Ice Cube Says Eminem Is A True B-Boy

Ice Cube says that Eminem is in the rap game for the respect, not the fringe benefits.

Ice Cube, who is mentioned by Eminem on “Rap God,” says that the song by the Detroit rapper has remarkable lyrics.

“That song is lyrically incredible,” Ice Cube said during an interview with “And thank God, you know. Lyrics still rule the day. No matter how commercialized Hip Hop tries to get, or how commercialized people’s vision of Hip Hop and b-boys and rappers are, lyrics still rule the day…[Eminem] always delivers, he always gives quality. He’s gonna be around for a long, long time because of that, because he’s a true b-boy. He ain’t no dude that’s just in it for the fringe benefits. He’s in it for the respect.”

On “Rap God,” a cut from Eminem’s The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which was released Tuesday (November 5), also pays homage to a number of rappers in addition to Ice Cube. “Me, I’m a product of Rakim, Lakim Shabazz, 2Pac, N.W.A,” Eminem raps on the song. “Cube, Hey Doc, [MC] Ren, [DJ] Yella, Eazy[-E], thank you.”

Ice Cube says that Eminem does the right thing by paying homage to the rappers that preceded him.

“Em has always showed love and showed respect to N.W.A, and when you do that you go a long way,” Cube said. “If I did a song [like that], I’d be shouting out people like Ice T, Chuck D, Melle Mel, the ones that came before me who were spitting that truth. Those were the ones that inspired me. It’s just showing love and respect, and that’s why he’s been on top for the longest.”

Ice Cube is slated to appear in several movies that are scheduled for release in 2014. Ride Along pairs him with Kevin Hart, while 22 Jump Street is the sequel to 2012’s 21 Jump Street.

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  • Anonymous

    And this so-called award again is created by who and what again? "E'rybody want they trophy. What is that supposed to tell me that you did somethin? I don't need no God damn trophy or award or, recognition. I do this shit cause I love to do this shit!............. We don't need to know that you done some shit - just do it! God damn trophies."

  • Pedro da mexican homie from da LBC

    who the fuck is ice cube? snoop would lyrically murder this clown!

  • Mortis

    Coming from a guy in ice cube that hasn't dropped a great lyric since 1994 --- means nothing

  • dentaldamboy

    Eminemn sucks horribly and miley cyrus is more hiphop than eminem.

  • Anonymous

    Lol...Em just got the global icon award at the EMA. Yo! Jay and Nas stans, hit me up.



  • jasonnns

  • 666

  • Anonymous

    Cube is the furthest thing from a businessman. He makes movies cheaply, and when they turn a profit he gets to make more. His music sales have been gutter level for years. He practically embarassed himself last album, and is always trying to act hard. He's a 40 year old man with kids. Act like it. Everybody knows Eazy was the brains behind NWA, and the one calling all the shots with Jerry Heller. Eminem isn't even a businessman. He just uses his name to open doors which is great for his pockets, but it's obvious he can't create anything other than music.

  • DrPoopMan

    Ice Cube and Eminem are legends in the fucking game of Hip Hop. If anyone wants to argue that. Suck a bag of baby dicks. Then go do your homework and listen to Ice Cubes first three albums. Perfection in my opinion. If you call Eminem or Ice Cube a sell out. You're obviously a little anal loving bottom bitch. These dudes are in there 40's now. Should they really be hanging in the "hood" toting guns around talking about killing niggas. Naw, just cause they've become great business men and found other ways to make more money makes them far from a sell out. Amerikkkas most wanted, Death Certificate, and The Predator. Marshall Mathers Lp, Slim Shady Lp. that's enough to do whatever the fuck you want in the rap game. CLASSICS

    • agree.

      absolutely. they both have 3 tho how do you leave out eminem show lmao. relapse isnt a classic but is very unique and lyrically very underrated

  • Anonymous

    lol cube looks like a fuckin idiot in that pic, da fuck is wrong with his mouth??

