Killer Mike Says "Nah" To Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" Download

After seeing the Samsung app's permission settings, Killer Mike says "Nah" to downloading Jay-Z's "Magna Carta Holy Grail" app.

Killer Mike appears to have an issue with downloading Jay-Z's highly anticipated album, Magna Carta Holy Grail. The Run the Jewels emcee tweeted about this yesterday (July 1), letting followers know that he wouldn't be downloading Jay's album. Attaching a picture of the Magna Carta Holy Grail Samsung app's permission settings to his tweet, Killer Mike said, "Nah, I'm good" to the download.  

As noted, the image showcases the app's permission settings. The Holy Grail app requires permission to users' storage, system tools, location, network communities, phone calls and more. When asked by a fan if this was a real image, Killer Mike confirmed. Below is Mike's original tweet on the matter. 

Killer Mike has collaborated with and complimented Jay-Z in the past. He was a guest on The Blueprint 2's "Poppin' Tags." They also appeared together on Outkast's "Flip Flop Rock." In 2011, Killer Mike told XXL that Jay-Z was his "favorite rapper." “Everybody that knows me, knows that my favorite rapper, in terms of who I feel that has pushed the culture, is Jay,” he said, before adding more complimentary statements. “Truthfully he’s my favorite rapper. I just think Jay is an incredible human being. And when I say Jay-Z, I have to qualify that I’m talking about the franchise for Roc-A-Fella. I like the new Jay-Z, he’s dope. But I was inspired by the crew called Roc-A-Fella.” 

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  • jack download link, no password.. Enjoy

  • hgytfg

    change is coming! you've been warned.

  • shawn


  • triPAUD

    Hes in a different situation too, cause he's in the industry. For him thats a little more dangerous

  • mozart boukman

    The phone call thing seems odd. Read my book it will be free tomorrow: How to be an Uncle Tom

  • Mike

    These are requirements for most social apps though. He probably had to do the same for the twitter app. Regardless he'll most likely buy the album in stores.

    • wolfkin

      >These are requirements for most social apps though. He probably had to do the same for the twitter app. Regardless he'll most likely buy the album in stores. that's fine but what is this app? is it a social network app? because if it's not then it shouldn't need that many permissions.

  • 666

  • JASONNN 666

  • Anonymous

    killa micheal a dumb ass nigga

  • xx004

  • zxsss4

  • zxsss4

  • Anonymous

    I wonder if half the users on here know anything about the huge NSA scandal in the United States. No reason for a music app to have access to anything.

    • Me Bitch

      Bitch,that is a horrible insult. I get on mosthip hop blogs daily but I also stay in touch with the real world and Iknow whats going on outside of hip hop. Eat a dick. Sincerely, Me Bitch

    • Anonymous

      wow there are people in finland. that's bigger news I'd say.

    • Imho

      im sure you cant expect people who surf rap blogs all day to know anything about the real world. its the same people who think honkie is a word used in the real world LOL. to many people get their world news from blogs on rap sites

    • Anonymous

      I know about it.. It was a huge news headline in my country, Finland.

  • Anonymous

    why do they need to know who im calling and where im at to listen to music amongst other things like using my storage and shit killer mike might be the only one not stupid

  • Anonymous

    GIVE ME A CHANCE Youtube is all about finding new artist, & though I been rapping for a while im still consider a new artist. I just want my music heard thats all, im not looking for no record deal, getting famous 'r anything like that.! so please just spare a few sec. to check me out, & if you like what you heard please SUBSCRIBE so ill know you actually listen & support

    • JO Carol

      LOL, Joe Budden? Budden is wack, and btw Cole had to beg for Jay to sign him, but yeah man no one cares on DX sorry.

    • jASON

      STOP begging so damn much fam! Nas didn't have to beg. J.cole didn't have beg. Joe budden didn't have to beg. Eminem didn't have to beg. Their music was so great people had no choice but to listen to them. You must do the same.

  • ml

    It was a tweet. You all are putting way too much thought into it. He has other apps (I've seen his phone before lol) he knows that its not actually gonna spy on him or some shit. His point is that you shouldn't have to agree to all that shit just to get someones music. Its more of a general criticism of the format of the album release.

  • Dentaldamboy

    As an accountant for YMCMB, i can confirm Jay Z wouldn't be here today if Biggie was still alive. While Pac and Biggie were doin there thing in the 90's, Nas was right there with them with a classic album to back him. Jay was more like a sidekick. Nas solidified his spot in the game while the greats were here, Jay "solidified" his spot in the game after Biggie died, along with all the rhymes Jay Z stole from Biggie. There are only a couple of real kings in the game, and just because your bank account is overweight doesn't make you a legend in the game. Jay doesn't set trends, he just follows what's hot.

