The Top Responses To Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse

This week, HipHopDX's editorial staff determines which of the many response records to Kendrick Lamar they liked the best and why.

Papoose - "Control Freestyle" (Kendrick Lamar Diss)

It's interesting. I don't really find myself thinking about Papoose. Ever. It's no disrespect to him, but really Papoose has existed in Hip Hop's peripheral for quite some time without consistently remaining in focus. However, when I heard Kendrick Lamar crown himself the "King Of NY" I almost immediately thought, "Oh Papoose better respond!" It's not that Papoose is the KONY. He never claims to be. He just bleeds for this city and would never allow a kid from Compton to rep the set for us (if you can't tell where I'm from by now, cough up a lung). His freestyle is layered, starting with Kendrick and calling his verse on "Control" a "Summer Jam Move" (the greatest controversy at NYC's Hot 97 Summer Jam and you know it). Claiming Kendrick and his TDE camp are on PCP and questioning why K-Dot didn't say he was the King of LA (Papoose surmises it's his fear of gangs) are just a few of the darts Pap flings in Kendrick's direction. He lumps him into a circle jerk with Kanye West and Drake, claiming they're adding to the emasculation of Rap (yikes). Papoose then asks Big Sean why he keeps calling himself "B.I.G." (he has a solid point with that one). With historical references and real Hip Hop examples, Papoose does his duty for standing up for New York City when a tourist attempted to snatch the crown. Mission accomplished. - Kathy Iandoli (@kath3000)

Listen to "Control Freestyle" (Kendrick Lamar Diss) by Papoose 

Cassidy - "Control Freestyle" (Kendrick Lamar Diss)

Let’s not front. We are all waiting for J. Cole, Pusha T, Meek Mill or Drake (yeah, Drake) to respond to Kendrick’s “Control” verse. Who knows when that will ever happen? While we wait, though, who better to respond than the Philly “Punchline King” himself, Cassidy? I may be a bit biased being born and raised in Philly but this is a gritty city that takes their Hip Hop seriously. Respect him or neglect him, Cassidy can spit and there is no denying that. Philly had one of the rawest battle scenes in the early to mid 2000s, and Cassidy did and still can hold his own against anyone, in my opinion. He sets his punchlines up perfectly and paints a picture with his lyrics on “Control.” “I paint pictures, no Photoshop. I’m not the king of New York, but the king of New York know I’m hot.” Cassidy makes it clear that Kendrick would be stupid to test him and lets him know as the beat fades out: “You putting my name in a rap son, is like putting a silencer on a cap gun.” Let’s face it: the “Slim Shady With Black Skin” raised the bar lyrically (and quickly) on “Control.” “I do whatever I wanna do and since you're scared to come at me I'ma come at you. What the fuck is the game coming to? Kendrick couldn't shine on me on a song if he wanted to." What? Cassidy’s “Control” response left me with the “Who Farted Face” the whole time! - Mike Trampe (@MikeTrampeTV)

Listen to "Control Freestyle" (Kendrick Lamar Diss) by Cassidy

Joell Ortiz - "Outta Control (Response to Kendrick Lamar)"

One of the first times I heard Joell Ortiz rhyme on a track, the Brooklyn spitter assured listeners that he was trying to deliver that "good old New York Rap." And since that first verse from 2007's "Hip Hop," he hasn't stopped delivering. So when Compton, California's Kendrick Lamar took the Rap world by storm, taking a page from Kurupt's book to call himself "the King of New York," a Joell Ortiz response was to be expected. What struck most about the response was that it was one of the first, released hours after K. Dot's hurricane of a flow dropped. That showed it didn't take long for Joell to pen these statements. "Lil' homie, you ain't the king of New York," Ortiz said on the cut. "You the next thing on my fork." The response also made sense because Ortiz has also had the same mentality that Lamar showcased on "Control." That's the belief that an emcee should always have enough confidence to "step in that ring like, 'Listen, I'll pound Mike," or to "step on that court like, 'I could hold down Mike." As an emcee who understands the mentality behind Lamar's intentions on "Control," Ortiz had to throw his pen into the week's conversation, into the "Control" fire, and he did this with no fear, like he promised he would back in 2007. - Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites)

Listen to "Outta Control (Response to Kendrick Lamar)" by Joell Ortiz 

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  • JustKuz

    i really wish A$AP Rocky's response had been mentioned... it has great energy and flow

  • Prick James

    Mt Olympus was the best, fuck everything else.

