Earl Sweatshirt Criticizes Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" Album

Earl Sweatshirt tells fans of Jay-Z's latest album to unfollow him.

It seems not everyone is a fan of Jay-Z's latest album, Magna Carta Holy Grail.

Odd Future's Earl Sweatshirt took to Twitter today to voice his opinion on Hov's project, reminiscent of his fun at the expense of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis several weeks back.

Earl first explained that he wasn't a fan of Jay's work on Justin Timberlake's "Suit and Tie," joining Kanye West in that respect:

Then, Earl went as far as to tell his Twitter followers to unfollow him if they disagreed with his assessment.

Earl went on to suggest that the acclaim that MCHG has garnered is because of Jay'z name, and not the quality of the album:

In a 2012 interview, Jay-Z was complimentary of Earl's Odd Future crew. “[Odd Future has an] aversion to corporate America,” he said. “People have a real aversion to what people in power did to the country. So they’re just lashing out, like: ‘This is the son that you made. Look at your son. Look at what you’ve done.’”

In 2011, Odd Future was reportedly fielding offers from Jay-Z's Roc Nation, before the collective opted for simply a distribution deal with Sony.

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  • Anonymous

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  • 2 years ago

    It's crazy how a lot of hip hop heads used to fuck with earl when he was missing.

  • Earl pukeskirt

    Who is this dude. He's here today gone tomorrow just like the rest of his wack crew. Jay z is wack but you are too so keep ya lame ass twitter remarks coming. No one cares. Keep putting out ya tracks that no one gonna listen to. You corny ass rappers have made me want to stop listening to any music out. Wu tang bang bang crew. 213 to 918 boogies boogz trapping and slapping ya hoez Obama slumma villa trap music dead gap music bread. Born and raised in the dirty rose up to the Dubai fly society reppa

  • Anonymous

    nobody checking for this nfuck boy i bet he wont even outsell lil B

  • Anonymous

    He's the rapper you just clicked on and read a headline about. Question is who the fuck are you?

  • Anonymous

    First off, its just the guys opinion. He said he is a fan of Jay Z, he just didn't like MCHG. And second, it was clearly a way to promote his album. It was a publicity stunt to get everybody to pay attention to his twitter. Even though he got a ton of backlash and fans that unfollowed, his total followers actually went up because of all the headlines he was making. Then the next day, while the spotlight is still on him and everybody was waiting to see his response, he dropped his album date/tracklist/cover. So say what you will about his music, but that was some pretty clever marketing.

  • Evanator

    And the majority of America says, "Who the fuck is Earl Sweatshirt?"

  • Anonymous

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  • Dweebs

    WHO is this guy again? Jay worst shit is better than his best. Until he can drop multiple certified classics I suggest he go sit his wack ass down somewhere. His opinion don't even count! Dude wast even alive when Reasonable Doubt came out was he? F.O.H... His whole crew sucks balls an he hatin on the best of the best..

  • fuckthisguy

    fuck this shit mc talking shit....what a toy

  • Anonymous

    I dont bump either of these two?

  • Mr. Awesome

    Wonder how Frank feels about that - he's ON the album! lolol

  • bruh

    read a great album review here: http://strictlyslaps.com/jay-z-magna-carta-holy-grail/

  • Anonymous

    Every earl verse is the same "im the mad rapper i slash plasma like fantasma running up the block with a bottle of fuckin antplasma" say im lying Jay doesn't have anything to prove he delivered a solid album that you can listen to without getting depressed but of course rappers are always bitter & jealous & so up their own asses they can't bare to see another rapper doing better than them

    • iknowmusic

      your clearly a genius rhymer yourself please do quote more fictional bars. Learn what assonance is before getting but hurt about earls bars.

  • Anonymous

    I been bumpin MCHG since it came out but i think i need to get back to that Grief Pedigree album.

  • Anonymous

    Good album but definitely nowhere near classic. I personally dont believe well will see a true classic album anytime soon with the way music is these days. I had high hopes for Jay Electronica but obviously i gave up on that. Music has too much politics and bullshit in it these days for anyone to put out timeless hip-hop, and the artists that are putting out that quality music aren't popular enough to get that critical acclaim to reach classic.

  • Anonymous

    I always wonder how many people on this website are true hip-hop heads and how many just got into it because it took over the airways.

  • magna carter holy fail

    Lets be real here...Jay z is pretty good sure but he isnt a fucking god or #1...not at all...Ill give him props all day for Reasonable doubt, blueprint1, black album, and american gangster...but besides those 4, lyrically AND IN GENERAL he is average and super super over praised. not to mention this nigga is way more of a cocky business man than a rapper.. and before i get the hov stans writing all his stats and accomplishments he is as POP and mainstream as it gets and like I said his name is everywhere because of his venues not because he mic skills. let the denial and hating unfold

  • yourdad

    The album was okay- not great. People sweat everything he does 90% of the time musically because of his name alone. I give credit to the man as far as business goes but it's obvious his music today sounds like a watered down version of what he used to be- which is perfectly fine!!! he's a business man and doesn't have the time to be a full-time emcee but I think people who swear Holy Grail album is the best thing he's ever dropped... GTFOH

    • DaDonRoman

      The man is 40 something years old ofcourse it'll be watered down. WTF does he have to rap about it. He's put out how many albums? At least it's not I AM NOT A HUMAN BEING II. That's an album that shows the artist has lost it.

    • Anonymous

      People today are just so thirsty to witness and be a part of greatness that they are willing to put that stamp on anything. Plus, the media plays into it convincing people that they truly are witnessing greatness when really all they are truly saying is "give us your money sheep."

  • blkviper

    If you like Jay's latest just because he's Jay or hate his latest because he's Jay than you're not listening. there is no crime in liking Magna Carta or hating it, it's just your opinion. calling someone a dick rider because they follow Jay is pure idiocy, if you don't dig him, fine. it cost you nothing, take your money and do something worth your while. thing is he's fine without your money. whatever side you fall on that's cool, just stop proving you're bitch made in the process.

  • Anonymous

    I honestly think that the majority of you guys are morons. And that really comes from the heart. Some of you are just blind Jay-Z dick riders and some of you are just digging to deep into nothing. I bet you guys one million fucks that this shit isn't about a publicity stunt and two million fucks that Earl cares that Frank Ocean has been on two songs with the nigga. 3 million fucks say the nigga was just saying what he felt because he has right to. That's the whole point of Twitter. You guys aren't "respectfully disagree" with him with actual reason haha. That "Earl's career is bullshit compared to Jay Z so he shouldn't even be allowed voice non-aggressive, rational opinion" bullshit is fucking dumbest shit I've heard in awhile man lol. So that means none of you people should talk about young dude because none of you niggas have a rap career at all, right?

  • David

    Y'all people tripping cause HHDX can't report the story properly. The next tweet after the Holy Savior tweet, he went on to say he's gonna go and listen to "Allure" by Jay-Z. Just because he doesn't like THIS album, doesn't mean he doesn't like listening to jay-z period. Earl has praised Jay-z over and over. Ever since his retirement, jigga has released one good album and that was American gangster. This is coming from a big time jay-z fan.