  • eminem

    is getting the GLOBAL ICON award tonight before his amsterdam performance jay z wishes he was on ems level and had ems global sales, fanbase size, global icon plaque, and the ARTIST OF THE DECADE plaque among other shit too long to mention. cmon internet haters lets here your excuses

  • Patricia Astudillo

    until I looked at the check four $4800, I have faith friend woz like actually erning money parttime at their computer.. there friend brother started doing this for only 8 months and resently paid for the debts on their cottage and got a great Lotus Esprit. visit the website WWW.FB39.COM He obviously dissed the system where white men in suits from Hollywood try to adapt the music so that it would appeal to the masses and would fuck up their mentaility. What the fuck were you thinking? He hates Hollywood cause they make movies over there? Moron.

  • Anonymous

    Clearly spoke the truth? Come on Dudeguy. Learn a thing or two about the politics of hip hop. Cube only said this because Em name dropped him like he does so he's not seen as an outsider, even after all these years. Every year Cube gets more and more soft. His latest single is proof. Sasquatch lol Even WC wouldn't sink that low. You can go catch a wave now.



  • So Icy Boi!

    both Ice Cube and Eminem are fake as hell. Lil Wayne is the real gangsta rapper of this ear. swag

  • Fuck L.A.

    Who else is a true b-boy to you, nigga? George Lopez? Macklemore? Coolio? Justin Bieber?

  • Cubehater

    Em and Cube both hypocrites and sell-outs.

  • bt

    thats gay that eminem call proof dewdee lil gay lookin boy

  • 666 jasonnns

  • 666

  • burn hollywood burn

    Is this not that nigga who made the song burn hollywood burn with Publice enemy how he hates Hollywood??? Now this bitch is doing movies in Hollywood. Fuck Ice yube

    • Is It Really True That Niggas Grew Up On Manhattan

      @burn hollywood burn Did you dumb negros actually listen to the song??? It assailed the use of black stereotypes in movies; it wasn't just a bunch of angry niggas yelling about "fuck Hollywood, let's burn down shit"

    • Anonymous

      so people cant grow up and evolve? do you still feel the same way you did 10 years ago?

    • Ivo Malecs

      Narrow-minded faggot, "Burn Hollywood Burn" does not mean literally burning Hollywood. What the fuck is wrong with doing movies? He obviously dissed the system where white men in suits from Hollywood try to adapt the music so that it would appeal to the masses and would fuck up their mentaility. What the fuck were you thinking? He hates Hollywood cause they make movies over there? Moron.

  • Anonymous

    Ice Cube never was a real nigga. He was bullied at school and never sold drugs or killed someone. So why is this nigga always lying in his lyrics????

    • Anonymous

      its not like he was hand cuffing his brothers and searching their buttholes for the drugs he raps about selling like another famous rapper we all know.

    • Jacc

      If anything, nigga just omitted his past, but I wouldn't call him fake cause he still done spit some of the realest shit ever; I mean c'mon fool, listen to songs like "Us", "A Bird in the Hand", "Dead Homiez", "The Product", "What Can I Do", "Until We Rich", "Color Blind", you can't ever tell me that shit right there ain't real

    • Stupid idiot ppl

      Like what the fuck man, i dont understand how dumb fuck this ppl becoming now days, how the fuck would u make a comment like you grew up with him? ppl ya need to open your fucking mind and just say something that make sense!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      yeah that would be a dumb nigga


      Oh, you grew up with him and know what he said n did? He's not a 'real nigga' cause he never sold drugs or killed someone?! LMAO

  • Anonymous

    How can Eminem be a B BOY? He works with pop artists like: Rihanna, Pink, Skyler Grey and sounds meanstream

  • Mittens2317

    The Game: "I shout out rappers all the time, why ain't I on top?"

  • Lillian 1995

    Eminem is 41 and he got abs! he looks so sexy. I just wanna suck that cock damn.... so bad. I love you Em... fuck me hard please.

