Nipsey Hussle Says Jay Z Purchased 100 Copies Of "Crenshaw"

Jay Z bought 100 copies of Nipsey Hussle's "Crenshaw," according to Nip. The albums were sold for $100 each.

Nipsey Hussle says that Jay Z purchased 100 copies of his "Crenshaw" mixtape, which the rapper sold for $100 per copy.

Nipsey announced this via Facebook today (October 9). The update was accompanied by a photograph of stacked copies of the mixtape. 

Nipsey Hussle sold the mixtape for $100 yesterday (October 8) as part of his #Proud2Pay initiative. The rapper reportedly made $100,000 off the effort after selling 1,000 copies, 100 of those copies being sold to Jay Z. 

Hussle's Facebook post can be viewed below.


Hussle spoke about this effort on Twitter, saying that he made $100,000 off the release. 

Hussle also announced that additional hard copies of the project are set to be available in Los Angeles, California.  

Additionally, Hussle announced an upcoming Crenshaw tour, though no dates have been provided. The tour announcement came via Instagram. The post can be viewed below.

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  • aint even a fan

    yall niggas straight retard. The album comes autographed with a ticket for his upcoming show. He also released the album FOR FREE but charged $100 for the "Premium Edition" to see where his real fans at. Bum ass niggas that pirate shit really shouldn't even talk

  • NinjaB

    it's obvious most of you fu** niggas aint really researched or thought about the shit very hard... to the person saying "do you at least get a ticket when he comes to town?"; YES, not only is it autographed, but you got a ticket to his upcoming show... and he still released it free, you don't have to buy the limited edition, it was only 1000 copies made... secondly, to everyone else saying he a fool for selling it for $100, do the math if you can... he sold 1000 copies in less than 24 hours, yeah 100 went to Jay cuz Hov respected his hustle... the other 900 sold legit... but no matter who they sold to, the math doesn't change: 100x1000 = $100,000... no label to pay either, dude just cleared over 40k in one night just by releasing- as you said yourself- something you can get online for free... y'all get it yet? smh bottom line, he's a genius for this shit...

  • Anonymous

    i'll believe it when jay comes out and say's he bought it,i think he's lying to build promo and intrigue for the cd, like khaled and nicki getting married type shit

  • BOY

    HAHA! This nigga Nipple Hussle is LAUGHABLE! Who the fuck is gonna buy his wack ass mixtape for $100?! NO ONE! I'd rather buy a Rebecca Black album. Its obvious Jay-Z aka Camelface bought 100 cuz he scared of Lil Wayne and hes practically HOPING someone sells more than Wayne. Fact: NO ONE sells more than LIL WAYNE. Lil Wayne is and forever will be the KIGN of HIP HOP! YMCMB! P.S Nipple Hussle's mixtape will go DOUBLE CARDBOARD.

    • Anonymous

      this comment is laughable... Wayne is garbage now, everybody knows that. He's a joke, signing Paris Hilton and doing a song with her. Wayne ruined what hip-hop is and just now it's starting to come back

  • Anonymous

    Saigon and Papoose gotta be feelin some type of way seeing jay show so much love to an LA cat when their albums came out and went unnoticed, guess they should have ripped off their fans and charged 5x what it was worth!

  • Anonymous

    Jay-z gives his albums away for free to Samsung customers and this nigga does the complete opposite!! Charges 10X the retail price!! LMAO fucking scam. But if someone was dumb enough to buy them more power to him.

  • Pill Clinton

    How is selling 100 copies to a fucking BILLIONAIRE even remotely considered "hustling" and what's that got to do with "pleasing your core fan base"? And never again mention Jay and Brooklyn in the same breath, nigga ain't been Brooklyn in a minute. He as Upper East-/Westside as they come. Disgusting.

    • Pill Clinton

      DatPiff and LiveMixtapes usually handle these types of shits. They're sold on eBay for 3 $ or less, the price of a jewel case. If Nipsey Hussle were successful, he wouldn't want his fans to shell out 100 bucks for something they can have for free, that's already been said here a 1000x before. Then he differentiates between his "core fan base" (read: those buying 'Crenshaw') and "regular" fans. He never explicitly said that, but that's what it essentially boils down to. That's somewhat pathetic. He should have just sold 600 more to Diddy and 300 to Dre and be done with it instead of constantly bigging himself up for what he "accomplished". His "grand hustle", yeah, right. It's just a major insult to guys like Percee P or Ka who, in the past, stood hours on end in blistering rain or snow to hustle a couple CDs to passersby. And anyone who doesn't think there were ulterior motives (as there always are with him) behind Jay buying 100 copies off Nipsey is a fool, not me. He just wants to be recognized as the one big spender to be the first to support a "new movement" (that alone is a joke in itself). Quote him all you want - and one of his worst songs from his worst record at that -, but your favorite white rapper is not exempt from criticism.

