Alchemist Reveals Insight On Eminem's Next Album

Emcee/producer Alchemist says Eminem is "clearly going to further territories" with his next project, adding that it is a "blessing" to be a part of the Shady Records camp.

Alchemist has revealed insight regarding Eminem's upcoming album. Although he said he was not "at liberty to speak on much," Al the Chemist did share some of what he knows regarding the highly anticipated Eminem release

"That's my boss. I deejay for him and I'm not at liberty to speak on much, but you know his caliber and what he does," the rapper/producer told RapFix today (June 17). "Clearly going to further territories. I think what you would expect, especially after the last go-round. I think he was just getting his feet back on Relapse and then Recovery just came with the smash hits and everything and I think now — he's Eminem. It's just a blessing to even be in that type of circle."

The Alchemist interview can be viewed below.

A few details have emerged surrounding Eminem's forthcoming album. In August 2012, Em shared that he began working on a new project. "I've actually kinda just started. I've been on the move a little bit too, so I've in between things, sneak songs in here and there," he revealed.

More recently, talk about the new Eminem album was revamped when pictures surfaced of Em in the studio with Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q, Ab-Soul, Jay-Rock, Royce Da 5'9 and Mr. Porter as well as Big Sean and Chris Rock.  

As for last year's HipHopDX Producer of the Year Alchemist, he is currently promoting a collaborative album with Prodigy titled Albert Einstein. The emcee/producer is also preparing for Lord Steppington, his Rhymesayers debut as one half of Step Brothers with Evidence which will be out later this year.  

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  • TBD

    lol lol nigga u kno u gonna listen to the whole album and discus it with niggas soon as it drops

  • Ugi257

    Man, I'm just honest, I really loved Recovery, I don't understand how people can actually hate that record.

  • Anonymous

    We need 50 Cent on one of the singles man, Slaughterhouse, Yelawolf, Kendrick, Dr. Dre should each at least feature on one track with Eminem Man....

  • imho

    can we expect weird, faggot eminem or on point beast mode eminem--- makes a huge difference if i even bother listening 2 his album i guess his 1st single will tell me all i need to know

  • africaz

    fuck kanye we need eminem album

  • kmfcm

    I hope Alchemist produces the album, it will be better than anything Em has done in years if so.

  • anon

    Recovery was dope i liked the overall vibe of the album it was different for an em album.....i dnt want AS many relationship songs as recovery though that kinda turned me away on recovry atill a really really good album though and if alcs touching the boards on this akbum? Pssshhhh i can only imagine whats sitting on his harddrive right now

  • Rick Rude

    Eminem is warshed up. Anyways, Born Sinner out now. Gon sell WAY MORE than mothertruckers think! BORN SINNER! Dreamville! Cole World!

    • Andre.CO

      Let me put it to you this way.....we've heard Kendrick and Cole on songs with Drake and guys of that nature, and they are better than guys like that, hands down. But they don't really outclass them on the same track that much, though they are much much better emcee's. When Em came on Forever, it was like his "Hey guys, I'm still on a completely different level than you guys". I mean it was apparent.

    • Andre.CO

      Mannnnnn. Now Cole is my boy and everything, but he would never be able to f**k with an Eminem in a slump (2004-2007) on his best day, two different level's lyrically. Born Sinner is dope, not really a classic, just a real real good album. Kendrick's album was a classic, it will go down as one. Cole is great lyrically, one of the best new era emcee's, but guys like Eminem and Nas are on another level.

    • plz

      born sinner is very average calm down. How can you say shady washed up?

  • s'up

    so this article told us nothing

  • Eminem - TBA (8th Studio Album)

    1. Curtains Up (skit) 2. One Man (Produced by No I.D.) 3. King Mathers (Produced by Mr. Porter, co. Eminem) 4. To My Advantage (Produced by No I.D.) 5. Do Not Disturb (Produced by The Alchemist) 6. Paul (skit) 7. First Blood (Produced by Dr. Dre, co. Mel-Man) 8. Shadow Boxing feat. 50 Cent (Produced by Boi-1da, add. Eminem, add. Luis Resto) 9. Nothing Remains feat. Royce da 5'9" (Produced by DJ Premier) 10. Ken Kaniff (skit) 11. Sandman (Produced by Havoc) 12. I Will Not Lose (Produced by No I.D.) 13. Dark of the Night feat. Skylar Grey (Produced by Alex da Kid) 14. Hunger feat. Nas & Kendrick Lamar (Produced by Dr. Dre, co. Mel-Man) 15. The Darkest Cloud (Produced by No I.D.) 16. Chris Rock (skit) 17. Dance With the Devil feat. Keely Nosugref (Produced by Mr. Porter) 18. Out of Life feat. Drake (Produced by Boi-1da, co. Noah "40" Shebib) 19. Battlin' Myself (Produced by Eminem, co. Jeff Bass) 20. Curtains Close (skit) Deluxe 21. Anti-American Graffiti feat. Slaughterhouse & Yelawolf (Produced by DJ Khalil) 22. Detroit (You Out There?) feat. Big Sean, Obie Trice, Royce da 5'9" & Mr. Porter (Produced by Mr. Porter)

  • truetrue

    Guys this album has a lot riding on it Dre got scared and probably wont release Detox now - the coward So now Hip Hops fate rests on Shadys shoulders. Kinda ironic considering that Hip hop shunned him for so long for being white... But if this album doesnt bring Hip Hop back to its glory days of 99 to 2004, nobody or nothing will Lets go shady !

