Lil Wayne Concertgoer Arrested For Leaving Children In Car Unattended

Brittany Nicole Harris of West Palm Beach, Florida is accused of leaving her 3- and 5-year-old children unattended in the parking lot of the Cruzan Amphitheatre Sunday.

A Lil Wayne concertgoer faces two charges of child neglect after authorities say the 25-year-old left her two toddlers in her car unattended while she attended the America's Most Wanted Tour, according to Brittany Nicole Harris of West Palm Beach, Florida is accused of leaving her 3- and 5-year-old children unattended in the parking lot of the Cruzan Amphitheatre Sunday during the concert, according to the story.

“She originally said her cousin brought the kids here, but then she confessed that she came here and left the kids to stay in the car so she could watch the concert,” the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s deputy wrote in the arrest report, as per 

The children were observed unattended at about 7 pm by an amphitheatre employee and were in the parking lot for more than two hours, according to the report. The children told an employee that their mother had gone into the concert. The authorities were contacted and Harris was arrested as she exited the event. 

Harris was released under supervision and on $20,000 bond from the Palm Beach County Jail at 3 am Tuesday, according to the story. Child welfare workers took Harris' children, according to

The America's Most Wanted Tour, which also features T.I. and 2 Chainz, is scheduled to appear at the 1st Mariner Arena in Baltimore, Maryland today (July 17).

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  • Anonymous

    lmao! Does not surprise me. Lil Wayne fans are dumb as shit. smh

  • Anonymous

    horrible parenting, typical wayne hate from no life haters, dude been making hits since the 90's, he wont be going anywhere it's obvious

  • Gina R. Franklin

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  • A Horny Guy

    Damn, she cute. She could have let me beat and I would have watched the kids for her!!

  • John-Boy

    And while the kids were in the car baking this broad was at the concert singing "No Worries" at the top of her lungs. How ironic that miss bimbo now has a whole lot to worry about.

  • Ezra

    Horrible parenting to say the least...BUT this is a minor issue in comparison to the BIGGER reciting Wayne lyrics at a concert worth losing you kids over; she will soon find out. It reminds me of that story in GA about the chick who left her kids in the car to wait on some Jordans to be released. Same ones that are complaining about how "expensive" gas is, but are paying $200 for some sneakers. What we don't realize as blacks most times is that WE ARE MAKING THESE PEOPLE RICH, while most of us stay bottom-fed. It's ok to buy nice things and to go to concerts and all, but not at the expense of your children or well-being. And enough with the racist comments. Because all races do dumb shit. Seems like it's more sensationalized in the media when the person is black or latin. There is always some excuse when some white person goes on a shooting spree. Something has to be "clinically" wrong. But if a latino or black person does a crime, we are dumb savages. Stupididty is stupidity, no matter your pigmentation.

  • room2roam

    where was the father? oh thats right black men dont care about their kids... black kids are at such a disadvantage

    • Anonymous

      What you are saying John-Boy is some rare type shit. What room2roam is some everyday all the time type shit.

    • John-Boy

      And your dad is probably banging some ten year old boys back out while your mom is a school teacher giving head to some 13 year old. See how sterotypes can work both ways?

    • Anonymous

      i know white men who dont care about their kids too

    • 614grind

      Stereotype much? I like how it's the black man's fault that this sorry woman left her kids in the car so she could see Lil Tunechi. You should put up her bail money.

  • DentistDamnBoy

    as an accountant for Roc Nation, all i can say is that you would never see that happen at the Jay Z/JT concert. Weezy fans are idiots, just like Weezy

  • Johhny Blaze

    people would say that my hope is broken but my faith is present as long as my notebooks open i was a broke boy hopin, that id find my way wishin i could call my momm n say i got signed today but in reality im still miles away my tank n bank account empty i should just hide away but instead i that god n reach to the sky for a handshake i could give a damn about how much money that a man makes i guess thats easy to say when im broke searchin for a rolled up dollar bill used to sniff sum coke i could give a fuck if they say that this kids a joke prolly just crack a smile as i exhale my smoke Postedjust now | Reply

  • Anonymous

    Which is stupider, her leaving the kids in the car unattended or her being a Lil Wane fan? Those 2 sins combined should be an automatic death sentence.

  • Doo Doo Brown

    fuckin dumb ass brawd

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Good, take the kids away from this broad and they could go into foster care, taken care of by rich folk in Miami Beach.

  • Anonymous

    she got arrested for leaving lil wayne locked in the car?

  • Anonymous

    there was seriously a study that said if you listen to lil wayne you are probably fucking stupid as shit! this just backs it up. a jay-z or nas fan would never leave their child or even a puppy unattended in a car while they went to a concert

  • Anonymous

    typical lil wayne fan!

  • Anonymous

    Florida is sketchy as hell.

  • Anonymous

    LOL gotta love these ratchet welfare mothers...


    What do you expect from a lil wayne fan

    • jb

      looks like Alonzo is a big time wayne dick sucker he comments on all people bashing wayne poor boy he must let wayne fuck him anally but you are right typical wayne fan and people need to get their priorities straight in life and when you choose wayne over your kids you have a serious problem

    • Alonzo

      Shut the fuck up.

  • Anonymous

    don't just listen to it or view it, download it, for fucking free. It gets no better then this. Badmoneybagz Presents: B.m.b Music Or Die via @DatPiff RETWEET

  • Anonymous

    wow, it is not that serious, bad parenting.

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  • Anonymous

    wow, really?.. a babysitter never crossed her mind?..

  • Anonymous

    a real ja rule fan would never leave his kids in a car unattended. big ja thought us better. #RULEYORK

  • imho

    typical wayne fans--morons

  • Anonymous

    Nothing to do with hip hop. Next!

    • A

      Rarely do I see a comment I like on here. Cheers!

    • Anonymous

      Tooks the words out of my mouth, just because it was a Lil Wayne show they post it..why? What does it have to do with Hip Hop, this should be on deadbeatparentsdx dot com. add on whine book @thachronicizback

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Kids wasn't trying to hear that bullshit.

  • Bobyahed2dis

    As a close friend of Weezy F. Baby, I can personally say that he doesn't condone this kind of cowardly behavior, and that she was a groupie trying to suck his dick on stage. She is a slim minority of Wayne fans as most of them are intelligent workers with high IQ's and high paying jobs! Yolo!

  • joe jackson

    not surprised at all typical hood rat chicken head

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