    • Stace

      How is selling ANY type of product, more specifically something created with an intent to distribute, not considered a hustle? The fact that someone wealthy purchased it shouldn't take away from the effort nor time anyone invests in marketing something larger business normally handle. It was an obvious act of support, and more than likely, an appreciation of talent and grind it takes to be successful. Had any of my family, or people I respect, had a similar idea/initiative... I'd do the same. I get it though... Hatred rules!

    • @fool clit

      Stuck on stupid while other keep it moving...

    • Pill Clinton

      Nah, fam. Ain't hatin on Nipsey, he a nobody I couldn't care less about. I'm happy for him that he got some dough now though, still don't make it no "hustle" selling 10 % to a billionaire. That plain ridiculous calling it hustling. Definitely hatin on Jay though, yeah. He just ain't Brooklyn no more. Parts of Brooklyn ain't Brooklyn no more, so he Park Slope AT BEST. That right where his quasi white ass belong now.

    • pdub

      u sound like u hatin on both of em lol......its ok.....get a hug from sumbody

  • t

    Bundle a gpen or somethin with it at least lol. This is how you combat piracy?? Makes it that much sweeter to torrent

  • t

    Do you get a ticket to a show when he comes to town at least?? This makes no sense.

  • crenshawC

    ma nigga living up to his name haha ma niga hustler haha fuck all y'all haters hes making paper

  • Frosty

    People are actually that fucking stupid to buy this garbage? This motherfucker is a horrible MC and I wouldn't download his shit let alone pay for it. Bunch of suckers bought this.

  • 5h67ju8ki

  • Anonymous

    And for you lames reaching and trying to run with the "throw aways" comment! He means albums that didn't make it on to the album... Probably because of sample clearance and not all songs are evenly hot! You can only have but so many songs on 1 album so homeboy released those to make some street paper! He probably could've used better wording but I'm sure he was trying to get the haters mad by saying that! But like always the crabs are running with just that and are trying to pull everybody down in to the bucket with them. I don't see his fans complaining just you hating ass clowns that aren't his fans! LMAO

  • Anonymous

    Find out when we will have a MMLP2 Tracklist here!

  • Anonymous

    Well there's many reasons people do things and jay is a self interested smart guy, its good business for jay to keep rooted and hustle at ground level

  • Andr

    good for him, great to see a low key artist making dough, they gota eat

  • Anonymous

    Y'all feel some type of way because he said the tracks were "throwaways"? Most mixtape tracks are songs that don't make the album. No big surprise there. It could have been tracks that the label he was on didn't want to use. But really, it's just a fuckin' lyric.

  • Anonymous

    Tax write off, Jay showing homage to emcees who are innovative in the industry, instead of throwing stones at Nipsey, HOV showing the Brooklyn Way of doing things and showed love.

  • Fish

    This is probably the biggest mixtape buzz that anyone has generated without having to fake their Datpiff downloads (I'm talking to you Meek Mill)

  • Anonymous

    Yeah right Krab.....

  • Anonymous

    good shit hov! yall should checkout thegrandreport, they got good videos on there too!

  • Anonymous

    thats whats up hov!! yall should checkout thegrandreport, they got good videos on there too!

  • xx004

  • AlexsiaJuliee

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  • Anonymous

    Ya sour as hell right now.... LMAO! You crab in the buckets get angry when you see the next man getting it. Ha!

    • Anonymous

      I bet non of ya are his fans but your hating ass is worried about supposedly ripping them off! Motherfuckers know what they're doing when they buy something! They don't need you crab in the buckets asking 'why'... SMFH! What are you a hero trying to save his fans... Crabs stick together in the bucket! LoL

    • Anonymous

      ^^No clown... I buy my albums! You bum ass leaches most likely don't though!

    • dagalv

      You say that now, in a couple years, all music industries could be pulling this $100 dollar hard copy strategy. Don't matter to you though, you probably bootleg all your music any ways.

    • j

      Exactly what I came to say after reading "album throw away's" You said it was something special for the hardcore fans Nipsey WTF

    • Anonymous

      get angry when we see rappers boasting about ripping off their fans

  • Anonymous

    100 mini frisbees for Blu Ivy to play with!

