Young Buck Details Prison's Effects & Confirms Collaborations

Young Buck talks about graduating from high school while in prison and collaborations with Game and Waka Flocka Flame.

In early October, former G-Unit member Young Buck was released from prison and has since been working on music.

The Nashville, Tennesee native gave his first post-prison interview to Nashville's Fox 17 and talked about how prison affected him and also wants to let younger people know that his eventual path is not one to take.

“At the end of the day it’s about getting the music out there and giving back to the fans, touching base with these children,” Young Buck told the Tennessee news station. “Trying to show them a better direction. Show them that they can make things happen. All you have to do is believe in yourself and work hard.”

Buck also talked about receiving his high school GED while in prison. He had previously dropped out of high school but plans to further his education. 

“For me that’s a big accomplishment. I’m a cat that didn’t even go through high school and been blessed to be successful so I felt like I owed myself that,” he said. “I’m looking to enroll in a couple of college courses dealing with the music business.”

Last week, footage of Young Buck and former label affiliate Game recently surfaced. The two were pictured together working on music and created a track reportedly called "Rolling Stone." Buck also talked about working with Waka Flocka Flame.

“Game, he’s a longtime friend of mine,” Young Buck said when asked about the footage. “Waka Flocka, we’ve always wanted to make music together. As soon as I came home he stretched out and was like, ‘Come on man, let’s do it.’ We just got together. Make classic material. I’m not putting a release date on nothing."

Young Buck would continue, thanking all of his supporters and even giving a subtle shout out to his former boss, 50 Cent.

“I will say I am in the process of being all the way free from my current situation. I wish the best for everybody who was ever involved in anything dealing with Buck, even from a negative side of things... When you go through what I’ve went through it definitely humbled me to a lot of different areas in my life. One thing it didn’t do was take away from the music.”

On July 13, 2012, Young Buck was sentenced to 18 months in prison on weapon charges and would begin his prison stay on August 6 of that year. Until the prison sentence, Buck was confined to house arrest with a monitoring bracelet on his ankle. He would be released from prison on October 1 of this year.

Watch the full interview with Fox 17 below: 

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  • Anonymous

    Ross is worth $30 mill. Buck is worth .30 cents. A lot of good that one platinum album (thanks to Fiddy) did.

    • JD

      buck just paid 400,000 to get out of bankruptcy so i think hes worth a bit more than that. the IRS auction that sold his possessions only raised $50,000 and he paid the rest of the money by himself. he bought a new house before he went to jail to. the media only report the negative news but never anything positive. some of the media is just bullshit. just like when they said they sold all his possessions at auction that was bullshit. the IRS only sold what they needed to get the money back he owed them then the rest of his possessions were returned to him. he even bought back his 615 chain for $20,000 from the guy who bought it at the auction and it was reported that it was the most expensive item at the auction. what broke nigga can do that??? then the media said his name was getting sold and that never happened. he still goes by the name young buck. most of the shit that goes about is just rumors. half of it is true half of it is bullshit!

  • Anonymous

    So successful? He had one platinum album lol

    • JD

      that pretty good considering he only has 2 albums. his first one went double platinum. his second album didn't do as good because interscope stopped promoting it for months because buck stabbed that dude at the vibe awards!

    • Anonymous

      2 albums one plat 1 gold wasnt aloud to release more... so ya successful

    • Anonymous

      LOL. Rick Ross does not set the bar from which we measure success. To suggest that someone is successful because they have out performed Rick Ross is fucking silly. Both Young Buck and Rick Ross are jokes. A plaque and platinum status is wack if you're not the baddest.

    • Anonymous

      still one more than officer ricky got

    • Anonymous

      As opposed to your 0 zero platinum albums lol

  • blkviper

    Much props to him for growing, everyman has the ability to change. one the other hand not looking forward to him collaborating with Wacka.

  • Anonymous

    so this dumb nigga is now educated. lol

  • Young Guwop

    Great interview. Buck has grown as a person and ready to do some big things now. Can't ever hold a real nigga back.

  • paulbchilds

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  • Anonymous

    Young Buck - Til I'm Dead & Gone

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Good for him. I always felt like he was a decent MC and a decent overall dude with more intelligence than he was letting on. It's a shame rappers feel like they can't sell records without being ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    What kinda kicks are those in the background(in the interview)?

  • Anonymous

    Welcome back buck the game has needed you can't wait for you to drop an album tn stand up

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