Crooked I Says Slaughterhouse's Next Album Is Rebellious, Edgy & Emotional

Exclusive: Crooked I says he can't wait for the new Slaughterhouse album to be released.

Crooked I, who says that Slaughterhouse is in the fourth quarter of creating its new album, recently spoke with HipHopDX about the new project and how he hopes its yet-to-be-determined title is indicative of the music the group is making. 

"We ain't got no title," Crooked I says of the release. "I hope we have the vote on what the title's gon' be. And if I get my way, you could believe it's gon' be some aggressive shit that Best Buy don't even want to fucking put on the shelf. I'm looking to get a letter from iTunes and shit, just saying, 'Uh, guys, we really love the music, but we can't use this fucking title.' I mean I just want the shit to be so blunt and so in your fucking face because I think that's where we need to continue to trail-blaze. That's where music needs to go because the music on the album that we're creating thus far is really dope.

"It's a lot of edgy shit," Crooked I says. "It's a lot of rebellious shit and then there's a lot of emotional shit that you know, you might have gotten out of the song 'Goodbye,' or you might have gotten out of the song 'Move On.' You're getting that times ten on this so I can't wait. I can't wait for it to drop man." 

The new Slaughterhouse album follows welcome to: OUR HOUSE, an album that was released in August 2012 via Shady Records. The project earned a 4.5 out of 5 in HipHopDX's review

Crooked I, Joell Ortiz, Joe Budden and Royce Da 5'9 are slated to go on tour as Slaughterhouse in March 2014. The group released a promotional video for its run recently, one that includes the "Glass House Tour" dates. That video can be viewed below. 

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  • Anonymous

    Shitty Group that are feminem's bitches.

  • true rolla

    I gave these niggas some beats in 2011 and they turned em down. I didnt have no hard feelings or anything like that til i heard "our house", maaaaaaaaaaaaaaan. The beat selection on that shit was so fuckin garbage that i 4real got offended. My shit was way better than most of the shit on they album. But i guess they were goin for that poppy/techno/alternative rock sound. yeh, look how far it got them.....

  • reall talk

    If they want this album to be successful, all they have to do is STOP CATERING TO WHITE PPL!

  • J dirty

    KEEP DUDES LIKE EMEINEM AND SWIZZ BEATS OFF THE PRODUCTION....Get someone good like C-Lance,or Seven from Strange Music to produce that shit.

    • 3 headedmonstah

      i agree.. i was also thinking, dj premier, hi tek, 9wonder and madlib .... just to name a few... em and swiz do not need to produce any tracks..em however if he can come up with dark beat with good hook than i would say yes a couple but if he's looking for his girl to sing on the hooks.. ill pass

  • Anonymous

    Better to be true Hip Hop this time, not that Pop-bullshit. Em could be featured and he could even provide some beats, but not the whole album.

  • drake runs rap

    irrelevent. flopper house will for ever be a second fiddle d 12 that will never amount to anything. I bet they wish they signed with ovo instead.

    • Canta Slaus

      Ovo's portuguese for "egg"

    • Rap Fan

      Im sorry to have to agree with that troll but their music has been watered down last time around. They need to stick to what they know and leave that pop shit it Em. However, they want to make money and pop is what sells. That straight gritty hip hop from the 90's ain't selling to much these. Just ask Drake what he sells to the masses.

    • Anonymous

      What's an OVO? I heard that doesn't even exist.

    • Ben

      You have no idea what rap is then if you're a fucking Drake fan...

  • j

    After hearing their new track Party which should be subtitled Fuck You, based off of Royce and Joell's verse alone, I vote for that as the album name. Or Slaughterhouse - Fuck You And Everyone Else Too

  • Anonymous

    If they fucking with Eminem garbage ass again that shit gonna be WACK!

  • twoholla

    I love that Crooked rep the West...but to be honestly with you. I really don't care about how supposedly 'edgy' & 'emotional' the next LP will be. FIRST, can you guys just make a DOPE all-the-way through true CLASSIC ALBUM (the closest you guys came to that was with the pre-welcome to our house free mixtape). You uber wanna be super lyrical dudes are sooooo focused on looking at the bigger picture covering all your technical bases (emotional, rebellious,-mult-syllables, etc.) that you guys are missing the small details like selecting BANGING PRODUCTION & really doing songs where you guys sound like a cohesive unit. Crooked hasn't come out with a banging album (due to poor production) since his mixtape series when he at least had a good ear for selecting tracks from others!!!

  • Anonymous

    When you call your music "rebelious", it sets the standard pretty high. Is this REALLY rebelious (on some politica/Lupe rap?), or is this just 30-something-old guys telling teenagers they are rebelious because they rap about guns and where tight jeans? I wanna support this new album, but Crooked I has a history of rapping to the teens because people in his own age group are too grown up for his gangster talk.

  • Anonymous

    got love for slaughterhouse, but i wasn't fuckin with their last album too much.. most of the production seemed like it was more suited for eminem than sh.. but so far, they got premier and just blaze working with them, so it's looking good.. lyrically, they kill it, just need the right beats to match their style..

  • Katherine Thomas

    until I looked at the check which was of $5583, I be certain that my brother woz like realie bringing in money part time on their computer.. there best friend had bean doing this for less than 21 months and at present cleard the mortgage on there mini mansion and bourt a new Bugatti Veyron. go to this website... www.Tec80.Com HHDX has demonstrated their belief Marshall Mathers is still a tremendous force to be reckoned with on the microphone.

