50 Cent Talks About His Verse On "Born Sinner," Kanye West's "Yeezus"

50 Cent calls into DJ Whoo Kid's show on Shade 45 to talk "Born Sinner" and "Yeezus."

There hasn't been much in the way of music appearances in 2013 for 50 Cent. The Queens rapper has mainly focused on behind the scenes ventures this year as music has taken more of a backseat.

J. Cole recently released his widely popular sophomore album Born Sinner and 50 was a rare guest on the project. The track "New York Times" is the only song on the album featuring rappers other than Cole.

Recently, the Queens native called into DJ Whoo Kid's program on Shade 45 and talked about his involvement on the album and J. Cole.

"I think that it's a good project man," 50 Cent said. "He's producing his records while actually rapping on them like Kanye."

Speaking of Kanye, 50 didn't spare his feelings about Born Sinner's release date competitor Yeezus and its creator.

"I think they're both talented," he said. "Some of the choices on the new joint that Yeezy made, I wasn't into all that. I didn't know what kind of beat came off."

50 Cent also talked about how Kanye's sixth studio album might be received by fans and critics down the line.

"It was creative man, it came out of nowhere with that. We'll see if people can adjust to it and really enjoy it or if it's too different."

Finally, 50 talked about his future music and why he doesn't party too much. He even jokes about re-recording Power of the Dollar with producers such as Timbaland, J. Cole and Kanye West.

Listen to the full DJ Whoo Kid interview below (via Shade 45):

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  • The Game


    • Anonymous

      50 done gone into DETOX LOL

    • Anonymous

      so why was game begging for a g-unit reunion? that dude would be a broke stripper without 50. he has to resort to reality shows to feed his kids cause he albums all flop and he a 3rd tier rapper now

    • The Game


    • Anonymous

      right thats why game struggling to sell 200k while 50 putting on fights, creating tv shows for STARZ, cartoons for FOX, slanging headphones and energy shots while GAME IS MAKING PETITIONS FOR A G-UNIT REUNION!!!! G UNOT INDEED LOL

  • #RuleTalk

    50 betta have the lights on cause Ja Rule comin with the shiv

  • #RuleTalk

    Ja Rule runnin queens while he was in the clink, aint nobody touchin the rulinator

  • #RuleTalk

    Fuck Fame is predicted to sell 5 mil while 50 cant even get his off the shelf #RuleTalk

  • Anonymous

    I clicked on to the link to see what 50 had to say about the Born Sinner record... ya'll fail for this headline.

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    You forget 50 was shot 9 times and almost died. You forget 50 got whooped by Ja Rule, stabbed, and left with a punctured lung, but instead of handling it like the gangsta he claimed he was, he went to the police. You forget 50 still rides around in bulletproof cars because he's afraid. You forget 50 doesn't even do his own dirt. He pays bottom feeder goons to airlift crackheads, then acts like a 12 year old by waving a stolen chain in a video. All that said... Ross is winning. He's got a modest, yet consistent career, and even though his rep took a minor hit with the C/O thing, it hasn't stopped artists reaching out to him.

    • joe

      to the person that wrote this....what the fuck are you talking about!? were you there for any of this? no. so dont act like you know everything that happened. stop being a dick rider and shoot yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Rick Ross went out and copped (no pun intended) a bullet proof ride as well after they shot at him, He stole another mans life and rapped about it...not just the life, but even the name. He was a correctional officer.. he lied about it...he makes terrible music. follow at noles506

    • Anonymous

      - yeah he got shot like 15 years ago, BEFORE ANYONE KNEW WHO HE WAS - its not like ja was the one who stabbed him? punctured lung? lol never heard that one, it was 3 stiches on his hand! what kind of niggas turn out the lights to fight someone? they would have got shot if they didnt -ofcourse he rides around in bulletproof cars, as you said he been shot 9 times and he beefs with eveyone - do his own dirt you say? fyi 50 was right there jumping gunplay with the goons! but why should a boss get his hands dirty? thats like bill gates mopping the floors at microsoft! when does ross do his own dirt? LOL he got crack heads trying to run up on his enemies for him getting beat down and robbed!

  • Raven


  • Anonymous

    "50 cent = 250 million Ross = 20 million" A man is measured by more than his bank account. Ross may be worth less than Curtis, but on the streets where it counts, Ross is winning the battle. Plus the industry respects him.

    • Anonymous

      LOL How is Ross winning anything on the streets? When the last time 50 got threatened by major gangs all over the USA and had to cancel his tour? When the last time someone fired shots in the air at 50 and made him crash his whip into a fucking building? LOL correctional officer winning anything on "the streets" and you're right we can also measure Ross by his weight. lard ass nigga cant even see his own dick

  • Anonymous

    Ross can walk into any bakery and get free cupcakes.

  • Not Rich And Still Trying

    I actually think this nigga says actually too much

  • Anonymous

    shut the fuck up you irrelevant monkey. you aint made a good album since grodt. now you sucking cole and kanye dick?

  • xx009


  • imho

    kanyes at a different point in his career where he can do this though. j coles only on his 3rd album he cant go to outside the box bec if he fucks up its a wrap. i think with born sinner he established hiimself and maybe cole can do more outside the box music now that hes here

  • elite

    The track "New York Times" is the only song on the album featuring rappers other than Cole. Isnt' there a rapper from J. Cole's Dreamville imprint by the name of Bas who is also on this same track? Or am I mistaken?

