Eminem's Kendrick Lamar-Assisted "Love Game" Leaks

Eminem's Kendrick Lamar-assisted "Love Game" is leaked.

"Love Game," the Kendrick Lamar-assisted selection off Eminem's upcoming The Marshall Mathers LP 2 has leaked. 

Eminem and Lamar rap about love and affection gone wrong on the selection. 

"Used to be my fiancee," Eminem raps on the track. "Until you sucked on Wayne, Andre and Kanye / LeBron, Akon, Jay / Lil Jon, Raekwon, Ma$e / Polow Da Don, Dre, Dante Ross, James Conway, Kwame." 

"She doesn't love me," Kendrick Lamar sings on the track's chorus. "She don't love me no more."  

"I'm a sucker for love," Kendrick raps on his verse. "You're a sucker for dick." 

The track also references Sherane, a person also mentioned throughout Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d. city album. 

In June, Kendrick Lamar discussed the advice he has received from Eminem.

"Always stay true to the craft, really," Lamar said of Em's advice. "Everybody knows Eminem's penmanship is insane, so I think, for the most part, he focused on that as much as possible. That was the game that he was giving me and my crew. Always stay focused on the craft and not indulge in all the other crazy stuff that comes around."

"Love Game" was leaked days after Eminem released his "The Monster" single off the upcoming The Marshall Mathers LP 2 album. "The Monster" features Rihanna on the song's chorus. 

"I wanted the fame, but not the cover of Newsweek," Eminem raps on "The Monster." "Oh, well, guess beggars can't be choosy / Wanted to receive attention for my music / Wanted to be left alone in public, excuse me."

Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 is set to be released November 5. 

The song can be streamed on HipHopDX.

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  • Hip Hop Sucks

    Eminem is the best. Fuck every other rapper.

  • dieDRAKEdie


  • Anonymous

    "That's because he is authentic. Most rappers try to act tough and are afraid to show they feelings, but thats what most people relate too when they having hardships in life..." ^ LOL DMX, for example talked a lot of sh!t, and still spoke Bible verses and had songs like "I'm Slipping" & "Gimme A Sign" Eminem, the reformed pill addict who's turned Christian (but ain't spit not a Bible verse like DMX), does "I Still Love H.E.R." #12,624 and does a song apologizing to his mom and you goofballs act like he's the only rapper ever to share a personal thought.

  • Anonymous

    1. Lil Wayne 2. Kanye West 3. Jay-Z 4. Eminem Questios: Worst hip hop album? Most dissapointing album? Most boring album? Most uninspired artist?

  • Anonymous

    Garbage, trash, crap. What more can I say? C'mon son these beats are terrible!! All these technical prowesses and a Kendrick Lamar assisted song won't save this wack album. White boy still gonna sell because of the machine behind him but you can't touch real music lovers GTFOH.

  • Anonymous

    the album is awesome. they're messin around this whole song and they kill it. the album is amazing tho

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    He should have had party supplies or premo or Alc or Kanye or anyone else produce this album cause the beats are terrible, Sounds like a mix tape.

  • Methanphetamine

    The album is complete fucking garage, I'd prefer nearly any other rapper over this. Pop shit, that is all it is.

  • geg

    Was a little sceptical at first but aside from a few wack songs, the album is real solid. I am honestly very happy and ashamed of all the hate i gave after hearing all the singles. The album is dope. Eminem could end his career now and i wouldn't even be mad.. Great material, and i am saying this as a fan, not a dickrider.

  • gerg

    Thanks for speaking the truth man, finally someone who understands. Whether Eminem is rapping about something which we never experienced, he still finds a way of connecting to the people by rapping about common thoughts and hardships in life which every average person can relate too. That's why he's so successfull. Not because he is white, but because many people can relate to what he is saying. Not everyone can relate to that underground style where everyone acts like they living in the guetto, and the same people won't also relate to rappers talking about about being rich as hell...So EM basically hits a middle class of people where the majority of people can relate and have experienced similar things in life. Whether you are poor or rich, basically everyone can relate to some of the things he talks about on songs. That's because he is authentic. Most rappers try to act tough and are afraid to show they feelings, but thats what most people relate too when they having hardships in life... So basically, thats why Eminem sales so much...So quit hating and respect the guy.