  • Jay Dubb

    Tha HATE is heavy, LET THE MUSIC DO THA TALKIN"! Like the album - BUY IT & support, Don't - keep it movin' & support what you do like! 'Crabs in a bucket' mentality that 'everyone SUCKS' & 'I'm better than r=them', is keepin' the culture STRANGLEHELD & not growin'! Got MORE Talent than them, PROVE IT - Let's hear it! But 'keyboard gangsters' hidin' behind 'anonymous hate' are cowards, meaningless waste of space people goin' NOWHERE!

  • Anonymous

    This is looking to be a lot better than the last album based off what they're saying about it, but that Party single wasn't that good so IDK...

    • Anonymous

      At above anonymous I thought the same about Hammer Dance.. a solid track but not album worthy and I assumed it was just a promo single but it ended up on the album so IDK.

    • Anonymous

      I think that wasnt a single for their album it was just something Just Blaze posted on soundcloud, it could be a song on their next mixtape which they release before a album. i could be wrong tho' lol

    • Anonymous

      LAUGHTERHOUSE were ** DROPPED ** they can call the album any goddamn thing they want... Or, better yet, why not do a Kickstarter and sell it direct to LAUGHTERHOUSE Army? Ya'll so HUGE and loyal, there's gotta be a lot more $$$ there than some crap indie.

  • HSG

    Check out Horse Shoe G.a.n.G they got made bars

  • So Icy Boi!

    Slaughterhouse is the worst hip hop group of all time 1. Crooked I is broken as fuck, he lives in his momma's garage 2. Ortiz is a broken nigga, too. He has no street cred in NY 3. Royce is the worst rapper from Detroit. He cant even rhyme properly 4. Joey Budden is just an emo rapper. lol he was scared and cried like a bitch when Raekwon entered his room 5. Their lyrics are meaningless 6. their beats are pop music 7. they think Emimen is the best rapper alive, but he is not. they just sold their soul to the devil swag

  • Anonymous

    They will never deliver classic material they are dope but cant make good songs and chose shitty beats. Besides they are 40 or something and already 15 years in the game. If you didnt drop an classic at the start of your career you will not deliver a classic 15 years later. Sorry guys you aint a tribe called quest, public enemy, nwa, geto boys stetsasonic, de la soul etc. You will be forgotten.

    • sam snead

      I'm a fan of slaughterhouse but he is not that off on when a artist/group typically drops a classic album. I like the first album a lot but it was not a classic like Wu-36 chambers or Tribe-low end theory. That being said though, Nas and Jay-z have dropped classic albums later in their careers and last year Nas came very close. I know it is not a reasonable comparison though. Slaughterhouse did exactly what I feared on the last album and got to influenced by eminem, instead of just working on the little things that were missing from the first album that stopped it from being a classic with premo and jus blaze they can step up the production that was missing from the first album, keep the dj cuts, lyrics and energy and maybe a couple twists and better hooks and you might have a classic

    • ETK

      stfu you're a prime example of a hater. saying they'll never do something, acting like their age matters when it fuckin doesn't, and about three other things in that post. go lie down and put on some haterade patches

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Slaughterhouse's first album was a classic. If you think they can't make good songs you've never listened to tracks like Move On, Sound Off, or Not Tonight.

    • Anonymous

      im not a hater dumbass read before you comment

    • Anonymous

      their bars will never be forgotten hater

  • 614grind

    This group always seemed forced to me. The chemistry just ain't there.

  • Anonymous

    well the next shady album has to be better than then the first and there underground ish is supposed to be the best look at any artists discography and the underground shit is the best maybe not the best number wise but the underground shit will have the most essence

  • Anonymous


  • the grza

    These guys do all this talking and just end up putting out sh%t albums. They make terrible albums together.

  • adam

    I agree w/ Harlem's comments...HHDX gave it a 4.5 but I think they were the only one's who were feelin it. WTOH was garbage. Looking back does anyone even care or talk about this album? Sorry, no. Too many over the top "stadium" beats that were suited for Eminem himself but not for SH. Alex da Kid, Boi-1da, T-Minus, Hit Boy are not the type of production these guys should be rhyming over. Hey Royce, how about reaching out to Detroit producers...Apollo Brown or Black Milk...where is the DJ Premier connection? Alchemist? Or branch out to some other producers. This is what the fans want to hear, not y'all tryin to do what Eminem does.

    • Anonymous

      i liked WTOH, sure it wasn't a 4.5/5 but it was still energetic and you can listen through the album without falling asleep and the message never veers off(it was all about their rise too fame). just cause they didnt deliver doesnt mean its the worst album created

    • Anonymous

      blackout! bitch

    • sam snead

      Premo said he was working with them and before they said jus blaze was the main producer


    too late, crooked. you only get one chance. look at kendrick, bro.

    • Anonymous

      kendrick ?? he aint shit he can rap but he usin his talent wrong fuck tde they were dope when i was in highschool,,,same with slaughterhouse .,,,mainstream fame ruins the integrity

  • Anonymous

    How about another album MOSTLY with that Platform Sound / Battle Style?

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Not having Eminem and Skylar Grey on the album is a step in the right direction. How about some Black Milk production and a little less swinging for the commercial fences as well? The On The House mixtape shitted on the actual album. Looking forward to it, even though WTOH was a letdown in my opinion. Gonna need a Joell Ortiz solo joint ASAP.

  • killaaaaaaaaaaa

    last album was such a load of pop shit I aint even gonna buy this one

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