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  • sxx004


  • Dentaldamboy

    Sometimes being more relevant is more important than having dump trucks full of money. Wayne can walk into any restaurant and get a table without a reservation. 50 can't even cut in line at the bank anymore. YMCMB!

  • Good Life

    Honestly Llyod banks & Young buck bring the best out of 50 cent we need a proper G-unit album before a solo album

    • Anonymous

      no one knocked anyone out at the hit factory. bitch niggas had to turn out the lights or they heads woulda got blown off. black child cut 50, he got 3 stitches in his hand. he never seen or heard from again

    • Ja Rule

      too bad Ja rule KNOCKED OUT 50 at the hit factory for being a SNITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  • d

    Weird absence of shots fired for 50

  • Not Impressed

    All this dude does now is talk about other people. He announced a new album 3 years ago and can't even getting a single to pop off...I bet he's going to try to do a deal like Jay-Z and get a company to buy his bullshit album, cause he knows that shit isn't going to sell shit. I'm not impressed.

    • Keon

      Okay, obviously you're ignorant and you don't even know your own shit. 50 Cent has released about 5 singles from his Street King Immortal album. And they're way harder than any singles released in 2013 so far. He's got a good business going and I'd rather buy his shit than Jay or some other wackass rapper.

    • Anonymous

      hes already rich fuck u want him to do? put it out for free? nah nigga he gonna wait until the money right

  • devil demons


  • dentaldamboy

    I live in a broke down barn yard, next to the local library. I love acid, bitches, and lil waynes dick.

  • Harry Fucking Nuts

    50 > Ross 50 might be a snitch, but at least he aint a cop

    • Anonymous

      all your fav rappers talk tough but are pussy and walk around with body guards! 2 chainz pussy ass runs and trips when he see a gun, ross crashing into buildings at the sound of gunfire 3 blocks away then hired the NYPD to stand guard outside his hotel

    • former 50 fan

      50 cent is a snitch, he also went to the police so murda inc will leave him alone. Remember 50 cent was stabbed by murda inc? 50 talks tough but he is a pussy outside of the studio walking around with bodyguards

    • Anonymous

      50 cent = 250 million ross = 20 million see the difference??? LAWSEEE!!!

    • Anonymous

      Ross tried to do POP songs but he couldnt make a hit to save his life! Thats why even kendrick lamar went plat before officer ross!!!!! Kendrick aint have no pop songs so why he going plat before rozay who 10+ years in the game and came out when niggas was all going plat???

    • Ricky Rozay

      Teflon Don > every 50 album after 2006 Bawse!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      the FACT is you left out a whole gang of songs to prove your silly ass point groupie

    • Ricky Rozay

      @dickboy, I stated FACTS. come up with a better response next time Bawse!!!!!!!!

    • ^

      Everything you say is bullshit.

    • Ricky Rozay

      the only reason why ross hasnt sold plat yet is coz he got no POP songs in da club = pop candy shop = pop baby by me = pop new day = pop bmf = rap 3 kings = rap hustlin = rap stay schemin = rap see the difference? Bawse!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      he aint never snitch

  • dentaldamboy

    Jay-Z is really hard up for cash. Since he gave up most of his money to Beyonce after Ivy Blue was warn, he has been scrambling for liquidity. Why do you think Jay-Z made Kanye release an album a month before Magna Carta and didn't even promote the album until after Kanye dropped? It's because he needed the profits from Kanye's album to promote his own album. Luckily, YMCMB never has cash flow problems.

  • yeaaahh

    I love both albums but this just shows you how Kanye is ahead of his time. He was making music like Cole is doing now back in 2004 with the soulful beats and choirs. He's too far ahead of the game for anyone to catch up.

  • 666


  • Anonymous

    50 cries at night because his rival Rick Ross continues to release albums and jump on song after song. J. Cole threw him a bone, yet nobody cares about 50's bum hook. It's over.

    • Anonymous

      50 pays more in child support every year than ross will ever have

    • Lmao

      Ross??? The nigga that can't go to Chicago, Tennessee, and like five other states cause the GD's on his ass?? Ross?? The nigga that used to be a CO and talk about how he moving coke?? Lmao you sound dumb just stop talking

    • haha SMSAudio

      Do you really believe that ???? I doubt Fif losing 1 oz of sleep on Ross

    • dunk

      50 does not give a rats cunt aboiut that fat fuckin untalented fraudster..50 is only worth 25 mil less than bird man, he actually came up a g unlike that fat fuck who ripped off another identity. i think 50 can sleep well at night





  • Anonymous

    eLZhi - It Aint Hard To Tell

  • sddx

    gotta drag em in the woods and burn em

  • sddx

    well if u look at this on line map their they live their and thas where well get em.even the old ppl and little kids do it yea their gonna get .........

  • real nigga CJ

    this nigga 50 needs to re-record that Power of the dollar. shit was dope af

  • Anonymous

    "The track "New York Times" is the only song on the album featuring rappers other than Cole" wasnt kendrick on a song too?

    • Jake

      No the article is clearly saying the only song with a rapper is the 50 cent song. So unless hiphopdx doesnt consider kendrick lamar a rapper then you and hiphopdx are the fucking idiots

    • Anonymous

      and 50 didnt have a verse, it was a hook

    • joe

      you fuckin idiots. what they meant was its the only song that features another rapper actually rapping. if you fuckers did your research, you would know this.

    • Anonymous

      yep they always do shit like that

    • Anonymous

      What's embarrassing is that this very site posted that song too. "Forbidden Fruit"

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