  • Nick T

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: Cube is like an author with writer's block. That nigga can spit. We see it here. He's a real nigga. But he just got too commercial and scripted. Then again, I'm 31 so I remember when stupid ass white christians bought his records out and steam-rolled them. Saw it on the news. Then this nigga came out like nothing we had ever seen before. He got old, corny and predictable. I still love him and appreciate what he did, though.

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • Anonymous

    b-boy initially comes from "beat boy"- yeah of course hip hop culture has generally seen b boys as breakers- especially now- but youre fucking stupid if you don't think CUBE is aware of this history. Get outta here with that bullshit. Em is a b-boy in the sense that he fuckin bodies beats and is in hip hop because he loves the culture. B-boys rep that culture shit to the fullest. If you dont understand Cube's sentiment and you tryna be picky about his word choice, GTFO. Stupid fucks

    • Anonymous

      yeah I'm crying laughing at your limited vocabulary, hahahahaha scum. I activated my fifth pillar on your bitch ass.

    • Eat my dick

      Yeah U just so smart right? Hahaha Thats it, try and hold back those tears bitchboy. Why u so mad? Lol

    • Anonymous

      its nice to know that there are inferior minds like yours out there. makes my life so much easier hahahahahahaha.

    • Anonymous

      once again hahahaha nice attempt

    • Eat my dick

      Awww I made u angry whiteboy lol, thats why u jus gave that emotional speech. Fuckin butthurt faggot, u need a tissue?

    • Anonymous

      ^ hahahahhaha, make me laugh cunt. Youre fuckin remedial, the term b-boy is why everyone's here, commenting like theyve never seen controversy in hip hop. Nobody was claiming they came up with the term moron. Youre clearly the fuckin bitch-boy and have no respect for hip hop. You cant even retort intellectually. Instead you gotta be like every other faggot online: 'eat some dicks', 'take it up your ass.' Youre a fucking joke for even trying to be insulting through a keyboard hahaha. Obviously my point was enough to get you riled up and make yourself look completely mentally inadequate. Learn your history, HIP HOP HATER. Dumbass cant even understand the context of relevant comments, or the article. hahahalol smh

    • Eat my dick

      Idiots,u are all fucking wrong. B-boy means bitch-boy which is what all of u are for arguing like fags over a slang word,term as if yall came up wit that shit, lol. Smh, fucking retards.

    • Anonymous

      nah your wrong man-its definitely both. I am a b-boy. I know the history. And I've been knowing how to rock to break loops for a minute. And I, unlike you understand Cube's sentiment, its not meant to be taken literally.

    • Chem

      You`re wrong.. It`s BREAK-boy homie. They dance over breaks, that`s why it`s called breakdance.. And that`s why they are called breakers

  • for a fact

    em is top 5 to ever do it

  • I

    Please just let me get laid please please please. Pray for me hiphopdx.

  • I Crave Pussy


  • Anonymous

    check it out

  • fuck haters

    yet another legend sayin em is incredible and is a true g and student to the game givin quality...ARE HATERS STILL EVEN TRYING?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

  • my big afro

    After Death certificate Cube fell off. Now he rides this faggot white boys dick. Whats that u said cube. Be true to the game??? hahaha get the fuck outta here.

  • Laughing

    The title of this article is "Ice Cube Says Eminem is a True B-Boy". A B-Boy INDISPUTABLY means "breaker". Anyone that has the slightest clue would never call painting on a wall, b-boying. No argument. My mom even knows that. Next time you see a muralist outside your elementary school why don't you go up to him and tell him you like his b-boying skills and how sick he b-boyed all over that wall. Please. Do it and make a video so we can laugh at your dumb ass.

