Sports Agent Scott Boras Questions Jay Z's Ability To Represent Athletes

"When your agent wears a Yankee hat, how seriously are they going to take you?" asks Scott Boras of Jay Z and his growing Roc Nation.

The number of people that have beefed with Jay Z is extensive and well-known. But in 2013, Jay Z has been confronted with perhaps his most unlikely foe—superstar sports agent Scott Boras.

Boras was the former agent of New York Yankees second baseman Robinson Cano, whom Jay-Z signed to his Roc Nation Sports agency this past spring.

Adding insult to injury, Jay Z commented on the matter on Magna Carta Holy Grail's "Crown," spitting, "Scott Boras, you over baby / Robinson Cano, you coming with me."

The Wall Street Journal profiled the back-and-forth between the two men.

Hov had an interview with Power 105.1 previously where he said sports agents had gotten lazy. "They get an artist, right, however they acquire the artist—I mean the athlete—they get them and they knock on the same doors," said Hov. "They go to Nike, they do the contract and they sit back. So they've been sitting around for 20, 30 years just not doing anything. So me coming in, that's a problem for them. Now they have to go to work."

In response, Boras suggested that Jay Z's sentiment proved he doesn't know the agency game. "Anyone who thinks playing the game of baseball is like being an artist knows nothing about the game of baseball," Boras said. "I don't worry about others, because you know what, in the end, as always, there are few survivors in [the agency] game. This game is something that when you come, and you look, and you don't see—when you don't see, you're not here long."

Boras further explained his stance. "The reality of it is those deals have shrunk," he said. "The executives of companies want more time from the player. They want him to get up at 7 a.m. and do an ad after arriving home at 3 o'clock in the morning? I don't want a player doing that. I want him at the field at 3 p.m. and rested."

The longtime agent also made a quip about Jay Z's professionalism. "When your agent wears a Yankee hat," he said, "how seriously are they going to take you?"

Scott Boras' other clients include Prince Fielder, Alex Rodriguez, Stephen Strasburg, Jayson Werth and Barry Zito. Roc Nation Sports also has an NBA player in Oklahoma City Thunder's  Kevin Durant and NFL player in the New York Jets' Geno Smith among its clients.

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  • Y'all

    Hov will go broke when y'all are no more so what's your pointless comments all about. His trying to make a living by make every competitor work.. Isn't that good enough for you haters.

  • Most overrated

    Every jay z song "ughh ughhh huh huh ughhhh yeah HOV ughhh ughhh Young HOV Ughh' Yeah I got more money than you Im a business man you a stan.. ughhh forbes list ughh HOV"

  • Anonymous

    I think some of you don't know who Scott Boras is or the many contracts he's negotiated in his career. Look it up before you start comparing him to Jay-Z and his couple athlete agency.

  • Anonymous

    time to go get a pound and a half of boneless chicken wings from safeway for only 5 dollars fuck yall

  • Anon

    LOL. White Man just mad cause the younger generation of Black athletes are getting BLACK agents. Black Excellence bitches!

    • Ja Rule Army

      Anon 2 ignore the moron. he got you to respond. What do you expect from morons who spend 24/7 on this site and their fav artist is probly Gucci or Queef

    • Anonymous

      That makes zero sense. Agents exist on the down low. Nobody talks about the deals they make. So whether their black, white or Native American with clown makeup on, nobody cares. Boras knows Jay doesn't have any experience in the agent world. He does sound jealous but not because of skin color, but because he stands to lose players who would probably sign with Boras without hesitating.

  • uptownfirst

    To Jay's credit and I'm definitely not feeling Jay that much anymore but he just got in the agency game, everybody has to start somewhere regardless of his success in another business. Boras had to start with some proven and unproven athletes at the beginning of his career, so stop hating, for those who are hating on Jay for representing Geno Smith and Skylar Diggins, he also has one of the top three NBA players in the world in Kevin Durant, that's a damn good start.

  • Anonymous

    Boras sounds a little jealous. Here's a rapper/businessman coming in and signing big names. Boras should invite the competition and see it as a way for him to step his game up cause a lot of his former clients don't like him. He basically rapes your pockets faster than Jay will.

    • Anonymous

      I hope you aren't considering Geno Smith a big name...the guy probably isn't going to beat out Mark Sanchez for the starting QB spot in NY. Durant already had a long term contract along with endorsement deals in place before he signed with Jay-Z. But yeah, maybe Boras should step his game up....even though he got Alex Rodriguez the biggest contract in the history of sports, just got Prince Fielder signed to a $20+ million/year deal and has one of the MLBs top young pitchers as his client. You must really think Geno Smith is good.....

  • Carole P. Stewart

    like Randy responded I am taken by surprise that anyone can earn $9948 in four weeks on the internet. did you see this web page... seen some ppl with rabbit mask on ,their kinda crazy they start playing in your back yard.waveing at you as u look out the windows.sometimes they do crazy shit to u .

  • are you kidding

    Jay-Z knows nothing about being an agent. That's why there are other agents doing all the work. He has 4 clients. One is a quarterback that isn't able to beat out Sanchez for a job (that's how bad Geno Smith is)and the other is Skylar Diggins (no one cares about the WNBA). So, really, 2 clients.

    • Anonymous

      "Why can't he get in the agent game and be successful" For starters agents go to law school and have law degrees.....

    • Tyrone

      Check out ay's interview on Power 105.1. There is nothing wrong with things changing. Why can't he get in the agent game and be successful. Think Jackie Robinson simplton.

