Project Pat Supports DJ Paul's Three 6 Mafia Offshoot Group

Exclusive: Project Pat says he has no ill will toward DJ Paul. The North Memphis rapper also discusses his Money Train Management company with brother Juicy J.

Project Pat upset some Three 6 Mafia fans last week when he said that the group was merely a business arrangement, but the Memphis rapper says he didn't mean to offend anyone, including DJ Paul. DJ Paul, who with Juicy J is the business and creative force of Three 6 Mafia and its affiliated businesses, announced earlier this month that he was forming the group Da Mafia 6iX with five of the six members of the original Three 6 Mafia line-up: Gangsta Boo, Koopsta Knicca, Lord Infamous and Crunchy Black. The sixth member of the Tennessee group is Juicy J, who is Project Pat's brother. 

During an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Project Pat says that he was unaware of DJ Paul's new crew, but that he supports it. "I don’t know really what they got going on," says Pat, who is working with Juicy J on Money Train Management, a new Juicy J-helmed company. "I can call Paul and find out, but I wasn’t really on it like that. I wish him the best and hopefully they can go make it happen. As far as what me and Juicy got going on, we just doing what we doing. It's cool. They cool. It’s all good. But like I said man, it was business, man, that’s all it was. I seen somebody on Twitter and they was like upset about what I said. But I was like, 'I don’t know why.' I mean that’s what we doing this for. We doing this for some money. The moves that Paul is pulling with that, and you know the old members or whatever, if they getting money, then hey, I salute them. Get it."

Project Pat also that his comments about Three 6 Mafia were not said out of disrespect. "I didn’t mean no disrespect by it," he says. "I didn’t mean no disrespect to fans. A lot of people thought it was like family friends, but a lot of them dudes was from a whole different sides of the city. I didn’t grow up with them. Nasty Mane [with whom Project Pat releases mixtapes], that’s my first cousin. That’s my blood. That's totally different. It just was business. We were business, and we was together and out, doing our thing. It was cool."


Project Pat says that he's excited about Money Train Management, a full service management company owned by Juicy J and run by Project Pat and Nasty Mane. The company represents with promoters, producers and rappers.

Project Pat says that his work with Money Train has helped him evolve as an artist. "Back in the day, I was on some goon rap," Pat says. "My music was trap-goon music. People still gotta to hear that from me, but now everybody wants to get turnt up. They want to get high, and they want to talk about that money. So, we're entertainers. We going to give them what they want. At the same time, I had to put my swag in it. I got to come up with the 'Patahhh.' I got to put mine on there, cause it ain't going to work right."

Project Pat is on the "Cheez N Dope" tour and is wrapping up the second installment of his Cheez N Dope mixtape. He's also working on part two of his Mista Don't Play (Everythangs Workin) album, the 2001 collection that featured the singles "Chickenhead" and "Don't Save Her." The Tennessee rapper emerged in 1998 as a member of the rap group The Kaze and released his debut album, Ghetty Green, in 1999.

Project Pat says he'll be employing a new batch of producers on his forthcoming material. "It's cool cause it introduces the old kind of swag to newer ears, but on top of a younger producer's music that’s popping, like Young Chop and Mike Will, them type of beats," he says. "Them type of beats right there going to always go. When you doing it like that, how you gonna lose?"

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  • Yuki

    i dont know Pat coz Dj Paul doin this reunion for all the fans (he tweeted it the first day he decided) and if look up on Crunchy,Lord,Koopsta,Boo pages u would realize this shit is more than a money reunion theres thrill, and excitament (they interviewed Koopsta on FOX he was happy)..they delivering this project for the fans..and this made me realize that the real soul of 3 6 has always been Paul he the one who still rappin Hypnotize Minds and that dark style into his new album.Juicy changed too much changed his flow, he soft to me that new Taylor gang Trippy shit is whack...the last real Juicy album to me will always be Hustle Till i Die. I think Pat shoulda stayed wit Scale a Thon ent or Black Rain ent..damn Paul and Lord still got dem dark bangers beat..this new mainstream producers are too soft..the only 1 good that been hanging around Pat is Lil Awree, he recreates that old 3 6 sound. I hope that this new MDP2 wont be too much Taylor Gang soft style

    • tin

      Pat was talking about the original, koop, lord and crunchy came in with paul and juicy has his crew with pat..he was saying they didnt really hang out

  • kennyken

    now i guess people see these niggas are frenemies now. Juicy j is scum man. for real. Three 6 mafia was the best thing that ever happened to these cats. it's okay to want to go separate ways musically when you get older, that happens all the time, eg outkast. but i smelled this shit before they sat on the commode.

  • J Dirty

    Fuck Juicy J..Nigga cares more about money then giving the fans what they want.And wiz Kalifa is fucking garbage.Taylor gang is crap

  • sxx009

  • nigga slim

    I like all Pats new solo shit but I miss that three 6 sound that paul n juicy made with him. That serious, bout to pull a kick doe type shit with those symphony strings n all that lol! I hope Juicy aint done workin w paul cause he was a huge part of that melodic side they had. You know w just paul producing now, that shit bout to get evil and gangsta as fuck again

  • sxxx9

  • Anonymous

    So... how is this dude tight with Juicy, but not know that Juicy has a quasi-reunion thing going on. Something still don't feel right.

    • Anon

      Juicy J is his brother. Juicy J's with Taylor Gang and doing his own thing, so he's not gonna be a part of the reunion, so Project Pats rolling with his brother who's solo career has never been better...DJ Paul is gonna try put a reunion together, apparently with only Koopsta, Lord Infamous, and Gangsta Boo, possibly Lil Wyte, ...Lord infamous snaps but. Without Juicy and Project Pat, it aint 3-6.

    • Anonymous

      Did ou read the entire article?? Juicy J is his brother you imbecile!!!!

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