Snoop Dogg Says Top Dawg Entertainment Is "Not The New Death Row"

Snoop Dogg differentiates between Death Row Records and TDE, but does see some of the former's influence in the latter.

Earlier this year, Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith compared TDE to Death Row Records, a conversation that Snoop Dogg and ScHoolboy Q revisited later.

In an interview with VIBE, Snoop Dogg dismissed the comparison. "No, they're not the new Death Row," said Snoop. "Because TDE did it completely differently than Death Row did it. Death Row did it with a gangsta approach. We was smashin' on niggas, fuckin' people up, we was determined to be the hardest, meanest, baddest, coldest, roughest, toughest in the game. That was our mission. TDE, rappers. They peaceful, they love, they get down, they rappers from everywhere, and they represent Hip Hop. They don't represent negativity and violence, and trying to mash and disrespect. Death Row, we came out disrespectful. Eazy-E and anybody that came out with Dr. Dre. That was our first get-down, was fuck them niggas up first. That's not TDE mentality. Their mentality is cool with everybody."

Despite Snoop's statements, he did point to Kendrick Lamar's recent aggressive streak (perhaps including Kendrick Lamar's verse on Big Sean's "Control") as evidence of Death Row's influence on the of the younger crew. "Kendrick Lamar flipped out on everybody, that's that Death Row influence, that may have cause him to backslide and feel a certain way, which I support fully, and his thoughts on what he said, because I'm from the West Coast, fuck everybody that got a problem with it. But I don't feel like TDE and Death Row are the same thing in any way. I feel like Death Row paved the way for TDE to do it in their own way so they can stay around for 20 years from now."

Watch the interview below:

Death Row Records rose to prominence in the early '90s, lead by Suge Knight, and featuring an all-star roster in Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Tupac Shakur, and others.

TDE had its first major-label success with Kendrick Lamar's platinum good kid, m.A.A.d city, and also features ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul, and others.

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  • Anchor

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  • Anonymous

    Kendrick ain't getting pussy. He is a pussy lol

  • Pfft

    Nigglets didn't invent hip hop: it was the white man. Mel Gibson is the true inventor of this art form. One day while walking down the street, Mr Gibson was cornered in an alley and jumped by a gang of burly black man. One of those men was known as Africa Bambatta. He stole some poetry that he was writing for a college English literature class along with a demo tape & planned on reciting poetry to the beat of fast paced drums, but sadly, that tape was destroyed and now his dream and discovery(along with the truth) will never see fruition. Now, thanks to the laziness & shiftlessness of the black man, rap music is being used as a severe copout to escape their life in the ghetto instead of working hard, going to college, and earning a degree.

    • PFFT

      Hey all jokes aside, I love all my brothers and sisters. My best friends & neighbors are black. But most of them are your atypical lazy, shiftless bastards that can't hold a job & decide to rap for a living. And the fact of the matter is, they're absolutely terrible. I try to tell them that they should earn their GED & find real work instead of chasing a dream that will never happen. They'll be living on their mother's couches for the rest of their natural born lives. It's pathetic the way they try to leech off their parents & ask for support so they can start their "careers" in rap.

    • Anonymous

      yeah dude we get it. no need to keep posting it over and over on every storty

  • Anonymous

    TDE is real hiphop and DEATHROW was just some fake ass pop gangsta rap

  • South Africa

    - Snoop got more money than you. - Snoop dont giv a fuck what u think bout him - Snoop gettin high as fuck - You must just get off the guys balls. Im Serious thats disgusting. Music is just another sort of entertainment just like movies, Imagine hatin on Rocky because he was not a real soldier, or hatin on Superman because he dont fly in real life. You kids must grow up and realize that its all in the name of Entertainment..

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  • fuccya

    Death Row was big, TDE is all Kendricks hype and his bitching leeches. If you think that definition of gangsta rap and what it stand for changed over time coz "shit was crazier back then" then yep, Black Hippy is your new rough gangsta shit. Along with Lupe Fiasco hahahaha For me its just no more, and all those comparisons with CLASSIC and claims by new rappers are just part of some weird hype. Like "this rockband ova here is the new beatles, please buy album". And its fucking obvious

  • Dolo

    Death Row from the 90's. Shit was crazier back then.

  • Anonymous

    Eazy-e got right back at you to he couldn't fuck with the song real muthaphukkin g's

  • Anonymous

    Tha Block Is Hot - 3.5/5 Lights Out - 3/5 500 Degreez - 3/5 Tha Carter - 4.5/5 Tha Carter II - 5/5 Tha Carter III - 4.5/5 Rebirth - 1/5 I Am Not A Human Being - 3/5 Tha Carter IV - 3/5 I Am Not A Human Being 2 - 2.5/5 Dude is 10 albums in. I'm for quality over quantity. He needs another classic to cement his position.

    • Anonymous

      you being way to generous on those carter albums, go listen to them again they aint all that and a bag of potato chips

  • Anonymous

    TDE full of faggots not gangstas.