    • truth

      This post is wack & you being an account holds no weight on what you are speaking on. Nobody was going to hold Jay back. You suck bro.

  • Anonymous

    Yall are sheep man. Killer Mike may not be anywhere near as famous but he's a real dude speaking his mind. I didn't know being a rapper meant you couldn't speak your mind or let people know how one feels about something.

    • Dentaldamboy

      As an accountant for YMCMB, i can confirm that jay z is such a fucking sell out. blueprint 3 was the nail in the coffin, this nigga would drop a collabo album with beiber if it kept him hot. i never seen a nigga hold on like this. writing articles for bullshit rolling stone, a publication that has tried to destroy hip hop on several occasions. not only is jay begging for acceptance, his music is shit now. mr. knowles. mr carter. bitch ass nigga. self praise is no praise at all. a king doesnt crown himself, a king is crowned by the people. bitch ass nigga jay z, sucking up to the media since 98. YMCMB!

  • Anonymous

    I've heard the dude rap, dickhead, and I gotta say I'm not impressed. Plus I think his politics are suspect.

  • Cwigg

    "Killer Mike is a retard" Well, there's a statement I've never read before. Koodo's to you Anonymous!

  • Anonymous


  • Pat

    Real talk tho the permissions are ridiculous. RUN THE JEWELS

  • Anonymous

    Like saying, the Bank was asking me all these personal questions like Full Name address....I just want somewhere to stash my dough, not with all the personal idiot

  • Anonymous

    WTF. Cmon Son, don't act like you haven't DL'ed an APP before Killer Mike, "Shoulda Never Gave You Niggas SmartPhones" ~in my Rick James voice.

  • Roll Tide

    Torrents is where it's at. Fuck apple

    • Real Talk

      @ anonymous man suck a cock you ole bitch I download everything, fuck that and I know I make mor emoney than you.

    • Mad?

      I have a job. I'm sure I get paid more than you. And I download a whole lota shit niggaaaaa!!

    • Anonymous

      You a fucking bum! Torrents? Your bum ass can't afford $12? LMAO You fucking leaches kill me... You steal music you like? LMAO You probably steal out of your mothers purse too!


  • Anonymous

    Killer Mike is a retard.

  • Kelly J. Crump

    just as Ronald responded I am in shock that a student can earn ($)4082 in 4 weeks on the internet. have you seen this site... can99.c.o.m

  • Big C

    And once again, black people take 10 steps back. Thank you Killer Mike, thought you were one of the smart ones...

    • Anonymous

      I highly doubt mccain or romney would have 5 scandals going at once. Dumb blacks will vote based on race as usual.

    • Anonymous

      Obama was the lesser of 2 evils. It's sad that this is what "the greatest democracy in the world" has become. Mike calls him out on Reagan.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah Killer Mike knows what's "going on" that's why he told his fans to vote for Obama because Obama is black right? He's a stupid racist.

    • Charlie

      I second that. What do you mean by that statement Big C? KM knows what time it is. Run The Jewels!

    • Carl Wiggins

      I don't understand what you mean. Killer Mike seems to be one of the very few "black" people who sees whats going on.


  • Money First

    This twitter shit is out of hand!!...If you don't like the way something is presented and you know or have worked with that person try to get in touch with them first and let them explain and/or try to fix the problem. Goofy ass shit I'm seeing out here from dudes I had much respect for initially!!!

  • Triune

    Guess Mike doesn't have any other apps on his phone then right?? What a fucking idiot.

  • Anonymous

    People are so fucking stupid - it says this shit for every other app. Also, the language is framed legally so it often refers to things in a more explicit way than how they'll actually be used. Idiots.

  • sam

    Don't pretty much all apps require u to agree to these things?

  • Ryan Tilis

    He'll just go buy a hard disk #real

  • Anonymous

    jay z illuminate app. killa mike right, he on another level of consouisness.

  • sirj

    Yo phone ask you that for any app you download

  • Anonymous

    Thank god Killer Mike doesn't have an iPhone. That would've been.. Gay, in a bad way. Android is the way to go.

    • Anonymous

      everybody watch that south park episode, human centipad tells the truth about apple

    • 3rdAnon

      Yeah it wasn't a joke. He's clearly commenting on Apple's proprietary, spying-ass, closed-source BS as compared to Android, which is at least a little bit better. But that's something none of y'all would know about.

    • Anonymous

      @ 2nd Anonymous, Actually it wasn't a joke. Why most of you guys on this site type like retards? It's really annoying.