  • HHp

    A new Em album sounds good to me Producers: Dr Dre, Porter, Al, No ID, himself Feats: Slaughterhouse, Black Hippy, 50, Dr Dre Skits: Chris Rock Would be dope

  • sizakhoza

    I didnt know Alchemist was also an emcee, i swear i have never heard him rap.

  • onelove

    the white boys cant wait! for real tho, my hopes arent high but its probably gonna be trash.

  • Anonymous

    So wtf is this gonna drop?

  • Andre.CO

    Co-Sign if you hope Em spits on his next album like he did on songs like Psycho, Drop the World, Forever, Seduction, No Love, Untitled, Ridaz, Session One, Beautiful, Underground, Shady 2.0 Cypher, Eminem 2011 Westwood freestyle, Welcome to Hell, Fast Lane, Loud Noises, Our House, etc.

  • Andre.CO

    Here's how I break down Em's career.....feel free to add your own opinions. RELEASES--- Infinite: A Slim Shady EP: A+ Slim Shady LP: A+ Marshall Mathers LP: A+ Devils Night: A Eminem Show: A+ 8 Mile: A+ D12 World: C Encore: B- Curtain Call: B Re-Up: C+ Relapse: B- (those god damn accents ruined it for me, without them, it could have been a B+ probably) Recovery: A-/B+ (can't decide) Hell The Sequel: A- FEATURES/UNRELEASED--- 1999: A+ (Dead Wrong, What's the Difference, Forgot About Dre, Any Man, Bad Influence, Get You Mad, Bad Guys Always Die, If I Get Locked Up, etc) 2000: A+ (Off the Wall, Words Are Weapons, Don't Approach Me, What the Beat, etc.) 2001: A+ (Renegade) 2002: A- (My Name) 2003: A (Patiently Waiting, Don't Push Me, Go to Sleep, Lady, 911, etc) 2004: B- (Welcome to D-Block, I'm Gone, One Day at a Time, etc.) 2005: B (It Has Been Said, We Ain't, Gatman and Robbin, Welcome to Detroit, etc) 2006: C+/B- (Smack That, I'll Hurt You, There They Go, etc) 2007: C+ (Touchdown, Peep Show, Pistol Poppin') 2008: C (Who Want It) 2009: A- (Chemical Warfare, Psycho, The Warning, Forever, Drop the World) 2010: B+/A- (Roman's Revenge, Love the Way You Lie Pt 2, All She Wrote, Airplanes 2, Where I'm At) 2011: B+ (Throw It Up, I Need A Doctor) 2012: A- (My Life, C'mon Let Me Ride, Our House, Here Come's the Weekend) He started out as great as any rapper ever could, Infinite is an underground classic, Slim Shady EP was amazing, and than he had 3 classic albums in SSLP, MMLP, and TES. Also his work on Devils Night was superb, Em as his absolute peak, and his work on 8 Mile was great too. Just hearing Lose Yourself, 8 Mile, Rabbit Run, etc....I really wish Em had done a full album worth of material in Late 2002/Early 2003 to go along with 8 Mile. Even if Eminem never did anything past 2003, he was certified one of the GOAT's. His legacy is signed, sealed, and delivered. You can only enhance it. Most artists never have 1 classic album, most greats only have 1 classic album....Eminem had 3 classics hands down, as well as an underground classic. He hit a rocky road from 2004-2006. While D12 World had a great track like How Come, much of it was average at best. Weak considering what they'd done on Devils Night. Encore was like Em's career, started out real well, suffered in the middle, came on strong late. While Ass Like That, My First Single, Big Weenie were whack, it still had strong songs like Yellow Brick Road, Like Toy Soldiers, Mosh, Mockingbird, We As Americans, Love You More, etc. Curtain Call had a whack song like Fack, a decent song like Shake That, and a great song like When I'm Gone. Overall, decent. Re-Up had crap like We're Back, Jimmy Crack Corn, and You Don't Know (though Em's verse wasn't that bad I guess), alright stuff like Re-Up, and strong songs like Public Enemy #1 and No Apologies. Overall, ehhhh, average. He came back with Relapse, which was brought down by the accents, but is similar to Encore for me. Had crap songs like Bagpipes From Baghdad, We Made You, Same Song and Dance...but had strong songs like 3AM, Deja Vu, Beautiful, Underground, Drop the Bomb On Em, Music Box, etc. Than like I said, Recovery was dope lyrically, could have been an A- or A but the production brought the album down. Too many Khalil, Blaze, Boi I-Da, Alex Da Kid stuff on there. Than, Hell The Sequel was dope. His best release since Eminem Show. Looking forward to his new album. I'm hoping for production like Alchemist, Premier, NO ID, Porter, Dre, Em himself, Havoc, etc.