  • The Decatur ATL BOI

    A dude that has not done anything is over there complaining...Make 12 Solo Albums, 5 Collab albums, 5 films, 3 American Music Awards,6 BET Awards,2 Billboard Awards,A Brit Award, 9 MTV Awards and 17 grammys and then say something! Outside of that-SHUT YO DONE NOTHING AZZ UP! What more can I say?

    • LOL

      Let me quote jay-z for you AGAIN "sensitive thugs, ya'll need hugs" ATL you must really be an illiterate person from the ghettos of ATL cause not once did i say you brought up album sales, nor did I say drake is better than Nas or Jay-Z. The LOL at the end of the Nas/Drake comparison was to indicate that I was being sarcastic. The dick joke was a reference to you catching feelings about what Earl said about Jigga, clearly I've hit your sensitive side. The last good jay-z album since his "retirement" was American Gangster, which was a complete album from beginning till end, even with the weasel Lil' Wayne on it. That doesn't mean he hasn't good tracks on those other albums, but those other albums like Kingdom Come and Blueprint 3 were mediocre at best. I have to make sure you understand that because I don't think you can follow a simple train of thought. I'm not a jay-z hater, actually a big fan of his work before he came back.

    • Fuck Marcy

      Negro PLEASE. Just admit you got Jay's cock in your mouth and be done with it.

    • Lay-Z

      ATL Boi you are dickriding, please stop. I know Jay-Z was once a great rapper and he deserves all the accolades he's received, but all of his achievements doesn't change the fact that he's fallen off since then. MCHG has nothing on his past albums (maybe it's on par with Kingdom Come, I didn't like that one either). Earl has a point, the reason people bought this album is the same reason people bought Yeezus or anything Lil Wayne has put out lately, because they're big. They got rich and stopped trying, their huger is gone, but as long as dickriders such as yourself continue to fuck with them, they'll continue to put out lazy shit. "If you don't like the album then cool, but why in the hell do you take yo weak azz whining to social media? That's Bitchassness. Men don't do that." Because people have an opinion and freedom of speech. In this regard, why are you on this website whining about Earl's comments? Men don't do that, right?

    • The Decatur ATL BOI

      There's never been a nigga this good for this long This hood Or this pop is hot Or this strong With so many different flows This ones for this song The next one I'll switch up This one will get bit up These fucks To lazy to make up shit They crazy They don't...paint pictures They just trace me You know what Soon they forget who they plucked They whole style from And try to reverse the outcome I'm like...CLUCK I'm not a biter I'm a writer For myself and others I say a B.I.G. verse I'm only biggin up my brother Biggin up my borough I'm big enough to do it I'm that thorough Plus i know my own flow is foolish So the rings and things you sing about Bring em out It's hard to yell when the bar-rel's in your mouth I'm in...New sneakers Deuce seaters A few Diva's What more can i tell you Let me spell it for you W-I-Double L-I-E Nobody truer than H-O-V And I'm back for more New Yorks ambassador Prime Minister back to finish my business up

    • Decatur ATL BOI

      @ "LOL"- I was documenting the success of an artist, not quantifying that by album sales. Drake has what, 2 albums? Not comparable. Jay and Nas have hits from different decades, they get the nod for consistency and quality. Before you make "cock"refrences learn to read you mark. Making dick jokes shows your intelligence (or lack thereof)-so I see who you are.

    • The Decatur ATL BOI

      It does make sense, if you haven't blazed a trail, opened doors for dudes like this to rap, creaded an avenue to generate money in the music business then what's all the fussin for...'cause he hotter than an oven door? Negro's hate just to be hating. To your point Izno, skills mean nothing if the world is not hearing it nor checking for it. You can be the greatest, but if you are moving 10 units then who really cares besides those 10 + your circle? Jay has created what we should all aspire to be, successful at what YOU do, Not hate on the next man to relax your failures. NEGRO PALEEZE. Don't confuse di*k riding with admiring the hustle you lazy do nothing as folk. We should rise as a people and realize that success is something to be applauded. If you don't like the album then cool, but why in the hell do you take yo weak azz whining to social media? That's Bitchassness. Men don't do that. Real men will just not buy the album and leave it at that. Now who's the sensitive thug?

    • LOL

      This dude went off and went on wikipedia, copied every single award jay-z has won and everything hes done. You must really love jay-z's cock in your mouth for getting all sensitive over another mans opinion. If grammy's mean your good then I guess Drake is better then Nas cause he beat out Nas last year with a R&B/Rap album in the best rap album category LOL Let me quote jay-z for you "sensitive thugs, ya'll need hugs"

    • Izno

      Does that make sense to you? First you have to achieve everything like the person you criticize? Really? Earl is a hell of a good rapper, thus Grammys and shit like that are not a proof that you are good, they just show that a bunch of rich people in their own group said that you made a lot of munny.



  • Laura B. Santillan

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  • Anonymous

    BWAHAHAHAHHA!! Earl sweatshirt thinking he has BALCK FANS now? BWAHAHAHA! Dude the streets dont fuck with You or Odd Future period...you niggas are gay , alternative, white skateboarder rap...Mac Miller got a million times more swag and cred then you lil lame nerd ass rappers... by the way your music sucks ass...holler at me when yall got at least one song poppin in anybodys whip

    • Rap Fan

      This is the problem these days. Fans care about this so called swag. This is why all these horrible rap artists are making so much money off idiotic fans.

    • Anonymous

      "Mac Miller got a million times more swag and cred then you lil lame nerd ass rappers" What a fucking retard lol.

  • Anonymous

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  • Bobyahed2dis

    Everyone in my neighborhood of Hollygrove New Orleans agrees with Earl, Jay is wack pop music!

  • jerry springer

    hey its rudy from Fat Albert

  • Anonymous

    I personally enjoyed the album but i understand where he is coming from. People are so caught up in image and status that we overlook the quality of the music that gets put out. We are a gullible fan base and the music industry understand this and takes full advantage of it but sooner or later once these fans grow up a little and understand what is actually going on here, things will change.

  • Anonymous

    Publicity stunt to get people talking about him.

  • zxsss9


  • zxsss9


  • Dp

    JAY-Z LYRICS "Blueprint 2" Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that (Jay-Z won't hold my hand no more) Jay-Z this, Jay-Z that Jay-Z that, Jay-Z this (Jay-Z won't give me no money) Get off Jay-Z dick What y'all niggas get front page articles, y'all mention Jay-Z name (This thing on?) Jay-Z, Jay-Z, in Jay-Z news I understand what y'all trying to do

  • guerilla jones

    lol i dont think we will ever have to worry about people buying your album JUST based on your name lol

  • Anonymous

    And SUIT & TIE is a chill joint you GEEK.

  • Sure

    Magna Carter is a DOPE ASS ALBUM. Point blank period.

  • Sit down kid

    NEGRO PLEEZE, unfollow you because someone liked a Jay Z joint????? FUCK IS UP with these nerds?

