Fabolous "Soul Tape 3" Release Date, Cover Art, Tracklist & Mixtape Stream

UPDATE #2: Fabolous releases "Soul Tape 3" for streaming.

Fabolous has alluded to the possible release of Soul Tape 3, the follow up to last year's Soul Tape 2. Fabolous released The Soul Tape in 2011. 

Fabolous previewed a selection, possibly from Soul Tape 3, via Instagram yesterday (November 7). 

Fabolous' post featured a selection which takes a cue from the introductory tracks off past Soul Tape releases. 

"I'm old enough to know better," Fab raps on the the track. "You enough to not give a fuck / Rather hold my head high and die, then live and duck." 

The same rhymes were present on introductory tracks for both Soul Tape installments. 

In Fabolous' Instagram post, the rapper also posed a question alluding to Soul Tape 3's release. 

Tis' the Season... Soul Tape 3?

Fabolous' Instagram post can be viewed and heard below.

(November 8)

UPDATE: Fabolous' Soul Tape III is set to be released December 25.

The cover art can be viewed below.

(December 9)

UPDATE #2: Fabolous' Soul Tape 3 tracklist and stream can be found below.

1. "Everything Was The Same" (f. Stacy Barthe)
2. "Sacrifices"
3. "Playa"
4. "The Get Back"
5. "Foreigners" (f. Meek Mill & Mike Davis)
6. "The Hope" (f. Jadakiss)
7. "You know" (f. Young Jeezy)
8. "Cuffin Season"
9. "Thim Slick" (f. Jeremih)
10. "Lay Down" (f. Ryan Leslie)
11. "Situationships" (f. Mack Wilds & Tiara Thomas) 
12. "Young OG"

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  • Super DJ

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  • Anonymous

    why the fuck he put meek mill on here fuck is he using autotune? LOL

  • jiggaman

    my favorite soul tape thus far , thnx for dropping this on my b-day fab

  • Anonymous

    this tape suck. Soul Tape's then progressively got worse


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  • Anonymous

    Disappointing production, expected much better. 'Cheap Tape'.

  • Alisha Lee

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  • Anonymous

    Great track but FNO is better

  • castro

    He came at Kendrick hard with that The Get Back track. One of the best responses i heard

  • Anonymous

    That jadakiss track is fire

  • Anonymous

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  • Harlem's Reckoning

    It ain't bad. ST 1 and 2 were better, imo. This one suffers from it's features(Jeezy, Meek). Would've liked to hear Troy Ave, the joint on ST 2 was a classic. Fab should scrap all "Loso" projects and do a Soul Tape Album. With one or two features(NY only) MAX.

  • 666 crazy devils


  • jasonnns


  • junMaf*ckn

    Shit Is Fire. I Jus Looped The 1st Two Tracks. Jada Track Is FUEGO Too. LETS GO FAB!! NYC!

    • Docials

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  • Rh

    Fab brings it againnn these soul tapes are his best body of work IMO

    • chris23998

      I completely agree! I always thought Fabolous was just "meh", maybe I just slept on him a little bit because I'm from the south and didn't really get into these late 90s/early 2000 NY rappers much...That being said, I still have listened to all of his albums and like really like the unique vibe of the Soul Tape series. The soul/jazz samples are fire and he's always had the bars!

  • jasonnns


  • 666 witch woods


  • 666 crazy devils


  • 666 crazy devils


  • Anonymous

    please change the cover art lmao

  • Anonymous

    losos way two please?????????????????????????????

  • micheal myersss


  • oy ve that boy gay

    Its young enough.get the lyrics you quote right..

  • NZ

    1. Eminem 2. Nas 3. Jay-z 4. Clipse 5. Fabolous/jadakiss

  • Mavis Smith

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  • way loso

    I guess Fab isn't in the right frame of mind to work on LW2 he's in the soul, blues mode constantly!

  • riv216

    It's hard to say what fab is... a mainstream legend...or an underground legend... to the next generation fab will be like a jadakiss... a n**ga people respect for them hard lines... come check out my new music video, search --> RIV - The Clever Pt. 3 on youtube, and watch in 720/1080p HD>>>

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  • Anonymous

    Loso's Way got pushed back after that weak ass single with 2 Chainz. I'll be waiting for that mixtape though.

  • 666 v


  • 666 v


  • Anonymous

    who cares.. weak ass cover art

  • Lillian

    I heard Eminem will be on his album. is it true guys? :)

    • Tharea

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  • deregodom

    niggas be hatin on fab. definitely one of the best to ever do it metaphorically.. fckin n00b down there said he gon take a few songs off each soul tape and make one...my nigga both of the tapes are fire from start to finish

    • Tharea

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  • deregodom

    patiently waitin on it



  • riv216

    Fab a brooklyn legend...been in the game for a minute now too.... since like 01 right??? come check out the new music video "The Good Die Young 2K13" in 720/1080p HD: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0vp8lj_Smpw

  • Anonymous

    i thought Loso's Way 2 was on its way?

  • Ruby Rice

    up to I looked at the paycheck saying $8258, I didn't believe that my best friend had been really bringing in money in their spare time from there labtop.. there moms best frend haz done this for only 8 months and just paid for the depts on there villa and got a gorgeous BMW 5-series. useful reference www.Fb39.Com Totally agree with Reece... He always bitches about how much he hates rap and the industry.. Yet still drops shit, then bitches about it some more. Your young motherfucker, go get a degree or some shit, goddamn.

  • Anonymous

    The Soul Tapes are honestly each as good as most albums to be real but Fab recycling bars lol

    • Anonymous

      Loso's Way was his best album. far from trash. i can listen to that shit front to back. and im a legendary mothafucka so u know that shit gotta be on point. if u think its trash go back to chief queef and 2 lamez

    • Anonymous

      most albums are trash though so it aint saying much. i think i still got the first one in my 6 cd changer in the car and i skip a lot of songs

    • henriloso

      Jesus man, it's not recycling bars! That's his introduction to ''The Soul Tape''. He said that in 'Pain', 1st track for 'The Soul Tape' and for ''The Soul Tape 2'', the first track was 'Transformation' which he used those 2 lines. Those lines are basically introductions to his tapes. He also used his for his 1st track in his 2nd album ''Street Dreams'' with his first track 'Not Give A Fuck' on the hook. Basically, it's INTROS were he uses "I'm old enough to know better, yound enough to not give a fuck."

  • Freda Carter

    just before I looked at the receipt of $7368, I have faith that my sister had been realey bringing home money parttime from there new laptop.. there uncles cousin has done this 4 only 19 months and by now paid for the debts on their villa and purchased themselves a Nissan GT-R:. Related Site www.Fb39.Com Was this a fucking joke? haha These tools couldn't rhyme their way out of a fucking paper bag... and mentioning Hailie that's just stupid...

  • Anonymous

    How about releasing an actual album?

    • RH20

      What is it to you!? Them tapes is basically albums. Solid material on both records. No throwaway. They get a physical copy so they may as well be albums. Music is music whatever u label it.

  • Anonymous

    im just gonna take the few good songs from each tape and make one soul tape

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