Roc Marciano "The Pimpire Strikes Back" Cover Art, Tracklisting & Stream

Roc Marciano unveils the cover art and tracklisting for his new mixtape, "The Pimpire Strikes Back."

Roc Marciano is readying the release of his mixtape, "The Pimpire Strikes Back." 

"The Pimpire Strikes Back" is set to feature production from Madlib, Evidence, Alchemist and Roc Marciano.

The mixtape is also slated to include features from Action Bronson, Knowledge the Pirate and Meyhem Lauren. 

"The Pimpire Strikes Back" is set to be a lead-up to Roc Marciano's Marci Beaucoup album. 

While "The Pimpstire Strikes Back" features production from other beatsmiths, Marci Beaucoup is reportedly going to be produced only by Roc Marciano. 

"This is going to be an album where I’m doing all of the production and I’m featuring a lot of artists that I work with," Roc said in an exclusive March interview with HipHopDX. "Every song is me featuring artists that I fuck with in the business. Most of this album is to feature my production."

The album is slated to feature several artists, including Guilty SimpsonCormegaEvidence, Gangrene, Action Bronson, according to Marciano's March interview with HipHopDX

"The Pimpire Strikes Back's" cover art and tracklisting can be found below, via Roc Marciano. 

(October 24)

UPDATE: Roc Marcian's The Pimpire Strikes Back can be streamed below, via

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  • Anonymous

    more nonsense rap from Roc, a bunch of random ass thoughts without any kind of cohesion on every single track; I love his style & delivery, but he is just awful lyrically

  • Anonymous

    dope mixtape. never sell out Roc! one of the last real dudes in the game...

  • marcBERG

    this shit mad dope roc marciano been dropping fire

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    This shit is kinda weak, and I say that as an avid listener of this nigga. I hope these are his throwaway tracks. I mean, he's a nice MC and he's got a nice production team, including himself, but it's still a lackluster overall effort. It's one dimensional, even for him, and he's notoriously one-dimensional. All that pimp's just cheap, coming from a dude that is capable of so much more. The other thing is, I don't know what you niggas see in Action Bronson, he's wack. The dopest shit on there is "I.D.K.", "Slingers", and "Higher Learning". I'll keep in in rotation for a little while, 'cause the rhymes are worth a few more listens. It's definitely not up to par for his standards though.

    • anon

      actually I thought I heard some different stuff from him on this project as far as the hooks and his flow. More willingness to try new things in those aspects and then of course you've got that sample/loop based production style he's become synonymous with but this seems like more of a return to Marcberg form production wise. I actually appreciate the simplicity of em although Reloaded beats sound fuller and probably give more replay value depnding on who you ask. favorite track- ice cream man.

    • Anonymous

      sincerely antique with bronson's verse one of the best jawns imo dudes need to realize sometimes you just wanna hear a n!gga rap on some new beats, ain't gotta be some extraordinary event

  • ergegr

    I feel like shooting churches up and snorting crack whenever I listen to Roc Marc. Real mafioso G shit. Roc Marc >>> any niggas in the game right now

  • dazeone

    This jawn is trash and that is why NY hip hop is in the toilet...listen to Jakk Frost West Philly that real hip hop killing the old beats on Holla Jakk throwbacks and cold World V1 dude is a weirdo

  • Angela Amador

    I looked at the receipt which said $9310, I have faith that my mom in-law was truly taking home money parttime from their computer.. there neighbour has been doing this 4 only about twentey months and resently paid for the morgage on their appartment and purchased themselves a Lotus Elan. look at these guys WWW FB39 COm

  • Anonymous

    this is shit is dope as fuck

  • RobertsVision

    dope...been listening to Roc Marciano since "Fall Back" with Pete Rock..."Bruh Man" is dope



  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    Can't wait to hear it. He's fun to listen to. He actually knows how to rhyme, and comes from the era of the ill imagery and techniques. His rhyme style is reminiscent of Nas in the It Was Written era, just with less substance and not quite as poetically driven, but still mad nice.

  • Anonymous

    i love his arms, no homo

  • Anon

    With Evidence and Action Bronson on there this is gonna be crazy. Add in Roc Marci and that's three of the best lyricists in the game. Period.

  • poppa large

    get evidence and action bronson off there and come correct with the production this time patna.

  • Osiris, The God

    Man this is about to be nice. then the album drops in December! and Bronson's tape drops on the 1st! Roc needs to do a full length album with ALC. I already know that shit would be crazy.

  • nigga

    he said its dropping in the next 10 to 15 days

  • Anonymous

    young guru, young dirty bastard, lil eazy e, baby pun & hood surgeon

  • wrgwrg

    Roc the hottest nigga in the game. My life would be complete if he would collab with gangsta Gibbs. Too bad Gibbs couldnt get on the Madlib produced track, shit wud be GOAT and whens the release date? wtf

  • datroof

    So when is this releasing? Any new Roc Marci is a good thing.

  • Anonymous

    I CANT SEE MY FEET!!!!! is on it, twice.

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