  • dy2330

    in a sense i feel what earl is saying. the commercials youtube and social media ads had this album hyped up to be the album of the decade, the next illmatic etc. i been listening to it over and over, reading lyrics etc. and i just can't feel it. its an average album. a marketing tool. he already went platinum due to samsung. but hov is a market, hes a producy=t name now, to me i lost faith in hov. in my opinion with all the big albums that released in the past month. kanye j.cole, joey badass wale mac miller and mgk, mgk j.cole and mac had the best projects released

  • w4term0uth

    earl needs to work on his music before talking about someone else's. wolf gang is garbage.

  • dentaldamboy

    Earl speaks tha truth. YMCMB running this muthafucker.

  • Mitch

    Y'all might be laughing at this guy, but he's right, MCHG sucked. If Jay wouldn't have hyped it up with Samsung and just released it like Kanye did Yeezus, I have a feeling everyone would be criticizing it as well. There were a few stand out tracks on MCHG (like Yeezus), but also like Yeezus, there really wasn't any true direction with the album. It just seemed like it was a bunch of tracks thrown together. The production was pretty good (I guess), but the lyrics were horrible and all over the place, same with his lyrical delivery. Earl is right - If some other artist released an album like this with his voice rapping the same lyrics and same beats, people would forget about it in a month or two. But since the "oh-so-mighty" Hov is releasing an album, it automatically has to be considered a classic? Yeah.... no - Holy Grail was Hot Garbage

  • andrew

    Fuck all of you ignorant bastards. Music is Liked and disliked by many...so go suck a dick. Not everyones gunna agree on whether or not they like the same shit as you, not this album and not for any other album. Music is personal and if you like it you like it, if you, you dont. Just cause 10 people say this album is trash dont mean your gunna change the oponion of the poeple who like it, and vice versa. Now stop chasing your own tails in a circle and stfu and enjoy MUSIC. Its a choice what we listen to, it isnt forced. Yah lunatics

  • tammy

    LMAOOOOO earl sweatshirt ahahaha that nigga a fuckboy u could never get to Jay's status as a rapper and business man. "Yes, and here is the new president of Def Jam Earl Sweatshirt" ahahaha fukn faggot i fucks with Jay Z because I been with him since the beginning when he was rapping like Das Effex. I appreciate what Jay has accomplished and most of his fans have grown up with him too, we ain't the same kids we were in the 90's. If you under 21 hating on Jay I'm sorry but u a sucka to the radio and industry garbage on the radio these days, these lame wannabe rappers and rap artists are internet sensations, if this were the 90's their bullshit music would never have made it to television. Now u can quickly go to youtube, facebook, intstagram etc. and think that because u have some online buzz that somehow ur on the level of a Jay Z. These niggas is bitches, Jay been around 20+ years, do u really think ANYONE from Odd future will be here in 2 years? FUCK NO.

  • Chicasalem

    Not a huge fan of Earl, but i'm happy someone is speaking up in this word where opinions make you a hater. The Jay album isn't good.



  • jay

    wow. no wonder hip hop sucks. jay puts out this album which is 80% marketing ( samsung app, museum performances, album cover on display at churches and shit, leaking a new song every week with the lyrics ) and the d*ckriders swarm. He put more time in decorating this fvcking album than actually writing it. This album is fuvking horrible (sounds like he made it in a week) and most of y'all know it. No hate, I just know Shawn Carter is capable of real spit. I want to glorify this dude for his skill, not for his marketing affiliation. And I'm not even comparing this to his old shit. If a person says he's the best all of the time people will eventually believe it. (c) lil' wayne (and we saw where that shit went). plus, rapping at 45 is not a good look, even if you're so called "doin' it for the culture". Earl got a lotta courage. (and if i hear about jay-z talk about surpassing the beatles and elvis one more time...)

  • j

    Well, we don't believe you, you need more people

  • sxxx9


  • sxxx9


  • Anonymous


  • Drake runs rap

    fuck odd faggots with earl fag shirt and tyler the fag creator most of all that open faggot frank homocean and fuck gay z. Drake makes all these faggots irrelevent

    • Drake

      Bitch, I told your thirsty ass to stay off my dick.

    • -

      Drake can't make him irrelevant.. that makes no sense. there's no way Drake could make Odd Future not matter... irrelevant ass fuckboy calling anyone else irrelevant is so ironic.. google irony if you don't know what it means

    • Anonymous

      This coming from someone who rides Drake's dick is very ironic.



  • ???

    im a earl fan yeah so what but even I was smart enough to get the meaning behind the album cmon earl you making our era look very stupid MAGNA CARTER---http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magna_Carta READ A MUTHA FUCKIN BOOK

  • get real

    he can have his own opinion, but is it really an opinion when you get on social media to be heard? thats more like a cry for attention...and isnt frank ocean on MCHG? And why is somebody so anti industry or "underground" judging verses from suit & tie, an r&b song? what does that say about you? like really you actually cared enough about suit & tie to have an opinion bruh lol? you should let your WOMAN do that...thats who its for! WOMEN! for example in 1996 no respectable hip hop media outlet would ask a rawkus or def jux artist their opinion about ANY commercially successful r&b song...like who does that? and what for? The fact that EVERY rapper and every "fan" in the culture feel like its imperative that they have an opinion about this album shows you just how lost people are...earl sweatshirt and odd future THINK they are going against the grain but trying to have out the box opinions or whatever, but they are just as lost and confused as the rest of the sheep of this generation. lets see if odd future will even exist in 20 years then have an opinion

  • Anonymous

    the kid didnt say anything offensive, im a fan of both of the artists and i see no problem here. everybody is allowed to have an opinion, its all a matter of how the cock-sucking-band-wagon-fake fans take it... it wasnt that good of an album, it was alright... FUCK YOU IF YOU FELT SOME TYPE OF WAY, YOURE JUST A PUSSY.

  • smh

    "hahaha FATHER FORGIVE ME FOR I HAVE TAKEN THE NAME OF OUR HOLY SAVIOR JAY Z IN VAIN" earl you dumb fuck it has nothing to do with jay-z being a GOD he is talking about the place where entertainers such as yourself strive for but with success and wealth life still has it pitfalls did you listen to the album? I think you just a crab in a barrel like the rest of these fools.

  • WC17

    The fuck!? Is this guy insane? You just blackballed yourself from the industry bruh'!

  • GuillaumeSHM

    Who are you to say Earl is dumb and his career is fuck ? Answer : the same guy as Earl. He says that he loves Jigga but, because he makes music, he can't say MCHG is not that good and is based on the name of the cover ? Sorry. I have to say, MCHG is not a good album and is based on the name of the cover. No problem with me huh ?

  • dentaldamboy is a faggot

    Jay-z worst track > Earl dumbshit's career

  • Anonymous

    He just killed his career who remembers when TPain dissed jay-z publicly? Um yeah where is TPain now?!? Mind your manors lil boy!!