    • ano

      and of course getting back with kim, dealing with proof's death, demons drugs/rehab, killing slim shady finding himself

    • sam snead

      Infinite- 8/10 SSLP-9.5/10 MMLP-10/10 ES-9/10 Encore-7/10 Relapse-6/10 Recovery 8/10

    • IMHO

      infinite- A SSLP- B+ MMLP A ES- A+ relapse B- (masterpiece but to weird) recovery B- nice hooks and a few great songs but to many songs were for the same concept

    • anon

      U hit the nail on the head buddy. But relapse is arguably one of my fav em albums......he went fukn ham on there the way he weaved through those beats and the accent was hilarious who else culd do a whole cd with a british accent and it be fuckin cold? Same song and dance my mom underground just to name a few and wat happened to d12 i thynk proof held them together wen he passed seems like it changed

    • Anonymous

      this is a dope assessment.

    • Anonymous

      Devil's Night is a straight A+! Still playing it almost weekly.

    • jfk

      Perfect assessment I agree completely I think he was absolutely certified after Eminem Show First rap album I ever got, I was 12 He was a beast back then, honestly, Em/Shady was an untouchable force. They banned him in Australia because he had sucha strong influence on kids there

    • Anonymous

      summed it up perfectly. but Devil's Night: A+ a forgotten classic

  • cherrygoround

    I will always put Relapse over Recovery the lyrics are crazy & the concept to songs are waaay better

  • Heybiaatch

    Eminem Untitled Album >>> j cole's Born sinner = Jay Z's Magna Carta Holy Grail = Kanye's Yeezus

  • Anon

    Ight wtf why is dis album so secret?? drop sum shit already and yall sayin that em aint on point is whack and dont know shit about rap. this lp if it drops will go multi plat for sure keep hatin behind yall screenss

  • Anonymous

    -buy some of them Alc beats with P on them Em, maybe we'll listen -the older Christian Em is not going back to Slim Shady, you look sad praying for that

  • Anonymous

    yall check out that Young Dro Day 2 mixtape yet, It's got a few bangers on it, and you already know B.o.B. and T.I. both kill the tracks theyre on. I got mines at www. HipHopGood .com they got all the albums and music on it HipHopGood be haven that new Ye Cole and Miller too, and im sure theyll hav the deluxe edition of That Yeezus up first too

  • This album will be fire!

    Mark my words this album is going to be fucking crazy its going be like the Marshall mathers lp pt 2

  • Anonymous

    Download "Black Skinhead," "I am a God," & "New SLaves" For FREE @ Fast and free downloads on the hottest songs of the week for your ipod! Thanks for support!

  • Anonymous

    eminem is such a faggot. really. he is talented, and could still make good music. but he's a corn ball, and no one can tell him shit because the label likes the end results. how has he had alchemist as a DJ for years, and not used a TON of alchemist beats? i counted one alc/em track since alc been his DJ and it was a low key banger. he needs more of that. he actually sounds good on hard production. alchemist isn't even a good DJ and will tell you this. that isn't his primary function as an artist. it's a good look for his career. eminem rolls around with one of the greatest producers ever and refuses to get on his shit. instead opting for jim jonsin, gay ass drake producers, or whoever ghost produces dr.dre's plastic shit. alchemist could give eminem a classic album. but eminem is a great rapper and a shitty artist. prodigy made a great album with alchemist. prodigy today is a good rapper and a great artist. i'd love to see eminem find his feet and man up, but he's 40 something and i just dont see it happening. eminem is a lost soul. his catalog stinks. 3 wack albums in a row. he needs someone to tell him what sucks and what doesn't, because he doesn't know shit. see slaughterhouse.

    • imho

      let me put an end to this shit. im a big em fan but hes to fuckin weird for me to vibe with.. recovery was a nice switch up to all the weird faggot shit he raps about in his previous album..and i wont even go into encore unless you guys want to read a few paragraphs..sucked! eminems guest verses have been good in a sense but plain as fuck for eminem. ems 40- he needs to act 40 in his raps. that rape shock value eminem is over with

    • Andre.CO

      C'mon son. Now you just sound ignorant. You don't think Em went in on Welcome 2 Hell, Fast Lane, Loud Noises, Ridaz, Session One, No Love, Seduction, Drop the World, Forever, Airplanes 2, etc. I mean c'mon man.