    • true

      LOL.. nah nigga, we can't relate to talking about raping your Mom, killing your baby mother, dissing pop stars and all that other sick depraved shit he raps about. Whites are the majority and that's the only reason this overrated punk sells records.

  • gerger

    This song is one of the worst off the album, followed by the singles that have been released already, Im telling you..Not trying to be a stan or anything. I thought the exact same thing after hearing all the singles that have been released already. but, Bad Guy, Legacy, So Much Better, Brainless and Evil Twins are fucking insane. It really compensates for these awful singles. Don't be too quick to judge, i had the exact same opinion about the album after hearing all the singles...This Kendrick song is one of the worsts on the album by the way. This album has 2 kinds of songs.. Some really shitty ones and some true classics. Listen to it first with an open mind and trust me you won,t be disapointed by these other tracks.

    • Henny

      Bad Guy is fucking wack, the production is sloppy as I have ever heard an Em track & the lyrics were forced & the delivery was way off. Ican't believe I even said all of that but it's true.

  • wolfman

    My first thought, he MURDERED Kendrick. But...then I thought, Kendrick held his own on the track better than Jay on Renegade. Regardless, it's one of the best tracks on the album and clear Eminem still has the ability to rip other emcees whenever he wants to.

    • spirit equality

      Em didn't come remotely close to "murdering" Kendrick on here. They were even, despite Em getting an extra verse in (would have been better if the third verse was them going back and forth).


    Eazy-E kept it so real and sick that he died of AIDS. Don't fuck with the corporation executives y'all. Tupac was about that Thug Life and kept it so street that he got clapped in the streets of Las Vegas. Chief Keef is so fucking street, he released baby gangsta tears when he found out he was going to the little kids' slammer for 30 days. Keeps it so black that he has bad credit, doesn't pay rent on time, gets no education, and never shows up on time. Keeps it 3hunna, just like Gucci Mane when he slappin' bitch ass hoes. DMX kept is so real he did crack and went into the slammer 69 times, 69 places, 69 different positions. Too Short kept it so real he ran from the cops while under the influence. He's a player. 50 Cent kept it so real and kept his bitches in check, his ass got checked and charged with domestic violence. Em kept it so real that he hates homos, but did a song with Elton John. Lil Wayne keeps is so real, he's able to be a Blood, Crip, and a Punk Rocker all at once (doesn't get realer than that shit). He also performs homoerotic hood rituals with Birdman every weekend. That shit is fucking trill. Meek Mill keeps it so street, he fucks with a former officer to get him off the streets. William Roberts meeting Robert Williams. Street connections baby. I mean, when does keeping it real ever go wrong........?

  • uufggf

    I have a feeling the song "Stronger Than I Was" was inspired by "Apologize" By Timbaland/One Republic.

  • uu

    Definitely a solid album. I think we jumped the gun to quick with the singles. Besides a few wack songs, there is Lots of gems in this album, and we still have the bonus tracks on the way. I wasn't expecting much but definitely a solid album. Better than Relapse and Recovery in my opinion. Good job EM. Definitely will buy.

  • POPO

    Lol Eminem is already taking over all the headlines of this website and the album hasn't even officially released yet. They are already aware of the leak i guess.. Better buy the album people by the way, it's dope.

  • The King

    Album Ranks: 1) MMLP 2) The Slim Shady LP 3) The Eminem Show 4) Infinite 4) Encore - don't understand all the hate - some of his CLASSICS are on this album 5) MMLP2 6) Relapse 7) Recovery

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • ll

    Man,, Brainless is so dope, that chorus just reminds me of old EM. Why doesn't he make more choruses like that with his own voice instead of using other singers?! Eminem can sing some dope choruses when he wants.

    • FAOL

      Who even mentionned 2Pac u retard? WTF does he have to do with OP's post.. Man some people on here are retarded as fuck. Go show love for your favorite artist on articles that talk about them!!! Who gives a shit about your opinion, this article has nothing to do with Pac. What the hell are you doing in an Eminem article?...So much fans who act as haters cause they don't like the latest songs...Goes to show how Eminem rapes ur ass cause each time there is the slightest bits of news about Eminem, it makes the headlines and 1000 comments are posted...If u really didn't care, you wouldn't be here. -Thuglife fagg

