Ghostface Killah Says Drake Made Wu-Tang Clan's Movement Bigger

Ghostface Killah says Drake is adding on to the Wu-Tang Clan movement with "Wu-Tang Forever" off "Nothing Was The Same."

Ghostface Killah says Drake has added to the Wu-Tang Clan movement with "Wu-Tang Forever," a selection off the Toronto rapper's most recent album, Nothing Was The Same.  

"He did what he did," Ghostface Killah said during an interview with "There's probably some fans that climbed on. All through Europe, I had 9-year-old, 8-year-old babies that came to the shows knowing words. What Drake did, he just made the movement more bigger. So, I ain't turnin' down no fans. This is Wu-Tang Forever. He even said it. All he's doing is addin' on." 

Raekwon recently spoke about Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever."

"At the end of the day, regardless of what, we were mentioned in a great way," Raekwon said in an interview with MTV. "He named the title of his song after brothers, so however you did it, at the end of the day, it's still love. It's still respect there. I still thought the record was a great record, regardless of what. It ain't nothin' rude about the record, nothin' disrespectful. It's all love. Hey, I'm for it."

While some members of Wu-Tang have been supportive of Drake, Inspectah Deck has been clear about his stance on the track. As reported by HipHopDX in September, Inspectah Deck disagrees with Drake's song title.

"I don't even know how to take it, my brother," Deck said in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. "I just felt it don't need to be 'Wu-Tang Forever.' It should be called 'It's Yourz,' if that's the case. That's what the hook seems to be. That's what the main basis of the rhyme seems to be. So you can call it 'It's Yourz' and it would have the same impact. But to call it Wu Tang Forever'...unless the song is about the Clan like that, then it's cool. I'm like, 'Yo, if there's a remix coming out, it got brothers on it and you just wanted to leak this one first and then come back with the Clan in that strategy, that's not the understanding that brothers had in the beginning."

A remix of the song is slated to include members of Wu-Tang Clan, though the remix has yet to be released.  

In September, Drake said that Ghostface Killah called him one of his favorite emcees.

"I had the best moment of my life the other day," Drake said during his CRWN interview presented by MySpace. "One of the best moments. Ghostface Killah called me. I don't want to out his business, but he was just so real about it that I've gotta tell this story because I'm proud. So, if he watches this, I'm sorry, but I've gotta tell this story. He was like, 'Yo, son, there's this guy on Twitter. He's been pretending to be me for a long time and talked down on you. But I just wanted to tell you, you're one of my favorite emcees.' To hear that from him, somebody who we've all looked up to for so long, it meant a lot."

Ghostface Killah's recent interview with can be viewed below. 

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  • Anonymous

    HA HA HA, Ghost a funny dude, he know Drake one of them rappers he'd like to slap fire out of. He's just making a business statement, if Man (A) can help you sell records and move units, you cosign Man (A) and get your chicken.

  • Anonymous

    New song by Justin Bieber: wu 4 ever! Co sign by wu tang clan

  • forever

    listen to some of you go on like a little 14 year old girl. I mean who gives a fuck if Ghost likes Drakes music, dude probably listens to many artists from all types of music, that shouldn't matter to anyone. Ghost and the Wu are legends and put out some of the best records at one point and some of you bitchin and complaining what musician he likes...the fuck?

  • 614grind

    He basically said the song was wack but it cool because he didn't do anything to hurt the brand. He just added to the oral tradition.

  • Bryce

    This nigga got them beats:

  • Anonymous

    i'd love to punch drake in the mouth..just one time

  • Anonymous

    he never said that in the interview, liar

  • Anonymous

    If you think about it, GFK and Drake make the same type of songs, the difference is that Ghost will do something about the situation on the song - Yeah I fucked your friend or I shoulda slapped you but the god said chill or kick her out the house and take shit back. Basically Drake is the simp version of Ghostface.

  • drake runs rap

    see this is exactly what i said u real hiphop fan wannabe virgins. Drake makes carreers. Drake is so popular he gave wutang their 5 min of fame because wutang is irrelevent no1 gives a fuck about them had it not been for drake. The putang clan begged to drake to make them relevent again. Now not only have i said this before but its even coming from a putang members mouth so learn to accept the truth you internet nerd virgins.

  • j

    I love the Wu but Ghost is sounding like a sellout. Justin and Miley can help you sell records too while you're at it

  • Anonymous

    Inspectah Deck the only Wu member keepin it real and not cosigning Drake left and right

  • Catherine B. Bell

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  • Anonymous

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  • OnkelMichael

    YO DENNIS - gotta give US the GHOSTDOOM for that statement...otherwise chop your hands off and drink acid...

  • ODB from the grave

    Fuck you ghost for saying this shit! Nigga you becoming soft.

