During a recent interview, Cam’ron denied involvement with DOPE Couture, a clothing brand set to debut its Dope Set collection of Cam’ron-inspired clothing Saturday (October 5). 

“That’s something that my manager British [Young] had worked out, and I knew nothing about it,” Cam’ron recently said to karencivil.com. “To make a long story short, I didn’t know I was as big as I was in the fashion world. When I did these ALIFE shirts, a lot of people hollered at me to do capsule collections with them. This dude calls from DOPE like, ‘Yo, we’re putting out the capsule Cam clothes deal that we made in a couple weeks.’ I never signed off on anything with them. I didn’t cosign on the artwork or the designs. I’m not going to allow them to have had conversations with my manager a year and a half ago about doing something because their company is in trouble, and now they see that I’m doing good in fashion, they think they just gon’ throw this out there. I’m not cosigning that. I’ll put it on Instagram and everything that I’m not doing it.” 

“To be honest, this whole clothing thing is new to me,” Cam’ron continued. “As far as the jerseys and stuff like that, Dame Dash and his baby mother, Rachel Roy, got all these clothes connects, so it just got me more into it. I’m really just playing catch-up, but I do have a lot deals on the table. I’m just weighing my options out.” 

DOPE Couture responded to Cam’ron’s claims by releasing a photograph of what is said to be a contract between DOPE and Cam’ron, as per hotnewhiphop.com. The photograph can be viewed below, followed by images of clothing articles from the collection.

(October 4)

UPDATE: DOPE Couture has reportedly released the statement below, according to hotnewhiphop.com.

A collab is supposed to be two brands coming together to release product for the fans of each brand. We approached Cam’ron about a capsule collection of tees and hats last December. Cam’ron signed the contract and was paid in full. We produced the collection intending to launch it along with our new website, dope.com and our newly remodeled store on Fairfax. In light of Cam’ron’s recent statements vetoing the collection, we have decided not to release the product. Although the contract clearly allows us to proceed with the promotion, we believe it is in bad taste to release a collaboration without support from both parties. Cam’ron in our view is in breach of the parties’ contract, and it is truly unfortunate that he has repeatedly and wrongfully disparaged Dope, including by claiming that the collection is “bootleg,” and that Dope is “in trouble.

I want to apologize to our customers for promoting product that is not going to be released. I understand that this is a disappointment to many and I wish that I was able to release the project in the positive and supportive light it was intended to be. Throughout the creative process I was led to believe that we had the support from Cam’ron and knew nothing of his disproval until after we announced the release of the collection. I was excited for this collaboration and it is unfortunate that I was not able to resolve this amicably with Cam’ron.

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