    • gfg

      Thug life. Just by your name you sound like a big tupac fan, maybe i should say stan? So your comment is invalid... And by the way, who gives a shit, it's a matter of opinion. Tupac had a lot of emotion and even though the lyrics weren't so technical, you can't really beat that realness. EM is more of a technical rapper. The content is not on Tupac's level, but he spits what he feels and is honest about his life and like Pac his tracks are also inspirational. he expresses his emotions and that's whats good. Now can you just appreciate both and stop being such a dick rider? People on this website always need to hate on other rappers in order to show the love for their favorite rapper. Or they feel like they need to make a comparison with their favorite rapper. OKAY, we get, you like PAC, than why the hate on EM? If you ain't happy, just go find some 2 pac article god dammit

    • ll

      You kiddin me? Most of his classics, he's the one who sings the chorus and his voice actually sounds a lot like that. Anyway, the chorus doesn't mean much, i was just sayin... You must clean your ears son.

    • Anonymous

      really??? when i heard that chorus it gave me the worst headache. HE CANT SING!

    • Thug Life

      2pac is said to be the best mostly by everyone. He is the face of rap. I dont even need to elaborate lol. you hear everything around the world. 2PAC IMO is more versatile than Emeniem. Em himself will even tell you Pac is greater than him.

  • jasonnns


  • Anonymous

    You kids no ! Rythme or Reason is just Em rapping over The Zombies - Time of the Season

  • Anonymous


  • Fuck Detroit

    The whole album leaked not just this track

  • ARO

    Rick Rubin FUCKIN FUCKED this whole album up em shoulda just produced tha whole thing wit Dre or Just Blaze

  • Anonymous

    I heard all the singles, the Kendrick track, and Bad Guy and I gotta say Bad Guy is def the best track so far. It's insanely good.

  • imho

    album is cool. id put it 5th all time after ES, MMLP1, SSLP and relapse. ppl try hatin on relapse but its a masterpiece. its darker than a muuuh fucka. but its a beast.

    • ui

      Indeed album is cool. People need to quit hating. I was actually surprised since i really wasn't expecting much after those singles. On another note, i enjoyed Relapse Refill more than Relapse. Except for a few songs on Relapse, the album is probably the last one one my list tho.



  • Anonymous

    Why people hate Relapseeither keep saying they dont understand hip-hop, or read this.. www.eminemalbum2014.com/haterelapse.htm

  • bboy

    Besides those shitty singles album is DOPE AS FUCK. I will definetly buy


    HOW THIS IS STACKING UP SO FAR Survival - 4/10 Berzerk - 1/10 Rap God - 9/10 The Monster - 4.5/10 Love Game - 6.5/10 ALBUM AVERAGE - 5/10

    • ii

      Yes it is wack. Did you know that the chorus part of the song is actually a beatles song? Except Em is singing it and changed the lyrics... I bet u liked the song for the chorus, because his flow and verses were very average. When you know the original song from the chorus, it's hard to appreciate. I don't think it mixes well together Anyway, solid album, if you leave aside a couple of bad songs.

    • Anonymous

      Rhyme or reason wack? Dumbass....

    • Anonymous

      Rhyme Or Reason is dope...

    • ll

      All of those are the worst tracks and i agree with you but wait till you listen to, Bad Guy, So Much Better, Legacy, Brainless, Evil Twin. All of them are 8-10/10. Even The skylar track is good. I thought the same thing as you did, but once i listened to the album, some crazy dope songs. Of course there are others there is Rhyme Or Reason which is also wack, but the rest of the album is solid shit.

  • go

    Still the bonus songs to come, probably a gem or 2 in there. Don't forget to buy the album.

  • go

    - The Eminem Show - Marshall Mathers LP - Slim Shady LP - *Marshall Mathers LP 2* - Recovery - Encore/Relapse Some wack ass tracks, but a lot of real classics too. Way better than i expected, especially after hearing those singles, i jumped the gun to quick. Great overall album 8.5/10

  • yazen


    • bb

      You can still bump his old material. He still has more classics than mostly every rapper in the game, so even if he did fall off, quit complaining, most rappers don't even have one single classic album under their belt. He has released tons of classic songs over the years whether on an album, a sound track or just independently. At least you have a lot of good material to go back too if you consider this whole album garbage. So he really has nothing to prove anymore. I really enjoyed this album, even though their is a lot of wack ass tracks, the solid ones are great. it tops Relapse and Recovery imo.

