and Heartbreakers, but Yeezus? Come on. This is basically saying that if College Dropout were released today it would be by far the best album of the year.

    • Anonymous

      Yeezus is revolutionary

    • Anonymous

      I think point is that you spelled the album wrong. 808s & Heartbreak

    • Anonymous

      "LOL once you said "Heartbreakers" it just told me how much of an idiot you are, and how much you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about" I didn't say I liked it; I don't. I said I understood its popularity and critical reviews; it was a marketable pop album. I ended the comment by stating that "College Dropout" was his best album; which is was. (Late Registration is 2nd). But Yeezus plain sucks. I'm sorry that you disagree, and you call call me an idiot in place of an actual argument. Your inability to even read my comment told me how much of an idiot you are, and how much you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about. GTFO.

    • DE

      LOL once you said "Heartbreakers" it just told me how much of an idiot you are, and how much you have no clue what the fuck you are talking about

  • 5th

    Yeezus is the #2 album of 2013, and the highest ranked rap album on the list!? If Rolling Stone actually had any fuckin credibility with regard to hip-hop, which they don't, it's shot to shit now... Yeezus was complete garbage... The only people that like that shit are the fuckin dittoheads that only dig what either the radio or the media tells them is dope... Fuckin clown ass bullshit...

    • Anonymous

      "The only people that like that shit are..." ^ the whole world don't do what you do boy, go somewhere and grow up

    • jimmybarlow

      I don't think you understand the point of Yeezus. It's not supposed to be hip hop. It's supposed to be something entirely different...

  • Realest 1


  • rollingstone

    i have to agree on yeezus. all the shitheads that hate it probably don't have speakers that can support the sound. everyone wants rap to sound the same which explains the radio hits. only mistake i really see is having danny brown's old behind drake's album.. pretty ridiculous.

    • Anonymous

      Anyone who gave a poor review to "On the Corner" best have turned around on it later on, haha. That's my second favorite Miles Davis album!

    • Anonymous

      Well, garbage appreciate garbage p.s. Same magazine shitted on Miles' On the Corner and turned around a few years later and hailed it as a classic.

  • Mitch

    Acid Rap didn't really do it for me.

  • Anonymous

    Yeezus is literally the worst album I ever heard. Production sounds like throwing a bunch of random sounds together, knowing hipsters would love how "experimental" it is, and the lyrics suck. Black Skinheads is a solid track, everything else is just beyond terrible.

  • Anonymous

    They have Miley Cyrus on the list so the complete list is 100% non-credible and 200% worthless. My two Favs on the year are Pusha Ts "My name is my Name" and Dom Kennedy's "Get Home Safe". Most of these lists are full of Hipster trash and alternative garbage were artsy critics heap praise on any rapper that incorporates some non traditional elements into their HipHop music.

    • illogic93

      PWOWR is AOTY, definitely.

    • jjTHAinna

      Ok Pusha's album had some fire tracks on there and was a good album all and all, but I felt it was too short and not cohesive enough to be album of the year material. As long as his fans waited for that album he could have given a lot more. Haven't heard Dom Kennedy, not really familiar with him but PWOWR IS PWOWR and nothing is fucking with it.

  • Innaprizin

    they didnt say anything about PWOWR which i think mut have been number one

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