Al Sharpton's Camp Responds To Bill O'Reilly's Criticism Of Cash Money Book Deal

The Director of Al Sharpton's National Action Network responds to Bill O'Reilly's criticism of Sharpton's dealings with the house that Slim and Birdman built.

Recently, Fox News host Bill O'Reilly joined in the joined in the criticism following the announcement that Al Sharpton would be receiving a book deal from Cash Money Records.

During his segment, O'Reilly criticized Sharpton for being "in business with people who put out entertainment that his harmful to children ...The fact is, Al Sharpton is allowing a company that harms black children to distribute his book."

In response, Tamika D. Mallory, executive director of Sharpton's National Action Network, issued a statement in response to The Huffington Post.

"As National Executive Director of National Action Network (NAN) and head of the Decency Initiative, I find it a blatant contradiction that Bill O’Reilly would question our President, Rev. Al Sharpton writing a book on the evolution of his principles and ideas, detailing among other things why he is against certain lyrics in hip-hop and has stopped himself from using specific words," stated Mallory. "Being published by Simon & Schuster in a joint venture with the parent company Cash Money Content, which itself has a relationship with the parent company of Cash Money Records, I find Mr. O’Reilly’s assertions a contradiction because I sit on the Diversity Council of News Corp that owns Fox News and the New York Post in the seat designated for National Action Network. Both of these media are frequent, consistent critics of Rev. Sharpton and NAN, and have done things that many of us disagree with in terms of aspirations of the Black community."

Mallory argued that it is possible to be affiliated with an organization even if you don't agree with all of its policies. "News Corp also continues to support National Action Network functions and events financially, so if Rev. Sharpton can say we disagree with the News Corp entity, but should be open to dialogue, by what standards might he say to Simon & Schuster, that we are not open to doing business with Cash Money, especially since he can express his problems with lyrics and language in the book? Either we have one standard or not."

"Secondly, I was in the meeting between Pepsi executives, the family of Emmett Till and Rev. Sharpton. There was nobody from Cash Money in that meeting because Pepsi had severed all ties with Lil’ Wayne, and Cash Money and had done so at the urging of both the Till family and Rev. Sharpton. The purpose of the meeting was for Pepsi to assure the family and Rev. Sharpton they were not going to reinstate the Lil’ Wayne deal. To insinuate that there was some deal in the meeting is a blatant lie. The fact remains that Pepsi had still withdrawn any relationship with Lil’ Wayne, so what would there be a deal around? The book deal with Simon & Schuster and Cash Money Content was signed through Massenburg Media and Rev. Sharpton last year and the book was in publication even before the Lil’ Wayne/Pepsi controversy occurred. The evidence of that is that the galleys are already out. Finally, as Rev. Sharpton often says, “We can have different opinions, but we can not have different facts.

-Tamika D. Mallory, National Executive Director, National Action Network"

Sharpton's book deal with Cash Money came as a surprise to many, not least of all because Cash Money artist Lil Wayne dissed Sharpton on Tha Carter III track "DontGetIt." Sharpton's book, titled The Rejected Stone is due out on October 8.

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  • Anonymous

    Al Sharptons a fucking hypocrite. He teams up wiht the worst fuckig thing to happen to this planet and he is supposed to stand for good? Fuck out of here! Fake fuck

  • gas face

    All these leaders get the Bozack

  • Anonymous

    It's hilarious to me...People want to criticize Bill, yet the Emmitt Till line is not talked about in the media or in the hip hop community. Do people realize what happen to that kid? The line is more racist than anything in our current society. SMH. You must be the change you want to see. Don't blame white people for stuff like this, its people like Al Sharpton and Lil Wanye holdin you back.

    • Anonymous

      lol, how is Al holding us back when he has a show with us on it talking about the issues? Black representatives, mayors, governors, senators, lawyers, activists, company owners, experts. Something is really wrong with y'all. One thing though, Al would walk the streets for a brother. Bill O'Reilly don't protest, don't even pay attention to his own, too busy watching how Blacks are this and that.

    • meh

      My peeve with the whole Emmett Till thing is that Wayne reference Till before but no one cared because he was much more favored back then but now he is normally on the chopping block so anything he does is viewed negatively. Don't believe me? Read Cole's lyrics in Miss America. No one seems to care about the lines about Uncle Sam but Wayne steps on a flag and shit gets crazy.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Who Takes Bill O Riley Serious Anyways? Also Check Out The Grand Report for the latest hip hop news, hottest pictures and funniest Trayvon Martin Jokes

    • DTP

      I'm sorry to break it to you bud, but if you don't take a heavyweight like Bill O'Reilly seriously, you're living a closed off existence. Whether you agree with him or not, he is most definitely relevant and necessary. You might want to be more careful when choosing which information you shut out. I'd take him over everyone at MSNBC and most at CNN, and I agree with him less than many reporters that I watch, but I respect him.