    • bb

      He did fall off, but he still drops better material than a lot of the rappers out there right now. The songs i mentionned are dope. Artists evolve, deal with it. The guy is 41 years old and still dropping hits. You can't expect most of his songs to be classics like they used too. You might need to go through more garbage tracks now than you used too, but there still is a few gems on every single one of his albums. And this one difinitely has more than Relapse.

    • yazen

      Rick Rubin fucked this whole album, his lyrics fell off! gets off his cock u bitch

    • bb

      Shut up. Bad Guy, Brainless, Evil Twin, So Much Better are all classic Eminem and hiphop. Why u still whining? Legacy is great also. Clean out your dirty ears.

  • Anonymous

    wow even white ppl r saying this album is wack... that means it aint just me - this shit really is HORRIBLE....


      WHITE PERSON - This sounds like macklemore the only difference is that eminem won't admit he is gay. Eminem, please retire NOW. Kendrick just murdered you and the way this is sounding this will sell top 3 this year, but it isn't sounding like a top 10 album this year.

    • Anonymous

      white ppl !! My A$$ MMLP2 #1 worldwide itunes

    • yy

      You don't know what dope is. GTFO. Not saying the album is a classic, but at least half of the tracks are great. What i found is that either i really digged some of the songs and i really hate others. No in between. Better than relapse and Recovery too imo.

  • Anonymous


  • gg

    Some amazing and some really bad songs. Some weird sdongs too. Bad Guy, Legacy, Brainless, So Much Better and Evil Twin are all amazing. Not as bad as i thought. Couple of wack songs, but the ones i mentionned above are really great.

  • just cause

    Eminem be sayin excuse me too much

  • Anonymous

    the album is amazing...shit he took it underground this time...sounds pretty underground 2 me

  • Eminem sucks big time!


  • New Zealand Kiwi

    Lol at the people still hating on Eminem, this albums amazing. 9.5/10 Definitely getting all my mates to buy it on the 5th

    • cc

      Co-sign. I was definitely too fast to jump the gun on this album. The singles were probably the worst, this album holds some true gems. Few bad tracks like Rhyme or reason and Love game, but thats just my opinion. I just didn't like that rock n roll and style mixing. Anyway i will definetly buy this album even if i'm broke as fuck. Leaks aren't that bad, i would never had bought this album after the singles. 8.5/10

    • Anonymous

      fuck a new zealand,,, racist cunts

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick's a sucker for low fat ice cream.

  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    The albums sounds like the corniest EM album yet...

  • Anonymous

    lol even Revocery was better than MMPL2

  • Anonymous

    ja rule bodied both these fake rappers

  • jasonnns


  • dukelano

    The album is good. It leaked today online and unless u actually listened shut up. Seriously man the song brain dead, rhyme or reason, so far, evil twin, so much better and rap god are all great songs. thats not even counting the good songs. Im so sick of you haters. Has anyone else heard it, someone with a brain please respond i know your out there.

    • 3rd time listing to mmlp2

      i listend to the album and i could say i see how its a revisit, its not a bad album at all, better than recovery for sure and relapse 10 solid songs, 5 songs are ehh and most of them are the singles, The Monster, Survival, Berzerk, Asshole, and one song he sings which is idk i dont like it, but i give the album 8/10 i wanna hear the bonus tracks though, my fav song would be Legacy or Evil Twin.So Just listen to it with an open mind dont expect it to be a sequal with the same feel as the first. its WORTH a buy, I still support ya EM,

    • Anonymous

      We don't believe you need more pill. there were two or three good songs but as an album it sucked. I DL'd it and deleted it from my hard drive after first listen. Good luck to thos e who will support it.

    • Anonymous

      'Brainless' really is a great song. I just listened through the album.. I'd give it a 4.0/5. Not perfect, but there some amazing songs!

