Scarface Covers Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" With Guitar

Scarface performs Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here" for a crowd in Massachusetts.

Scarface recently treated a Massachusetts crowd to a rendition of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." During a Geto Boys show in Massachusetts' The Middle East club, 'Face shared his appreciation for Pink Floyd with the acoustic cover.  

This is not the first time Scarface has played the song. He also did the same at Paid Dues. Both renditions can be found below courtesy of Vega Yojimbo and Sama'an Ashrawi

"Wish You Were here" was released 1975 on the album by the same name, a follow-up to The Dark Side of the Moon.

Geto Boys sampled Pink Floyd on 1990's "Let a Ho Be a Ho." The group sampled Pink Floyd's "Money" for the track. Other groups have also sampled Pink Floyd including Atmosphere and EPMD. 

Wyclef Jean also notably covered the song on his sophomore album, 2000's The Ecleftic: 2 Sides II A Book.

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  • Anonymous

    This dude thinks he can tell white people to stop rapping, then go an play Pink Floyd songs at his own shows? Ha, ok, so much for taking this dude seriously. He's acting like some white college frat boy that doesn't know any better.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, The only thing white about it is the band he's covering.. Take a history lesson douche.. Appropriating ones culture and simply covering a song are two entirely different things all together

  • Anonymous

    That sounded like a 13 year old who just learned to play an acoustic while 30-40 drunk people sang along, poorly. Looks like a fun show guys!

  • Anonymous

    If he thinks white people are fucking up rap then he needs to realize black people are fucking up rock. First was Lil Wayne's absolute disgraceful attempt at making a rock record and playing guitar, then Kid Cudi's WZRD flop, now Scarface barely strumming a guitar and singing horribly to a Pink Floyd cover. Those remarks he made seem completely hypocritical now that he's playing music white people wrote at his shows.

  • TaZzZ

    This is one video I will never delete off my fun, between this and watching Buschwick do Chuckie, one of the best shows I've ever seen. But for the record, the avoided dapping up all white people in the front rows... I'll forever be a fan, Just sayin'

  • zxsss4

  • Anonymous

    scarface has one of the best rap voices

  • crazy mother fucker

    putting the dog in peoples houses writeing devil demons on the walls

  • crazy mother fucker

    this one dog we had that ran around with the girls head got hit by a car. laying their for 3 days. crazy son of a bitch started to pick it up dog jumped rite at.then some girls with rabbits heads on started walking the dog draging the pisser.

  • Illmatic89

    If you watch the video he's commenting on white business owners controlling hip hop. Those who don't have hip hop's best interest in mind and just show mindless crap down our throats they think will make money. White jewish dudes have no place in that shit. Fuck outta here.

  • Anonymous

    scarface now playing guitar? whats next scarface doin a country album with hooks from dolly parton. Nowadays theres really something wrong with niggas. They making reggae albums, heavy metal albums, techno rap albums, etc.

    • Chris

      The majority of the bass/acoustic guitar rifts that you hear on any Scarface records from the past 15 years has been played none other than by Scarface himself. If not, Mike Dean. You're hatin' on the man because he has the ability to play a live instrument on stage? How many emcees you that can do that?

    • Anonymous

      So? let 'em... If you don't like it, don't listen, it's that simple. An artist goes cuckoo, makes a completely different album to the one of theirs that you like and you don't like the new album. Just continue to listen to the album you do like and get on with life.

    • Anonymous

      pink Floyd can't be knocked. that's like someone talkin shit on 'pac.

    • 614grind

      You so slow

  • imho

    i like the homage but funny coming from scarface who seems to hate white people. 'ei check the link under the article LOL' killer mike came out after scareface to say the same think you know i see his album title called 'run the jewels' with a album cover stickin someone up.. im sure since noone listens 2 killer mike he doesnt have a major tellin him the music 2 make so he puts out ignorant shit willingly. then this fuckery. i like the homage paid again but coming from scarface who just went on a rant sayin white ppl fuckin up rap.. again the irony w these 2 is hilarious and shows all the issues with that thought process- its easy to blame white people though so do your thing if it makes you feel better!! good cover tho fuck it

  • jasonnn

  • the hell raiser


  • Hypnotic

    LOL right underneath this video is a link that says "Scarface says Hip-Hop is White Now" LMAO. Ok 'Face

  • Anonymous

    Respect to the God 'Facemob!!!

  • zxss4



  • Anonymous

    Lol, Scarface that nigga. Them Texas boys hahaha! Checkout thegrandreport, they have some cool reads and videos on there too

  • LEATHER face

  • allen eatter

    chain saws facker facker

  • allen eatter

    kkk is looking threw your windows facker

  • allen eatter

    hey fackerrr

  • kkk

    that son of a bitch is white then turn around hang with the mother fuckers.come out the son of a bitch throw em on the floor

  • kkk

    tell u one thing that wigger bush ant from these parts

  • lol

    jason vs freddy ot ohh hahaa

  • lol

    in till george bush can make a storm to kill people that mother fucker loves the brothers haha

  • lol

    i heard yal nigaz is after nigaz lol

  • lol

    i heard you hate mixed people lol

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