  • danheil

    its cool. now al sharpton official has last credibility.

  • Andrea Sara

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  • mark

    Bill is right but he is the wrong person to criticize considering he works for fox news. I wonder if bill turned on the actual fox if he would find shows like the following or family guy or glee as harmful to children? Knowing his standards and the fact that he is still stuck in the 1950's I would assume he would.

    • Anonymous

      Workin for Fox News shouldn't make him wrong. He has a platform and he uses it. Lil Wanye has a platform, yet abuses it.

    • Anonymous

      yeah but you don't see movies/shows promote the dumbing down that rap does. remember "Fuck bitches get money" "don't hate" "snitch nigga die" "stop hating i got more money than you" do movies/shows do that?

  • Anonymous

    its more poor whites than u think and most are that way because of rich whites downsizing moving overseas especially manufacturing nothings made in america anymore and whites are on welfare while working... it cost more to live in a rural suburban community sorry black people are just targets for the media.. when actually black people cover this world over whites and make up most of the worlds population

  • pope

    I always find it funny how rap music is killing us blacks when and causing violence when people were getting killed before it was even created. What do movies do then? Movies showing visuals of terrorist acts and all sorts of crimes. Movies are also the "how to" of how to do any sadistic. Movies need to get their fair share of blame as well then.

    • Anonymous

      yeah but you don't see movies promote the dumbing down that rap does. remember "Fuck bitches get money" "don't hate" "snitch nigga die" "stop hating i got more money than you" do movies do that?

  • Drake runs rap

    looking at this nigga ugly face makes me want to punch a wall

  • Anonymous

    Who the fuck would read a book by Al Sharpton anyways, shit sounds boring. Even Superhead's book will have more sales.

  • Stupid Niggers

    Bill is right, Al is in business with a genre of music that is destroying america, he is the hypocrite when he wants "Peace" in the black community but signs a book deal with ignorant koons who rap about violence. Listen to Bill O'Reilly's opening segment from last Monday you idiots might learn a thing or two.

    • brown

      @John I hear you - you are Nigerian. You visit regularly and you speak the language. For those British who have never been back or speak a language - what is their identity? Most British as you say - actually have an 'adopted' identity. Yes through their parents or grandparents. Look around you, and the history Britain has with these countries. Also Look at the gang cultures, music etc etc. British music has only taken form recently, so that's kinda helped a tiny bit. But generally, Black British are fucked. Dont have shit. Those that do are mainly footballers or a minority of entertainers.

    • John

      @Brown. I disagree that we lack Identity and look to Americans etc because dont forget, we are only first or second generation Imigrants. So we (or our parents) came from Africa or the carribean very recently. I, for instance, am Black british because my mum was born in Scotland, but i also consider myself fully Nigerian because i grew up there with my parents, so that is my identity. I go home to Nigeria every Christmas, I speak my language and most Black British people identify with their 'real' home e.g Ghana, Jamaica, Nigeria etc

    • brown

      @John, you are young - though I wont hold that against you. Black British people are FUCKED mate. FUCKED. No identity, and look to Black Americans or Jamaica for theirs. There's a few who are awake, but there are no black leaders, as no-one wants to put themselves out there like that. Not to mention divided. That all has to do with history, as well as the new wave of immigrants that don't understand the Black British mentality or history. Black British people are FUCKED. real talk

    • John

      Damn you Americans are so difficult to reason with. I am NOT saying we are 100% at fault. I am Black too. Im 21, just finished College here in the UK and I know how hard it is. What im saying is sometimes, WE are the problem, its not all 'the system', 'the white man' etc. Yes alot of the time (maybe most), we are unfairly treated, stereotyped etc but all im trying to say is SOMETIMES, WE are the problem and I feel Al Sharpton and Co forget that. Thats all im saying. Most black people I know are law abiding/intelligent/pro active and resourceful people and its unfortunate that they suffer for the sins of the unruly and criminal few. But lets atleast agree that sometimes we have to look at ourselves.

    • Anonymous

      John, you're here telling us about personal responsibility and influences while slandering and stereotyping. Do you realize many of the kids who have listened to Lil Wayne growing up are a part of the stats that have them more in college than jail and less teenage pregnancies in the last 40 years? Those 40 years are a time-line after segregation was ended, which is more recent than slavery. The people spoke early about Keef, his sales reflect the "hell naw" attitude, while Kendrick Lamar and J Cole are doing very well. Very well in the same over 40 years era. We're talking about equality within the system, the same system that's it's own lawmakers will tell you there's an extreme inequality when it comes to job pay, law enforcement, and quality of life between blacks and whites. Don't even say all are equal because it has provisions to discriminate against it's own women. For instance, Eric Snowden, a high school dropout, discharged by the military, not only gets a job with homeland security and loses it, he gets another working for the NSA. Any adult who has been around knows that is a resume of a loser, who worked for nothing and got it all through nepotism, his daddy's merits. Slap yourself hard if you think he was thinking about us when that was leaked. But there's a brother out there with all of the qualifications and some more who was passed over for Eric.