  • Partylive911

  • Real Rude Boi

    You best protect ya neck Snoop. I just seen Bunny Wailer with a big ass set of clippers and he was inquiring on your whereabouts. Said he was gonna scalp your impostor rasta dreads off then roll um up and smoke um. Just saying is all...

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    just let snoop pave the way and start a POSITIVE record label, I see good things coming out of this. Hes someone who has made mistakes and has been friends with the wrong people, he is wiser and more knoledgable now. I have total confidence that Snoops record label will not only surpass Death Row records sales, but also put out BETTER music.

  • Fort Greene Niggas Gets Hectic

    Anyway, fuck BOTH Death Row and TDE

  • A Trillionaire

    TDE is considered the new Death Row because they are this generations version of that label, not a carbon copy of it. TDE is the west coasts top gangster rap label with the hottest young acts that's owned by some big, shady looking gangster fellow. That's what makes them similar to Death Row. Obviously their musical styles are different because they are in a different era of rap music.

  • Chris Etrata

    Every day, Hiphop dx makes 4 or 5 articles on an interview. Today is Snoop's day.

  • dentaldamboy

    TDE and Death row are not similar. Death Row was wack ass gangsta pop while TDE is just wack ass gay pop.

  • FACT

    As of right now TDE doesn't compare with the talent of Death Row. They have their 2Pac, the best of the best but after that they don't have their Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre. Schoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, and Jay Rock will never reach that kind of level although i do see potential for this new signee Isaiah Rashad to but right now they don't have the talent to be compared to Death Row Records.

    • ^^^

      The only real retard is your lying ass.

    • Drake Til Infinity

      ^^^ is a retard. Skillz has written for Snoop. And everybody from the D.O.C., Cube, Xzibit, Jay-Z and Eminem have written for Dre, I'm also certain that Kendrick wrote his verse on that song they did together. No way in hell Dre wrote that, everything else is well known though. You sound like a groupie in denial, dumbass.

    • ^^^

      Both of you idiots (FACT, more like LIAR, & the Drake groupie) are wrong.

    • Drake Til Infinity

      That is isn't a joke. They both have had ghostwriters, which is fucking pathetic. I don't respect niggas who can't write their own raps.

    • FACT

      2pac is the most overrated rapper ever. He didnt had much technical, skillz, flow, etc. and was very contradicting rapper. He went from a weak Chuck D version to a fake thug rapper.

    • ^^^

      Is that so, dentalbitch.

    • Nicole Kidman

      ^^ Ain't no joke, thun. That shit's as real as it gets; Dre doen't make his own beats anymore, and Snoops has other niggas writing his raps (which are really wack by the way)

    • Drake Til Infinity

      Snoop and Dre had ghostwriters and on their own are shitty to average rappers at best, yeah that's some incredible talent. Two of the most overrated rappers ever. When's the last time Dre made a beat by himself?

  • FACT

    If Snoop Dogg died in 1994 he would be known as the best of all time. If Nas died in 1995 he would be known as the best of all time. 2Pac is overrated.

    • Anonymous

      FACT... If Nas died today Kelis would still expect a monthly check for hair and auto expenses.


      First off that response wasn't me that was some other dude and i'm not saying that 2Pac is bad, I have most of his work and frequently listen to him. I agree that he is a top 10 rapper of all time but everyone saying he is the best along with BIGGIE cause he doesn't deserve to be up there either, is just ridiculous. 2Pac only sold 566,000 copies of All Eyez on Me in its first week. All the people saying that he was the best ever weren't there when he was alive he and biggie didn't blow up as big as they are not until they died. There were artist selling more than 2Pac at the time that he died and you gotta think that if you switch out the death of 2Pac with other rappers like Snoop Dogg, Nas, or Dr. Dre that they would be known as the best rappers of all time instead of 2Pac and Biggie.

    • Anonymous

      None of it is true and no one cares about Wayne.

    • FACT

      ALl of this is true and you're a guy wishing he only had Wayne's money.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or is Jay Rock staying still while Schoolboy Q and Ab-Soul are starting to get bigger.

  • colemaid

    hes right, tde will be here for 20 years

  • zeerax444

    +1, TDE amazing but they ain't gangstas, GQ fucked up with that article full of arcism

  • q

    agree, they are different, both are amazing but different, tde is here to stay

  • Anonymous

    "TDE, rappers. They peaceful, they love, they get down" They nerds.

  • Anonymous

    never liked Death Row for all the reasons Snoop mentioned in this article it seems like this mothafucka is proud bout all the negativity death row used to kick back in the days for that saying : fuck you !! i would have smashed real hard on people actin like mothafuckin gangstas just to let them know how their mentality if fucked up and evil

  • Anonymous

    so Snoop means TDE is soft, ok

  • The Truth

    This dude Top Dawg is a slimy motherfucker. First he is comparing him and his crew to Death Row then when some white writer in GQ makes the same comparison, TD starts bitching and crying about racism and an unfairly written article. Nigga, go back to school, dumb ass bitch.

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