Gucci Mane "Diary Of A Trap God" Cover Art, Tracklisting, Download & Mixtape Stream

Gucci Mane releases "Diary Of A Trap God," the third installment of his "Trap God" series two days after claiming his Twitter was hacked.

On the heels of a controversial Twitter rant, Gucci Mane has released Diary Of A Trap God, a 23-track mixtape. The collection includes "Nuthin On Ya" with Wiz Khalifa, as well as collaborations with artists such as E-40, Rich Homie Quan and Plies. Producers on Diary Of A Trap God include Mike Will Made It, Lex Luger and DJ Mustard.

Also featured on Diary Of A Trap God are Tyga and Gucci's ex-Brick Squad cohorts Waka Flocka and OJ Da Juiceman, all of whom were targets of tweets sent from the Trap God's Twitter account Monday (September 9). Tweets from Gucci Mane’s account Monday also blasted artists such as Nicki Minaj, Ciara, Jeezy and Drake. 

Yesterday (September 10), Gucci’s brother claimed that Gucci Mane’s Twitter account was hacked. As of today (September 11), Gucci Mane’s Twitter account has been deleted.

The first installment of Trap God was released Oct. 17, 2012. Trap God 2 was released February 12, 2013.

Diary Of A Trap God is available for download on

The Diary Of A Trap God cover art, tracklisting and stream are as follows: 

1. "Decapitated" (produced by Zaytoven)

2. "Me" (produced by MikeWillMadeIt)

3. "Cutters" f. Plies

4. "Pablo" f. E-40 (produced by Honorable C Note)

5. "I Heard" f. Rich Homie Quan

6. "Cali" f. Young Scooter (produced by DJ Mustard)

7. "Keep It Real" (produced by Zaytoven)

8. "Pussy Wet" (produced by 808 Mafia)

9. "Show A Young Nigga"

10. "She A Soldier" f. Rich Homie Quan (produced by Lex Luger)

11. “High Power Cowards”

12. "Recognize" f. Akon & Young Scooter

13. "Half"

14. "Nuthin On Ya" f. Wiz Khalifa

15. "Nights Like This" f. Waka Flocka (produced by Southside)

16. "Choppers" f. Waka Flocka & OG Boo Dirty

17. "All These Bitches" f. Chief Keef & OJ Da Juiceman

18. "Virgin" f. Young Dolph & Young Thug (produced by London On The Track)

19. "Stash House" f. OJ Da Juiceman

20. "Fall Back" f. Tyga

21. "Club Swole" (produced by 808 Purps)

22. "Cold Hearted" (produced by Drumma Boy)

23. "Realest Ever Lived" (produced by Zaytoven)

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  • welldayum

    all yall fools. talkm bout gucci crazy and all that. its evident that gucci was trolling the masses with that account hacked shit. everything he said was the truth and what makes it better is the free promotion. these artists only care about that dough if oueno

    • Anonymous

      i would have respected him if he aint say his twitter was hacked and then deleted it. if he really said that shit and hes as real as everyone claims he should have stood by his words. even if he was fucked on drugs when eh said it

  • Gucci The Realest

    Time to separate the real gangstas from the studiogangstas:


    GUCCI MANE is the realest rapper and heres why. 1) all other rappers rap about being gangster shooting and killing but they havent done it. 2) Eminem raps about killing he hasnt. 3)Jay z raps in open letter about sending shots he hasnt. 4)Nas raps about how he is a queens thug but he wasn't. 5)Most of the rappers rap about stuff they havent done yet you all support them and say its real rap. 6)When rick ross does it you all claim he is fake and say its fake rap. This shows that hiphop fans are hypocritical and all these real hiphop fan wanna be's are just some unjustified haters whose opinions are just as irrelevent as the swag fag rapper fans. GUCCI MANE KILLED A MAN HE WAS A DRUG DEALER BEFORE RAPPER HE HAS STREET CREDENTIALS HE IS THE ONLY RAPPER THAT RAPS ABOUT FACTS THERE FORE BIG GUWOP IS THE REALEST RAPPER IN THE RAP GAME AND THATS A FACT!

    • Come_On_Son

      this lame gucci (WAS) a real nigga once but his mental illness got the better of him.. FACT: every time he drop any mixtape or album his twitter mysteriously gets hacked its like all the time which is suspect cuz it shows that gucci is nothing more then a gimmick... he shot somebody so what!!! i seen lame cowards catch bodies out of fear so it doesn't show him to be real

    • Anonymous

      too bad he tweets like a scorned girl

    • Ja Rule Army

      2 words: Ja Rule

  • Anonymous

    I like Gucci, but eh. This tape was straight boring.

  • Anonymous

    So everything on Twitter was a publicity pull for this...

  • Damnit

    So all that ignorance on Twitter was promo for this raggedy mixtape? Dude is a weirdo.

    • Ja Rule Army

      yup n he 'beefing with Waka' yet he got him on the mixtape (don't care if its old) you got beef with someone dafaq you gon put him on your shit

  • Kathleen T. Kenny

    my roomate's sister-in-law makes $60 every hour on the laptop. She has been laid off for 6 months but last month her pay was $15613 just working on the laptop for a few hours. why not find out more... Its, rather, about the content of his lyrics. But of course this could be an invitation for arguments. So let's just say its a personal opinion.

  • Anonymous

    @gucci go to rehab man.

  • Real

    Gucci sold 15 million copies of his trap house 3 album.

  • Anonymous

    So he saying his ex manager hacked his twitter. Is that the same ex manager Coack K that he was dissing on twitter? Why would the man hack Gucci's twitter and diss himself? I think the truth is Gucci was tripping balls and they had to put him in rehab or something and now they trying to save face by saying it was hacked when he knows damn well he wrote all that in a drug induced rage.

    • Simple fools...

      If it really WERE Coach K, why WOULDN'T he include himself? As to make himself not look guilty? Who would suspect that the guilty party would include themselves in the rant? Only a dumb nigga like yourself wouldn't concoct a plot and follow through whole-heartedly.. I wouldn't even stand with you in the store while you stole a pack of gum, ol' 2 dimensional thinking ass.

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