  • kaaa this joey badass response is probably the best thing to come out of the whole fiasco

  • torontorappers

    Man y'all need to check out this t-dot cat, he just blacked out on this beat, harder than these ny dudes

  • mulachulo

    yea that nigga Louie Deon did go in tho

  • Dburger

    all these responses are sleep except for Los, but yall go on youtube and type in LOUIE DEON "REVELATIONS 22:18" then tell me why didnt choose that nigga!!!

  • FreddieScibi


  • Blanco

    You are crazy for leaving Lupe Fiasco SLR 2 out. Maybe the lyrics just went over your head while you were listening to the beat

    • Anonymous

      why is it that every cornball lupe stan thinks that lupes lyrics are so complex and deep that they go over people's heads? i get what lupe is saying, its just mad corny.

  • paul

    why is this even news worthy? straight garbage. totally unbearable. nails on a chalk board is a better listen. beat is horrible. voice is cookie monsterish. dude is wack. should be banned from making music along with the other names he dropped minus andre 3000 who is way out of his league. but yeah this is rambling nonsense. check the rhymes oh wait there aren't any. and saying you are better than other wack rappers is like declaring yourself king of the retards.

  • g dep

    The top response has been the internet community as a whole. Everything else has been pretty boring including the verse. I listen to "control" the first day and got bored after four listens. But the comments have been entertaining. Lol

  • Anonymous

    In this order: Los merkd it with a cool calm and collected demeanor Joell came with that rawness Joe was aite.. papoose just sounded bitter.. not a good look Cass will be Cass

  • Anonymous

    Papoose reply was direct and he got personal and witty with it and touched on some valid points, However I think Joells response brought the most heat because for 1 he replied hours after and he wasn't called out and 2 he put his lyrical skills out on display, you can tell that was just warm ups and it was fire.

  • Anonymous

    jay electronica and j.cole are his main competition

  • ill

    joell had the most focused verse

  • B,G

    right in that agree with it!!

  • killah_casp

    yet again hip hop dx sways away from the real hip hop over to the bitch hop camp.... fuk you mean were all waiting to hear a responce from drake ,meek mill,pusha T are you fukin kidding me? since when has ANY off thoses artists (except pusha t) ever responding in a hip hop manner to anything that has been said about them you dont really think off papoose? well maybe you motherfuckas should stop dick riding the same fucking rappers and actually pay attention to hip hop instead off the fukin pop rappers all the time honestly i think i could do your job better than you because you dont seem to have a clue what your doing half the time apart from promoting young money in every article you publish and trying to make people think hip hop is currently in a good state thanks to the shitty club rap fusion songs i will boycott this site if you dont sort your fukin biased opinions out and stop promoting lil wayne all the time its like you mothafuckas pleasure yourself the moment he moves. stupid ass troll website.

    • Anonymous

      Aren't u the guy who is always asking "Anybody need they dick sucked?" all over this site? Now you have an opinion on something here? Fuck off u fucking dick suckin faggot

  • Mac Ro

    Check out my response to control!!

  • Anonymous

    I guess the million dollar question is if that faggot pretty boy Drake will respond?

  • Anonymous

    Drake doesn't need to respond because it's beneath him. Kendrick is just a cocky little newcomer who thinks he's the GOAT. He'll mature in time.

