TDE Releases Ab-Soul's "Dub Sac"

UPDATE: TDE releases Jay Rock's "Numbers On The Board" & Ab-Soul's "Dub Sac."

Top Dawg Ent. has announced that it will release new music this week.

The imprint is slated to unveil a music video by ScHoolboy Q as well as new songs by Jay Rock and Ab-Soul. 

The announcement came on Twitter in an update posted by Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith, the CEO of Top Dawg Ent.

The post by Top Dawg can be seen below.

The news follows a week where TDE was a constant figure in the headlines. 

TDE made waves with the release of its full BET Hip Hop Awards cypher. The airing of the cypher led many to believe Kendrick Lamar dissed Drake during his cypher verse. That cypher clip can be viewed below. 

This week, it was also announced that TDE's Black Hippy is scheduled to be on the cover of XXL. Ab-Soul appeared to criticize XXL and other publications following the release of the magazine cover. Soul said that publications need to refrain from printing "Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy," as Kendrick Lamar is a member of Black Hippy, along with ScHoolboy Q, Jay Rock and Ab-Soul. Soul threatened to remove himself from the group if magazines continue printing "Kendrick Lamar and Black Hippy." XXL had "Kendrick Lamar & Black Hippy" printed on its cover. 

Also this week, new TDE member Isaiah Rashad released a remix of his song "Shot You Down," which features ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul and Jay Rock. Q delivers a news worthy verse where he announces that his often delayed album Oxymoron is now slated to be released in January 2014. 

(October 20)

UPDATE: TDE has released Ab-Soul's "Dub Sac." The selection was released today (October 24) and it was produced by Tae Beast & Dave Free. The track can be heard below.

The selection follows the release of Jay Rock's "Numbers On The Board." 

The two selections are in sync with Top Dawg's promise of releasing songs by Ab-Soul and Jay Rock this week. The third work Top Dawg said would be released is a music video by ScHoolboy Q. 

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  • Mable Labombard

    upto I looked at the check four $7647, I didnt believe cousin really taking home money part time at their laptop.. there brothers friend has been doing this for only about 16 months and just cleared the dept on their condo and bourt a new BMW. like this----->


    Anyone not on TDE has busted ear drums. Each artist brings a different element to HipHop. No crew posse movement or anything of the sorts is fucking with these cats. And Soul0 is King to you pawn niggas. Remember theres levels to this shit bitch. YAWK YAWK

  • Young Lou

    What do you mean he's next? He was 1st. FOLLOW ME HOME is a cold album. That ish knocks in my ride and is a really really good debut album for any artist

  • Anonymous

    sounds like ab-soul recorded that with a cinder block

  • menthalBlunts

    SZA starin at Kendrick like she wants the D lol. ill cypher

  • Anonymous

    John Conner and friends put me to sleep.

  • w h o k n o w s

    Jay Rock nice!!! Ab-Soul what's goin' on homie!!! I heard u put in work before.. this is aight




    just seeing the words alone after cypher makes it feel unnecessary how long will we as people continuously have that's played out...can't ADULTS have ADULT entertainment without seeing the word "EXPLICIT" it's just whack

    • Anonymous

      The failure in your comment is the system is there for parents to censor what their kids see online. You do know that kids use the internet, right?

  • Ya bitch


  • Anonymous

    Loved Drones. But AB. Stop listening to that Yeezus. That shit is nothing but noise just like this track.

    • negro please

      Kanye didn't do anything new, he just copied groups like death grips, shabazz palaces, and daft punk. His album came out wack cuz he was trying to hard to be innovating and creative as them and it just wasn't his style. Then he tried to convince everybody he was a genius after. Lol

    • Nigga Please

      Yeezus was different so those with limited brain cells in hip hop to get. Yeezus is hard and what hip hop needed. tired of hearingthe sam base line and drums. Most production on these new scholl rappers all sounds the same. Kanye is always trying new sounds adn styles and that is what hip hop needs



  • Anonymous

    i dont like the sound effects on dub sac. might grow on me. that was thoughts after first listen

  • Anonymous

    young guru, young dirty bastard, lil eazy e, baby pun & hood surgeon

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  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    what's with all this hate for TDE?.. you guys wanted lyricism and substance to come back to the mainstream, these guys supply you with that, and y'all still hate.. i ask why?.. TDE, along with pro era, are great for hip hop's future.. and kendrick's gkmc going platinum, and still on the charts after a year, is proof that people want music with actual substance rather than the typical money, cars, women topics that's been run down to the ground repeatedly.. guess you won't know what you have until it's gone..

    • Quoteman

      It still took damn near a year to go platinum, ya fuckin' genius.

    • Anonymous

      ^ says Quote-Man aka Lord Pucy de Bish

    • Anonymous

      Kenwack Lame-R Sucks!

    • Anonymous

      Drake will last forever just like Jay. Because there are way more fake ass people than real. Kendrick's album is more real than anything fake Z or the drake guy who the type of nigga that eat the pussy after he bust. Has ever made. Neither one of them have a high powered in their catalog. That's one of the realest songs ever made. But you know how it go. Fake niggas love fake things.

    • vin

      drake dont make hip hop hes R&B Pop with a random rap verse every once in a while

    • Anonymous

      quote-man hating on kendrick again.. "it barely went platinum" it still went platinum, stupid.. i even remember some of you fools saying it wouldn't even go plat in the first place..

    • Anonymous

      It barely went platinum, so hold off on the celebrations. Kendrick won't be here very long. Drake will though. He's embarassing Kenwack, and carrying hip hop like a true soldier.

    • Anonymous

      THANK YOU. Watch when/if TDE break down then people wish it could come back like deathrow, G-unit, D12 etc.

    • Anonymous

      people are always going to hate no matter what!! it makes them feel better about themselves

  • Aim80

    It's either a disgruntled, ugly ass female that "edited" this BET video, or an oooold black man who's on the whole "you young brothas need to stop talkin bout violence" bullshit.... How in the FUCK can this version be labeled "EXPLICIT" when Q can't even say "hoes"... or "menage trois"... and Rock can't say "killing emcees".... Soul cant say "triggers".. but Kendrick can say "shotty" ??? Whoever edited this video is a pussy.

  • Anonymous

    yall on tde too heavy

  • g dep

    Here we go. Now all the sites are going to praise how good this song is and how its changing the world , curing cancer, and stopping world hunger. This will be our news for the next 3 months.

  • industry insider

    Eminem is making a wack album on purpose to make kenny look like a descent lyricist. Interscope and their marketing schemes. Lol

  • noYOURegular

    Ohh no.. now HipHopDX is dickriding TDE like 2DBZ does. GREAT.

  • Anonymous

    Y'all need to checkout thegrandreport, they got good hip hop and viral videos on there

  • Anonymous

    i hate these video players that just start playing automatically



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