Although Kendrick Lamar mentioned Pusha T on his much-discussed “Control” verse, the My Name is My Name rapper says he did not feel disrespected by the track. 

“I’m different,” Pusha T said in a recent interview with “I look at confrontation differently, and I look at disrespect differently, and I don’t think Kendrick disrespected me at all. ‘Control’ was a competitive verse and it was a verse of relevance and it let people know who was on Kendrick’s radar, and there’s nothing wrong with being on Kendrick’s radar or him being on mine. Rap has always been competitive. Then you just have to look at where I’m coming from, I don’t think it’s arguable. I put out the hardest records that have made people jump out windows with ‘Exodus’ and things like that. The Kendrick verse was about sport. I don’t think there’s nothing wrong with that.”

Yesterday (October 3), Pusha T released the video for his Kendrick Lamar-assisted song “Nosestalgia.” The clip features both emcees and it can be viewed below.

Drake recently said that many rappers would not work with Kendrick Lamar on future projects because of his “Control” verse, where the Compton, California rapper said he wanted to “murder” his competition

“He’s talented as fuck,” Drake said in September. “He’s gonna have another album and another opportunity to take the world by storm again. So, he’ll be alright, even if it doesn’t feature any of the names he mentioned, which it probably won’t, to be honest with you. I don’t know who’s gonna go back from that and be like, ‘Yeah, let’s link up.’ Nah, but he’ll be alright.”

Pusha T Says My Name Is My Name Leaks Were Inevitable

Pusha T also spoke about My Name is My Name’s leak during his recent interview with

“I was going to let it take its course, but somebody tells me they got the album, [then] the leak is sorta inevitable,” Pusha T said.

My Name is My Name was made available for streaming Tuesday (October 1) via MySpace. It was an official stream, promoted by Pusha T. This was likely as a way to control how the album was leaked.

“You want the traffic going in one stream and you sorta want the quality is of a decent standard anyway,” Pusha T said. “There’s no telling when someone else has it. You don’t know their methods of leaking it. A lot of times it’s really bad.”

More from this interview can be viewed below. 

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