    • Anonymous

      im a big Eminem fan and haven't heard all the album but with naming mmlp 2 I was just hoping for a album similar to that mmlp even though I like the songs and am sure I well like the album it sounds to me like BME/Recovery 2 a so just disappointed in that sense

  • Anonymous

    "man lie women lie numbers dont" + 100 milli albums worldwide MMLP2 milli 1st week and album of the year "hate it or love it"

  • Anonymous

    NiGGGGGGGGGGGGGGa you mad !!! worst eminem song aka wee wee > lil wayne , drake , YMCM, MMG

  • Martha Anderson

    before I looked at the bank draft four $7601, I have faith that my friends brother truley erning money part time at there labtop.. there brothers friend started doing this 4 only 17 months and resently cleard the debts on their place and bourt Mitsubishi Evo. read what he said... http://smal.ly/nkY63

  • BorisXp

    I feel like im goin like this song, and by the way this this album so far look more like The Slim shady lp than the MMLP. MMLP was a serious album

  • Anonymous

    jesus this album is truly awful

    • georgel

      so a one word comment is your argument. real intelligent. when u have nothing else to say you just say dick rider, stan etc.. i know lets all listen to the artists talking about how much money they have, how great they are and how many bitches they score with. i know how to form my own opinion i dont need brainless people telling me whats hot like some people. ive grown up on tribe called quest and wu tang in the early 90's. There are less artists today that are respectable but im looking forward to joey badass since he has that 90's sound so far. being a hip hop fan and not respecting eminem is like being a basketball fan and not respecting MJ or lebron. You dont have to like them but to say an album is awful when i doubt you listened to the whole thing yet is dumb. You cannot be a true hip hop fan and not at least respect eminem. Lil wayne makes an awful album, drake is wake,i can go on and on about who makes awful albums but eminem is not one to make an awful album even his worst relapse was better than half these peoples album.

    • georgel

      It leaked today online and unless u actually listened shut up. Seriously man the song brain dea, rhyme or reason, so far, evil twin, so much better and rap god are all great songs. thats not even counting the good songs. Im so sick of you haters. Has anyone else heard it, someone with a brain please respond i know your out there.

  • stop putting em singles out

    Tupac was against having the government raise the kids. He said this. When he was growing up he was basically indoctrinated into Communism. Communism/Marxism is all about having the government raise the kids.The media, and the government schools essentially do "raise the kids." I think that Tupac realized this later. That might be why he was killed. He was killed as a public spectacle like Kennedy. This has happened to other famous people who started opposing the power structure. I think that he realized how brainwashed he, and other people have been. Unfortunately, using the name "Illuminati" for a system that can be shown to exist simply associates valid research with wild conspiracy theories. This marginalizes any information which might make people start thinking. Thinking about the high-level control structure is the last thing that the elite who manipulate, and use the media, and the state want. Any form of state collectivism can benefit the controlling elite.

  • The Bunk

    It makes me sick motherfucker how far we done fell.

  • Antihero

    I was expecting a Recovery part II..but album is different..It's not that bad..I think it will grow on me.

  • wolfy

    this song is the worst song ive ever fuckin heard. give it up em and just retire. album is an embarrassment

    • vv

      Listen to the whole album, some songs are truly amazing. The Monster, Berzerk, and That Kendrick song is the most terrible of all. But listen to the whold album, some songs like Bad Guy, Legacy, Brainless and Evil Twin are true EM classic tracks.

  • Anonymous

    i love how he dissed that faggot frank ocean on the 1st track. something nobody dared to say cause they was afraid getting blackballed, em is the only one who can get away with this.

  • Anonymous

    this album is weird

  • Anonymous

    this album is not a pop album but wtf????? this shit is wack

  • Wizz

    Am I the only one who liked the album?

  • SIG

    I dont get it... You guys all hate on everything lol. Everything that every comes out you hate on it. I think the album is dope. I said it... Cause you all wont because it becomes popular. Fucking fags. Like Em doesnt deserve respect. Eat a dick. SIG

    • d mac

      LOL I'm listening to MMLP2 moron that's new sh*t that alone says yes you should gtfoh and don't come back

    • SIG

      Gonna go over to hotnewhiphop Im done with this site. Just a bunch of hipster pussies bitching about the new era of hip hop. If you want to listen to the old shit.. Listen to the old shit. Put those camo pants and fake chains on like your favorite rapper does hipsters! Peace

    • SIG

      Still stand by it. It's nice.. Will still sell 1mill+ like every other album hes every dropped. Screaming and bouncing off walls were good examples. Hip hop needs more structure for D mac. Kiddie shit cause I can relate to an album made by a 40 year old man... Right. Cringing everytime you hear a song is some female emotions you should keep to yourself. Sorry that the direction a mid-aged dude wasnt the same as a 22 year old rookie in the game. Pretty hard to beat the first LP you ever got recognition for when it didnt just set a high bar for yourself, it set a high bar for Hip Hop. Now go whine about every album you hear moving forward unless its a completley new and unheard of artist. HIPSTER BITCH.

