"Jay-Z Blue" Is About "Paranoia" Regarding Fatherhood

Jay-Z releases another behind-the-scenes video for "Magna Carta Holy Grail," offering a glimpse into what "Jay-Z Blue" is about.

Jay-Z has revealed more information regarding his highly-anticipated Magna Carta Holy Grail release, this time offering a look into the making of "Jay-Z Blue." Details come as a promotional effort between Jay-Z and Samsung, where various videos are released to Galaxy users in a Holy Grail app to provide information about the album. 

"We still marvel at her," Jay explains in the video, speaking with producer Rick Rubin. "It's most obvious on the song called 'Jay-Z Blue.' It deals with, you know, my pop left when I was young. So, he didn't teach me how to be a man nor how to raise a child or treat a woman. So, of course, my karma, the two things I need, I don't have. And I have a daughter."

Jay-Z continues, providing a brief analysis of the song. 

"It's the paranoia of not being a good dad," he adds.

The ad can be viewed below.

Jay-Z has dealt with fatherhood in the past. A recent example of this can be found on "Glory," which also features his child, Blue Ivy Carter. "My greatest creation was you," he rhymes on the song. Jay has also been open about his relationshiop with his father, notably on "Moment of Clarity" and "Where Have You Been." 

This is the latest video released by Jay-Z and Samsung. Lyrics to "Jay-Z Blue" can be viewed in the app along with lyrics to other songs. The app works on Galaxy S III, Galaxy S 4 and Galaxy Note II phones. The app, which is currently available in the Google Play store, will also hold Jay-Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail on July 4, days before it is released to the public. 

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  • xxxxs4


  • Bobyahed2dis

    The only thing Jay-Z is paranoid about regarding fatherhood is the fact that he is about to be arrested for child abuse, Jay, Em and Kanye are well known child abusers and are overall bad ppl. Birdman was a good father to wayne and he passed it on to regina carter.

  • Mortis

    Sperm drop like Cromartie, leave a bitch

  • Anonymous

    Daughters>>>>>>> Blue

  • COCA


  • Anonymous

    A theme that all fathers can relate to.

  • Anonymous

    Jay-Z Blue" Is About "Paranoia" Regarding Fatherhood what goes around comes around fuck gay-z primate



  • crazy chuck from the game


  • Fresh 2 Def

    cry me a river. dude is a 47 year old man with one baby. weezus been having kids since age 15. he got 6 of em and takes care of them all. so stop complaining. jay only got one hot album anyways. its that best of both worlds 2. and thats only cus kells held him up. weezy got 15 studio albums. 9 of them classics the other 8 are all dope as fuck. ya bish? ya you bish! ya damn bish!

    • Anonymous

      @shady you're a idiot. wayne had several classic mixtapes. you could have at least said da drought 3 everyone knows thats one of his best works ever. cunt.

    • tre

      hahaha like the first five people that commented on this was the same fag

    • Anonymous

      @ jedson, haha, i've been saying that for a while.. dude makes it so obvious that he's co-signing himself.. lowercase letters, exclamation points.. it makes me wonder if this guy has any friends or a life, since he has to make up imaginary friends on here..

    • freshtoodeaf

      fresh to death gay as hell. puts the ho in homo

    • jedson

      This fool made an ignorant ass comment and then gave himself a cosign assuming the identity of four other comment post under different names. It leaves me only to wonder if the internet didn't exist how else would you go about growing a pair and being happy with yourself.

    • Fred Hoops

      hoop dream my man! you living it fresh!

    • Larry D

      you da man fresh! i holla

    • Fresh 2 Def

      how about you get off my scott disik! ya bish!!!!

    • vicdamoan88

      1wayne's baby mammas and his mom take care of his kids on a day in and day out proccess 2 jay is talking about his lack of a father figure in his life to teach him the things to say about certain situations (wayne always had a father figure whether it be his step father or baby)3 that is all that wayne has is music lets talk about business I BET YOUR FAVORITE ATHLETE IS SIGNED BY JAY you give jay money when you don't even know it ugghhhh what does wayne have YMCMB and TRUKFIT thats it oh and music fuck out of here dick rider

    • Anonymous

      mad respect for fresh man. dude been on top for a while now.

    • Fresh 2 Def

      yo yall some bishs! ya bish? ya you bish!!

    • Vitamin Dee

      'Do you all listen to music or do you just skim thru it?, I showed em how to maneuver, you didn't.' Jay Z Lil Bueno (Wayne), needs leen to make music on the level of Jay Z comparisons. Whenever you hear his voice change into martian status like on his early mixtapes before and after Carter, you better know he's on that stuff, just like Ole D B was on that stuff back in the day when his lyrics were wild and all over the place. Seizure anyone? That's why when he get older he gon like Flavor Flav. Jay Z figured out he gotta always talk about losing his father, Marcy projects, and wear fitteds, Timbs, and wear jewelery to maintain his street cred. *www.fb.com/freeolspeech

    • Shady

      You are all idiots lol. Weezy has 1 classic album (Carter II) and one classic mixtape (Dedication II). Jay has Blueprint, American Gangster, Black Album, Reasonable Doubt. And I dont care about Waynes kids, lol he is a moron.

    • Fresh 2 Def

      come back to me when you use proper grammer brah! ya bish? ya you bish. ya damn bish!!

    • Anonymous

      Jay only has 1 hot album?! You got to be on high on prescription drugs or something with idiotic comments like that. LOL As far as the Wayne comment goes, please don't tell me you were a fan of his work during the early Cash Money mainstream days. His first 3 albums are horrendous by any standards. In other words get the fuck out of here lmao

    • Lillix

      hey fresh you got a blog or a podcast???? love your work!

    • Blue

      let em know fresh!

    • 213 G

      so true. get it fresh

  • IMhO

    its sad Jayz has to explain what is albums gonna be like before it drops bec people cant comprehend real shit anymore..damn we took a steep drop in life

    • imho

      i know its promotion i mean its sad that he has to dumb down his promotion for morons now adays bec they cant understand lyrics and if they have to think about a lyric brains explode

    • ETK

      it's promotion ffs there's nothing there... all rappers do this, just not to the extent Jay does it

    • Shady

      All part of his promotion

  • Anonymous

    This real is crazy couldn't see myself having kids,but If your walking with The Lord the story is his not yours.

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