Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross & N.O.R.E. Pay Tribute To Wu-Tang Clan

Some of today's most notable Hip Hop artists pay tribute to Wu-Tang Clan's first album.

The anniversary of Wu-Tang Clan's highly influential debut album Enter The Wu-Tang: 36 Chambers is today.

Often named by some of today's biggest artists as a point of inspiration, 36 Chambers produced highly successful singles and lifted Wu-Tang to a worldwide platform, subsequently having them release numerous successful solo albums and the even higher-selling 4x platinum Wu-Tang Forever album. MTV recently talked with numerous artists, both newer and veteran about the album and its influence.

"I was locked up when Wu came out, and it's crazy cause I never seen nobody from Staten Island, right?" Fellow New York Native N.O.R.E. said when asked about the album. "Nobody from Staten Island, and then Wu came out and there was like mobs from Staten Island, 'You from Staten Island? Jesus man! Where was you at yesterday?'... All these dudes. It was something that Hip Hop had never seen. We've seen two-man groups, maybe even four-man groups, we've seen Heavy D and The Boyz, rest in peace. But we've never seen a nine-man army with everybody spitting. Like when 'Protect Ya Neck' came out, I was like, 'Woah.'"

Rick Ross remembered how influential the album was when he was attending high school.

"I remember when we had our yearbook," he said. "At the time "Protect Ya Neck" was the hottest song, we were in high school, I forget what grade we was in but I remember all the chicks drawing the Wu-Tang logo."

Kendrick Lamar also weighed in, saying the group's appearance and lyrics were most memorable to him.

"When they were talking about their lyrics, talking about what's going on in their neighborhoods and at the same time, bringing their whole character with it, and how they was walking in the streets," Kendrick said. "That's what I really got from it."

Proceeding its original release in 1993, the album would attain platinum status in 1995, and in 2003, 36 Chambers ranked at number 386 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

Watch the video by MTV below including other rapper's and producer's take on the album:

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  • Anonymous

    The clown mentioned Grand Puba lol

  • Anonymous

    Ricky doesn't need platinum certification to achieve greatness.

  • 666

  • Anonymous

    "according to you" According to consumers. When was their last best selling album? Not saying they can't still deliver a hit album, but every year they act like they're going to do a reunion, and every year people bash them for not. They had a nice run early on, but let's face it. If it weren't for doing shows worldwide, they'd have zero fans.

    • Anonymous

      To all newcomers to this culture of ours, the 'I've been down from day one', 'rap has no color' blah-blahers but don't know who the fuck a Grand Puba or YZ or Akynele is. This is not Mc Donalds' nor Wendy's, stop fucking using words like 'relevant' or 'hit' or commenting on folks like Wu-Tang et al; this is not for you. Stick to your Kim Kanyes or Leotards Waynes, you can have them, we don't want them back, Nuff said.

  • Patricia Astudillo

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  • Charlene Sharleen

    #NP Drake - Wu Tang Forever

  • Fuck Queens

    Wasn't N.O.R.E.'s name P.A.P.I. or some dumb shit like that

  • jasonnns

  • dentaldamboy

    Rick Ross is far better than K Dot, NORE, and Wutang. Even will smith is far better than those wack rappers.

  • Jay

    I hate when young cats or professors try to speak about artists that they didn't even experience. Kendrick has no idea of the impact that WU. He is just basing his opinion on what he heard or read. Hell I was 7 when Elvis was touring and his songs were playing, but I was really was too young to understand his impact. Kendrick was 5 when Wu and Nas saved hiphop. More than likely he started understanding who Wu Tang was when he 16 or 17 way after their careers over. I think they should interviewed some of Wu's peers.Late 93 - 96 were some of the best years of HipHop. great memories

    • Anonymous

      you must be 45 too

    • Anonymous

      "Holy shit. If Elvis died in 1977 how the fuck old are you like 50????? you're a clown old man" ^ wow, lol you're young obviously, commenting on a group older than you, but their fan who grew up with them and is around their age is a clown for commenting? you're too young to see how stupid that looks

    • Colorado Shawty

      I think "Jay" is Jay-Z, and that would make him 44 on Dec 4th. (Born in '69)

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick said some more meaningful shit than Ross did! Officer Ross talkin bout girls in school drawing Wu logos. I'm surprised he can remember that shit with all the lies he been telling for the last 10+ years who knows if its even true!