  • Anonymous

    didn't he just cancel his tour because nobody wants to hear his crap ahahah

  • Anonymous

    earl your music zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Anonymous

    ITS a damn good album and its nothing you can do about it

  • jerryc

    guys shut up you know hes being real. You will not play magna carta in 3 years in your car..but you will pick up reasonable doubt, blueprint, black album, in my lifetime, etc. The cd is just average.



  • RIAA

    This nigga will never go platinum or gold, he will go bald.

  • fact

    this kid was in pampers when jay was going plat ahahah

  • YEBO


  • mike5832

    can't believe most of yaw don't know who sweatshirt is......please just you tube this dude....he is the next coming of Nas.

  • HOVA

    Shit on me These niggas tried to shit on me I was left for dead They tried to wipe me out of your history

  • RIAA

    This nigga got a fucking big forehead.

  • anon

    who the fuck is Earl Sweatshirt?!?!.. wtf kinda name is that!! what a bitch!!

  • thatdude

    im glad he spoke up. just cuz he jay z dont mean u can just drop some shit with shit on top of shit. he is still and artist at the end of the day. i really hope all the idiot comments below............they put u all on a boat and sail u out to the middle of the ocean and leave u there. assholes of society.....

  • Anonymous

    earl gets no pussy

  • just stop it

    with a name like Thebe Neruda Kgositsile I would have changed my name too earl sweatshirt also and hahah

  • Anonymous

    any track from jay-z >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>earls career

  • Anonymous

    but....... earl your music is straight up shit

  • fuckeveryonewholikesthisnig

    this lil nigga will never make it bigger then he is now. AND THATS AN OPINION ON HIS STUPID SHIT QUALITY RAPS. not his even more pathetically dumb, far from creative, name

  • Anonymous

    who the fuck is this kid what a clown ! and who the hell would follow him any way and who gives a shit what he thinks about magna carter seriously like whoever writes these bullshit articles needs to get fired

  • Anonymous

    All these Odd Future cats do is talk shit on other people's music

  • Anonymous

    Earl aint nobody... he's for niggas who skateboard, wear tube socks, and rock supreme hats... his opinion doesnt matter at all

  • low i.q. earl

    Its give earl some attention day I love how these rappers got shit to say but nobody gives a fuck about what they doing ahaha its obvious he is another dumb fuck who has no clue about the magna carter or the meaning behind the tital of the album I thought these dudes was smarter than that.

  • Ron G

    I wish Mfs would stop saying sh*t like, "Ahh, Jay raps about the same stuff all the time!" GTFOH! All rappers say the same stuff over and over again, just in a different way than you heard it before. Give Jay his just due...and personally, I think his new flow is nice, it's just that it goes over some people's heads is why they don't get it and also why they don't like it. Go listen to Chief Keef since you respect quality music for what it is. You're going to miss it when it's gone and all you have to listen to is a damn earl sweatshirt, LMMFAO!! Even the name sounds like a cornball!

  • zero 1

    the more you hate the more you become a dick rider and don't even know it smh

  • Anonymous

    unfollow? shit you guys flop with every release you need all the fans you got at the moment

  • Anonymous

    who is this guy?

  • RIAA

    This nigga is mad cause Jay is 43 years old and got a better hairline than him.

  • Hassan

    Hawthorne police killed an innocent dog and harassed a harmless man. Shot the dog four times. The best dedication song of the year. Bitch don't kill my dog watch?v=xiVoe_W94iA

  • zxsss4


  • the truth

    a lot of respect to earl for this. not just cause i agree with him, but because he's speaking his mind in an era where rappers are too pussy to offend anyone.

  • Anonymous

    not one person who doesnt like this album are haters of jay z.. jus disappointed fans, its the haters that are coppin this new wave trap bullshit now ..

  • Anonymous

    hahaha finally someone said it ! thank you, even if it is odd future, people need to be showin their disappointment man shit was lazy

  • suckafreetuck

    Black girls laughed in his face a lot growing up.

  • Anonymous

    This (ugly) nigga had ONE opinion about ONE album out of the TWELVE Jay has put out. I don't necessarily see the "jealousy" or "hate" here. Jay has put in a tremendous amount of work to be where he is now. Why put a lot effort into songs knowing when they are going to be liked and listened to regardless. The nigga obviously likes money, so it shouldn't be a huge surprise. Is his opinion really that irrational? I guarantee you that Jay Z is not losing any sleep about these comments or about any other comments or that matter. But you dick riders can continue to make yourselves feel necessary, I bet he's thinking about you guys at this very moment.


    I don't knock the homie for his opinion, we all have them....But um, I have no clue who he is and never heard of him. If the article hadn't mentioned that he was apart of Odd Future, I still wouldn't know who he is....A friend of mine tried to put me on to them dudes, but it just didn't take. I say all that to say this, whether he liked the album or not, mentioning Jay-z (Specifically criticizing him) is a great way to get your name out there. I never read reviews or take other peoples opinion as the end all be all of any piece of music. If I did, I would miss out on a lot of great music. Listen to whoever yourself and form your own opinion. Telling people that if THEY like MCHG, they should unfollow you because you don't only further lets me know this is a stunt. Some artist have to work harder than others, I ain't knocking the hustle. Too bad fans can't tell the difference most of the time

  • imho

    lmaooo at his last 2 tweets hah

  • Anonymous

    When other articles are posted about irrelevent niggas opinions the gay z fans don't comment anything negative and approve of opinion articles of irrelevent niggas. When theres finally an article about jay z they use the irrelevent argument that they never used in previous articles what a bunch of hypocrite phonies real hiphop fans are all a bunch of frauds.

  • Anonymous

    Dude looks like a beast

  • Anonymous

    Glad this fruit is voicing his opinions because a lot of these dudes e.g Wu, Jay and others, for some reason-trying to show they are not hating on this emo generation, maybe?-keep praising this lil' fruit and his weirdo group and this is what they get back.

  • xx009


  • Anonymous

    You NEVER had any BLACK fans in the first place, delusional fuck.

  • Anonymous

    one of the worst rap albums of all time alllllllllllll time

  • nobody important

    Music is subjective. Why cant people just not like the music. Everyone who doesnt like it isnt jealous, a hater, scorned etc. Some people dont think Jay Z raps that good. When i say "rap that good" I guess i should be more specific. Can Jay Rap? Hell yeah. Thats a given. Does he do anything ground breaking or difficult? ie Flow pattern, Double entendre, word play, metaphor, sequencing rhymes? Nah not really and not consistently. Its pretty much good raps over excellent beats about the same stuff hes been rapping about for years. Youre rich. Good job. Now move me with your "rapping skills". People see Jay's cool factor and all that he does/did for the culture and confuse that with the art of "rapping". If you put Jay in a circle with some of the other people that are often mentioned on the GOAT list he would come out on top? The foundation of that question is what some people listen to when listening to this album. they separate everything and connect with the lyrics and they are unimpressed.