  • Former Wu-STAN Clan

    Fuck these pussies from the wu-tang clan!!!!!! If it was 1994 wu tang never would have given props to drake but now wu are just some pussies as other rappers, trying to make a quick buck. DRAKE IS NOT HIPHOP! Whats next: MILEY CYRUS making a song called: 36 chamber and wu tang jumping on the remix. Fuck hiphop! I thought it was all about KEEPING it real!

    • Anonymous

      It never was about keeping it real, it was about the money. Who the hell understands what Rae and ghost say anyway? Rappers should be barred from talking outside of hiphopsongs. Drake is the worst artist of all time, if ghost really thinks he's good than aw hell. Hiphop must be dead for real.

    • Anonymous

      im not saying its right but people grow up, in 1994 you were probably playing with ninja turtles and pissing your pants, you still do that shit? if not you a sellout pussy!

  • Anonymous

    half of you backpack wearing pussies are either tight pant wearing hipsters or new to this hip hop. GFK has paid his dues fuck faces. ...go buy one of his CDs before you talk talk about supporting? NIGGA PLEASE -ODB....yall fucking DL his music for free/.


      FYI, It wasnt from some unknown website it was the official store for the record label owned by RZA himself! RZA's website and record label stole our money! and some of the items being sold weren't available anywhere else!

    • Anonymous

      real talk anon1. I wonder how many of these "Wu fans" actually went and got that Wu gear. those wu joints. Nigga, this dude just gave allegiance essentially and butthurt niggas want to get offended over their own bullshit. what a bunch of fool ass niggas.

    • Anonymous

      Uh-Oh here comes the Soul Temple Bashers again. Hide your kids, Hide your Wife

    • Anonymous

      ^^^ and thats what happens to you youngin's! Dont buy shit online dumb ass!! .....AND THATS HOW WU TANG WILL ALWAYS BE FOREVER. KEEP SUPPORTING!!...Because idiots like you buy shit from an unknown website.

    • Anonymous

      I bought his last album, pre-ordered the shit for $100 with RZA's soul selections and the fucking assholes stole my money and didn't send me shit so it's FUCK WU-TANG CLAN AND SOUL TEMPLE MUSIC Atleast Drake wouldn't steal from his fans!


    Aka the Ryan Seacrest of rap. Son is the safest nigga on earth. This the type a NAHGGER that old rich white men try to set up wit they daughters n shit. This nigga wasnt born yo.he was blossomed. When he aint startin pillow fights on tour n pollinatin flowers n shit son stays spittin wit that tenderized Stephen Hawking voice. The niggas heart got a ponytail. Son could probably make you any origami animal you ask him to namsayin. He the type a nigga to sprinkle rose pedals on his bed before he go to sleep n shit. Son could probably frost a cake usin his eyes nahmean. This niggas moms n pops basically got Rick Rolled when the doctor said Its a boy! But it aint like Tone wanna see the nigga get torn to pieces by a pack a wolves n shit. If I seen him would the god wanna beat the garnier fructis outta him? I dont kno b. Maybe?




      It was his record. He got paid from the money myself and many other fans spent on his merchandise. He is involved. He chose to go into business with people that are ripping off his fans. I know myself and hundreds of others won't be buying his next release... hopefully his new Drake fans will

    • Anonymous

      So your problem is with Soul Temple. Not Ghost since he personally doesn't own it. Stop hating on this legend Fuck your pre-order nigga

  • arviej

    I like drake and wutang. Ghost is cool with drake adding them a few more dollars by name dropping them a few times in a positive manner. I know i would. get over it. if this was 20 years ago i could see how this could be a problem.

  • Anonymous

    People tend to forget that at the end of the day hip-hop is a business. Ghost (and the rest of the WU) are in their forties. They have kids to feed and are in the twilight of their careers. So while its a bit disappointing to hear this, the fact of the matter is he they are here for the money and nothing else..You should have that outlook at a much earlier age so you dont end up cosigning some shit you probably do not believe in.

    • Anonymous

      Some of what you said but also did anyone think that Ghost just likes Drake as a musician? This dude made a complete R&b vibe album..Are you people even fans of Ghost to think he wouldn't like Drake. Now Inspectah Deck and Meth are different cats so I get the feeling they don't like Drake as much musically.

  • Young Guwop

    Ghostface is a hypocrite. He was saying the rap game is soft as hell and now cosigning Drake pussy ass. The shit niggas do for money and to stay relevant. smh


      It its all about making money maybe they should send out the records, cds t-shirts, posters and comic books his fans ordered and paid for 6 months ago!!! Fucking over your diehard fans is a surefire way to fuck your money up nextime you got a product to release and no one buys it cause they got ripped off the last time! Like BOYCOTT SOUL TEMPLE MUSIC on Facebook

    • RM

      You must be in your early 20's wearing a backpack that's tight as fuck! Once you have kids, you'll realize that you need to support your family. FUCK being called a sell out or whatever the fuck you want to call it. GFK already paid his dues and doesnt need to to prove shit to anyone!! At the end its all about making money to survive. When you grow up, you'll understand.

