SMACK/URL Responds To Loaded Lux's Complaints About "Summer Madness 3"

Exclusive: The Ultimate Rap League responds to Loaded Lux's "Bout My Money" diss track and explains why the theme of "Summer Madness 3" is "bars over names."

When the Ultimate Rap League (URL) released the line-up for "Summer Madness 3," some fans were surprised that the much-discussed face-off between Hollow Da Don and Loaded Lux was not scheduled. Other notable URL battlers, such as DNA, Charlie Clips and Tsu Surf, were also not included in the line-up. 

URL host and co-founder SMACK made a video blog discussing the September 8 event and a new theme, "bars over names," explaining why some prominent figures in Battle Rap were not slated to appear at the annual card. 

"It's not about the big names no more," SMACK says in the video. "Because a lot of the big names that actually perform on the stage ain't delivering the quality battles and the quality performances that we're looking for." 

URL co-founder Beasley echoed SMACK's video comments in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. "We want to show fans and emcees that just because one guy's profile isn't that big, that it doesn't mean that he can't compete with another emcee who has a name or profile that is larger," Beasley says. "We want to see hunger and aggression, that drive that has gotten the culture to level that it is today. [At 'Summer Madness 3'], you can expect hunger, bars and great battles." 

Loaded Lux, who had one of the league's most acclaimed showings at last year's event, addressed his not appearing at "Summer Madness 3" in his new song, "Bout My Money." 

"Some have asked 'bout 'Summer Madness,'" Lux says on the song. "I tell them, 'These questions you come at SMACK with' / Smack him and ask him why in the fuck would he double backwards?"

The song can be heard below.

URL's Beasley Responds To Loaded Lux's "Bout My Money" 

URL responded to the song with a statement to HipHopDX yesterday (August 27), explaining their stance on the track.

"We thought it was dope and creative," Beasley said regarding the Loaded Lux song. "I think SMACK's blog is the equivalent to the effect of Kendrick Lamar's verse on 'Control.' We got guys showing up to battles prepared now, emcees making diss tracks and blogs. Lux is a super talent, but he is asking for a tremendous amount of money to battle that just isn't available in the culture at the present time. I can't put a price on his talent, but as business I have to do what's economically sound for URL and a battle between him and Hollow Da Don is more then we are willing and able to pay at the present time.

"Lux is smart and he's getting the fans pumped up," Beasley continued. "In a lot of ways we are viewed like a record label and he is playing the role of the disgruntled artist. The fans are looking at us like, 'Just pay him,' and we're like, 'From where?' All jokes aside, we have a plan in place to make this happen and Lux and Hollow want it to happen on URL as well, so stay tuned to URL's rebuttal to Lux's track. I promise you. It's going to shake the game up." 

Whether or not URL's plans for a Hollow and Lux battle come to fruition, the "Summer Madness 3" card is set to feature several rappers who have been a part of the series since the beginning, Beasley says.

"We have some of the usual suspects from past 'Summer Madness' events like T-Rex, Calicoe, John John Da Don and K-Shine, but we also brought in a lot of new faces, leaving some of the top tier emcees without a slot to participate," Beasley said. "SMACK made a blog talking about how some of the top-tier emcees aren't showing up and how he wants to see more hunger. The blog set off a firestorm of Twitter rants, blogs, Facebook discussions and eventually led to the Loaded Lux diss record. [Other] emcees have threatened to not attend. Others have made slick remarks on Twitter. This is so selfish and self-centered to me. Why can't you be happy for other emcees [who are] your friends, who finally have their shot to shine on the biggest event in Battle Rap? These are the same guys who supported you when you appeared on Summer Madness events in the past. I think when these guys begin to become allies outside of competition on stage, the culture will flourish."

Nonetheless, Beasley also said that he wouldn't rule out a surprise match-up announced before the event. "You'll have to show up and see," he said. 

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  • DaMutt

    All i gtta say is i feel what these "top-tier" smack battlers are saying....but YACTOWN!!! (small city). Ill Will and J.C. in dere and that is really all I care about....Sno in the pg's so soon it will be 3 of smack's bars over names posse that are from a little ass city full of talent.....stay tuned! And stay mad!


  • KOTD

    *Correction - SM is 2nd biggest event in Battle Rap - KOTD's World Domination is the UNDISPUTED best/biggest event in Battle Rap

  • Battlerapvoice

    I believe that Smack could have raised the capital like any business would do to expand the brand and dominate the market. They just didn't want and the phrase "willing and able to pay right now" shows that they weren't prepared therefore weren't able to pay LUX. Check out my Vlog discussing this controversy

  • crazy mother fucker

    yea theirs bitchers in the bitcher. out their doing the mother fucker.people with chain saws jumping at u

  • prevster

    -- He didn't own the company so the company owned him --



  • xx004

  • itdonmatta

    those fukn beards look so fukn stupid. i ain heard one chick say that shit is fresh...i heard em say "guuuurrrrl...why da fuck he grow his beard like that".

  • Anonymous

    I agree with both sides. Let the newbies get some shine, but the end of the day the people want to see the headliners. Solution: get BET to air Lux v Hollow. SMACK is already on 106th on Fridays. They can get their money from the commercial sponsors and the brand would skyrocket with a prime time viewing.

  • nocando

    smack needs to upload the rest of the battles from nome

  • ssc

    found some ufo alian videos in woods.their out their now.


    Lux is my nigga bt he should sit down let these other niggas have a chance. He proved himself already ethering Calicoe.

  • Jason R. Snipes

    my buddy's step-sister makes $81/hour on the internet. She has been fired for seven months but last month her pay was $21124 just working on the internet for a few hours. look at here... no they havent moron, their album came out on October 9, 2012 and Kendrick album came out October 22, 2012

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