August 31st will mark the return of The Beatnuts and their sixth LP “Milk Me.” Over the last decade plus The Nuts have remained one of hip-hop’s most consistent, and best, duos. With their unique combination of raw, hardcore lyrics and incredible production, Psycho Les and Junkyard JuJu are as inimitable as they come.

Just ask Jennifer Lopez who takes bitch slap from JuJu on “Confused Rappers” for jacking their classic “Watch Out Now” for own single; “you know you haven’t been to the block for a minute/getting all the little Latin girls to bite/when you really can’t sing and your no Salma Hayek.” If “Hot” featuring Greg Nice is any indication of the album, this album is gonna be stone crazy.

1. Intro

2. Hot f/Greg Nice

3. Buggin f/Prince Whipper Whip

4. Madness

5. Uh Huh f/Tony Touch & Gab Gotcha

6. Find Us (In The Back Of The Club) f/Akon

7. U Nahmsayin f/Freeway

8. We Don’t Give A Funk

9. Down f/Milano

10.Confused Rappers f/Rahzel


12.We Getting Paper f/Triple Seis & Colion

13.All Night f/Chris Chandler

14.It’s Nothing f/A.G. and Gab Gotcha


16.Freak Off f/Chris Chandler


18.Milk Me Interlude