    • Fuck off

      you cock sucking mother fucker shut the fuck up. People like you are the reason hiphop is in a fucking horrible state you fucking bitch. Fuck you and fuck all the hhdx son of a bitch staff. Fuck off all you annonoymouse worthless peice of garbages fuck you all


      Is that a joke?

  • r1cka1me1da

    havent heard buddens yet cuz i heard a bad quality one, but so far the 3 you posted were definitely the best...cass is my favorite, i also had that who farted face on the whole time

  • JustSayin

    Joe Budden had the best response and it aint even close

  • George

    Big Seans Control (HOF) Is The Single Of The Day Ft. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica Produced By: No I.D. free .mp3 download link At: Courtesy Of The King

  • CrystalCliff

    just as Alexander implied I didnt even know that a mom able to profit $6828 in a few weeks on the computer. did you look at this site... As for will I be watching next seasonalways and to the end. I am a devoted and die-hard True Blood.

  • Brandon

    Los! nothing else needs to be mentioned

  • V-Nasty is God


  • xx004

  • xx004

  • Cnspeace

    Also Ima count Madd Rappper and Uncle Murder...LA Leakers did pretty good

  • Cnspeace

    Papoose just said KONY on the migos remix and another time on the track with A Mafia

  • Anonymous

    papoose bodied that boy. zip em uppp

  • No more control responses pls

    So sick of these response songs. Cant we just enjoy the original.? These nobodys trying to get some fame off Kendrick.

    • jimmy

      lmao my dude just called papoose relevant

    • Anonymous

      Relevant? Really? Please name one relevant Papoose, Ortiz, or Cassidy album or mixtape without having to google it.

    • J420

      To reiterate, I mean Hip Hop, not some radio chart bullshit rap like the dudes Kendrick actually calls out.

    • J420

      When it comes down to it, this is what Kendrick wanted to happen really, he wanted to set the game alight. Now your second comment, that's some bullshit, when it comes down to that real raw, these 3 been a hell of a lot more relevant than Kendrick for a hell of a lot longer time.

  • drew

    Best week in Hiphop since big & pac. Kendrick Lamar saved hip hop in 3 Minutes.

  • COCA


  • dentaldamboy

    top 10 wayne albums 1. Carter 3 2. Carter 2 3. Carter 1 4. Rebirth 5. 500 Degreez 6. Block Is Hot 7. Lights Out 8. Carter 9. IANAHB 10. IANAHB2

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • sxxx9

  • Charles Singletary

    Joell got it easy, papp and Cass shouldn't be on this list at all. They missed the point. Sadly, no one from the south responded other than

  • Scottie Pipz

    SLR 2 & 3. Period. The rest is trash. No one else stepped up to the bar Kendrick raised. Not even close. But Super-Lupe been doin this BEEEEEITCHHH!!!

    • Charles

      Youtube* Beware The South

    • Charles Singletary

      I def agree SLR 3 should be on that, but I don't that counts as a Control response. SLR 2 was, but it was terrible to me. Google: "Beware The South" to hear another good response.

  • mike

    joell ortiz ransom papoose no particular order

    • Lurien

      Ransom's verse was underrated as usual but it was dope. Maybe it was ignored because it wasn't necessarily a "response" to Kendrick...

  • Anonymous

    1. Budden 2. Los None of the other ones even mattered... either irrelevant dudes just trying to get attention off this or people who can rap but not even trying their best ... or a mixture of both..

  • sunspect

    They should've had listened for carefully to Lupe's verse. It was controversial as well.

  • Bus12103

    JOE BUDDEN ... best response

  • Anonymous

    MADD Rapper 4 Prez!!!