    • John

      Yaw, you are right. Im only 21, and its incredible how different we Black British/African are to African Americans. We both have alot to learn I guess

    • John

      @digga ,trust me, I know how Bill o'reilly is. I know how sean hannity is, I know how hypocritical Fox news are. I know how the republican party can be sometimes. Im not stereotyping. Look at the rate of out of wedlock births in the Black community, look at the murder rate in Chicago. I grew up in Lagos (people say its one of the most corrupt and dangerous cities) and I WILL feel safer there than in Chicago. All im saying is, there are 2 types of people. The ones that want to tackle their problems head on, and the ones that want to be 'victims' forever. Look at Sikhs from India. They have been persecuted all around the world for hundreds of years. Today, I have never seen people as hardworking and resourceful as sikhs. They fight through racism, ridicule( for wearing their turbans etc) but they dont compromise. For Black people, sometimes I feel we are just waiting for the next issue to cry 'Racism'. Look at Al-sharpton and jesse Jackson. They seem to forget that MLK said we (black people) should also look at ourselves. Al-sharpton and co never go on marches when 60 young black kids are killed by OTHER young black kids. They are just waiting for a Zimmerman. Lil wayne says some of the vilest things and influences kids wrong ( even before the Emmet till comment), but Al-sharpton looks the other way. Dont get me wrong, it IS hard on Black people (not just in America), we are stereotyped all over , we dont get jobs etc, but all im saying is, its time to take some personal responsibility . We always cry about slavery, and it was terrible (im from Nigeria, and we were heavily invovled), but dont forget, Black people used to sell slaves too. And we cant blame anyone today for what has happened in the past. We need to work to help each other out. African Americans have no Identity and end up looking up to people like Lil wayne, Chief Keef etc. These are people that couldnt care less about what message their music is giving out. Im not saying ALL Black people are bad or have kids at young ages, but what im saying is, alot of the problems in the community stem from no positive role models, father figures and influences. No-one should pay for the sins of others, we should all be given a chance.

    • Yaw

      @John You must be very careful using the word black and not Africans/African-Americans.. When you speak about African-Americans your dealing with a system that don't teach African-American children anything about Africa, we in the states are only taught European history and the AA history starts at slavery not Egypt and the curriculum in the states teaches children through multiple choice, meaning they're not taught to think for themselves, where abroad children are taught to think and not memorize and this is why foreigners master the system with ease.. In order for you to truly over stand these situations I advise you read Dr. Naim Akbar "Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery to get a better over standing of the American mind Black and White, it's a deep situation.. I grew up to Hip-Hop with a positive message and today these kids have a different message of the drum think makes them super dumb and Al Sharpton isn't as sharp as he ages.. But Al Sharpton and Cash Money is like an Abolitionist hooking up with the Klan, really bad and I'm going to call his show and confront him on this situation, I think he's on right now..

    • digga

      john, u are stereotyping, u are way off cuz i know many black people who didn't have kids at an early age. i am one of them. and u don't understand america. bill o'reilly is the biggest hypocrite. he advocates separtism on his show. he shit on black people but yet where is the white people that do dirt in the white house everyday. these people fuck up our lives every second in this country. they use our money to fight wars we don't need to build a war economy. they tax the poor and leave the rich (white folk) to prosper. and u said black people don't care about black people. are so wrong. u are stereotyping. i admit there are black people who don't care but a good majority give a crap about their fellow man. the media put these images and exploit the black experience to their liking. those black people that do it deserve your wrath. not black people like u and me. if bill o'reilly cared about black people, where is he when many black kids need help. where is he when many black people losing their homes? fuck bill o reilly. stop being a puppet and open your eyes. damn u aren't very smart for a man that's from london

    • John

      Yo, I know you are white and this is the only way you can say what you really want to say,and guess what ? you are right !! im black, but not African American, Im British, and grew up in Nigeria and the UK and Bill was SPOT ON. but al Sharpton and the rest will never face the truth. Black people dont care about Black people , so the real world, why should white people care about black people ?? i believe there is still racism in the world but Black people dont help themselves. we love to be the 'victim' instead of dusting ourselves off, working hard and NOT HAVING KIDS AT AGE 16-19 !!


    fuck al sharpton hes just a fuckin fake civil rights hustler all he cares bout is money talking bout hes there for the black community nigga please

  • Bene The OG cares who the beat is distributed by. it more so matters what the content of the material is, whats actualy being released. Bill you dont have anything better to do? go listen to some Johnny Cash and Elvis and sit your old ass down.

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