  • Anonymous

    Very sad thing to read, Deck is the only real nigga left out of the whole pussy lot of them, damn shame.

    • Anonymous

      Care to say that to Ghost's face??? I haven't heard from Method, Gza, or Masta Killa on this matter just yet, so don't go calling them all out when I haven't heard them all speak on it yet

    • Young Guwop

      He is. Deck has integrity. Which most of Hip-Hop lacks these days.

  • RGeezy

    Disappointing statement by Ghostface, No real Wu fan thinks this was a good look. Whats next, Ghost going to start plucking his eyebrows like Drake too. GTFOH

  • what happen to the wu????

    why kill off your own fan base that actually buy the albums for a suspect co sign? so you rather gain 20 and lose 20,000 just from this alone will get you put in a zone with your core fans that you dont want to be in. this is a death sentence for your legacy. shout to deck,gza, and masta killa for staying the same no switch ups the rest need to quit while their ahead or should i say behind

    • quit runnin up on niggas wit all that wack shit

      die hards are the one lookin at this like its total contradiction so understand whats being said you can't say you about something for more than 20yrs and turn around on what you rep just for a few minute worth of fan that your not going to have when his 15 seconds are up at the end of the day you have to answer to your core fans thats not having that shit.people who thinks shit like this is ok need to go back a listen to disc 2 on wu-tang forever and pay attention to what the rza and gza say at the start of the cd or the de la soul new joint.

    • neme

      I swear hiphop has the dumbest most ignorant fans yo smh...if u stop fuckin wit da wu cuz one of there fans is a soft rapper an decided to help continue to wutang forever movement by introducin it to 9 year olds, not only are u not a diehard wu fan, ur a caner to hiphop

  • Grindhouse

    All respect ghost but Fuck you sir!! Underground nigas like myself and white kids kept the Wu name up you should be ashamed of yourself for saying that shit.

    • Anonymous

      look at mr fucking dictionary up in here dropping big words these kids never heard and wont understand LOL

    • Doubl Negative

      ^^ it's assholes such as yourself that tarnished Wu's rep during the late Nineties. Wu-Tang Forever is a great album, but you had no street cred in '97 if you were bumping that ish 'cause too many suburban idiots commandeerd them and normal, indigenous hip-hop fans who supported them from the beginning became invisible. People never seem to understand that not all music is supposed to be generic and homogenous. The cool thing about music is that it allows the listener to feel part of a recondite, clandestine movement and that totally evaporates when infiltrators burrow their way into a scene they were not invited to. Teenagers today would take umbrage with their parents trying to ingratiate themselves with their peers by feigning interest in dub step music to appear cool, and that analogy explains why I detest pseudo Wu fans.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah cause it's reaching the kids now. Y'all should checkout thegrandreport, they have good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • JJ

    Drake is that nigga, getting respect from ALL the real ones.

  • Anonymous

    i want a new album


    Yo its still FUCK SOUL TEMPLE MUSIC ALL DAY EVERY DAY!!! I've been waiting for my Ghostface Killah 12 Reasons to Die PRE-ORDER collectors pack since April!!! How you fuck over your hardcore fans who pre-ordered the shit and they still aint got it 6 months later??? It's sad to see hundreds if not thousands of diehard Wu Tang fans getting ripped off with no response or reply while they dickride Drake trying to get new fans! LOL talk about loyalty!!! RZA really fucked up getting into business with that snake Bob Perry! Like BOYCOTT SOUL TEMPLE MUSIC on Facebook

    • Anonymous

      luckily they included mp3 downloads when i paid them $100 for records and merch they never sent me so i was able to listen to the albums! Definitely learned my lesson and will no longer be supporting WU or Soul Temple until they make it right!

    • Anonymous

      That'll teach you to buy shit. Next time download. You know how long I had to wait? Like 5 mins, connection was slow that day.

  • chico

    Ghostface Killah GOAT

  • Anonymous

    made the movement bigger but the albums still all flop!

  • OUCH!!!

    This is REALLY disappointing to read & hear. Not that drake is bad, he is pretty good but he is as soft as they come. Wu tang signified HARDCORE beats & rhymes. The street life. I know they want to hop on the drake wagon cause hes one of the most popular acts in hip-hop, well most of Wu does But This is just hurting their legacy.

  • OVO

    Drake is the one of the realist emcees ever and is a living legend. It's a travesty that he doesn't have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yet!

  • Anonymous

    Fuck drake, It's Wu Tang 4 Life

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