  • Money

    1.los control verse 2.lupe Srl 3 3. Joe budden 4. Joel Ortiz 5.cassidy

  • Anonymous

    How is joey not on this ? Fuck cassidys bullshit. That coulda been written 15 years ago, you cant tell the difference

  • sxxx9

  • Anonymous

    NO WAY CASSIDY GET ON THERE. SHIT IS THE SAAAAME AS EVERY OTHER ONE OF HIS SONGS. Hate to say it, cassidy is irrelevant. he never progressed


  • fuk kenny

    the verse was sub par stop giving chuck e cheese so much attention

  • lumba

    THe Los verse was crazy! It's always exciting to hear a new song from Los and he definitely delivered.

  • nore

    buddens and joell have the best verses hands down...

  • ANON


  • Vanbiguous

    The best responses weren't even verses in my opinion. EL-P and Killer Mike said "what's the big deal" this is what Hip Hop is supposed to be and is exactly what we've grown up on so why freak out when somebody does this shit. You should be gunning for everybody every time you spit in the mic. That's why the EL-P/Killer Mike duo is hot, you can tell they are challenging each other on every track with Run the Jewels. Talib Kweli, furthmore, just told people to go listen to his last 3 rap albums if they want a response. The body of work should speak for itself. You can argue if Kweli is as good as he once was, but I think this the method those whose names were dropped should take. Don't make a direct reply, just come out gunning even harder on everything you make now cause' it is clear there is no room for mediocrity in the game right now with this newer generation of MC's. And then Action Bronson. He said NYC themselves is to blame for this. If you disregard Jay Z, you really don't have anybody laying claim to the city like they should. Sure they rep it, sure they have pride. But can you name an artist right now asides from Jay Z that is clearly NYC's golden boy. I think Kendrick's point in saying something so audacious was that NYC rap fans listen to me just as much as any other NYC rapper. This can be debated, but I don't think you can clearly point out any NYC rapper from Kendrick's generation that is clearly laying claim to the East Coast throne, through the combination of respect, talent, and sheer amount of content. Kendrick seems to want it more than a lot of rappers, or at the very least is saying "prove it if you're as hungry as I am."

    • Jony B

      In my opinion the way an emcee legitimately claims the "KONY" title is with lyrical ability and right now Roc Marciano is the only one who can claim that title. A lot rappers can say that there the KONY, but that does not amount to anything. Biggie and Jay were anointed because they made classics (However, Jay hasn't made a classic, let alone a good album, in quite some time. Therefore, I wouldn't call him the KONY anymore. Roc is a better lyricist than Kendrick. Lyrics wise and from a technical/skill standpoint Kendrick's album doesn't even touch Roc's album (Reloaded).

  • imho

    ortiz, lupe, ransom, LOS, budden all killed it

  • rahrahrah

    It's not that Papoose is the KONY. He never claims to be. He just bleeds for this city and would never allow a kid from Compton to rep the set for us (if you can't tell where I'm from by now, cough up a lung). That's where you're wrong. Pap has been claiming KONY. He recognized that he could, Nas doesn't want it. And Pap don't give two fucks about Jay.

  • baham jack


  • Lupe is such an emotional faggot

    Lupe is such an emo faggot who spits bullshit and tries to be smart but allways fails. Lupe is a failure

  • srsly?

    Papoose's was terrible. How did his response make the cut and not King Los, Grafh, or Joe Budden?

  • asdadsa

    No love for Astro and Statik Selektah? Young kid went in hard, imo.

  • xx004

  • xx004

  • xx004

  • Anonymous

    Papoose song was wack as fuck, like a dumbed down Ether or something. "We laugh at you like hee hee hee" might be the worst line of 2013.

  • Margie W. Mitchell

    what Russell said I am amazed that someone can get paid $9276 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you read this website... Ab-Souls album then Jay Rocks. Then Black Hippy. (I think its to create hype for each 4 so when they get together again BAM)

  • jus10

    No mention of Joe Budden "Lost Control" ????