    • Anonymous

      nas and wu aint save hip-hop at the time fool. they were just dope records at the time.

    • Anonymous

      " Hell I was 7 when Elvis was touring " Holy shit. If Elvis died in 1977 how the fuck old are you like 50????? you're a clown old man.

  • Fry

    Wu Tang doesn't want Rick Ross's respect. Why doesn't he try rapping like he respects Wu-Tang or Hip-Hop in general?

  • dieDRAKEdie

    this is how your show respect to hip hop and wu-tang clan. drake deserves to die on site over that r&b song that made a complete mockery of the artform.

  • zivaldo

    Kendrick was like 6 when the album came

  • 666

  • micheal myersss

  • Anonymous

    Wu Tang hasn't been relevant for years.


      they are irrelevant to me now after RZA/Soul Temple Music/Ghostface stole my $100 and didnt send me the records I paid for. Wu-Tang is dead to me now! Like BOYCOTT SOUL TEMPLE MUSIC on Facebook if you got fucked over too or want to support the hundreds of people who did!

    • Fry

      For people that still enjoy good Hip-Hop....they are as relevant as ever. Try actually listening to their newer shit, not just paraphrasing what you read on a blog.

    • Anonymous

      I think you should shut the fuck up bitch.

    • Anonymous

      according to you.


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  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Why even include some bitch ass rapper like Kendrick when discussing one of hip hops greatest groups ever?Fucking MTV...always asking the most overrated and ignorant rappers for their opinion.Ask a Scarface,Outcast,or a Nas....not who killed Kenny ass Kenny....

    • BruthaDee

      ^basement dweller

    • Anonymous

      Anonymous 3 is obviously BruthaDee.

    • fuccya

      I agree, william said he sold ks we cant really know about that, but ross been a c.o., and when asked he lies about it. Real thug, nothin to see here. Only kids hatin, grown up folks respect the real g. And fuck truth in lyrics.

    • Oz. F

      Real talk on that officer Ricky shit. Anyone who's been locked up knows that the C.O wasn't the one who arrested them or even sentenced them.

    • Anonymous

      yes we do. i stare into his eyes every night after my mum tucks me in

    • Anonymous

      Kendrick is the hot rapper of the moment so he gets the nod, Ross has made music with Raekwon and Ghostface been on their albums and vice versa so he gets the nod. Should have gave Drake a nod since he just dropped a song with Wu Tang in the title. Question: why are white children obsessed with "Officer Ricky is fake dude", do these pre-teens have posters of Tony Yayo over their bunk beds?

    • Anonymous

      why dont you cry about it LOL i like how you took offense to kendrick being in this but not officer ricky the fakest nigga in rap

  • Anonymous

    wu-tang 20 years nigga 36 chambers WU-TANG FOREVER The W Iron Flag 8 Diagrams RZA GZA ODB INS RAE U-GOD GHOST METH MASTA CAPPA

  • sxxx9

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    Still waiting to hear from Soul Temple Music... I've only been waiting for my Twelve Reasons to Die collectors package since April!!!! Like BOYCOTT SOUL TEMPLE MUSIC on Facebook if you got ripped off too!!!

    • Anonymous

      smart move. i was trying to support that real hip-hop and give Rza and Ghostface my money but I'll never do that again. Never spending another dollar on anything Wu-Tang until Rza and Soul Temple make it right.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Big shocker. Kendrick claiming he was influenced by yet another group. Drake gave them relevance. Talk about his influence.

  • Liquid Swords

    Wu Tang is the greatest thing to ever happen to hip hop no one had a worldwide presence like the clan

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