    • 10thAve

      You do know Hov is considered the double entendre king right???? This is exactly what I'm talking about people getting here trying sound all intelligent and shit but don't know what they talking about!!! There are only two mc's that are lyrically superior to Jay-Z and they are Nas and Eminem!!! Also once you start talking about all he does is talk about money I know that you either didn't listen to the album or you didn't HEAR the album... I get it though we are in this age where if you are the King everyone rather hate on you than praise you because young dudes are afraid to be called dickriders!! Let me ask you this, other than Nas who has stayed relevant this long all while keep lyrical integrity??? The answer is no one!!!

  • Rap Dad


  • R.I.P. Jay-Z 1996-2003

    Finnaly no dick riding reporter or rapper that isnt scare to tell the truth that Jay-Z nowadays is garbage. Thank you!!!!!


    Great that you have an opinion but who the fuck are you.....Earl the Sweatshirt???? You got some music we can listen too, can you show me some trends you settin....how about taking the rap game to the next level....some business deals that show your making moves....how about making your mark on the hip hop culture....(crickets in this bitch)!!!!!!!!

    • CUTTER

      The point was do something first in any of these areas before you get to putting your opinion out for the world to see. Jay has already done what i'm talking about Nas, Rakim, KRS One etc. Youngsters are so quick to diss the old cats...but are not taking it to the next level, not settin trends, not making quality music, not making there mark on hip hop...did you hear this shit this dude is spittin??? Make your name first buy the strength of your music!!!

    • jjohnson

      You care about trends being set or the music? Also...you think rap has reached the "next level" ? So in your opinion hip hop and rap music is getting better? Interesting. I only ask those questions because im tired of hearing the same old cliches. No one is taking rap to the next level. If you like the album cool...leave the hyperbole alone.

  • Anonymous

    Give your style back to the French rapper you stole it from, fucker. Before anyone responds do your research.

    • Anonymous

      Dame dashed????? non sequitur, moreover, shut the fuck up, dummy, this Eral whatever the fuck borrowed that flow from some french dude, as a matter of fact, when I first heard him it was like where the fuck I heard that flow before and even the beat? it is either NTM or Shuriken, espece d'imbecile.

    • Hassan

      Yo, is it you he stole it from? You mad that he Dame Dash-ed you?

  • JhonDaAnalyst

    For all you ......fuckboys out there..... Get off JayZ dick. Everyone is entitled to an opinion

    • Anonymous

      Aiight how many of yall gon buy earl album whenever it come out?? (crickets) thats because it never will come out he's irrelevant we only know him from odd future a group that a fag made hot by singing cuz them niggaz aint telling no real stories about whats going on out here just a bunch of crazy space shit.That nigga probably studying MCGH right now as i type. I know he tryna get in the game but that aint the way to go make good music and people will listen all that gettin on twitter talking about other peoples money route is for clowns and to be honest he damn sure is 1 just look at them pics.

  • JhonDaAnalyst

    Earl and Jay Z should to a song called "The Lip Gods"!!

  • Bored

    This has got to be one of the most fake and manufactured rap beefs I've seen created by a hip hop website. When a fan of rap music conversationally addresses his fans about his opinion of a rap album it is not beef. Rappers go at rappers in rap songs. HipHopDx is just running out of things to talk about.

  • So Icy Boi!

    How many cats you know speak the illegit rhyme after rhyme diligent? 85 percent represent ignorant Either you innocent or guilty Some of my favorite emcees fell off It damn near killed me Lookin' at the kids that was true hip-hop Nowadays them cats don't even do hip-hop Rap got 'em brainwashed with cats that don't last And five minutes of fame That's when it's a shame Seein real emcees tryin' to imitate rappers If you ask me they goin' out ass backwards Tradin' in respect to push a fat Lex Puff rhymin' on the remix, what's next? It hurts so bad I wanna smack 'em My favorite crew members break up turn around and join wack ones This is dedicated to you hip-hop hypocrites Droppin' wack songs like you don't give a shit I ain't got nothin' against nobody tryin' to make a decent living It ain't the money that's the issue Only if that's the reason why these cats are makin' decent music That's when I got beef with you And I'ma break it you like never Go ahead, call me player hater if it make you feel better Try to jump my crew if you cats feel froggy You need to wake up and smell the damn coffee

  • Anonymous

    The album was on point! He chose great beats this time with some bangin beats from Timbo. It could have turned out WAY worse. Any REAL fan knows Jay dumbed down his lyrics for the CASH... So why Hate on someone gettin' money? Like someone said, Get your weight up, Not your Hate up you fuck niggas! NEWRULES.

    • imho

      great beats? you must not of listened 2 half the album..content was all there some beats were WACK

    • swa

      I hate Jay-Z because he has enough money! Now he can make hiphop for the love of it! Nowadays rappers dont want to make good music they only do it for the money.

  • Manny

    Hahahaha thats right earl i love when yound dudes disrespect the old rappers he has a point

  • Anonymous

    What half you Jay Riders don't understand is Earl is one of the best internal Rhymers out now.. yes better than Jay-Z.. Jay Z is a legend but his rap skills are pretty average at best since blueprint (not saying that was his last good album (black album)), so he surrounded himself with hype and super producers to cover that up. I see where Earl is coming from with his OPINION. And if he was a nobody then why is he on here?? Quality over Fame

    • Anonymous

      @Hip Hop Fan its his opinion, he voiced on his own twitter feed just like every other music lover that has twitter does .2013 age of transparency. @anonymous2 frank is on Jayz album does that make him a "fag" too and also you for fukin wid it?? go back to school my niggah

    • Anonymous

      that nigga a half a fag hanging wit frank ocean and the butt pirates

    • Hip Hop Fan

      It doesn't really matter if the kid can spit and I sound old when I say this shit, but when Jay and Nas were coming up, they wouldn't disrespect a legend that's put in work for no good reason. Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Run DMC....I can't imagine a 19 year old Nas or Jay talking so reckless unless it's personal.

  • Anonymous

    Who the hell gon take a nigga name Earl serious???Get ur weight up not ur hate up.

  • Anonymous

    my opinion is same as earls, album sucks ass...

  • Come On

    WOW I actually thought the album was pretty good i don't understand all the hate, wait a minute I actually do one word: JELOUSY!!!

    • foreal

      i was about to call you an idiot and say everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but i have to agree with you.... jealousy if it was 1 tweet saying... this album is wack then fine. but dude is tweeting hate non stop. you dont like it move on. good luck, jay will be ok.

  • Shit man

    For saying this you shall forever remain nameless. ROC

  • Yah boi

    What will it take for Hov to go for you to see his the modern day Pablo

  • Earl- check yo self

    Not the best Jay-Z album but still 95% better than any of the BS out there. Who cares about Samsung. Let him make his money. If any of you dumb shits, claim that Picasso baby, fuckwithmeyouknowIgotit, BBC, Somewhere in Ametica and FUTW aren't dope,, you are over thinking it. Check ur self. If these were coming from Action Bronson or some other underground fav, you'd be getting moist

    • Anonymous

      Soooo cliche from fanboys like you. It's not ___ BUT still BETTER than 95%/99% than the rest.. Stop it fool. Expectations are different for different artist when people like you set them up for it. Your wack ass justification is not gonna cut it.

