Wu-Tang Clan Endorses Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever"

Following the release of Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever," the Wu defends Drake through its verified Twitter account.

Wu-Tang Clan has come out to defend Drake from criticism he's received regarding his new song "Wu-Tang Forever." The song, titled after Wu-Tang Clan's second album, was released yesterday (September 12). Drake's song features lyrics borrowed from a Raekwon verse off "It's Yourz," a selection from Wu-Tang Clan's second LP, Wu-Tang Forever

While some have criticized Drake for his use of the Wu-Tang Clan album title, it appears Wu-Tang has no problems with the song. 

In an update posted today (September 13), Wu-Tang Clan's verified Twitter account addressed the matter. 

Wu-Tang's Inspectah Deck also tweeted his response to the song.  

Drake's song, "Wu-Tang Forever," is slated to appear on the rapper's upcoming album Nothing was the Same

On "Wu-Tang Forever," Drake explains his upbringing. 

"I just gave the city life," Drake says on the track. "It ain't about who did it first. It's about who did it right / Niggas lookin like 'Preach' / Open cases on me for a half a million each / I find peace knowing that it's harder in the streets / I know. Luckily, I didn't have to grow there / I would only go there / 'Cause there's niggas that I know there."

On the song, Drake also appears to discuss a nightclub brawl he had with Chris Brown, which resulted in multiple lawsuits.

"I don't know what's getting in to me," Drake says. "I just like the rush when you see your enemy / Somewhere in the club and you realize he just not in a position to reciprocate your energy / You ain't ever worried 'cause he's not who he pretend to be."

Nothing was the Same is slated to be released September 24.

Drake's "Wu-Tang Forever" can be streamed via HipHopDX

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  • Anonymous

    wu tang sold out for some paper. odb would be ashamed

  • JR

    Can someone explain to me what he's talking about? He goes from rapping about a girl to some random street shit and back to a girl. The hook and the verse don't match in my opinion. The song is not bad but it's definitely not a Wu-tribute. I think Drake gets confused at times. He wants to do some street shit but he feels he has to keep regurgitating different iterations of Houston, Atlanta, Vegas forever to sell records.

  • 3 headedmonstah

    The only problem i have is, if he's really a fan? i mean can the brotha name all the WU members w/out goggling it? all there albums. a lot of these new "CATS", and you see i blog CATS, really don't know the history of HIP HOP and just use these classic groups or artistes, to get some type of hip hop points or respect. The trac is dope, cant lie, but know your history especially groups like WU, and Aaliyah, before you big them up. but like i said if, cuz if homie knows.. then its nothing more than respect. much props

  • Anonymous

    Ain't no one endorsing sh*t u a** clowns.. premature headline as usual. follow at noles506

  • jimjim

    wu tangs through has beens for real the song has nothing to do with the thru i mean the wu

  • pobuddy

    My god this song is awful, who would listen to Drake?

  • Anonymous

    anyone still listening to these oldtimers who 45 years old and still talking about selling drugs and being a pimp. Get a life!

  • Anonymous

    Drake's trolling is unreal. Dude needs to gen an Oscar.

  • imho

    its prob bec the songs wack.. i liked everything he dropped..except that one idk why.

  • 8JGG7Y87HNK8U9

    micheal myers wants to follow you on twitter a FOLLOW YOU...

  • Anonymous

    niggas on here still repping Wu?? lol shouldnt' you be grown up by now with a job and a family...instead of arguing with teenagers about drake. foh

  • dentaldamboy

    In response to Drake's song, Jay-Z and Ja Rule are going to make a song called Boy George Forever.

  • Anonymous

    the funny thing is that they're applauding him for paying homage. But the song itself has absolutely nothing to do with them aside from one line that he bit off raekwon.

  • jus10

    Don't get me wrong, the song will probably be the best Drake has to offer. The concept is great, but in the end, Drake (as a whole) ain't no Wu-Tang and he ain't no HipHop (or R&B for the matter).

  • Anonymous

    Deck just recanted his statement check his twitter Inspectah Deck @INSpectahDECKWU After listening to the @Drake song, I agree with u... It is in no form a tribute to WU and SHOULD NOT wear the title Wutang Forever!

    • Anonymous

      Inspectah Deck @INSpectahDECKWU 28m I am not switching up.. My tweet earlier stated without previously hearing the song I thought it was a tribute and saw that as respect. My 2nd tweet based on hearing the song.. Not stating if its wack or not I said what I felt about the song and title in conjunction with WU

  • GFK

    Drake sounds nice but his weenie is small. I wanna eat Rick Ross alive

  • Carl Evans

    Was Jodeci freestyle a tribute to Jodeci?

  • Anonymous

    Inspectah Deck twitted that he didnt hear the song and has now updated his tweets. Hiphopdx take note.

  • Anonymous

    Inspectah Dake which homage was he paying? U sure u heard song? lol

    • Anonymous

      Inspectah Deck @INSpectahDECKWU After listening to the @Drake song, I agree with u... It is in no form a tribute to WU and SHOULD NOT wear the title Wutang Forever!