    • Anonymous

      you said Cube was wrong, Eminem can't be a b-boy because it means breakin' & graffiti is not what a b-boy does I gave you an example, rocky steady crew, a well known group of breakers back then that also tagged & rapped to exploit the flaw in your theory that b-boys didn't do graffiti there is internet footage of eminem breakin' backstage, validating cube's usage of the label b-boy a hip hop lifer who did some of everything from the culture, not just a dancer, and I agree I can look at tony touch, a dj/producer/radio show host that tagged, was breakin' and spinning and has spit raps on plenty of his mixtapes you can't see the barrier on the label because you box in according to the label simple

    • :)

      You have strayed so far away from the original argument. I should simply copy and paste what I said last time. What you keep talking about has no relevance, whatsoever, to what I'm discussing. Once again, b-boying means breaking. Doesn't matter if that breaker is also a rapper or a graffer or a turntablist. When Ice Cube says "Eminem is a True-Boy" all of us in the hip hop culture hear "breaker." You said Eminem might have been a b-boy. Did you read the article? Ice Cube was by NO MEANS talking about Eminem in the context of breaking. READ. If you can't defend the ORIGNAL argument, I must leave. Your concentration is shot. You have A.D.D and probably a light case of schizophrenia. I'm hoping you're just really young...

    • Anonymous

      spoken like a true outsider standing on the definition, not actual being and you STILL too stupid to see it others are even chiming in saying there is proof Eminem of getting his break on & you STILL wanna be right how you know Em ain't uprock & pop lock for Cube? ya don't, too busy wanting to argue You ain't answer, you know the history of uprock? You had beads on & sweatsuits repping your crew? Why you ain't in a rush to explain Joe & KRS being graf artists who are known for mc'ing? A true b-boy will know I'm right because fashion was a part of it too because they would know the facets of the culture you trying to be right, offering naught for explanation I'm dropping dialect and info to tell I was there and you STILL can't perceive someone who can bomb a mural can rap or/and DJ too why should we believe your one dimensional mentality?

  • David Bunz

    Cube's a beast!! Dude might not have the best lyrics but the dude knows how to produce a good album

  • Anonymous

    Ice Cubes a melted bitch, lmao he think this little white boy is hard. They are both fucking twins.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem gotta be top 5 lyricist on anyones list

  • Anonymous

    This is cube, this nigga is so lame not no one care what he think or say, this nigga fell out what 20 year ago

  • Anonymous

    "when Eminem has never done any breakdancing to my knowledge in his life." ^ exactly the point not only are people pigeon-holing what a b-boy was, they think Cube is dumb because THEY haven't seen Eminem do some uprocking & board spins to you he's just a rapper, which says more about you than the article quote that you think is wrong the culture of Hip Hop is more than rapping and you guests still can't figure this out

    • Anonymous

      "You are a guest in our country" ^ if it was your country you wouldn't have a US federal program to give the natives reparations for your theft of land but we expect bigots like you to show up every time Eminem is mentioned so we can see how ignorant you goobers are

    • Kippers

      There's a video on youtube of Em in a breakdance battle with Swifty. Facts - get them straight

    • Anonymous

      You are a guest in our country and every other genius thing we created on this planet and you niggros do daily. GTFO you hypocrit and inferior race.

    • Anonymous

      eminem used to get his schoolmates to pay him 25 cents to breakdance in grade 6, get your shit straight

    • Anonymous

      Cube isn't dumb he wrested control of his own career when the rest of NWA were being raped by a Jew, now he has his own label and movie production company making films for his community. Em is a rapper who used to make racist rap songs and then he dyed his hair blonde and started dressing up as a woman in his videos and rapping about having sex with men

  • Anonymous

    Well I guess sales in Ice Cubes catalog will increase now, get money Bruh.

  • Anonymous

    Eminem is not a B-Boy, poor Ice Cube was in such a haste to ride the Eminem hype bandwagon and get whites to give him some extra publicity that he erroneously labeled Eminem a "B-Boy" when Eminem has never done any breakdancing to my knowledge in his life. HipHopDX has sank so low into the abyss of biased journalism that they create an article every time a reporter asks a rapper about Eminem, it's sick and disgusting but par for the course.

    • Anonymous

      bite, imitiate, and do it bigger and better

    • Anonymous

      White taking over Hip Hop? Nigga stop it. You'll get it when we through with it like everything else you uncreative mutha fuckas copy, bite, imitate, and steal. Ya heard, turd?!