    • Anonymous

      you were quick to let that bigot out huh peckerwood lol, anyone can type nigga on the internet & this site is full of whiteboys

    • Anonymous

      @ jrich, its a fuckin joke you stupid black person. Downloading an app you fuck face. Some niggas just do understand. .....people liek you should stay off the "innanet"

    • JRich

      Nigga why do you care what kind of phone a rapper uses?

  • Anonymous

    if u don't wanna download it for free Killer Mike, buy a actual copy!

  • zxsss4

  • bswag

    Congrats, Killer Mike just discovered an Android app. Hes on point tho , that sh1t sucks but 99% apps go out like that.

  • boogabooga

    These settings are on most apps...

  • Fuck The South

    Jay-Z Says "Nah" To Killer Mike's Life

    • ml

      Oh really..Thats why Killer Mike is featured on two songs with Jay? And IF 'Jay-Z said "Nah" to Killer Mike's life' that would further cement him as a corporate puppet and take away his credibility as an artist/REAL person.. your opinion is irrelevant

  • COCA


    • COCA


    • Anonymous

      a trick of what ? . The more details Google,Facebook, Samsung, etc have the more money they make . You're personal details are worth advertising dollars. If you the kind of dude who leaves boxes ticked when downloading signing up or whatever then you letting people eat off you for FREE

  • Anonymous

    Full network control of you're system is never a good idea if you respect you're privacy .



    lmao funny ass title, Killer Mike is right though. Why does Samsung need access to your phonebook on some backwards loyalty customer relationship management shit.

  • New store

    The only permissions that shouldn't be there is the one to track your location and the one to make phone calls. By the way there are hundred of famous apps such as Facebook or Instagram that ask for much more un-needed permissions.

    • EDO

      Preach, theres a reason this whole thing is bein packaged n advertised in a certain way... jay z said it himself. the net has no rules they cant control who does what but this a way for them to start controlling the internet aka the new world all u folk live in and idolize...

    • Anonymous

      Yes.. The American Government..who Jay-Z bowns down watching and listening to every move you make... good luck with that one. follow at noles506

  • nuc

    There will be no respect for The Thrones No master mastered these bones Your idols all are my rivals I rival all of your idols I stand on towers like Eiffel, I rifle down all your idols Niggas will perish in Paris, niggas is nothing but parrots I write for the writers that write for the liars that impress you and your parents Is this real or another dimension? Am I trippin' here in the kitchen? Am I a victim of my convictions? I feel my sanity slippin' And I think I think I like the freedom Cannibal, animal, rappers I eat'em Killer Mike - Run The Jewels - Sea Legs

  • What

    This article is so misleading, they say he won't be downloading the album when in reality he just doesn't agree with the app itself. He said he's a huge fan of Hov so chances are he is still going to buy the CD. They try to start a feud when there is nothing there...

    • Anonymous

      Standard Hip Hop Dx ...Race Baiting their favorite way of improving bounce rates and increasing advertiser profits .

    • Anonymous

      they always do that shit on this site. its pretty pathetic journalism if you ask me. the national enquirer would be proud

    • C

      I think that's why they quoted him at the bottom saying how much he loves Jay. Though they obviously misled us so we'd click on the article in the first place.

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    I respect where he's coming from, but unfortunately, that ship has sailed. We live in an era now where if we become a 'person of interest', then the powers that be can tell you more about your life then your own mother can. With that said, I wouldn't accept that shit either. I'll just wait til about an hour after its official release and download the shit off youtube. Usually I'd support the artist and buy the CD, but Jay-Z is obscenely rich and I live in a one bedroom there that go.

  • Killermike

    i hate white people i hate jay z i hate everything

  • mased

    Dumb ass nigga ..damn near every app you downlaod ask the same fucking thing..

  • the fuck?

    not sure i understand why samsung needs all your info like that for? id rather shell out money to buy it then give out all my info like its a job interview lol..

  • d-nucks

    but this nigga is signed on to twitter..and probably facebook....NOW HE WANTS TO WORRY ABOUT HIS PRIVACY?....his purpose has already been defeated. Any phone that got GPS on it....YOU CAN FORGET ABOUT YOUR PRIVACY...people GPS is hooked up to a satellite in are being watched regardless of you downloading an app.....just saying

  • JJ

    Theres always gonnaa be this one nigga thats gonnna set our race back about a 100 years. SMH at this guy.

  • Anonymous

    what an ignorant hater trying to throw salt in the game,. is this ur first phone killer mike? effin clown

  • Josh

    Crazy shit wht the fuck is the app about I thought is was just to get the new album fuck all that u dont need to know all just for a album yo shits crazy gotta be a bigger picture.

