Kendrick Lamar Says He Has Not Recorded In Studio With Eminem

Despite rumors of an upcoming collaboration, Kendrick Lamar says that he has not been in a studio with Eminem.

Although Kendrick Lamar and Eminem were photographed together in June, Lamar recently revealed that he has not recorded in a studio with the artist sometimes known as Slim Shady.

"I wish," Lamar said in an interview with Los Angeles radio station Power 106. "We haven't really gotten a chance to build in the studio like that. I basically just met him for a second. But if I get that call, I'm definitely running." 

Two photographs emerged from their meeting. One featured Eminem and Kendrick Lamar side by side. The other photograph featured several artists including ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay Rock and Royce Da 5'9. That image can be viewed below.

In June, Kendrick also discussed the advice he has received from Eminem.

"Always stay true to the craft, really," Lamar said of Em's advice. "Everybody knows Eminem's penmanship is insane, so I think, for the most part, he focused on that as much as possible. That was the game that he was giving me and my crew. Always stay focused on the craft and not indulge in all the other crazy stuff that comes around."

Lamar also said he was honored to be referenced on Eminem's new single, "Berzerk." 

"That's the ultimate feeling," Lamar said. "At the end of the day, I trace back to when I first wrote my first raps. I was 13. So, studying these cats and actually to be privileged and recognized for my work, it just shows that if I continue to do my best with what I'm doing, it could take me to the next level. Them actually acknowledging me, that's the first steps of it." 

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  • PsychoDogt

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  • Mary D. Evans

    what Marjorie replied I am dazzled that anybody able to get paid $5697 in four weeks on the computer. Read Full Report... the last song on his first album mentions how big of a wu-tang fan he is...just saying. the song's called thank me now - probably my favorite joint on that album

  • FlyQ the Anchor

    Kinda slipping with stories like this. How about you guys report every other artist Kendrick hasnt worked with. Come on guys. come on. K so I'm not a gangster rapper or a trap rapper, I'm not any kind of rapper. I rap about whatever the fuck I feel like. If I don't sound like what you want, go fucking find what you want. but hey any time given to my music is appreciated so thanks if you give a listen. Maybe you'll be part of the reason I take off, or decide to quit whatever works if you'd like to collab, or inquire about writing services

  • ultrasb

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  • Anonymous

    dre creates monsters , probly why evey one gets dropped from aftermath kendrick blew up quit

  • xx009


    ja rule killed eminems career and it is rumoured he will kill kendricks career next. #CAREERKILLA

  • Sara H. Austin

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  • Anon

    Em is afraid to rap with Kendrick or Tech9ne.. he knows they would murder him. Em is a 40 year old, washed up drug addict that raps for 14 yr old white boys.

  • AimDownSight

    Fact that Lamar hasn't been in the studio with Em to record means nothing. Dudes can put together/produce a record by exchanging beats/lyrics via email exchange nowadays.

  • The Gucci General

    Gucci Mane is the realest rapper outthere: - this nigga throws bitches out his car - shoot niggas dead - beat niggas up. Gucci aint no fantasy nigga like: - mobb deep were 12/14 years old when they met at the school of arts, - nas escobar lol nigga only had a ticket for parking his car wrong - 2pac never gangbanged - rick ross is a legend but not a streetlegend but a foodlegend - ice cube was bullied at school and this guy calls himself a G? - Eminem says he hate gay people but did a song with Elton John??? Gucci aint nothing to fuck with

    • Anonymous

      That's why young little white kids like myself listen to Mr. Gucci all day every day. He's just so super cool.

  • Pinkman

    We need an em and Kendrick song soon bitch!

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick looks a lot like Trayvon Martin.

  • Dorothy R. Orozco

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  • Anonymous

    Since when is it news when someone has NOT done something? You guys are just making up BS articles for ad revenue now. It's a shame.

  • imho

    EM needssss to get kendrick on his album for a single. if i see any wack rnb artists (pink) and not a kendrick jigga or nas track on there that would suck

  • g-sus

    I don't think a track between Em and Kendrick would turn out well. It would just be a competition to see who can rap faster and sound angrier on a track. That seems to be their approach to outshining others lately.

    • g-sus

      ^thanks bro. hopefully they prove me wrong and come up with some tight concept. we'll see.

    • Anonymous

      Great response g-sus. Cosign.

    • g-sus

      Notice I said that's been there approach LATELY. Listen to Em on Renegade. Calm, slick word play, witty. Now listen to Em on that EP with Royce and everything since. Basically just yelling over tracks to get his point across.Kendrick didn't even add anything to the Bitch Don't Kill remix. He was too focused on murdering Jay. No chemistry at all on that song. Control, Kendrick sounded like an angry guy just dropping names. My guess is that is what a joint with these two will sound like. I miss those days of collabs like Brooklyn's Finest, Renegade, old Em & Royce, Red & Meth, AZ & Nas, Styles & Jada. These guys were competing but they didn't make it so obvious that they were trying to out do eachother. But with the way the internet is today there is extra pressure cuz all everyone talks about is who murdered who and songs usually end up suffering. Slaughterhouse has the same problem.

    • anonymous

      What do you suggest then? How else do you try to outshine someone when lyrically you are already on par with the other guy? If they spit monotone you say they boring if they sound animated their too fast and angry, theres just no pleasing niggas nowadays. You go make a platinum album then if you know how to do it better.

  • Anonymous

    lol one whiteboy who shits on all these black rappers.

    • Anonymous

      "People that know good rap music have that opinion, your opinion of eminem or white rappers is biased" ^ this isn't biased not one bit, huh? Anyone who just doesn't agree that Eminem is the best ever do it doesn't know good rap music? You don't know enough people to validate your opinion so of course it's biased. This is how immature and ridiculous you guys are over a rapper and some of his music.

    • yawn

      Eminem lost to Rhymefest and prior to contrary belief, he also did NOT best Jay-Z on Renegade.


      Pretty sure there are a bunch of emcees that are or have been better than Em at some point, more than a few come to mind off the top. Em can be good, but that is because he respects the art of rap, amongst other things, and white or black, that is the important thing

    • ^

      People that know good rap music have that opinion, your opinion of eminem or white rappers is biased. I just wouldn't go as far as anon to say he shits on all black rappers because he's had weak collaboration moments "the anthem" comes to mind.

    • ^dumbass

      Most people who have that opinion are white people....And as of course their opinion isn't biased, right?

  • Anonymous

    not having recorded in a studio and not being featured on a song are not the same thing tho

    • Anonymous

      At least someone has their thinking cap on. This is the same Kendrick who trolled the rap industry and did the okey-doke with Papoose at Summer Jam. Why would he be straightforward now?

    • Fans

      I was about to say the same thing. He could easily just email his verse

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • Anonymous

    kendrick a slack get thogether black hippy album evn a mixtape

  • Anonymous

    I'm sure that feature is coming for him. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some good hip hop videos on there

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