Game Donates $10,000 For 6-Year-Old Los Angeles Shooting Victim's Funeral

Game pledges $10,000 to help cover funeral costs for a tragedy-stricken family.

Game may be one of the most tough-talking emcees in Hip Hop, but the Compton native may just have a heart of gold.

TMZ reports that Game is donating $10,000 to the family of a 6-year-old Los Angeles girl who was fatally shot outside her home this weekend.

The funds will go to cover the funeral costs for Tiana RIcks, who was shot when two men approached her family's Moreno Valley home and opened fire.

Tiana and her father were struck, with the young girl reportedly asking her father, "Are you okay, Daddy?" as she lay dying.

Upon hearing the story, Game took to Instagram and posted his thoughts on the tragedy:

"This very sad story hit me in a place nothing ever has," wrote Game on his Instagram page. "The picture above is of 6 year old 'Tiana Ricks' who was gunned down in Moreno Valley this past weekend holding onto her fathers leg as men approached & opened fire wounding both Tiana & her father.... Tiana did not know she was shot & kept asking was her father okay until 2 1/2 hours later when lil Tiana was passed away just after midnite on Sunday... I read about this story here in Australia & immediately tracked down her mother @lost_the_love_of_my_life & noticed her & the family trying to raise $10,000 for funeral costs.... So I got her on a 3 way with my accountant & now I'm in the process of transferring $10,000 from my account to hers !!!!! Follow her now @lost_the_love_of_my_life & show her support thru this tough time...... Prayers are definitely needed. My sincerest condolences to you & your family Marquia. Glad that I could be of some help..... I don't know what else to say, but @therobinhoodproject got you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #TheRobinHoodProject"

TMZ spoke with the young girl's mother, Marquia Macklin.

"Game told me that he heard about my story and was really sorry," said Macklin. "He said that he wanted to help out and put me in touch with his financial team."

Macklin was grateful for Game's generosity, but admitted that the donation "only covers half of the casket and the plot."

Game has been in a charitable mood as of late, offering to pay fines for pants-sagging citations in Wildwood, New Jersey. He also recently announced that he has plans to give away $1,000,000 of his money through TheRobinHoodProject.

Anyone with information regarding the shooting is encouraged to contact the Moreno Valley Police Department.

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  • Anonymous

    "she didn't specifically ask him for more money" Just strongly hinted then lol Fucking retard.

  • .

    they keep calling her a Los Angeles girl when Moreno Valley is all the way out in the Inland Empire and nowhere near L.A.... whatever though, RIP Tiana Ricks

  • One

    Pretty little girl. Just like everyone else, I hate that happened to her. I'm glad Game gave the family some money but that little girl's family got some issues. You just got 10 stacks from someone and that only covers half the expense. What kind of funeral are you having? Game is no saint but he did something out the kindness of his heart. People talk shit about how his music is a result of a situation like this but I believe his music wasn't playing at the time of this incident. Also he's not the only one making music. How many other people gave this family money to help them?

    • Anonymous

      i bet the other people who did donate didnt hop on instagram to brag and pat themselves on the back about how great they are

  • Kathleen T. Kenny

    my roomate's sister-in-law makes $60 every hour on the laptop. She has been laid off for 6 months but last month her pay was $15613 just working on the laptop for a few hours. why not find out more... Its, rather, about the content of his lyrics. But of course this could be an invitation for arguments. So let's just say its a personal opinion.

  • RM

    Being a parent changes the views of many people. For all of you that dont have kids, you can not understand this. Not talking smack but its the truth. Once you have kids, the views of certain thing in this world change dramatically.

    • Anonymous

      Didnt change his views enough to stop rapping about and glamorizing violence and gang banging or assaulting people and video taping it to put on the internet!

  • Anonymous

    Godfather 50 did it first! and He covered the whole funeral

  • jimjim

    any way she should be good with the ten dont understand the reason for her sayin it would cover half when shes getting some dam help

  • jimjim

    good question which jim you gon shoot jim or jim anonymous

  • R.Pgh

    It's cool that he's donating and whatever, but how are you going to rap about gangster lifestyle and shooting people, then act appalled when something like this happens? You're part of the problem, dummy.

    • Anonymous

      for real Mr Blood gangster is part of the problem glamorizing the gang lifestyle in all his raps making kids think its cool to carry guns and bang

  • Gangsters are Pussies

    would like to say nice gesture but because game brags about being a gang banging blood it looks like a stupid.

  • Me again


  • Anonymous

    if he was a real nicca he wouldnt have jumped on instgram like he always does to brag about giving away money some of his pocket change

    • Anonymous

      naw im serious why cant he just do something nice. the family would have probably told someone anyway and the word woulda got out but instead he goes right to his instagram before he even gave em the money to pat himself on the back and let his stans jerk him off

    • Anonymous

      another stupid ass kid right here


    game aint a real nigga like gucci games a fake blood he dont want it with a real nigga. - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - rick ross - gayme a fake blood stripper

    • Anonymous

      right he just goes on 3 day long twitter rants then claims his shit was hacked like a true bitch that cant stand behind his drugged out words

  • Anonymous

    The family said the funeral will cost 20k, so they will need more money. Talk about being ungrateful. Game didn't have to give them a cent.

    • Anonymous

      she didn't specifically ask him for more money jackass, you go have to pay for a funeral and let's see who gets online and calls you ungrateful. too many of you silly ass kids on this website

    • Anonymous

      he just gonna waste the money on strippers and material possesions anyway he might as well help someone out. how many pairs of jordans does a nicca really need?