  • nick

    YOU ARE ALL DUMB. ANY APP YOU DOWNLOAD ASKS FOR THAT SHIT. ITS NOTHING NO OR EXCLUSIVE TO JAY-Z. just another incident of killer mikes ignorance

    • Anonymous

      Big business & US Nation seem to be working hand in hand

    • Anonymous

      It probably needs access to that stuff because you can multitask on the phone, while playing the album via the app. Use your brains people. The US Nation taps smart phones, not Roc Nation.

  • think

    Wake up people....fools just keep pressing accept and dont think nothing of it. I bet yall would just sign a contract w/o reading it just because someone says its ok

  • Corey Evans

    The reason they ask permission to modify or delete is when there are updates then it deletes unneeded data.

  • Sco

    READ People...know exactly what you are agreeing to....I think that's the point he was trying to make....Do you people have any idea what's going on regarding your privacy?...Well you should.....

  • yep

    its a cool idea to update you on exclusive music and a new way to keep you updated on an artist. besides if the gov wants you they're gonna get your ass with or without an app that you waive rights too



  • Anonymous

    thank you Hip HopDX for letting us know. Now we can all start this day off by bashing Kiler Mike for being a broke ass nigga.

  • xx004

  • Anonymous

    tbh, i'd rather buy the disc myself.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares, I downloaded it anyway. Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool entertainment stories and videos on there too

  • Anonymous

    That's what happens when a black nigga reads a smartphone app permission statement for the first time...Every apps on android ask for the same shit...Even twitter...

  • Anonymous

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  • Martacard

    Killa Mike is right, the download is asking for too much, maybe you can download it and later deny acess.

  • Anonymous

    props to Killer Mike! and the Kanye album is like El-P for retards!

  • J Flava

    Funny thing is all the app you download out of the Google app store has similar if not more permissions due to being "Free". Samsung has to have these permissions to track the actual user that is downloading the app to get the free album. Check Candy Crush's permissions..I'm sure KM has that app on his Samsung LOL!!

  • bayette george

    EVERY APP in the App store requires you to give it that permission? If you have a galaxy phone, it has GPS, a PING and any APP you download asks for permission? Jay Z's app is not the #1 app in the app store? WHAT PURPOSE does this serve? Black Intellects/knowledge based hip hop heads/conspiracy theorists have been making theirselves look like FOOLS since 08

  • foreal

    I dont understand why some people are bashing Killer Mike. He isnt saying that he hates Jay Z or doesnt want the album. I see it as he doesnt want to grant permissions on his phone... Like someone said below, that is granting a lot of permissions to download an album, i dont care who's album it is. Permission for phone calls? This seems like more of a Samsung thing than anything else.

  • Anonymous

    1. Rights? What rights? You gave it all away once you signed with a carrier. They have the right to all your information. Loop holes and scams. 2. Your getting the album for free. legally free. 3. The lyrics aren't the greatest, but production is top notch. Amazing to see so much hate in the world. This guy came from nothing, and made it into something. You can't please everyone.

    • think

      the albums not free at all

    • C-will

      You don't give up all your rights when you sign a contract. You simply are agreeing to waive certain rights as long as they fall within the guidelines of the agreed contract. People now a days are overly whimsical about them, but hopefully the NSA scandal will show people they need to work to protect their rights a little better.

  • imho

    funny bec im sure the world said the same thing when sites put up 'run the jewels'

    • imho

      ut oh not 10's of thousands.. dont bum rush me with such high numbers i can process this info!!.. and cd sold?! what like 10 per target

    • itdoesntmatter

      It was downloaded many tens of 1000s of times, and the CD sold out.

  • A

    I don't blame him....if I had Samsung I wouldn't either. Thats alot of permission given.

  • Anonymous

    hopeing his album doesnt make the number 1 spot ...... first album not to go number 1

  • dentaldamboy

    Jay Z has made unwanted sexual advances on mike and stayed away from him since. A killer collaboration with YMCMB is coming up.

  • jus10

    POW! Major props to Mike for saving people's rights. I think I'll give the dude a pass for his white people comment. lol You can't blame Jay-Z for this, but def point the finger at Samsung. It's cool though, not really looking forward to this waste of space anyways. Lyrics are garbage.

  • killer who

    every word out of this clowns mouth is negative killer old ass faggot shut up its 2013

    • Anonymous

      ak: damn you dumb fucking nigga killer mike just put out run the jewels which is better than everything this year, so shut your mouth and get the fuck outta here shut up u monkey

    • ak

      damn you dumb fucking nigga killer mike just put out run the jewels which is better than everything this year, so shut your mouth and get the fuck outta here

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