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    I'm glad to say I didn't listen to the original song by Kendrick Lamar, or any of the responses to it. Fuck all this WWF shit. Niggas are like little girls, they ain't havin' fun unless there's some kind of drama. And it's not even real drama, it's some contrived bullshit to get everyone excited. These niggas do drugs so much that they can't get a thrill no more. It's all gonna come to a screeching halt when one of these dummies gets clapped by one of the dumb ass obsequious yes men that are dying to a favor for their 'rapper homey'.

  • Margie W. Mitchell

    what Russell said I am amazed that someone can get paid $9216 in 4 weeks on the internet. did you read this website... Ab-Souls album then Jay Rocks. Then Black Hippy. (I think its to create hype for each 4 so when they get together again BAM)

  • jayanderson06

    And Kendrick STILL WINS

  • Fuck NY, Drake is the king of the world

    You underestimated greatly Most number ones ever, how long did it really take me? The part I love most is they need me more than they hate me So they never take shots, I got everybody on safety I could load every gun with bullets that fire backwards You probably wouldn't lose a single rapper Niggas make threats, can't hear 'em over the laughter Yeah, that's cause I'm headed to the bank, nigga Sinatra lifestyle, I'm just being frank with you I mean, where you think she at when she ain't with you? Wildin', doin' shit that's way out of your budget Owl sweaters inside her luggage, you gotta love it Damn, this shit could go on a tape Bitches lovin' my drive, I never give it a break Give these niggas the look, the verse, and even the hook That's why every song sound like Drake featuring Drake Str8, Y pree? Why is it always me? Got us watchin' our words like there's wire taps on the team Cause I show love, never get the same outta niggas Guess it's funny how money can make change outta niggas For real Some nobody started feelin' himself A couple somebodies started killin' themself A couple albums dropped, those are still on the shelf I bet them shits would have popped if I was willin' to help I got a gold trophy from the committee for validation Bad press during the summer over allegations I ain't lyin', my nigga, my time is money That's why I ain't got time for a nigga who's time is comin' A lot of niggas PR stuntin' like that's the movement And I'm the only nigga still known for the music I swear, fuck them niggas this year I made Forbes list, nigga Fuck your list, everything's lookin' gorgeous Without me, rap is just a bunch of orphans But if I stay in the shit, there's a bunch of corpses And me and my dread nigga from New Orleans Stashin' money like hoarders off multi-platinum recordings Eating like Im seated at Swish, Sotto, and Joso's Nothing Was The Same, this shit for Easy and Cocoa This shit for Kareem, this shit for Jaevon This shit for Julius, Milly Mill Boy we do this shit for real All them boys in my will All them boys is my Wills Anything happen to pop then I got you like Uncle Phil Weezy been on that edge, you niggas just need to chill If anything happen to Papi, might pop a nigga for real Comin' live from the screwface, livin' out a suitcase But I'm feelin' good, Johnny got me pushin' two plates My weight up, I refuse to wait up, I started a new race It's funny when you think a nigga blew up after Lupe Niggas treat me like I've been here for ten Some niggas been here for a couple, never been here again I'm on my King James shit, I'm tryna win here again A young nigga tryin' to win here again Man, what's up?


      dentaldamboy is that u trying to rap? or is it just another drake groupie who wants his vagina destroyed drake an yes i said his cuz he a bitch

  • Anonymous

    Los, Joell, and Joey killed it. Hiphopdx's editorial staff needs to be a little more analytical next time.

  • uhhwhat?

    Who the hell wrote this article? How you gonna say Papoose has never claimed to be King of New York? He put out a fuckin mixtape called "KING OF NEW YORK". Wtf? Smh..

  • Kurama

    Papoose's response was pathetic, worst verse I've ever heard from him. And he claims to be the king of New York constantly.


    Papoose always claims to be the KONY

  • Anonymous

    yo cashis! get at em and leak king mathers

  • Anonymous

    Nobody got time for this ugly nigga coz the King is back Eminem :)

  • dentaldamboy

    as an accountant of YMCMB I can confirm So Icy Boi! and Tyga will kill Kendrick's music career.