  • Anonymous

    Only 10k though? I swear I heard him brag about throwing more paper on strippers at the club!

  • dentaldamboy

    Wishin weezy was here to bend me over and pound me out rite now. I'd throw it back for drizzy too. I stay on waynes dick.

  • jimjim

    this motherfucker keeps talking crazy anonymous you need to grow up or catch a bullet

  • Anonymous

    when 50 cent did this shit everyone was quick to claim he was only doing to for publicity but now Game does the same shit and hes a hero blessed by GOD

  • Dugga Sugga

    Fuck anonnymous 4chan and all these geek motherfuckers Y'all can't do us like y'all did SOHH. Motherfuckers.

  • Truth

    ^There is a god, he just hates cocksmokers like yourself

  • Anonymous

    Another comment section where a bunch of stupid ass kids ramble on about nonsense and never even tried to think or realize that's why many people have life/death insurance in the first place, to cover costs of funerals, that can be expensive. A casket can cost up to 5-10K itself, not counting the expenses of getting the body together, the burial plot, hearse rental, wherever the funeral is rental, you have to pay for the diggers dummies. The obituary cost dummies. Go learn something about real life instead of being quick to run your mouth on the 'net just to show you're ignorant to facts. And don't be stupid enough to think or say the parents should have been prepared because no parent expects to lose their 6 year old kid so they get insurance.

    • Anonymous

      God don't like stupid people, and neither do I. There are scores of caskets people can buy for $1,000. There are also affordable funeral home plans where someone could spend $800.00. Funeral homes are a business like anything else. They dupe people all the time in the name of what's supposedly right for the deceased when in reality it's a money grab. I'm sure the mother wants the best for her little girl, but 20k? That seems suspect, but if she can get the money then that's her business.

  • Mars220

    ANONYMOUS is what is wrong with this country. He should have been the one shot instead of this beautiful little girl. If you don't like what Game did ignore and move on. It's that easy treasure troll.

  • jimjim

    anonymous you need to watch your fucking mouth you dont like what people so what she said it covers half who the fuck are you to call someone stupid or ghetto your moms a slut bitch now what

  • TANK

    Its crazy how all these GAME haters want to see him fail sooooo bad. Don't want to see him do anything positive. But guess what GOD appreciate him and GOD is gonna to bless him even more. We are talking about a 6 years old child here... imaging that was your own daughter and GAME call you to help you bury your child you will appreciate him then????

  • Anonymous

    Did this bitch say 10,000 only covers half??????? Fucking greedy ghetto stupid bitch. He shouldn't have given her shit. She's probably going to spend most of that on herself.

    • R.pgh

      Funerals are expensive as fuck lil dude. Casket cost, cemetery cost, headstone cost, funeral services (add more if you have more than one day), flowers, food for the wake... That shit adds up. It's pretty common for a funeral to cost 15-20k.

    • Anonymous

      Naw, you're just some dumb ass kid who don't know funerals cost money because you've never had to bury someone.

  • nuc

    hilarious, the ppl trying to make up "lame reasons' for Game to do this... none of these anonymous posters have ever donated to a charity in they life, infact half of em are on tax payer funded public library and employment offices internet connections to type the bs they type... nothing but good things to say about games actions in this case..

  • Anonymous

    least he could do considering the niccas that opened fire were probably wanna be gang bangers influenced by ol butterfly face game.

  • Anonymous

    i will never believe a single nice thing Game does after he got exposed for lying about how much he tipped that waiter on instagram... like why lie and tell all your fans you tipped a guy $6000 and make him pose with the cash if you really only giving him 200????

  • Anonymous

    this is a publicity stunt. Game aint in the news since his last album so you know the deal

  • Anonymous

    at least he s doing something for making money by promoting the bloods street gangs in his muisc

  • dentaldamboy

    Ja Rule paid the legal bills for the guy in Cleveland who kidnapped and raped the three women for 10 years.

    • Ja Rule Army

      that's a lie. Ja knew that nigga was unstable and look he offed himself last week. Watchout Ja bout to buy YMCMB and yourself gon be unemployed :)

  • Anonymous

    So the mother asked for $10,000 in donations for funeral costs but then says it wasn't enough and she needs $10,000 more? Am I reading this shit wrong?

    • Anonymous

      Yes funerals cost money, that's why people have insurance to cover costs of caskets, plots, arrangements, transportation.

    • David Bunz

      Holy fucking shit lol that's what I said too. It is L.A. though, land be hella expensive out there, but jesus christ $20,000 for funeral??

  • dentaldamboy

    That's nothing. Wayne paid 10 million to Treyvon Martin's family after he died while RIck Ross paid the same amount to Oscar Grant's family.

  • anon

    man thats fukd up smh if that didnt touch u at least the lil girl tlkn to her dad u have no soul. that just fukd me up forreal

  • Anonymous

    He riding 50 Cents dick with this one. Godfather 50 paid for the Horse and Carriage of that teenage girl that got shot in Queens months ago now Game tryna follow his mentor's step.

    • Anonymous

      50s dick taste that good bra?



  • Anonymous

    This is probably a lie like that time he instagramed a pic with a waiter and said he tipped him $6000 but when TMZ tracked down the waiter he confirmed that Game really only gave him $200 and just took the pic for good publicity!

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