Chief Keef Arrested For The Third Time In A Month

Chief Keef was cuffed just blocks away from leaving Chicago's Skokie Courthouse with a fresh sentence involving probation, community service and a fine.

Tomorrow Chief Keef will be appearing on one of 2013's most high-profile albums in Kanye West's Yeezus. However, information surfacing today indicates that the Chicago, Illinois rapper may not be home to enjoy the fanfare. The Chicago Tribune reports that Keef was arrested today (June 17) for what is believed to be misdemeanor trespassing. The Trib also alleges that the Glory Boyz/Interscope Records artist is currently being detained on Chicago's South Side. Leah Starkman, Keef's lawyer is the one who hinted towards the trespassing charge.

If true, the arrest is Chief Keef's third in less than a month. On May 20, Keef was cuffed at Le Meridien Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia after the rapper was charged for disorderly conduct after smoking marijuana in his room. Just over one week later, Keef was arrested in Chicagoland, when his BMW SUV was stopped for doing upwards of 110 mph in a 55 zone, in addition to having too many passengers in the car on a Illinois Junior License. The latter offense brought the "Don't Like" sensation to Skokie, Illinois this morning for a traffic court date. Moments after the ruling, Keef was reportedly arrested four blocks away by Chicago Police.

At traffic court, the 17 year-old rapper was ordered to 18 months probation, 60 hours of community service and a $531 fine. According to the Class A misdemeanor, he could have faced up to one year in prison. "I sure hope I don't see you again, because if I do you better be ready to go to jail," Cook County Circuit Court Judge Earl Hoffenberg told the Finally Rich rapper.

Chief Keef's label-mate Lil Durk, currently incarcerated for weapons charges, is expected to be released later this week, on June 19.

The full report is available at The Chicago Tribune.

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  • mike2334

    You see, they keep fucking with Keef because they want him to sell out. See, Gucci Man a real nigga, but they keep fucking with im because he is wreckless. See, soon as Keef left that courthouse, they areest him again. This is the shit Mark Curry was saying about the industry. They gonna discredit you first.

    • foreal

      if keef was obeying the law then he wouldnt get arrested. come up with all the excuses you want, but at the end of the day, it is Keef getting arrested. he is discrediting himself

  • J dirty

    Smoking weed in a hotel room and speeding.Big Deal...My Niggas do that shit everyday.Fuck Keef.That niggas garbage



    • PAPA DOC

      What would the illuminati want with chief keef? they only go after artists that have an influence over the public, artists have a message that goes against their views. eg tupac, biggie, michael jackson.. Chief Keef aint saying shit, In fact i doubt the so called illuminati can understand a word that comes out of chief keef's mouth. so he's safe..

  • Anonymous

    they need to keep this guy in jail.

  • whiteboyfly

    haha. this guy makes black people look bad. throwing a great opportunity away because he cant leave the "life" behind. clint eastwood voice "get off my lawn"

  • Sensaye Sixkiller

    If you're in the street, and you have to do grimy shit in order to survive and eat a decent meal, then I don't judge you. If you got a million dollars and you're still doing the same shit and getting in trouble, then I don't feel no remorse from you. Give that spot to someone who will appreciate it and do something with it. This kid epitomizes every ignorant 17 year old savage I see every day. Fuck 'em.

  • Anonymous

    keef should tattoo a gaint steak on his face

  • Anonymous

    dumb nigga. making ya afro americans looking dumb as fuck

  • Hip Hop Activist

    what is wrong with this boy??he wants to throw away his carrier by going to jail of crime is the worst that can happen to him.

  • Art Brooks

    Guwop has been a gr8 influence on Keef.

  • OnlyHipHop

    Waiting for the day they won't let him out! He'll continue to F Up because he comes from a broken home, with no one, so he has been alone (no dad or mom, just a grandma not fit to be parent). How dumb do you have to be to realize that I need to start doing better, I guess those salty tears when he went to juve weren't good enough. Plus he has nothing to offer just some false dreams for kids who think they all can be a wack rapper. #Aspire2DoMore/BeBetter

  • Anonymous

    This MF stay in trouble haha Yall check out that Young Dro Day 2 mixtape yet, It's got a few bangers on it, and you already know B.o.B. and T.I. both kill the tracks theyre on. I got mines at www. HipHopGood .com they got all the albums and music on it HipHopGood be haven that new Ye Cole and Miller too, and im sure theyll hav the deluxe edition of That Yeezus up first too

  • Anonymous

    L... after L... after L.... after L....

  • weohhhwe

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    • YoungGuwop

      You're just another racist troll who's probably miserable at home with no life and money. Hang yourself fuck boy.

  • Anonymous

    this lil o-dawg ass niggas on a collision course with failure.

  • Anonymous

    Hes from chicago hoods none of you white boys kno about all he knos prolly is street shit. and he's only 17 stop hating fucks.

  • KKK Spokesperson

    Will somebody just put this spear chucking nigger down like the dog he is

    • Chief Keef

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    • KKK Spokesperson

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    • Kyle

      @Anonymous I believe the second and third posters were making fun of the redneck with the ignorant comment.

    • Anonymous

      ^ both you fucks need a real life ...

    • Neo Nazi

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    • David Duke, Grand Wizard

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    • Aryan Brotherhood Spokesperson

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  • saint

    Bang Bang! 3Hunna years in prison

  • Angelic Angel

    I think something is wrong with this dude...Maybe he has mental health issues or something. We shouldn't judge, guys!

  • Anonymous

    he must be getting used to this shit by now, hopefully he knows not to cry now

  • Anonymous

    BMW SUV LOL but he's hard though. We don't buy X5's we givem to baby mammas

  • Kyle

    Why am I not surprised? This guy's career's going to be over in less than three years if he keeps this up.

  • The Decatur ATL BOI

    Good for him!

  • Kinglio21093

    Keep this faggot ass nigga in jail for good

    • Kyle

      True stuff. Unless he gets his life back on track he isn't going to have much of a life.

    • ^^

      He isnt gonna see that 6 mil from interscope, he's making around 150k in which most of it is already spent, he'll be dead within 3 years

    • Lee

      Just like a hater to wanna see somebody fail huh? I'm not a fan of Chief Keef's music in particular either but as a young black making money at his age in this country i stand firmly aside that brother. Do you know Chief Keef's life? Do you know him as a person? Have you ever conversated with that young brother? For if you had you'd be able to say something a little more educated, a little more credible.

    • Kyle

      Alongside his new boss Gucci.

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