  • sizakhoza

    Earl is not a good looking fella, is he.

  • Verge

    Go to theverge and read the comments based on Hovs interview on Mchg. It's about how the app can be improved and all and what better condition the deal would have been done to avoid errors and challenges but on here is hate and black lame shit... Sorry niccas!



  • Listen Up Blacks

    MCHG was a project album which was meant to satisfy all kind of people from different works fo life... It was meant to help Samsung sell their phones... Do you expect Hov to do songs that most would have consider a one direction album No. So he did an album every one with the phone and those out the phone box will appricate... Since blacks no nothing about business than to be slaves Hov have made him self a different black man in short his half white like he said in my president is black to Obama... I don't know how most black sick people think Rocky fought Ali and the white loved him even when he lost after 15 rounds... If Rocky was black he will die before he gets home and call him shit boxer... Down in Africa whites go down there to show them how business is done at first it was through colonization now is like you blacks can run shit. When are we going to stop talking and show we can colonize our selves with out the help of a white skinned person... I hate when kids who have not survived hate of pressure from the world calling your new born daughter lucifer and your entire family illuminati say shit about a man making deals and making organizations change their rules... This lil nigga should think about greatness and all the things getting there will do to him than sit his real nose into another Mans booming business.. No matter what this little boy come up with he will never do any thing that will meet Hov's past if he keep fucking his life up with another mans business. Something for lil niccas from Hov: unh, you little niggaz ain't deep you dumb, you niggaz ain't gangsta you gum, I chew little niggaz hock-too, spew little niggaz, I can only view little niggaz like little niggaz but in lieu of little niggaz trying to play that boy, I phew phew little niggaz with the latest toy unlike you little nigga, I'm a grown ass man, big shoes to fill nigga, grown ass pants prolly hustled with your pops, go ask your parents its apparent you're staring at a legend who, put a few little niggaz in the they place before trying to eat without saying they grace before blasphemous bastard get your faith restored you're viewing your version of the lord god mc little nigga, applaud, or forever burn in the fire that I spit at y'all I rebuke you little nigga the meek shall parish, ill roof you little nigga, I'm a project terrorist, cute you little niggaz think you in my class substitute little niggaz soon feel my wrath, I mute you little niggaz you a little nigga, I'll child abuse you little nigga, I'm a ill nigga, now shoot you little niggaz go somewhere and play, cause the day I loose to you little niggaz, no day

  • So Icy Boi!

    I'm with my best friend Lil Wayne right now and it seems he co-signs Eark on diz. we are like ok Earl is a wack MC but he speaks da truth about Jay-Z. If you liked Magna Carte den unfollow Weezy, Birdman, Drake, Tyga and Nicki Minaj. we at YMCMB dont fuck wit bitch niggaz. swag

  • swc

    What kind of quality this faggot means ? I never heard of him. Quality of trolling on Twitter ? :D

  • matthew

    and yes earl im putting u on blast next wensday once i get on air at my radio station. earl is just like school on sunday no class!

  • swc

    Who the fuck is this kid? Sweatshirt ? WTF? Like Sweatshirt ? A synonym fort motherfucker or what ? :D Fuckin hater..

  • matthew

    and what has earl sweatshirt done exactly. suit and tie is a great feel good song something the industry is lacking. the fact jay-z has nas on his album shows how versatile he is. may be earl just mad cuz he ainte got enough talent to make music that appeals to everyone. if anything his tweet is going to make me less likely to give his album a chance

  • Hip Hop Fan

    How dumb are these kids with Twitter? Keep that shit to yourself. That sort of talk can just mess with your paper and who you get to work with in the future. Young mistakes!

  • Anonymous

    earl who??? fuck this little punk, he looks retarded

  • Anonymous

    this is an angry teenager



    • Anonymous

      he ainte real he just jelous. probably why i havent heard of him till he made a fool of himself on twitter

  • hell raiser




  • heyyy


  • Era

    lol he's just mad cause Jay didn't shout him up on power 105 lol..sucker!

  • mar500

    Kid needs to stay in his lane

  • TAY

    game changer......jigga vs.....um....WHO????

  • Harlem's Reckoning

    Get off his nuts, Earl is dead fucking wrong. If you don't like the album then fuck it, don't listen to it. But you come off as a bitch when you try to get other niggas to feel how you feel about some shit that honestly has nothing to fucking do with you. "Unfollow me..." GTFOH. That's the most bitch-made comment I've heard all year.

    • Harlem's Reckoning

      If you say you love an album, I might ask what you liked about it. And if after you explain, and I still don't like it or see it your way, its peace regardless because that's YOUR opinion. Now If you go out of your way and try to shit on me because I don't love an album like you do, that qualifies you as bitch-made. There's the difference. Keep your fucking mouth shut and understand what's being said before you respond.

    • Anonymous

      Do you say that about every person saying how much they love it though? Especially people in the industry? Of course not. So stop talking as if you dont have an agenda mr fanboy.

    • Anonymous

      man i 100% agree here

  • e39000

    im gonna get those mother fuckers

  • naked brad

    well they allways try to trick people. crazy

  • naked brad

    yea lot of people after them

  • commical

    this is broad cast system.if any of those people are found you know what to do this is not a recording.

  • Kramer

    I agree with Earl. Jay z overrated with this album


    I don't listen to anyone from Odd Future, but I 100% agree with this nigga. That MCHG project was rushed, lacklustre and lyrically its sub-par compared to his previous albums. No skills, just bragging rights.





  • 666 devil rabbit head devils




  • 000001


  • 77745


  • Drake runs rap

    this site is so good at posting irrelevent news about an irrelevent niggas opinion on an irrelevent album from a washed up irrelevent rapper. DRAKE RUNS RAP THE ONLY NEWS THATS RELEVENT IS NEWS ABOUT DRAKE.

  • Lee

    It's the truth. Think about it. J-Kwon coulda made Magna Carta & it woulda gotten panned because what do we all remember J-Kwon for??? EXACTLY LOL! But it's Jay-Z so it's put on this fuckin' pedastal & it's bullshit. Same thing with Yeezus. & i love Hov & Ye but c'mon bruh.. Yeezus isn't College Dropout. Magna Carta could NEVER be Reasonable Doubt. Real shit, MCHG was fuckin' borin'! FLAT OUT! I listened to it TWICE to get somethin' different out of it & the literally put me to sleep the second time. NO JOKE MY NIGGA LOL!

    • Anonymous

      Bringing J-Kwon into a post about Jay-Z is the dumbest shit i've read in a long time. You sir or madam, need to drink a gallon of Pennzoil.

  • 666


  • Mark

    lol@ "theres goes the last of the black fans i had". Personally I liked the album but everyones aloud to their opinion. Certainly wasn't Jay-Z's best but that doesn't make it a bad album. I feel like if an album isn't at the level as illmatic or chronic 2001 everyone labels it as wack.