    • Anonymous see, this is why niggas like Em start to get hated on. Just because some "devils" buy the radio stations and only let ignorant black niggas be fed to the blk community, and serve up some white boys, after studying whats what, to the white community to create a PERCEPTION that whites really know Hip, "look how they are so skillful while the blacks talk stupid shit" nevermind the fact they manipulated the playing field with money and bias support to make shit APPEAR that way..because it gets dumb fucks like this commentor thinking they doing shit and thats why niggas be coming on here talking greasy. Some of you dumb fucks be quick to buy into the Truman show ass reality these mutha fuckas make for yall so have some fake self esteem. But anyway... All my niggas of whatever color thats woke now what time it is and how this shit works. Just keep it pushing and let these blind niggas on either side be manipulated

    • Anonymous

      " to my knowledge in his life"

    • Anonymous

      You jealous Eminem is GOAT? White taking over hiphop.

  • Anonymous

    This is coming from the man who threw a shot at him on his previous album "This aint no whites man rehabilitation"

  • Pat

    I get what ice cube meant but doesn't b-boy exclusively refer to breakdancers? idk

  • poetic assasin

    Ice Cube has seen Eminem breakdance???? wow that's crazy

  • Bambatta just had a heart attack

    Can some one fill me in on what a b-boy is? I thought it was up-rocking and spinning on your head to boom bap beats. This Ice Cube guy must know something I don't.

    • laughing

      The title of this article is "Ice Cube Says Eminem is a True B-Boy". A B-Boy INDISPUTABLY means "breaker". Anyone that has the slightest clue would never call painting on a wall, b-boying. No argument. My mom even knows that. Next time you see a muralist outside your elementary school why don't you go up to him and tell him you like his b-boying skills and how sick he b-boyed all over that wall. Please. Do it and make a video so we can laugh at your dumb ass.

    • you can't be this stupid dawg

      it's S L E W grammar cop so a graf artist can't break? a dj can't do graf? an mc can't tag nor break? it's gotta be one thing/title or nothing at all, huh you can't even see how close-minded you are right now ask KRS-1 or Fat Joe if they're an emcee or a tagger, they'll tell you they're Hip Hop b-boys were banging & dancing, tagging subway cars and getting in cyphers & scratching break beats making mixtapes to practice with while drinking 40's & trying to get off nickel & dime bags wtf YOU talking about so now you can't be able to dance & write a verse or draw? this is how stupid you sound do you even know the history of uprock? answer that you know about the huevo? shout to my hispanic brethren now let's look at your asinine comment and see how one-dimensional your mentality is

    • Anonymous

      It means, Biggest baller , it can also mean Biggest balls. Eminem GOAT, suck on it neggros

    • Still talking?

      Nice observation. Rock Steady probably ate sandwiches too. Does eating Subway make you a b-boy? You and Ice Cube probably think so but I beg to differ. I don't know a single graffiti artist that labels his passion with arousal art/bombing/tagging as being a b-boy aka breaker aka breakdancer (for you ignorant folk). There's a whole slue of names for graffiti artists and b-boy has never been one of them. Please take Ice Cube's penis out of your mouth.

    • ^^^ wasn't there I can tell

      rock steady crew were taggers, breakin', mc's yeah they made music too and weren't the only b-boys to do so wtf you talking about a lot of them battles were over turf or someone toyed someone's tag

    • ^^^

      This dumb mother fucker's just as retarded as Ice Cube. You think graffiti and b-boying are the same thing? Then you make a spell check reference and fuck up your punctuation. Kindly fuck off.

    • you helped give Bambaataa that heart attack

      spell check & you forgot graffiti

    • Anonymous

      Bisexual Boy Eminem is bisexual

    • Rap GoTTTT

      It means, Bitch Boy. Ice Cube called Eminem a Bitch Boy

  • Anonymous

    Cube is a true sell out.

  • rap

    cube is the fucking man respect!

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