Tupac Shakur's Music To Be Featured In Broadway Musical

"Holler If Ya Hear Me," a Kenny Leon-directed musical featuring the music of Tupac Shakur, receives the approval of Afeni Shakur.

The music of the late Tupac Shakur will soon find itself depicted in a new light thanks to an upcoming Broadway musical titled, Holler If Ya Hear Me. According to HipHopWired.com, the musical will be directed by famed Broadway director Kenny Leon and is expected to premiere during the 2013-2104 season.

“Tupac was a prophet and I want everyone to see that,” Leon revealed to Broadway.com. “[Holler If Ya Hear Me] is a present day musical using all of Tupac’s music, but Tupac is not a character in the musical."

Although Holler If Ya Hear Me will include the music of Tupac and is titled after a song from the late rapper, the musical is non-biographical and instead features a book by Todd Kreidler and tells the story of two friends who reside in an inner-city in the Midwest.

Holler If Ya Hear Me has also gone on to receive the approval of Tupac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, who will help in producing the musical.

As of now specific dates for the musical as well as a theatre have not yet been revealed.

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  • Anonymous

    What's next, a remake of Gang Related?

  • IMhO

    2pac was more than rap, a legend a poet. he got emotions out that noone to this day and copycat- there will be only 1 2pac..while you can remake biggy, eminem, a jayz, a big L a ludacris ect ect..youll never remake 2pac LEGEND! who cares if he wasnt lyrical. its how he presented himself, music and the world is what makes him greatness. passion

  • New Afrika

    Never read something a sayin its ill-informed. haha!





  • Anonymous

    2pac is m.o.r.e most overrated rapper ever! Why is everybody acting if pac was a god! Goddamn it he is just a good rapper and nothing more.

  • Z

    lol the 2013-2104 season, that's a hell of a timespan

  • 666




  • 666


  • Anonymous

    2pac's name have always been a great marketing tool for anything in the entertaiment business. He was out there & known for his history (black panther family etc) & his media persona. So his status since he died was only fueled by his death. Now you got a bunch of weirdos re-writing the reality of 2pac & what he was, not that he neccesarely was a bad person, & the myths about 2pac keeps growing every day & only fuels even more delusional & impressionable people who dont know the reality. Reminds me of religious figures in the bible, quran & so on. I mean if people re-write so much & add their own weirdo dickriding cents to 2pac imagine what its like for comic book characters like Jesus & Mohammed etc? When 2pac was alive he was nothing but a controversial & 1 of many popular rappers just like Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre, NWA and so many others. When he died? He became Jesus. All these fairytales & great stories people talk now is so funny especially when its said by people who were kids or not even into 2pac back when he was alive. So this is why 2pac is a great marketing tool. Say 2pac and the siegels will come, add "credibility" to our brand & we'll be the ones eating.

    • imho

      i look at it more like paying homage to a great legend than tryna capitalize off him. if they were using his name to promote a broadway that wasnt about pac you might have a point. i see nothing wrong with this.

    • New Afrika

      Saying something is ill-informed and ain't read something haha.

    • Anonymous

      lol i'm not readin all that cause i don't care too much what you think cause its obviously ill-informed...but you gotta understand the greater context those artists and what pac was sayin to understand its importance. I don't think he's overrated, but maybe groups like public enemy is underrated in its impact. Lol@snoop average rapper. he's not the greatest but he's above average.

    • New Afrika

      Like I said I'm realizing it now cause I was one that use to saying the things your saying. But me and others are realizing how dope he was cause what he was doing was innovative. Look NOBODY was spitting rhymes like it was in a poetry form, and using biblical words like thy this and thou that. It was new, so comparing it to what others was doing at the time yes some said it was so so. BUT NOW...Oh snap that was tight. Eminem says he's influenced by him now and I hear Nas using Pac word arrangements. And remember when we say Pac were talking about the Iconic Me and Against the World and on Pac when he hit his stride. And at that point WE WAS SAYING he was hella tight. Lyricially his rhymes on" I got my mind made up" was better than ANYTHING Jay- Z and Biggie every said and I'm a Biggie fan.

    • 80's kid

      you are fucking right. When pac was alive nobody said that he was a great rapper or the best there ever was. He was oke and nothing more. And all you fuckers on this board werent born when he was making music. I was there and he was just an okay rapper Pac was the most contradicted rapper ever. First he was a chuck d clone then he became a gangster when he met Suge Knight. He was always talking about peace but dissed the shit out of ny rappers, He was calling women bitches and the next days queens.

    • Anonymous

      You cant even spell delusional you weirdo. And you clearly missed my point. 2pac was, just like Snoop Dogg, Dr Dre and so many others, just a popular & controversial rapper at a time. He was never the best rapper, never considered the best rapper, never considered what he is now, never considered more than a Chuck D & Ice Cube copycat, never considered a Jesus in the rap game and so on. People like you werent even around that era i can tell. Whats funny is 2pac said it himself in his last interview about how people would talk shit but then once he died theyd exploit his name & write all this things about him in hindsight. Its myth writing. People do it do every celeb that dies especially if they were popular & died in a major way. Kurt Cobain is the same thing. Look at how people ride him now that hes dead. Nirvana was at least still popular and had tons of respect as a band already before he died but it still got exaggerated after he died. Its so funny how people really think people think 2pac was some magical, rare figure. When 2pac came out he was called a Ice Cube & Chuck D clone. Then he was called a Death Row dickrider for switching up his sound once they blew up. But do yall remember that? Did yall know that? Matter fact, were yall even around for shit like that? OF COURSE NOT

    • Anonymous

      2pac was another Snoop or Dre? Youre fucking delusianal

    • New Afrika

      Its not rewriting...its realizing. Me being one of them.

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