  • Nick T

    Truth is this is just as cohesive as Jay's entire body of work... which doesn't say a whole lot.. let's go over the good ol' Jay format shall we.... MAJORITY OF JAY-Z's ALBUM GO SOMETHING LIKE THIS (excluding most intros): 1. INTRO/HEARTFELT SONG most likely with an R&B artist/narrator (Mary J Blige, Faith Evans, JT, Beyonce, Pain in Da Ass, Memphis Bleek) 2. BOSSY SONG (City Is Mine, Picasso Baby, Hovi Baby, Takeover etc..) 3. STREET SINGLE (H to the Izzo, DOA, I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me etc..) 4. SONG WITH WHOEVER IS HOT RIGHT NOW (FuckwitmeyouknowIgotit, Hello Brooklyn, Run This Town) 5. CATCHY SINGLE WITH R&B BACKUP (Excuse Me Miss, Change Clothes, Empire State of Mind, Oceans) 6. TOSS UP WITH A FEATURE (Real As It Gets, What They Gonna Do, Do U Wanna Ride?) 7. CLEVER SONG (Threats, 22-Two's, A Week Ago, I Know) 8. NOTHING TO SOMETHING SONG (Moment of Clarity, Can I Live, Party Life, Ain't No Live) 9. "MY SAMPLE/FEATURE WILL HANDLE MY HOOK" SONG (Never Change, Ain't No Nigga, A Star Is Born, Heaven) 10. CHARACTER ANALYSIS/INTERLUDES/LAST SINGLE (Song Cry, Venus vs. Mars, Versus, PSA, Friend or Foe) 11. MADE MAN SONG (All I Need, Say Hello, Big Pimpin', Justify My Thug) 12. THE "BODY ME ON MY OWN SONG" SONG (Renegade, Success, Hate) 13. THE "I'M REFLECTING, PLZ CALL ME CONSCIOUS" SONG (My 1st Song, Momma Loves Me, Nickels & Dimes, Beach Chair, Regrets, Fallin', A Ballad for the Fallen Soldier)

    • Can I Live

      If all you said is right, is Hov a fake rapper or the realest rapper ever to touch the mic? Because from the look of things he rap real things and don't make up shit like every other rapper do... I expect to hear Hov if it wasnt for you, all I hear buzzing in your crew.

    • Anonymous

      Lol... You're completely right :)

    • Anonymous

      Holy shit you got way too much time on your hands.

    • Anonymous

      Damn nigga, you just summarised Hov down to a science. This shit is true, jay been on some repetetive shit and it works coz it always goes plat...

  • Anonymous

    almost agreed, but some where in america is dope I AM TMC

  • Pete

    who is this guy? how does he have fans and people who follow him.

  • Anonymous

    undergrounds where it at fuck mainstream

  • Anonymous

    earl knows more music than u ratchet hype beat ass niggas do so fuck off and let earl speak the truth that album was trash and so was kanye west's album too

    • Anonymous

      STAN ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    i agree with earl artist are just putting out lackful tasteful music because they think they can because of how big they names are is just how much they can sell an album its not about the sells it about the quailty of music dickheads

  • Bulletproof Wallets

    Earl Sweatshirt?

  • Teh LuLz

    If you look close, you can see boogers in earl's nostrils. His mom must still wipe his ass for him too

    • Child'sPlay

      If you look even harder, you will notice that his entire face is being hit with a light for the photo. Then, once you realize this, you can deduce that those arent boogers, but rather light reflecting off his skin.

  • Eastwood

    Earl sweatshirt look like he about to eat a dick on that picture, it's obvious he represents the gay community

  • Anonymous

    DOWNLOAD 6 OF THE HOTTEST TRACKS OFF JAY-ZS NEW ALBUM NOW @ bigblogtalk.com/songoftheday tell a friend, thank you!

  • HEAT

    Not even a Jay Z fan like that, but for a nobody nigga like earl sweatshirt to say something like that via Twitter is nothing but hating, jealously, and a ploy for attention

  • Ja Rule Army

    Don't fuck with Ja Rule. He gon cut you with the shiv

  • Ja Rule Army

    Ja Rule found the cure to AIDS

  • Ja Rule Army

    Ja Rule plans to end world hunger by the end of the summer

  • Ja Rule Army

    YMCMB signing Ja Rule. #RuleTalk

  • Ja Rule Army

    Ja Rule slapped dentaldamboy #RuleTalk

  • Ja Rule Army

    50 Cent is irrelevant thanks to Ja Rule

  • dentaldamboy

    Stop with the spam. They are using my name to sound like Im gay when Im not.

    • YMCMB Accountant Department

      As a REAL accountant at YMCMB, i can confirm that dentaldamboy is actually a 12 year old fake. He does not work with us. His real name is ashley. His PSN username is HersheyGirl. We are currently filing a lawsuit against this "dentaldamboy" for trademark infringement, patent infringement, and encroachment.

    • Anonymous

      You don't have a job at YMCMB. Even if you did, they wouldn't pay you to troll.

    • Jeffrey

      Dudes a fag. Hes like admitted it mad times. Follow me and I ll follow u back @jeffrey32452

    • dentaldamboy

      It's part of my job at ymcmb.

    • man

      I know right. Dude spends all day on this site with no life. He's like the first to post. Follow at noles7989 dot com

    • troll

      Liar! You got no life that you have to sound like 2 different ppl. Plz grow the fuck up!

  • Ja Rule Army

    Ja Rule bought Fox News!!

  • Ja Rule Army

    Ja Rule now owns 60% of world oil!

  • Ja Rule Army

    3 words: Ja fuckin' Rule

  • Ja Rule Army

    Ja Rule PIL2 is now 3x platinum

  • dentaldamboy

    see i can count woo hoo

  • dentaldamboy

    now backwards

  • mitcholos

    First Of All, Just Look At That Guy. Just Look At Him. 2nd Thing I Came To Say; Even If I Was Ever A Fan Of Earl's Garbage, Now I'm Not Allowed To Simply 'cause I'm Also A Fan Of MCHG !? This Dumbass Needs To Learn Or Two About Personal Taste And Respecting That Shit. I Also Happen To Be A Fan Of The Dillinger Escape Plan. Is Earl Okay With That !? Even If His Music Wasn't The Hot Garbage Of Internet's Latest Trend, I Don't Need His God Damn Approval For Shit.

  • dentaldamboy

    Lies I am straight. I fuck bitches. I mean there was that threesome with Birdman & Wayne. But they're father n son so that makes it straight. Dont judge

  • dentaldamboy

    I would like to tell the truth. I am not really an accountant. I don't even work for Birdman. Lil Wayne is my favorite artist that I wish I was with him living the life but instead I made up a fantasy life. I have no life that I also post homosexual references as an alter ego. I am the only dentaldamboy. Okay. There.

  • Im A Faggot

    I am just so mad at dentaldamboy that I want to rip his head off. I was the one that faked his name to make it sound like he's gay.

  • dentaldamboy

    i want it! i want it! i want it!

  • Riley Freeman

    Nigga u gay!!

  • dentaldamboy

    lots of em!!!

