Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Reportedly Refusing Millions For Baby Photos

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian plan to release photographs of North West on their terms, despite reported charitable temptations.

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian do not need money. The couple compromised of the Hip Hop superstar and reality television mogul are making that especially clear since the June birth of their daughter, North West.

TMZ.com reports that sources close to West and Kardashian reveal that the couple is refusing financial offers upwards of $3 million for photographs of the baby reportedly nicknamed "Nori." The sources allege that the baby's mother considered accepting an offer and turning the profits to charity, but since changed her mind.

Later this week marks North West's two-month birthday, and the celebrity couple has been especially private about details surrounding their daughter. The sources claim that Kanye and Kim intend to either release photographs to a leading print publication such as Vanity Fair, or use social media.

Jay Z and Beyonce waited over a month after the birth of their daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, to release baby photographs on Jay's Life+Times site.

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  • Irony

    Kanye hates Paparazzi, Marries reality star....

  • Anon

    Seriously, Jake Paine needs to give up with the writing. Every poorly written, mistake-laden article on this site has his signature attached. He either needs to be fired or his work needs to be proof read before it's put out. Come on HHDX.



  • crazy mother fucker

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  • killkanye

    hopefully they all die in a plane crash

  • L

    It makes sense as a business move to wait until later to publish the images. The longer the wait, the more money you could potentially receive - all the while, seeming like morally grounded and respectable citizens by turning down the first few major offers. Unless they opt to offer the images for free - although my cynicism prevents me from believing that without evidence. By all means, I'm not speaking on their actual reasoning though - one could just look at it that way.

  • Anonymous

    "The sources allege that the baby's mother considered accepting an offer" "and turning the profits to charity, but since changed her mind." -sure.....

  • Lori W. Hughes

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  • Anonymous

    LOL you know these 2 media whores got some type of other plan or sum shit to get that bread from they ugly ass baby. Its not like they are taking a break from prostituting themselves so we gonna see what the real deal is

    • Gerard

      I feel her tv show has dibs

    • Anonymous

      you call them media whores, but they're pimping y-o-u out, you even admit to "gonna see what the real deal is". they got you waiting for an image of their child........so you can do...what? post comment on HHDX? lol

  • Anonymous

    you mean "comprised"?

  • HHDX cunts

    recycling articles now thaought u hhdx jokes of writers couldn't stoop any lower.

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