The A3C Hip-Hop Festival has partnered with iHipHop Distribution to release the A3C Volume 3 compilation album tomorrow (October 1). The music festival, which is scheduled to take place October 2-6 in Atlanta, is slated to feature Meek Mill, Ghostface Killah and 9th Wonder, among others.

A3C Volume 3 features material from more than 50 artists, including Deniro Farrar, Cam Meekins, Black Dave, Alex Wiley, Ken Rebel, Azizi Gibson, Hardo, Devin Miles, Earlly Mac, Curtis Williams (of Two-9), Will Brennan, Raz Fresco and G.o.D. Jewels, among others.

An acronym for “All 3 Coasts,” A3C is now in its ninth year and includes music, art, film, style and education components.

Artists featured on A3C Volume 1 and A3C Volume 2 included Trinidad James, Rockie Fresh, Big K.R.I.T., Danny Brown, Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, Ab-Soul, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Twelvy, OCD: Moosh & Twist, Chase N. Cash, Trademark Da Skydiver, Jarren Benton, Boldy James, Curren$y, G-Eazy, Smoke DZA, Cory Gunz, 9th Wonder, XV, Da$h and Phony Ppl.

A3C Volume 2 received positive feedback. “The A&R rep has done a commendable job, cherry-picking some of the most promising, would-be rap stars from countless wannabes,” iTunes wrote of the collection.  

A3C Volume 3 is available for pre-order on iTunes.

The album’s cover art and track listing are as follows:

1. The Great Outdoors - “Dangerous”  (Produced by SamGreenS)

2. Earlly Mac - “Cold” (Produced by Earlly Mac)

3. Black Dave - “Dangerous” (Produced by Arcade)

4. Will Brennan - “All About It” (Produced by Will Brennan)

5. B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy) - “Trippy Joint” (Produced by SPVCE)

6. Kush Kelz - “Wat It Iz” (Produced by RL)

7. Hardo - “Round Table” ft Devin Miles (Produced by Kyle Justice)

8. Azizi Gibson - "Band of the Hawk" (Produced by Jonathan Lowell)

9. Ken Rebel - "Wreal N*ggaz" ft Emani (Produced by Ken Rebel)

10. Curtis Williams (of Two-9) - “Buzz Aldrin” (Produced by Krysshun)

11. YNG - “A-1 Since Day 1” ft J Nics (Produced by Wally West)

12. Big Face Paper Gang - “Ride OUt” ft Nuf Sed (Produced by Nash B) 

13. G Milla - “DTF” (Produced by $mokey $uave)

14. Billionaire B - “Watch Me” (Produced by VanCity Beats)

15. Deniro Farrar - “Torn Love” ft DuRu Tha King (Produced by Ryan Alexy)

16. Khalil Nova - “Lion-O” (Produced by BeBopBeatsKrazy of 808 Mafia)

17. Hefna Gwap - “Hood Holla” (Produced by TD Slaps of Livewire) 

18. Blizz - “Star Struck” (Produced by Deez)

19. Define Jones - “The Come Up” ft Scotty ATL (Produced by Feytality) 

20.  Alex Wiley - “Based” (Produced by Stefan Ponce)

21. Ground Up - “Hate Me Too” (Produced by Teddy Roxpin)

22. P.SO the Earth Tone King - “Basquiat Crown” (Produced by The Soundmen) 

23. Raz Fresco - “Another Night” (Produced by Raz Fresco)

24. Senica Da Misfit - “Streets on Fire” (Produced by Jimmy Flight Beats) 

25. Ffry Ferelli - “Mind Scattered” (Produced by Dre Giant)

26. Matt McGhee - “IDK” (Produced by Wheelchair Cat) 

27. Cam Meekins - “Body, Stress Pleasure” (Produced by Teddy Roxpin) 

28. brandUn Deshay - “All That I'm Asking” (Produced by brandUn Deshay)

29. Lakai - “Wet Dream” (Produced by DJ DN3)

30. Money Makin Nique - “Pimp C” ft Miloh Smith (Produced by Count Justice) 

31. G.o.D. Jewels - “Famous” ft Prince Jericho (Produced by Hero George)

32. MarQ Spekt & Blockhead - “Eat Your Heart Out” ft Fine Peduncle (Produced by Blockhead) 

33. Lanz Pierce - “4 L's” (Live.Laugh.Love.Life) (Produced by Courtney Hall)

34. Perrion - “Rollin” (Produced by Perrion) 

35. Cooly Wright - “Time” (Produced by 808 Blake of SMKA)

36. Citi Lightz - “Above Da Clouds” ft Rodacious (Produced by G-Beanz) 

37. Locksmith - “Cali Still” (Produced by Nova K)

38. Matt Ford - “Olympics” (Produced by Chuck Inglish)

39. GQ - “Utep 2 Step” (Produced by E. Jones) 

40. Kasim Keto - “Bust the Work Down” ft Roc Marciano (Produced by Kasim Keto) 

41. John River - “TWWD” ft The Flan (Produced by Vinci Circle)

42. Charmingly Ghetto - “Brilliance” (Produced by ATG) 

43. SkyBlew - “Grab A Telescope” ft Azon Blaze (Produced by The Cratez)

44. Nemo Achida - “Black Box” (Produced by Northern Lights) 

45. Ante Meridian (Rozewood & Mr. Enok) - “Blade Runner” (Produced by Mr. Enok)

46. Cannibal Ox - “Gotham” (Produced by Bill Cosmiq) 

47. GDP - “Nicoles and Dimes” (Produced by DOS4GW)

48. Relly Snow - “Things change” (Produced by MK) 

49. Izzle - “Ric Flair” (Produced by Jay Marvil$)

50. Fortunate Ones - “Matrimony” (Produced by Genetics) 

51. Stu Cat - “Perfect Getaway” (Produced by Teddy Roxpin)

52. The Nice Guys - “Indifference” ft The Outfit TX (Produced by The Outfit TX and Free of The Nice Guys)  

53. Scotty ATL - “All We Know” ft SL Jones (Produced by DJ Burn One)

54. Prophit - “One Day” ft Jipp (Produced by Prophit)

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