  • Ja Rule Army

    pics or didn't happen

  • EnerJay

    I have a hard time finding albums I'm willing to pay $ 10 for and this dude wants $ 100 per copy? get the fuck outta here. He's not even that good

  • kbh

    Jay-Z will paperhang with the cover LOL

  • Anonymous

    this dont even sound right

  • Anonymous

    HOV liked how he played it but cutting out the middle man and as a salute to a new way of making money in the industry he showed love buy buying 100 of them. #Hustling

  • Chill

    WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DUDES IN HERE ON? The man's hustle is working. Numbers are numbers, money made. Publicity achieved. Gaddamn yawl get mad over every fucking thing.

  • jasonnns

  • My name is my NAME

    Wonder how many lames sat and counted the stack of cd's to make sure there was a 100 haha c'mon tell the truth niggas

  • ShystyOne

    So we're supposed to overpay for "throw away" cuts....I mean if it's for charity and some special addition cd sure. But there seems to be no good reason at all, then he's bragging? What is this a charity plea!?

    • Anonymous

      yep. jay-z saw how poor he was and took pity on him and bought 100 with the money he was gonna spend on dinner next week

  • Anonymous

    fuck this bitch, drop a fucking album if you want some respect

  • Anonymous

    Game must have bought like 50 minimum for his blood niccas

  • Anonymous

    diddy bought 250 of em

  • Samme

    I would buy Tech n9nes for 300$

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    niggas is starving in africa and jay dropped 10k on nipsey hussle mixtapes that were available for free download!!!! America FuCk YeAh!!!!

    • Really?!!?

      Yeah but my reply was more about the cliche "why these niggas wasting money on chains when there are people poor in the hood" comments that pop up anytime dollar signs are involved in the article. Its like these self righteous cats think nobody can spend money till everybody in the hood is rich. Newsflash there will always be poor and there needs to be as a measurement of success. Its trick knowledge that has them thinking progress is not earned till everyone is free, its false logic and not science.

    • Anonymous

      2 stupid niggas fucking in the ass, Gay z and gaysey nutsel

    • Anonymous

      Jay-Z saw this nicca had to charge 100 for an album just so he can eat so he blessed him with some of his pocket change

    • Anonymous

      you talking like this wasnt a handout to Nipsey Hussle though

    • Really?!!?

      Here you go...every thread there is one of these guys.blah blah why dont he give that money to the hood blah blah.The democrats really have yall brainwashed to think that handouts are the way to improve society. Africa has a record number of foriegn aid money coming in as is,more handouts wont help. and I am five percent so dont reply with that sell out crap. Your thinking is stuck in the slavery era and I called you out.thats all.move on.

  • Anonymous

    shit aint gon sale 100 ya dig

  • Anonymous

    I heard Jay-Z and Beyonce ran out of firewood for the fireplace in blue ivy's room so he just copped 100 of these mixtapes

  • Anonymous

    If he put Respect Ya Passion on it, I would've paid 100 bucks

  • Anonymous

    the 3 posts below me were all typed by the same loser...those 100 copies are on top of the 1,000 sold...props to nip for coming up with an innovative idea and making it a success

    • Latter Anon's Are Correct

      The original Anon. doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.. he was only selling 1,000 copies... the thing is free download today, so Jay bought a tenth of the special edition mixtapes.. Anon #1, please stfu

    • Anonymous

      thats bullshit. i bet a lot of fans counted on that shit being 1 out of 1000 copies

    • Anonymous

      he said he was making more after he sold them all yesterday...

    • Anonymous

      wait so he told everyone it was limitied to 1000 copies then once his fans bought them thinking it was all limited and numbered he sold 100 more? LMAO what a fucking liar

    • Anonymous

      the bottom 3 posts*

  • dr trivez

    hello dr trivez this is dr trivez

  • dr trivez

    why is jay z on side lines at baskball games around kids and still rapping about drugs and killing ppl

  • dr trivez

    lett eye tell us why u burnt the board walk down in nj

  • Anonymous

    I thought buying 1 copy for $100 was a bad deal. Fuck was Jay-Z thinking? Is this nicca on Roc Nation?

  • Anonymous

    LMAO I knew this nicca aint make 1000 legit sales. You know his moms and homies all bought multiple copies too.

    • GDot

      You laughing at the fact Jay Z paid $10,000 for his mixtape and he made 100k? LOL you haters don't even know how to hate right.

  • HA

    Haha I knew the fans weren't stupid enough to fall for this

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