Azizi Gibson, Deniro Farrar Featured On "A3C Volume 3"

"A3C Volume 3" features more than 50 artists, including Cam Meekins, Black Dave, Alex Wiley, Ken Rebel, Azizi Gibson, Hardo, Devin Miles, Earlly Mac and G.o.D. Jewels, among others.

The A3C Hip-Hop Festival has partnered with iHipHop Distribution to release the A3C Volume 3 compilation album tomorrow (October 1). The music festival, which is scheduled to take place October 2-6 in Atlanta, is slated to feature Meek Mill, Ghostface Killah and 9th Wonder, among others.

A3C Volume 3 features material from more than 50 artists, including Deniro Farrar, Cam Meekins, Black Dave, Alex Wiley, Ken Rebel, Azizi Gibson, Hardo, Devin Miles, Earlly Mac, Curtis Williams (of Two-9), Will Brennan, Raz Fresco and G.o.D. Jewels, among others.

An acronym for “All 3 Coasts,” A3C is now in its ninth year and includes music, art, film, style and education components.

Artists featured on A3C Volume 1 and A3C Volume 2 included Trinidad James, Rockie Fresh, Big K.R.I.T., Danny Brown, Freddie Gibbs, Action Bronson, Ab-Soul, A$AP Rocky, A$AP Twelvy, OCD: Moosh & Twist, Chase N. Cash, Trademark Da Skydiver, Jarren Benton, Boldy James, Curren$y, G-Eazy, Smoke DZA, Cory Gunz, 9th Wonder, XV, Da$h and Phony Ppl.

A3C Volume 2 received positive feedback. “The A&R rep has done a commendable job, cherry-picking some of the most promising, would-be rap stars from countless wannabes,” iTunes wrote of the collection.  

A3C Volume 3 is available for pre-order on iTunes.

The album’s cover art and track listing are as follows:

1. The Great Outdoors - “Dangerous”  (Produced by SamGreenS)

2. Earlly Mac - “Cold” (Produced by Earlly Mac)

3. Black Dave - “Dangerous” (Produced by Arcade)

4. Will Brennan - “All About It” (Produced by Will Brennan)

5. B.I.C. (Bitches Is Crazy) - “Trippy Joint” (Produced by SPVCE)

6. Kush Kelz - “Wat It Iz” (Produced by RL)

7. Hardo - “Round Table” ft Devin Miles (Produced by Kyle Justice)

8. Azizi Gibson - "Band of the Hawk" (Produced by Jonathan Lowell)

9. Ken Rebel - "Wreal N*ggaz" ft Emani (Produced by Ken Rebel)

10. Curtis Williams (of Two-9) - “Buzz Aldrin” (Produced by Krysshun)

11. YNG - “A-1 Since Day 1” ft J Nics (Produced by Wally West)

12. Big Face Paper Gang - “Ride OUt” ft Nuf Sed (Produced by Nash B) 

13. G Milla - “DTF” (Produced by $mokey $uave)

14. Billionaire B - “Watch Me” (Produced by VanCity Beats)

15. Deniro Farrar - “Torn Love” ft DuRu Tha King (Produced by Ryan Alexy)

16. Khalil Nova - “Lion-O” (Produced by BeBopBeatsKrazy of 808 Mafia)

17. Hefna Gwap - “Hood Holla” (Produced by TD Slaps of Livewire) 

18. Blizz - “Star Struck” (Produced by Deez)

19. Define Jones - “The Come Up” ft Scotty ATL (Produced by Feytality) 

20.  Alex Wiley - “Based” (Produced by Stefan Ponce)

21. Ground Up - “Hate Me Too” (Produced by Teddy Roxpin)

22. P.SO the Earth Tone King - “Basquiat Crown” (Produced by The Soundmen) 

23. Raz Fresco - “Another Night” (Produced by Raz Fresco)

24. Senica Da Misfit - “Streets on Fire” (Produced by Jimmy Flight Beats) 

25. Ffry Ferelli - “Mind Scattered” (Produced by Dre Giant)

26. Matt McGhee - “IDK” (Produced by Wheelchair Cat) 

27. Cam Meekins - “Body, Stress Pleasure” (Produced by Teddy Roxpin) 

28. brandUn Deshay - “All That I'm Asking” (Produced by brandUn Deshay)

29. Lakai - “Wet Dream” (Produced by DJ DN3)

30. Money Makin Nique - “Pimp C” ft Miloh Smith (Produced by Count Justice) 

31. G.o.D. Jewels - “Famous” ft Prince Jericho (Produced by Hero George)

32. MarQ Spekt & Blockhead - “Eat Your Heart Out” ft Fine Peduncle (Produced by Blockhead) 

33. Lanz Pierce - “4 L's” (Live.Laugh.Love.Life) (Produced by Courtney Hall)

34. Perrion - “Rollin” (Produced by Perrion) 

35. Cooly Wright - “Time” (Produced by 808 Blake of SMKA)

36. Citi Lightz - “Above Da Clouds” ft Rodacious (Produced by G-Beanz) 

37. Locksmith - “Cali Still” (Produced by Nova K)

38. Matt Ford - “Olympics” (Produced by Chuck Inglish)

39. GQ - “Utep 2 Step” (Produced by E. Jones) 

40. Kasim Keto - “Bust the Work Down” ft Roc Marciano (Produced by Kasim Keto) 

41. John River - “TWWD” ft The Flan (Produced by Vinci Circle)

42. Charmingly Ghetto - “Brilliance” (Produced by ATG) 

43. SkyBlew - “Grab A Telescope” ft Azon Blaze (Produced by The Cratez)

44. Nemo Achida - “Black Box” (Produced by Northern Lights) 

45. Ante Meridian (Rozewood & Mr. Enok) - “Blade Runner” (Produced by Mr. Enok)

46. Cannibal Ox - “Gotham” (Produced by Bill Cosmiq) 

47. GDP - “Nicoles and Dimes” (Produced by DOS4GW)

48. Relly Snow - “Things change” (Produced by MK) 

49. Izzle - “Ric Flair” (Produced by Jay Marvil$)

50. Fortunate Ones - “Matrimony” (Produced by Genetics) 

51. Stu Cat - “Perfect Getaway” (Produced by Teddy Roxpin)

52. The Nice Guys - “Indifference” ft The Outfit TX (Produced by The Outfit TX and Free of The Nice Guys)  

53. Scotty ATL - “All We Know” ft SL Jones (Produced by DJ Burn One)

54. Prophit - “One Day” ft Jipp (Produced by Prophit)

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