Timbaland Makes Reference To George Zimmerman Possibly Committing Suicide

Timbaland takes "religious" approach to Trayvon Martin killing, asks if anyone has "talked to God" about the murder.

In the wake of the announcement of the verdict in the Georgia Zimmerman trial, numerous individuals in the Hip Hop community have voiced their opinion on both Zimmerman and the not guilty verdict. Among those individuals was noted, Virginia beatsmith Timbaland who recently shared his thoughts with Revolt TV.

Timbaland stated that despite not being charged in the shooting and murder of Florida teenager Trayvon Martin, Zimmerman might be led to suicide due to his circumstances.

“[Zimmerman] is screwed. Mentally he is not going to be right ever in his life,” said the producer. “You know how many times he probably wakes up like, ‘I messed up. Oh, I really messed up.’ And probably cry. It won’t be probably too long before we hear he took his life. You will probably read about it.”

Due to his struggle with weight years ago, Timbaland faced his own bout of depression and even confessed to being “suicidal depressed” while appearing on E!'s “True Hollywood Story” in 2011.

Prior to speaking on Zimmerman, Timbaland questioned the presence of God the evening Martin was gunned down in Sanford, Florida.

“Has anybody talked to God about this,” Timbaland asked. “God bring all these natural disasters and you know some people make it through, some don’t. You never know why that boy was walking and why did that happen. You gotta ask God why did he let that happen…It’s kinda deep for me. I think on a religious way…To me, it always say God will deal with you. That’s how I look at it as.”

Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch coordinator, was found not guilty in the Martin killing on July 13.

Video of Timbaland's interview can be found below (via XXL Magazine).

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  • leather face


  • magmatic123

    maybe trayvon's death can wake people up... especially about race relations and how author figures have a responsibility not to abuse their power

  • the truth

    whats funny is people think dying is bad and that even goes for "religious" people. All religions teach that there is kingdom, or a better place after death and that when its your time to go its your time to go. you only getting there if you lived a "good and honest" life. otherwise your goin somewhere else. so why not practice what you preach? either way if zimmerman should be found guilty or not, Trayvon just met god earlier then expected and therefore religiously his family should look at it that way. Also, your are innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. and so if theres not enough evidence to support that, then zimmerman will get his, in his own way. let it be, mind your own business and be grateful for your life everyday. rejoice in happiness and rise above the negative. RIP trayvon.

    • Anonymous

      He went to the other place. You know where the air conditioning is broken, and everybody looks really, really depressed.

  • Bobyahed2dis

    Timbaland is an irrelevent ass producer who only works with b list rappers named Gay-Z, the only way he can get his voice heard is by talking about sensitive subjects like this. Unlike producers like Mike Will Bangladesh and Lex Luger, Tim's beat's arent sayin shit.

    • shaka

      your a bitch for saying that about timbo he is one of the best you fucking idiot!!!

    • Anonymous

      Wow, you're stupid. Timbo is one of the best producers out now. That guy made classics. Irrelevant? HA!! Timbo is definitely relevant. Jay Z a B-list rapper? HAHAHA!! Hov is one of the elite rappers out now. Fuck Mike Will, Bangladesh, and Lex Luger; they all make the same type of generic, simplistic, mainstream/trap bullshit that's on the radio.

  • Anonymous

    maybe God wants to see a dynamic change with blacks

  • Jedson

    I disagree with Timbaland's assumption that Zimmerman has some type of apathy for what he did. He is underestimating how void of emotion and compassion people can really be. All you idiots saying Trayvon Martin was a thug.. why? Because he was seen smoking weed in a few pics? You can find any white child born into a rich white upper class doing the same thing on twitter and instagram all day. Justin Bieber flips his middle finger on instagram and smokes a lot of weed. Does he deserve to be gunned down for that. Now for you idiotic atheist. You can mock and make fun of bible stories and refer to them as fairy tales. As a matter of fact I do that too. You know where you retards fall short? You all fall short in believing that every complex organism on this planet created itself. No matter how intelligently they try to word it and rephrase it in their arguments to support atheism they're all basically saying the same thing.. that everything came from nothing. A rock does not suddenly change into an ax unless it is acted upon by something else. These fools put all their trust in science as their religion and still don't realize that even their science indicates that matter does not create itself or alter its shape unless being acted upon by from a decision made by something that was cognitive and aware.

