Lil Wayne Concert Proceeds To Go To Arizona Community Foundation

The proceeds from a Lil Wayne concert next month will benefit The Carter Fund, a charitable fund of the Arizona Community Foundation.

Proceeds from Lil Wayne’s September 2 concert at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona will benefit The Carter Fund, a charitable fund of the Arizona Community Foundation, according to a press release from Wayne’s publicist.

General admission tickets are $50 and are available at The Carter Fund awards grants to Arizona charities that offer after-school programs to youth, as per the press release. 

All tickets are subject to applicable service charges and fees. Dates and times are subject to change without notice.

Currently headlining the America's Most Wanted Festival 2013, Lil Wayne tweeted that that he was not nominated for an MTV Video Music Award or a BET Award and that he promises “2 work harder if it kills me.”

Earlier this year, the rapper suffered from numerous seizures he says were caused due to “stress, no rest and overworking myself."

Lil Wayne’s DJ Drama-hosted Dedication 5 mixtape is slated to be released August 30.

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  • bluepen

    Dope lil wayne photos from Arizona concert


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  • dreepa

    let this been about a wayne feature or album, and you clowns would have been all over this hatin for no reason. But the man do something good for someone else community, and we cant show no love. that's whats wrong with America today


  • HandsOfTime

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  • Violator

    lol seems nobody cares when Weezy giving back to the community, niggas just wanna talk when it's hate comin out they mouth. Ya'll niggas disrespected Weezy too much, given his career, disrespectful bunch o zombies

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