Today (September 27), TMZ aired a video of Kanye West confronting paparazzi inside of his garage and outside of his home. 

At the start of the clip, the video shows paparazzi approach Kanye West as he is inside of his garage. “Good morning, Kanye,” the paparazzi says in the clip aired on TMZ. “Shut the fuck up,” Kanye says in response.

When West tries to close his garage door, paparazzi appears to interfere. “Yo, did you just stop my garage?” Kanye says in the clip, before closing the garage door completely. 

The clip then shows Kanye West outside of his garage, loading bags into a vehicle. 

“Don’t say anything to me, man,” Kanye West says when he’s asked about how things are going. “Stop asking me questions. You out in front of my house at 4 am, talking ’bout how’s it going. It’s not going good. Y’all out here trying to make money off us. That’s how it’s going. It’s 4 am. It’s 4am and you ask me how it’s going. You know I don’t want you to say nothing to me. You hear what I’m saying? Respect that.”

When a woman, believed to be West’s girlfriend Kim Kardashian, enters the vehicle, paparazzi members approach the car intending to photograph the woman, who covered her face from the flash of photography.

As this is happening, West approaches the cameramen, who stand back and ask him to “relax.”

“What you mean relax?” West says. “What you mean relax?”

West then walks back to his car.

“I’ma change all this,” he says.

Their exchange continues when West asks not to be spoken to again. 

“Shut the fuck up,” West says. “It’s 4am, you blood-sucking mosquito. You want me to be standing out in front of your house at 4am?” 

West then has a message for the paparazzi.

“Pick a profession with some type of respect to it,” West says. 

Video of this exchange can be seen below. 

West has had legal issues with paparazzi photographers. For instance, on September 14, it was reported that Kanye West was charged with battery and attempted grand theft after an altercation with paparazzi in Los Angeles, according to TMZ

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 1, Kanye West spoke about his disdain for paparazzi.

“Dopeness is what I like the most,” Kanye West said in the interview. “People who want to make things as dope as possible and by default make money from it. The thing I like the least are people who only want to make money from things whether they’re dope or not and especially making money at making things as least dope as possible. 

“Photography used to be a sexy profession,” West added. “It was like being a ball player, like a rapper or like a venture capitalist or something like that. They used to get all the girls and everything…[Paparazzi] completely changed what photography is supposed to mean. [It’s the] same as how there are plenty of musicians that have sold the fuck out and changed the art of music, where people don’t hold that to the highest level of genius anymore, meaning like, if there’s a high level visual artist or clothing artist, they’ll be held at a higher level of genius points than a musician because the things in music that are selling the most are the least inspired for the most part and the least genius. So, it confuses things. So I take that to paparazzi.

“Paparazzi is not even a necessary evil,” West continued. “It just needs to be legalized…[Give it] publishing because they’re selling our image and they’re selling it in a bad way.”

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