    • d mac

      SIG speaking that kiddie pussy sh*t. I've been listening to the album since last night, it ain't hot. U mad? He all over the place, screaming, bouncing off walls. WTF you still screaming for Marshall? He needs different musical direction. Somewhere down the line these guys need to stop pushing boundaries and stick with the basics. I cringe every time I hear Berserk. Now, you wanna have a convo, or you gonna stan while you dig your hand in that greasy bag of deep fried baby dicks?

    • Anonymous

      i agree he deserves respect, but we just like eminem because he is eminem. album is wack their i said it

    • NO

      "I think the album is dope. I said it" ...NO, now shut the fuck up

  • Anonymous

    Brainless is a good song

  • Anonymous

    worst hip hop album? Jay? Eminem? Kanye?

  • wergerg

    stronger than i was = worst em track ever

  • Anonymous

    what did Eminem, Rick Rubin and Dr. Dre do in the lab?

  • Anonymous

    I like Eminem music, I even liked Encore a bit but this new shit is waaaaaaaaaaaack

  • OVO

    Eminem ain't no Rap God, more like RAP FRAUD! I knew MMLP2 would suck!

  • Anonymous

    A special shout-out to Common, he still has rappers trying to do their verse for "I Used To Love H.E.R." And y'all thought "Control" was game-changing. And cosign datroof, MMLP2 is is sounding horrible. IMO, he needs a random executive producer to spark some motivation in him with a different sound, like RZA, or his TOUR DJ, ALCHEMIST.

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • One Vulva Omission

    Rapper who dropped successful sequels: NaS - Stillmatic Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Pt. 2 Rappers who failed miserably at creating a sequel: EMINEM - MMLP2 Damn Em, I used to be a fan. Now these white bitched and faggots are all that's left of your fanbase.

  • Anonymous

    just got through the album, all i can say is wtf?????????????

  • OVO

    You can't go 10 years without dropping a good album a be listed among the greats of all-time. Even if you are one of the best pure rhymers who have ever lived. As an artist, Em fell the fuck off a long time ago. Look at what his direction resulted in with Slaughterhouse's album. It's a shame that artists like The Roots (or emcees) or El-P--who have made nothing but dope records for 15-20 years don't get the praise that Em gets. Dear White Em Stans, start worshipping El-P, dude has a way better catalog and has NEVER sold his soul. He was also responsible for starting one of the greatest indie rap labels ever.

  • OVO

    Take Care > Recovery NWTS > MMLP2 Those are facts. Drake > Eminem as an artist.

  • The Blood Colored Sun Of Zion

    Eminem fell off hard. But before he committed career suicide with the garbage ass album that is MMLP2, he killed Kendrick on a track once and for all.

  • datroof

    Well at least he's fully gone back to his roots as a real white guy now and making truly corny WACK self-indulgent whiny cry baby psychopath music. I hear no soul. Good Job Eminem.

  • Anonymous

    Just got thru listening to the album. Eminem fucking trolled everyone by naming it MMLP2! This shit is fucking horrible!

  • aria

    stfu eminem is incredible

  • Anonymous

    im genuinely shocked, ALBUM IS FUCKING WACK

  • Anonymous

    stronger than i was????? seriously wtf gay or what

  • sxxx4


  • sxxx4


  • Anonymous

    em disses frank oceean on Bad Guy LOLLOLOLOL this gon stir up some controversie

  • Anonymous

    the album leaked my niggaz, im listening to the 1st track now. #MMLP2

    • Anonymous

      You really are stupid.

    • datroof

      Let me amend my statement for troofness. Some white DUDES really know their shit with Hip Hop. I mean you must be a dumb white slut with daddy issues and mental trauma subconsciously seeking out another abusive faggot just like your father to like Em's new shit and get past what garbage this shit is.

    • datroof

      Dead fucking right I am!!! I said right not white. Must be why I think this shit is WACK. I don't see any self respecting hip hop fan that isn't white actually liking this garbage.

    • datroof

      Now be honest! It's the worst piece of pop shit you ever heard a rapper make in your life isn't it? God Damn this album is fucking garbage. I wish Eminem would just STOP! It's fucking ridiculous how tired his shit is getting.

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