  • Anonymous

    glad this site posted it. i find it funny rapradar hasn't and wont

  • Really

    Besides promotin the brand of jay-z what artist has he really done for besides himself

  • Anonymous

    scott is going to hav BIGGER problems.the player grow up listening to jay z music.

  • really

    shawn keeping his money busy,,,,master p all ready did it,,,,,he called it,,,what can shawn do that master p didnt,,,and before all the hova dick riders respond master p is holding ass much paper as shawn please believe,,,,,,,shit a agent is only as good as the client,,,,,real talk

    • Anonymous

      I feel u, P know his shit but Jay did it different than he did P had his own agency, Jay merged with a company that already has a lot of clients so he really aint doing the running for them like P had to do.He really helps them with trying to brand themselves so when their playing days are over they got shit to fall back on but of course he gets a nice lil percentage

  • Altidude

    "Scott Boras, you over baby"!!!

  • Anonymous

    If Boras is doing such a wonderful job why is he worrying about a Yankees' hat?-Oh yeah, the hat wearer has more money and more pull than he does. Racist fuck.

    • Anonymous

      @ja fool you are the moron, dumb fuck and I'll bet that the fact you are responding means you are white and certain you cannot understand and being part of the so-called 'lost generation'where you were profiled as being gang affiliated just because you wore a hat. Answer me this: 4 young black guys in a car with baseball caps on driving anywhere would get stop whereas their white counterparts would not. Dumb fucks. Go learn how to fucking read, the man is an idiot and racist. I meant what I wrote and I wrote what I meant.

    • Ja Rule Army

      another moron throwing 'racist' shit. This motherfucker basically goes to ceiling contract wise. How many player this fool repped on the Yankees with those max contracts. Dude probly worth more than Jay? [I kid you not. ARod, Texiera, Cano (at first) look at his clients. So hop off that 'jealous' bullshit. Its called competition.

    • Anonymous

      His hat comment was simply stating that the agent is bias towards a team/city so therefor you can't really take him serious

    • Anonymous

      Subliminal jab bruh, what does wearing a hat have to do with running a business? oh, money is from the hood i.e. black/rapper etc... he can't run a business? In addition to being a racist, Boras is an idiot, an out-of touch idiot.

    • Picasso

      Where in this article is there anything that could possibly lead you to believe that Boras is racist? C'mon son.

  • Anonymous

    It is what it is he took 1 of ur best clients who was coming up on a big pay day now ur mad about it.Evidently he knows something to make a top player in baseball sign with them and fire u ya bish!!! Then he said when ur wearing a Yankee hat how seriously are they gonna take u smh, So what wearing Yankee hats take away from ur business smarts,like he gonna wear a yankee hat at a board meeting.

  • 614grind

    Scott Boras is nervous.

  • Anonymous

    Where I come from its a rule you only talk about personal experiences not what you've seen or dream of. Jay has made a career based on myth. None of his business accomplishments are verifiable beyond song versus and articles produced by publicists in rented column space.

  • joe moms

    With the exception of one player, all Boras' clients are terrible ballplayers. He no longer has any juice due to his poor performance of his current clients...this guy doesn't know talent if it slapped him in the face. The Yankees are still pissed behind that crazy ass A-Rod deal.

  • Ezra

    I think people fail to realize that Jay-Z IS NOT running this agency alone. If he's as intelligent as I'd like to believe, he's got some experts running the show. He's an owner with a few "general managers" making the deals. If he has to step in or give advice, of course, but it's not like it's just him running around brokering deals.

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • xx009

  • Anonymous

    jay z isn't in charge his just the face of the company he don't make the business decisions. its like jimmy is in charge of dre headphones but uses dre to sell it.

  • Phncn Mrchntz

    "Art" is what make MJ MJ. It's not athleticism. You have a million Niggaz, you never heard of, with more athleticism. The lights, nor the cameras, are needed for that pure shit. So I know you Niggaz are hard on J. But there's shit ya'll don't understand. Your too vested with you lower form of human bullshit to understand. God the fuck up - and stop playing the role.

  • RON

    As for now I would agree with Scott Boras. We will not know what kind of agent Jay-Z will be until it is time for his players to get re-signed. As for Scott Boras, that dude is the best agent in baseball. There have been 4, 200 MILLION DOLLAR, contracts signed by players, and of the four, 3 have been handled by Scott Boras, including the A-Rod deal that is playing him 30 MILLION a season, which is the highest in the history of American Sports.. "If winning is not important, then why do they keep score?" Advantage Boras!


  • wolfman

    When will they learn. Don't light a match under this man. Only dude in hip-hop who can spit lyrics about making multi-millionaire moves. Makes everyone else look like they're playing a childrens game.

  • AsukaPayton

    track from big sean's hall of fame. yeah! :)

  • rico

    why y'all bringin up race? ctfu i'm done with niggas


    Scott Boras feeling like Carlton when Will joined the basketball team!

  • cpg718

    LOL what a white coward this guy is crying about someone have an unfair advantage.....SOUND Familiar?


    The racist suspect named Scott Boras, along with every other white person should be neutralized immediately! White people and their global system of racism/white supremacy are pressing down on black people at an alarming rate!

    • Ja Rule Army

      grow the fuck black ppl play a part too. Don't be stupid. ALL THEM IDOLS, BLACK/WHITE/WHATEVER ARE IN IT. WAKE UP ITS CALLED CLASS WARFARE.

  • Anonymous

    follow at noles506

  • Anonymous

    Boras is worth at least a cool 100 mill for sitting back doing nothing..not bad.

  • Anonymous

    White people are mad, yet again....What else is new? You're already rich, why are you mad a black man is successful too?

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