  • dentaldamboy

    give me cocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • truth

    He looked really dumb with those Macklemore comments but hes speaking some truth with these twitter posts, people with in the last few years have been holding Jay Z up as the greatest musician of our times, it's like he has the whole hip hop world just grinding on nuts, its pathetic how some of these hip hop artists and journalists seems to be doing every thing possible to worship this guy and regard him as almost god like.

  • HHDX Moderator

    As a moderator for HHDX, and speaking to birdman on the phone earlier today, I can confirm that dentaldamboy is not associated with YMCM, nor does he get paid to promote or comment. Actual phone conversation: "What's up with your promoter, dentaldamboy?" Me "Who the fuck is that?" Birdman "The stan always posting on HHDX." Me "Like I said, who the fuck is that?" Birdman Actual phone conversation, it is confirmed, dentaldamboy is not associated with YMCM.

    • dentaldamboy

      i know nobody believes thats why i resort to argue with myself i find that more entertaining

    • ^^^

      Nobody believes you.

    • dentaldamboy

      Thats a lie I work for Birdman man. I could break it down in detail how his manmilk tastes and its really yummy Ask my zaddy Weezy :D

    • dentaldamboy

      Im not associated with YMCM. Im associated with YMCMB!!! That phone conversation was a fake BTW. I talked to Birdman HHDX are making lies about me. ME Fuck them. I'll get you female bitches tonight. Birdman.


    Nas Life Is Good was A LOT better

  • True2HipHop

    He speaks the truth. It's true lyrically the album wasn't all that. Content wise it wasn't all that. The beats were just so, so. This is what I expect once I learned that most of the tracks were done within a 2 week period. The name definitely out weighted the quality of the CD. #JayCouldHaveDoneBetter #WTT2BetterBeBetterJay

  • Cunnin

    MCHG is a lyrically empty album!

  • Anonymous

    i'm glad my favorite rappers don't really fuck w/ twitter...cause these niggas stay looking like losers...

  • Anonymous

    lol @ that last tweet, its true, if you dont have the same opinion as everybody else then you gotta listen to people Boo Hoo about it all day..... Hip Hop in 2013 is all about conformity, you have to support everything thats popular or your a hater

  • Roberto

    He's an idiot. He can't even speak correctly, I'm not going consider agreeing with his opinion. I bet he's one of those fuckheads that think Jay-Z's in the Illuminati, or that the Illuminati exists to begin with. He might be skilled in music, but he's stupid, and sucks at criticizing it.

    • Anonymous

      You obviously know nothing about Odd Future, they make fun of people who believe in the illuminati, they joke about being in it just to annoy people and most likely dont even believe it exists. You know, it is possible to dislike a Jay Z album and think he;s overrated in general without falling into the Illuminati Faggotry.

  • dentaldamboy is a faggot

    Niggas verified on twitter think they are doing gods work n shit. They think they are untouchable. This nigga has no credibility, he is known from one single. He needs to get the fuck of the internet and put out some music instead of criticizing other rappers. Until then, he's a joke.

  • Afroman

    Both of these rappers are wack. Just like the people, they attract.

  • Daniel

    I totally agree with him on this one. Him going "platinum*" before the album was even released? Come on son. All this doesn't mean I don't fuck with the album but he is getting a pass because of who he is. I remember not to long ago people were in an uproar over Baby buying lil wayne cds to boost sell numbers. Jay does pretty much the same thing and gets praised for doing it.

  • Anonymous

    hating on other artists on the internet has to be the most shrimp shit ever...and the album JUST CAME OUT THIS WEEK. let it breathe.

    • Anonymous

      and for the 1st dude, i've never downloaded a soulja boy or gucci song in my life...

    • Anonymous

      it might not be Jay'z best album, but who in the hell is earl sweatshirt to be criticizing it on the internet...come on, that what rap critics do...

    • Anonymous

      do you see established artists that can actually sell records (such as Jay, Kanye, Cole, Macklemore, or even Rick Ross) online blasting other rappers projects? NO. that's shrimp shit...and instead of criticizing, it'd be smart to be building his own hype/buzz/success, cause he's irrelevant in the music world. w/o twitter, we wouldn't know who this dude is.

    • Anonymous

      hating? its called criticizing u fucking 10 yr old. so no one can have a negative opinion. So lemme guess u swallow everything out there right now. im guessing Soulja Boy and Gucci Mane are top 5 to you right.

  • dentaldamboy

    I mean you don' make as much money as him.

  • Anonymous

    earl tweets like the everyday hating nigga on twitter...0 hits...

  • dentaldamboy

    Earl speaks the truth. Too many dumb niggas praising Jay Z even though his lyrics are as elementary as it can get.

  • Rap Fan

    This dude is delusional. A couple weeks back he dissed Macklemore because of his success and now disses Jay. Instead of hating he should reach out because last I noticed he never had a hit song. Buring bridges on twitter is so 2013, amazing work Earl.

    • Springfield Pervert

      hey dentaldamboy, like to suck on some dick? I got a nice cock to slam into you. 8========D

    • dentaldamboy

      Another god damn fake. The females were natural born. How hard is that for you to believe?

    • dentaldamboy

      Sike! I fuck trannies, rather the other way around.

    • dentaldamboy

      That's a fake. Im straight and I fuck women. That hater mad because he doesn't make as much money as I do.

    • dentaldamboy

      and may I add. Earl Sweatshirt fucked me raw while Frank Ocean giggled and watched. then we swaped cum it was yummy

    • dentaldamboy

      You got that backwards. You're delusional and Earl is smart. He's hating them because they put out pop sissy shit. Earl is not burning bridges. He's speaking the truth. He doesn't care about his standing, unlike your hating ass just because he doesn't make as much money as you.

  • notorious H.A.T.E.R

    Hey ya'll how does Jay-Z's pubes taste. He's washed, and just like he said you're a customer crony.

  • Anonymous

    takes shots at macklemore...then jay-z...this dudes just a hater point blank...and does it on twitter smh...

  • Anonymous

    Why is this even waisting space on the sites server? SMFH! More promotion of crab in the buck mentality with in Hip Hop! This site is starting to look like VladTV now... SMH!

  • Anonymous

    but in reality, no one is checking for a earl album...

  • Bob Lawblaw

    Earl Nostrils < Jigga Nostrils

  • Anonymous

    but who cares what this dude thinks? giving these internet character too much of a voice.

  • Rival X

    Fuck this dude man.

  • anonymous

    lol this little boy got buzz just from one song. "you're best shit aint better than my worst shit" HOV

  • Mortis

    The album was a lazy bag of dog shit.

  • Anonymous

    I also don't like the album.

  • Anonymous

    frank is featured on the album. funny.

  • Anonymous

    Both these cats are lyrically wack sauce

  • seATLiet

    What's with the "I'm ready to please a man" expression on his mug. Is that the new duck face?

  • Anonymous

    who is this dude?

  • Anonymous

    Earl aint feel that Suit & Tie shit. Like Ye

  • Anonymous

    no one could give a fuck about that overrated pile of shit. earl sweatshirt is garbage anway

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