Charron Discusses Exclusion From BET Hip Hop Awards Cypher

Exclusive: King of the Dot's Charron explains why he's upset with the BET network.

When Charron won this year's "106 & Park" March Madness Freestyle Friday competition on BET, he was promised $5,000 and a spot on a BET Hip Hop Awards cypher. While Charron collected the $5,000, he says he was not given the chance to participate in a cypher.

Charron spoke with HipHopDX about his exclusion from the cypher and why he's upset with how he feels the network handled the issue. 

"I was avoided for months and given a response after the cypher was pre-filmed," Charron says in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "At the end of the day, I was denied of a prize we contractually agreed on.

"I have proof that I've emailed people I've been dealing with," Charron adds. "I made phone calls. I have records from June and earlier dates. They didn't respond...They [later] told me they changed the format for this year, but if you look, there's no format change. It's the same as every year." 

Prior Freestyle Friday winners have participated in the BET Hip Hop Awards cyphers, including Blind Fury and Bones Brigante. 

Charron Says He's Upset With BET Over Cypher Exclusion 

Charron says he's displeased with the fact that he is not in a BET cypher because that was the only reason he entered the March Madness Freestyle Friday competition. 

"I'm very upset because I did this on my own dollar," Charron says. "I'm coming from Canada. I had to quit my job to do this because I had a dream. I was confident that I'm the best. I feel like I'm the best freestyler in the world. I would have beat everyone there. I auditioned online for three years and they never let me on. They're letting random bums on there with the swag image for their demographics. Finally, I got all my fans on Twitter to message them to give [me] a chance."

Charron says he spent thousands of dollars on this investment, hoping it would pay off in a BET cypher. 

"[BET] told me from the start they weren't gonna give me money for the hotel and bus," Charron says. "I said, 'That's fine,' because the exposure I was gonna get from the BET cypher was gonna be worth it. To me, I wouldn't have done it if it was just $5,000 because I invested about $3,000 to do it. That's only $2,000. I could make that doing a written battle instead of all this work. So, I was doing it for the BET exposure because there's no way to gauge how good I was gonna do. I've been skyrocketing this year, working my hardest to improve my craft. With [a recent battle against] DNA, you can see the progression I've made. My buzz right now is at an all-time high. If you know anything about the game, you can go from the top to bottom anytime soon.

"This BET cypher could have skyrocketed my career," Charron added. "To get the people they have on - they have Kendrick Lamar and all those guys - to get a verse from one of those guys has to be somewhere between $30,000 to $80,000. To actually be on the BET cypher with them, you can't really gauge how much that is worth for your career. I get paid for shows. If I'm on the BET cypher, now I'm getting paid more for shows. Everything I do, I'm making more money off it. Now, I'm kicked off the cypher. You've got people on message boards saying, 'Charron was kicked off the cypher because he's not good enough.' Now it's public humiliation. It lowers my stock. I make money battling, too. This is ammunition for my future battlers. It's public humiliation as well because I think I'm better than 90 percent of the people on that cypher so there's no way I was kicked off because I wasn't good enough. It's just very upsetting." 

Charron's first round against Interstate Fatz can be viewed below. In the clip, Bow Wow is heard saying that a slot on a BET Hip Hop Awards cypher will go to the winner of the match-up. 

HipHopDX has contacted BET and is awaiting an official response from the network. 

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  • Anonymous


  • NoEra

    Charron is good at battling he deserves it after winning but i hate to say his songs are corny maybe BET got turned off by his image as an artist to rep the channel ? IMO best white rappers to do it from Canada making SONGS and IMAGE would be SonReal, StaffCo, SESE. Charron can freestyle random shit for 5min and thats it

  • Violator

    C'mon ya'll. Hip Hop ain't never been about reverse racism. Give the kid what you promised him

  • Anonymous

    This is thoroughly embarrassing. Couldn't watch past first round. WHOA..

    • Anonymous

      That's exactly how I felt. No wonder why they didn't put him on. I'll tell you what though, this dude makes a compelling argument about his "stock" and how BET did him wrong.

  • 5rvfbt6gny7hmu8

  • Anonymous

    Was this a joke? That was fucking terrible...

  • Anonymous

    lmao @ these videos

  • micheal myers mask devils 666

  • ETK

    this hurts BET's stock, that's how much they're fucking idiots. you don't organize a contest and not give the winner what he was promised. what is that gonna say to every viewer for future BET contests? you gotta be a black OG-lookin nigga or white guy with tattoos like Yelawolf to get in? fuck that shit

  • big momma

    that's fucked up its cause hes plain white boy, if he looked like riff raff they would of let him on

  • Anonymous

    Rotflmbao, C'mon Charron anybody looking at this B.E.T battle would side against you. Lol everybody go youtube some of his battles hes pretty nice. NOT ON THE ABOVE BATTLE THO!!!

  • niggrzRDbiggstH8rs!

    BET is the most racist channel ever! White people should start a White Entertainment Channel, and have all white people on every show, every commercial and we can see how fast Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and all them black cry babys start crying and complaining about racism. Love Hip Hop music, Basketball is my favorite sport, just hate how black folks don't give any other race a chance, they wonder why every other race hates them!

    • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      Look at how the whites are. One channel, ONE CHANNEL, out the HUNDREDS of channels, commercials, shows THEY have and he's screaming racism. Well asshole, is TELEMUNDO racist? What about the Asian channel? Hindu channel? They don't have programming that caters to whites, why are YOU so mad at Blacks? ANYONE can sit in front of the TV for ONE HOUR and count the shows and commercials where there's NO MINORITIES PERIOD. And cry babys? A Black leader has ALWAYS been a cry baby according to them (said the same thing about MLK), but you have Rush Limbaugh, Ted Cruz, Michele Bachmann, Rand Paul, George Bush 1 & 2, sh*t y'all had Jesse Helms, a BIGOT in a longtime position of government! "and have all white people on every show" ^ ever seen "Friends"? "Seinfeld"? "black folks don't give any other race a chance, they wonder why every other race hates them" ^ old jedi mind trick point the finger at them when it's really YOU. Doing the SAME THING your white elders are doing in Congress, blaming OTHERS for not negotiating when WE WATCHED YOU FOR 2 YEARS NOT NEGOTIATE. WE LIVE with other races, YOU DON'T. Now FOH and take your love for basketball and Hip Hop like that gives you a pass. The internet gives the WORLD a chance to see how whites ARE, not what you WANT people to believe. The INTERNET is showing THE WORLD that WE have BEEN right about YOU ALL ALONG.

    • dadonjuan

      i agree with you as far the name is concerned but whites have a channel. it is called "TV". white people own BET dumb ass bitch!

  • Anonymous

    An Inadequate Fuck Of a Man:

  • drizzy!

    I bet you any money that if Charron was a) a woman who was fly or b) a dude who looked hard, "street" or just mad ignorant they would have been included in the cypher. BET is fucked up like that. That's why I stopped watching years ago. Charron won fair and square. Fuck BET and their bullshit minstrel show(s).

  • Anonymous

    its cause hes white

  • I'm At Work And Bored

    Not a Charron fan but that's f'd up... and people still watch BET? why?

  • Anonymous

    fuck KOTD why does HHDX keep talking about them like they're actually relevant

    • Bill

      Is it the canadian's fault that you n!ggers don't have the brains to open a website without emotions? I bet you'll have an excuse for that because you fucks can never admit to fault. Eat your fried chicken. Whites will rule forever and you'll have to deal with it whether the president is black or not. And even you dumbasses forget he's not fully black. Again, whites win!

    • Anonymous

      WRONG bigot Bill, they feature KOTD because HHDX is a CANADIAN COMPANY. YOU open your options.

    • Bill

      Because not everything is gun bars and black people you stupid motherfucker. Open your options

  • Anonymous

    Ems Relapse sold 2 million. Recovery Sold 4.5 Million. Why?, Relapse was disappointing. Interscope had a version of Relapse that could of sold easily 4 million. Check out this site to hear it.

    • blahblahblah

      I checked out your site and let me say, you don't know what you are talking about man. I was rather dissipionted by what you thought of We Made You in particular. The song was a work of genius. You seem like a bandwagon motherfucker. You rattle of the opinion of a million naysayers because the song sounded to "different". Let me ask you something? Do you want eminem to constantly make the same music? If so, you are not a music fan. Music is about sonic progression, not staying the same. You are so coooorrrnnnyyyy!

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    These rappers suck!

  • Anonymous

    good article, visit:

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this dude makes Drake look like he is somehow not soft.

  • Anonymous

    and regardless, what he said about the work he put it is true too. He worked to live up to this...itd be another thing if he slouched in the time since.

  • Anonymous

    can't say i'm a huge fan of dude, but he earned his spot. This is a bad look for BET

  • Anonymous

    this kid got denied because he looks like a herb straight up just look at em face of a pusssy

  • xx009

  • Kent

    Yep, you dumb c00ns keep fucking up everything!

  • ilovehiphop

    Wtf? BET, keep your promises! BET's legitimacy has decreased anyway....... Listen to the Combat Jack Show!

  • sxxx4

  • sxxx4

  • charron



  • jasonnns

  • Anonymous

    I haven't watched The BET awards in years, mostly due to sheisty bullshit such as this.

  • Anonymous

    lol Look at this corny, white, canadian, weirdo. He shouldn't have gotten that far on the show in the first place. He's delusional if he thinks going on that cypher shit would get him popping.

    • Anonymous

      The funny thing is I kind of agree w/ you from the outset way back when he started battling. But he won. They coulda fully arbitraily kicked him off any time they wanted, but he won. If they weren't comfortable w/ anyone winning then they should let him. Besides they were gonna let Bieber in if he wrote his own verse...I have nothing against bieber but this shit don't make no sense nigga

  • Fuck BET


  • Anonymous

    Pretty fucked up on BET's part, but no surprise since that network is ass now.

  • fuckoff

    Lol that fat guy was a mentl retard looked like he was gunna jhave a seizure

  • h767bgyjhu

  • Demetri

    This doesn't seem like it career suicide. BET wouldn't be interested in the first place if you didn't have a foundation/fanbase. But he certainly has a case to sue, I would if I were him.

    • Anonymous

      Then don't make the contest that. THey could have made the winnings anything they want. If they weren't willing to go through with it, they shouldn't have done it. Makes them look mad unprofessional.


    Charron should evolve into Charizard.

  • Anonymous

    Charron is good but not as good as he may think. However, hes right if this is how it all went down. Its ugly in every way. I did like him against DNA, but again hes not great.

  • RGeezy

    I can't blame BET,I wouldn't want to attach my brand to this dude either.

    • Anonymous

      All thats irrelevant. If they didn't want him to win, they should have never let him win. LOL its not like its hard to fix a freestyle battle.

    • thatdudechris

      @yea dude...wax is a LOT different that charron...

    • yea

      why wouldnt you want to link your brand to him? WAX is on the cypher (whom i like) but not much different. nerdy white guy...

    • Henrik

      It doesn't really matter what you think. He won the spot because he's a better freestyler than the other guys in the competition. I don't know if he's the "best freestyler in the world" but there aren't a lot of the current active battle rappers that are on par with him. Trying to kick him off the show is wack as fuck and they completely loose the credibility of the contest. Who cares if he's a dorky Canadian, he won fair and square.

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