    • Anonymous

      It doesn't matter if you're Justin Bieber, or just some poor thug on the street. If you make a bad choice then you have to accept what the consequences might be. I'm betting this wasn't the first time Trayvon got into a scuffle, but life is unpredictable that way. Maybe 99 times before he walked away, but the 100th time someone had a gun and he died. It's tragic, but it's also over. Time to move on.

  • ...?

    So he's basically saying that what happened to Trayvon was the fault of either Trayvon himself of somebody who deeply cares for Trayvon and is getting punished... Timbo, come on man, even if you have these thoughts, keep them to yourself

  • HiiiPoWeR

    Damn it's 2013 and dudes below me still in the third dimension talking about God & Religion. Start using your pineal gland fools.

  • M

    God kills everybody, so I don't see the point in asking why God allows things like this to happen.

  • Anonymous

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  • Fuck Virginia

    Keep praying to God until he gives your mother cancer, then you gon be talking all that "fuck God shit". Bitch ass Christian.

  • ok

    Stop disrespecting God. If God is real all of you will be in serious trouble. You must believe in something if none of you have murdered or done critical harm to another person, or if you regret wrongdoing you have done in the past. Its a shame that disrespecting religion is now promoted by your rap idols and seen as cool to the public. You will all pay and feel the wrath of your Creator. Get yourself together because judgement day meets ALL.

  • Anony

    Ja Rule will murk George Zimmerman ya feel me?

  • Anony

    You know how many times he probably wakes up like, I messed up. Oh, I really messed up. And probably cry. It wont be probably too long before we hear he took his life. You will probably read about it. Not if Ja Rule gets him first. Trayvon was a Ja Rooligan and Ja Rule will avenge his death.

  • Mortis

    Viva La Zimmerman!!!! Mexicanos takin over Amerikka


      Fuck mexicans! la zimmerman! mejol k aprenda uste a hablar el espaol antes de hablar mielda you fuckin pussy, palomo!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Now Timbaland is a shrink? lol From the start, Zimmerman stood stayed true to his account of what happened. Whether that was true or not, he's free, so why would he waste another second worrying about Trayvon or the verdict?

  • Anonymous

    why did got put the boy on that street that night? because there is no biblical god. it's good for 90% of population to believe it though, otherwise everyone'd be fucked. also good $$$$ for churches

    • Anonymous

      Obviously you don't understand how God works. The Bible is all about people making their own choices and having to live with the consequences, both good or bad. Is it God's fault Trayvon assaulted Zimmerman? Is it God's fault Zimmerman shot Martin out of self defense as he claimed? Bad things happen in life. The idea is to make better choices and learn how to walk away instead of trying to act like a thug just because someone walked up to you.

  • why

    is it anyone was addict to drugs all they talk about is god sober?

  • VividSci

    Has anybody talk to god about this he says, lol. Timberland still believing in tooth fairies and shit too? Between this and the ridiculous MCHG dick riding, this nigga just needs to stay out of the media and doing interviews. Just stick to the lab Timmy.

  • bullshite, mate

    "The only gods in this bitch are us. We are the species in the labs creating shit from dust."

  • Anonymous

    I just had God on the phone. He said it wasn't him.

  • Mortis

    Timbaland's ass is full of needle marks from the roids. He doesn't eat the Twinkie so he fucks them for the Zimmerman

  • opinionated

    not a fan of the whole zimmerman trial, however tell timbaland to shut up just cuz u tried to kill yoself wen u wuz fat dont mean zimmerman going thru the same. Zimmerman is a wannabe cop he killed a black thug (regardless of age zimmerman feels he did the right thing) so with that being said I highly doubt he thinking about killing himself

  • dev

    he said "God brings all these natural disasters." If you take the time to actually dissect what he said, it sounds ridiculous. How is it such "natural" disaster when your so-called "God" made it.

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