  • Anonymous

    These Wu Tang Fan members all on Drake's dick because he titled a song Wu-Tang. Why is the song titled Wu tang Forever?

  • Honestly

    This is overblown. I bet the producer named this beat "file" wu-tang because it had that sample. (you gotta name it something) and they just went with it. Wu and Rza used to do that shit too. Look at songs like Hellz Wind Staff, same shit. (This is not an endorsement or excuse for drakes soft privileged punk ass)

  • Not Impressed

    The thing that pisses me off about this is that he WAS NOT paying homage. Outside of the samples, the song has NOTHING to do with Wu-Tang, he just called it that to dick ride. Drake is always sucking up to other artists. It's really corny and pathetic. He has no self esteem or self respect. He just kisses other artists asses so they'll like him and if they don't like him, he throws fruity little tantrums. I'm not impressed

  • Anonymous

    How can they be so suprised? Fans of Wu-Tang doesnt listen to shit like Drake. Fuck Drake and everything that Disney rapper stands for. Wu-Tang forever

  • Anonymous

    Drake get's too much hate imo, ok he's not the best but there is much worse in the game, imo Drake is over average, but never a contender to be the goat

    • Daniel

      Drake is actually really talented but it is the little stuff like the name of this track that seems just weird and out of place to me. He does it a lot too

  • TopCity Trill

    Most these niggaz saying drake is gay worrying about another person sexual orientation that's some female shit right there

  • TopCity Trill

    Lol y'all need to fallback saying u hate drake or he's wack but it's obvious yal took the time to listen to the song and comment most of u probably secretly like drake but wanna fit in by dissin him lame listen to some of wu's new music they have a lot of RnB so Whatz tha difference?

  • Anonymous

    It's clear that Deck didn't listen to the song....

  • Rumble

    I really don't think anyone from Wu Tang would come out to Defend Drake the day after the record drop. I don't even think they heard the song yet.

  • L.

    Again, another pitiful article brought to you by people (who overwhelmingly seem to be caucasian) who never LIVED a day of hiphop in there life -- only listened to some trendy music... smh. Dial it in. You can't call a car, a car, if it has wings and flies -- it's a plane. Therefore, you can't name a song "Wu Tang Forever" with a minimally sampled verse from 'It's Yourz' and him singing on the track. It's blasphemus, non-artistic, and really for such the well-known 'hiphop head' that he is -- it's shameful. But, wait -- I'm a'hater'. lol... I never respect Drake's music, but for him as a PERSON, he knows hiphop and I understand what he's done. This -- this is terrible. Period. And, terrible reporting as usual for the hiphopDX stans that love Drake. Why didn't HiphopDX SEND WU THE SONG?! It's obvious they've never heard it. lol

    • Anonymous

      Drake did them a favor? LOL So Drake's the one who sold them Rock The Bells tickets for Wu? Drake put together the anniversary album for Wu just because of this song? Drake put up the money for the ODB hologram with this song? LOL, YOU SOUND LIKE AN ASSHOLE. F O H W T B S

    • DEW

      I am one of the fans that bought U-God's new album, in fact, I bought many Wu-Tang and Wu-Alike albums this year. Why? To support real hip-hop and not this bullshit people call music nowadays. And by the way, Wu is still touring the US and over seas, headlining at multi-day music festivals in front of thousands.

    • comeonson

      drake did wu tang a favour by mentioning them in a song title. wu tang is the past, a great past. no one cares about them anymore, these fake fans...how many went out and bought u gods album? or even knew he released an album ? times change, face facts. wu tang is a group full of men who are in their mid 40s. drake is selling records, selling out arenas, and is killing it lyrically, wheres wu? worrying about there pension plan.

  • Anonymous

    its politics. you see what happens when people like 50 cent say what they really mean and people get mad and angry and hate so people are careful with what they say. they didn't wanna get abused by thousands of teenagers on twitter so they played the safe card.

  • Anonymous

    it's obvious Deck couldn't even be bothered to take 3 mins out of his day to listen to the song, or he would have known that the homey did not make that song about them

  • Drake

    I have more money than all you broke ass fools Lmao

  • drizzy!

    Thank you Wu-Tang for calling out these Drake hating idiots! Drake has always paid respect to legends and the culture. Whether it be DJ Premier, Wu-Tang or ATCQ. Then there is his involvement in the battle rap scene in Canada. Eminem, Crooked I, Royce, Budden, Phonte, Elzhi have ALL admitted to liking Drake as an artist. Yet, y'all continue to hate! Drake is the realest nigga in the game!

  • Anonymous

    first off i doubt that wtc twitter is ran by anyone from the group. and deck never even heard the fucking song he thinks it was about them so hes co-signing not knowing its another simp love ballad

  • Anonymous

    @ Anonymous Man, take a hold of your life, you must be depressed or living in denial

  • Anonymous

    wu tang-legends, but drake is fucking fagget ass motherfucker lil weeay dick sucker

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