  • Anonymous

    Mickey Factz, Joell Ortiz And Lupe had the best responses.

  • So Icy Boi!

    So Icy Boi! feat. Tyga - No Control (Kendrick Lamar Diss) I gonna kill K. Dot's career. my verse is da best hip hop verse of all time. swag Tomorrow! check ma soundcloud page niggas. swag

  • Anonymous

    Budden Papoose Joell Los JR Writer Mad Rapper

  • So Icy Boi!

    everybody is waiting for my response niggas. check my soundcloud page and you will know So Icy Boi! da best rapper from YMCMB... I will take da crown soon. Im on Dedication 5 bitches. swag

  • Anonymous

    umm... where's Joe Budden? He has the best response, period. Better than Kendrick's verse by LIGHT YEARS

  • Anonymous

    LOL i like how all these nobody rappers that kendrick didnt even acknowledge in the verse are responding to him just to get their name out.

    • bahama jack

      real talk, niggas tryin 2 get in the light again.......nigga(K.L) said all u rappers but still called sum names.....if ur name didnt get called y respond, #sucknutts #lameniggas

    • Anonymous

      because he said all you rappers. catch up slowpoke



  • Shyne's Pe'ots

    Where the fuck is SLR2 at?

  • Anonymous

    What a faggoty article.

  • hiphophead3333


  • G-FuNk GLiTTeRZ

    RePLaCe WaCkidY WiD RiFF RaFF aNd U HaV a GuD LiSt.

  • MrCocky

    Papoose made Brooklyn Proud. Joell Did Too!

  • You secretly love Drake more than your girlfriend does

    Budden had the best response. DX is trippin'. I'm surprised no one chose RIFF RAFF.

  • Keep sucking Kendrick dick

    As an former accountant of Interscope Records i can confirm that HIPHOPDX is owned by Interscope Records. Thats the reason why HIPHOPDX is sucking Kendrick dick so much. All the hype for what?

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    Lupe and Budden had the best in my opinion.

  • Diss Kendrick

    The Mad Rapper had one of the best responses.

  • gwap

    Yall trippen Joey had the best response and did yall forget about Los??

  • triPAUD

    buddens was dope too

  • Mom

    LUPE hands down had the Best response. And I'm not the biggest Lupe fan.

    • Chris S

      No kidding! I thought that was a given. Lupe impersonated him perfectly. Although, I'm about to listen to Budden right now.

  • triPAUD

    yeah I agree pretty much, except i'd probably put joells over cassidy's cause it was more focused. But I think these are the top contenders for the same reasons. And although no one realistically thought Pap was the king of ny, he did lay claim to it which gives him even more reason. I think ddots was pretty good too.

  • Tywon Mikado

    Kendrick Lamar called out not just those who were mentioned but also those of the HIP HOP community. Really I believed more than just a said 5 - 10 music artist should have responded. There should have been thousands. That is if they really believe they had a chance. Like me. I know I did and I made a response. There's others out here who will be heard. Check it out. This is MY RESPONSE! ---->

  • Not Impressed

    As far as people who rapped on the actual 'Control' beat, for me it was: 1. Papoose 2. Jay Electronica 3. Joell Ortiz 4. Big Sean 5. Ransom 6. Cassidy -- 52. Kendrick Lamar ^^^ I'm just not impressed by Kendrick, sorry.

  • King Los

    King Los owned everybody. BARS!

  • blk_man

    Kendrick is finished Pap and Cassidy went no vaseline on him. I am going to go back to my eight ball Mjg spaceage pimpin and blow this load on this trick face and then smoke me some good and play madden. Kendrick you ain't the king of shit! lmao

  • Anonymous

    buddens was actually the best to me.

  • Grizzly

    Uncle Murda for me. Had me cracking up!

  • Jussayin

    Forgot Budden much?

  • Vigil

    Well this article gets 5/5 facepalms from me.

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