    • Anonymous

      eminem fans are the worst. i was an eminem fan. when he was dope. he sounds like a faggot now and his lyrics are TRASH. girl you got a hot butt like a lit cigarette. he picks wack beats and uses wack features like pink bruno mars and lil wayne. he is the biggest fall off of all time. he still sells records cuz hes elvis. elvis was fat and pilled up still selling out venues loved everywhere. eminem is washed up, and out of it, but hell always have his gay ass geek boy audience that thinks everything he does is next level. he sounds like shit. screaming, cant lock a flow down. punchlines are ass. look how he performs now. hooded up doing a fiend like crab dance. he's washed.

    • anon

      Yea ur trippin royce is one of the few artists that can go bar for bar wit em who else can do that new quick flow ems ben doin the last couple of yrs....and royce has a pretty good catalog listen to death is certain and success is certain

    • Anonymous

      ^^ co-sign just about everything he said

    • Andre.CO

      The only thing wrong with Recovery was the production, I wasn't feeling that. But lyrically the album was dope as hell, and Em was on point for sure. What he needs to do is just go with production from Alchemist, NO ID, Premier, Dre, Porter, Havoc, and himself. And that's it.

    • Andre.CO

      Really??? Out rapped??? I really don't think a lot of hip hop listeners understand what they're listening to. Bad Meets Evil EP wasn't a classic, that's thrown around too much, but it was two amazing emcee's just spazzing out lyrically basically. Both Royce and Em went in hard, and Royce is most definitely not washed or a never was. Royce has never been able to have the mass appeal of an Em or Jay, but he's lyrically one of the most most underrated emcee's ever. Em and Royce would spit circles around just about any emcee out there today aside from a select few. You expect Eminem to have the exact same flow he had back from 1999-2003.....??? If he did, he wouldn't be very relevant. Artists adapt.....or artists die. It's simple as that. Eminem is still lyrically the best rapper alive, along with Nas. If you don't think Em went in on tracks like Seduction, No Love, Untitled (Here We Go), Ridaz, Session One, Shady 2.0 Cypher, Westwood freestyle in 2011, Welcome to Hell, Fast Lane, Loud Noises, etc.....than I don't know what to tell you.

    • Anonymous

      bad meets evil is gonna be a classic? really? i heard eminem getting out rapped by a washed up never was in royce da 5'9'' on wack beats. a classic? "scary movies" was better than that entire album. eminem has fallen off so much since that point. he might be able to hold his breath in different ways but he CANNOT flow or spit or sound anything like he did on the first bad meet evil records.rapping about lighters with bruno mars on faggy club beats. that EP was trash and is the biggest failure in eminem's catalog.

    • Anonymous

      fame can hurt an artist. im sure if it was up to him we'd have an entire alchemist album.

    • Anonymous

      his last shit was dope... give it another 3 years and that BME EP will be a classic ...i bet he will use the same formula with the next album...

  • juzdan

    Hope he doesnt make nothing with that wack Big Sean !

  • Anonymous

    there might be a cris rock skit this album could be crazy or at least better than yeesus

  • Anonymous

    i meant skirt wearing, EDM and house-pop-rap music.

  • juanpol

    "further territories" i just hope that is not another way of saying EDM, ala Kanye

  • Anonymous

    these are rappers whose album is full of lyrical skill not experimental shit like shirt wearing and ddm. fact!

  • Anonymous

    em should do what he did on the eminem show the album went diamond so it what the people want i want him to rap like did on till i collapse, or solider say what you say and square dance are classic

  • 101

    Eminem be to secretive on his new shit. Us fans probably won't be able to listen to any of his song before the album drops & the album probably won't be leaked too. Shit its been too long he needs to say something or just give us something. An album name, release date or at least a single or two even a tracklist would help a fucking lot. Im starting to question if he's even gonna drop it just like 5cent on his street king immortal or dre's detox

  • Bobyahed2dis

    I can already smell the bengay, these old ass irrlevant ass rappers need to hang it up and clear a path for the Current like, Chief Keef 2Chainz and Waka Flocka.

    • Shiv-Rey

      Em could drop one verse with those goons names in it and they will never rap again He's a career killer, its why nobody ever challenged him Not even Jay or Nas in their prime

    • Anonymous

      Kill yourself.

    • stabler420

      You must be on crack!!! I hope Em pulls his head out of his ass and ends every single one of those guys careers! He can do it but will he ???

    • blobby_digital

      that statement proves you dont know shit about hip hop. cheif keef might stick around but those other two scrubs steal their verses from childrens nursery rhymes. go pop some molly you trend following moron

  • d3

    alc look like he on coke for real in this shit

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