Kanye West "Yeezus" Tour Merchandise Features Confederate Flag

Kanye West is reportedly selling merchandise that features the United States' Confederate flag.

As part of his "Yeezus" tour, Kanye West is reportedly selling merchandise that features the United States of America's Confederate flag.

The merchandise was revealed during West's first tour stop on his "Yeezus" tour, which took place in Seattle, Washington on Saturday (October 19).

The flag has been a controversial symbol due to its history. 

Reverend Al Sharpton, a politician, activist and reverend, recently discussed the symbolism of the flag in a Huffington Post editorial criticizing a man who waved the Confederate flag outside of the United States' White House. 

"Often times, people like to falsely believe that the Confederate flag is somehow not offensive," Sharpton wrote. "As Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post highlighted in his recent piece, it's akin to placing a swastika somewhere. The Confederate flag symbolizes dehumanization, injustice and pain. It is a stark reminder of an era in our history that was defined by the abhorrent practice of slavery. And it is representative of a mentality that looked upon Blacks as inferiors who needed to remain in the shackles of subservience. If you don't believe me, ask family members of those that were beaten, castrated and lynched under the guise of that Confederate flag. For a person to boastfully wave that flag in front of the White House is beyond reprehensible."

David Goldfield, a history professor at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and the author of the book "Still Fighting the Civil War," spoke with Huffington Post regarding the flag's symbolic nature in March. 

"The history of the Confederate battle flag, how it was designed and formulated, how it has been used through the years, clearly states that it is a flag of white supremacy," Goldfield said in an article discussing the flag's use. "I know current Sons of Confederate Veterans would dispute that, saying `Hey, I'm not a racist.' But the fact remains that the battle flag was used by a country that had as its foundation the protection and extension of human bondage."

Rappers have often spoken against the Confederate flag. 

On "Doo Rags," Nas discusses his distaste for the flag.

"Confederate flags I burn," Nas says on the track.

Nas also spoke about the flag on "Testify." 

"I'm loading tips in my mag," Nas rapped on the selection. "To send these redneck bigots to death in a bag / Choke him out with his Confederate flag." 

On "Georgia...Bush," Lil Wayne also references the flag.

"When you see them Confederate flags, you know what it is," Wayne raps. "A White cracker mothafucker that probably voted for [President George Bush]." 

Immortal Technique has also rapped about the flag on "Crossing the Boundary."

"Burn Trent Lott wrapped in his Confederate flag," Technique rhymed on the song. 

MJG featured a Confederate flag in flames in its cover art for 1997's No More Glory

Images of West's merchandise can be viewed below, as seen on Hip-Hop Wired.

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  • Anonymous

    kanye selling t-shirts... who woulda thunk it?

  • Anonymous

    white people gone be upset to see all them blacks in those flags lol

    • Anonymous

      i doubt they will be upset. they'll probably be laughing at the hypebeast losers who buy this shit, especially the black ones!

  • anonymous

    This is actually clever, it takes away from the power of the confederate flag. If black people start wearing the confederate flag then white people can't use it as a sign of white power and will likely lose interest in it. Kanye is a dumbass but this ain't dumb


      I don't care what literature you choose to use as the backing of your insane argument, any rights is better than NO rights. The south was, and in some cases, still is, racist fucking bigots. @trevorha

    • trevorha

      " it takes away from the power of the confederate flag." You are a fucking idiot and you'll just call me a racist for this, but this nation was far better off with the confederacy winning the war. It would take a whole book to explain the reasons why this is. Its about the same as arguing with the civil rights act of the 1960's. that act did nothing for blacks. all it did was put whites and other races into slavery with blacks. its really not hard to prove. you will call this man a racist but George C Wallaces speech on "the truth about the civil rights scam" explains this perfectly. The side who won the civil war was the communists. The south was the noble side in this war and only someone who can't see through the whitewash of public school history teachings dont know this

    • Jason

      Shut the fuck up. Kanye is just a crazy lunatic. You all need to stop co-signing this sick fuck.

    • Anonymous

      you think kanye got the power to turn a confederate flag into some sort of black power shit?? LOL most of the people repping this flag dont know who kanye west is and dont care!

  • Goat

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  • Anonymous

    Flag we use today was created in the 1950s. Ain't no slave ships then

    • Anonymous

      No you are wrong. It was the same flag. The only thing that changed about it was the pattern of the stars or number of stars. Its the same flag.

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  • Mr.KarTRASHian

    If your a fane of KanGAY west. Jump off a bridge now!! Society can't save you!!!

  • Anonymous

    whats he charging for that t-shirt like $60?????

  • Anonymous

    metallica does not approve

    • Anonymous

      i was just referring to the Yeezus prints with the Y and S looking like the M and A in metallica wes lang huh? i fucks with him he did some shit for the grateful dead. i guess hes getting that paper now!


      The shirts are actually designs by the artist Wes Lang. And it would actually be more of a Guns&Roses inspiration rather than Metallica.

  • anonymous

    The flag that we use today is the same flag that was on the slave ships. There is no difference.

  • Anonymous

    you know damn well mr high fashion yeezus wouldnt be caught dead wearing any of this shit!

  • Anonymous

    Kanye the type a nigga to dial the wrong number then tell the person they answered the wrong number

  • George W. Bush


  • Anonymous

    That isn't the Confederate Flag; it's their Battle Flag. The Confederate Flag looks a lot like the US flag, but with only three stripes and the stars in a circle.

  • Anonymous

    think the shirt is dope...i'm from the south & black and although some use it as a racist symbol, some don't. The flag represents the southern pride.

    • nikki

      You are a lie, Im from the south and black, that flag is not a symbol of pride down here for everyone. Its a disgrace for us blacks. KOONYE

  • Anonymous

    It's great for controversy but at this stage of his career I didn't think Kanye would do something so foolish. It's too gimmicky for me to respect it because it's the same gag over and over again and now after all the controversy is whipped up Kanye will come out and make a statement explaining the symbolism and his zombie fans will call it brilliant when all it is is the formula that controversy sells.

  • Anonymous

    none of that shit is original he biting metallica too! no wonder the fashion industry wants nothing to do with this unoriginal clown

    • Anonymous

      ...It's too blatant to be a bite, dumbass. The Yeezus logo is just like the Metallica logo, it's more of an homage.

  • Anonymous

    gotta get me some of those pants that say Yeezus on the booty just so niggas know yeezy owns my ass

  • Anonymous

    looks like he jacking 10 year old ed hardy designs or some shit. LAME

  • Young Guwop

    Kanye knows damn better. The son of a college professor and he's on this attention seeking bs. It seems like the anger of Black people have been replaced with a desire of belonging. Breaking news. We're still niggas in their eyes no matter the income.

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