?uestlove's Memoir Blasts 2 Chainz

?uestlove's manager says in "Mo' Meta Blues" that 2 Chainz's music is an "object lesson in thematic narrowness, one dumbass idea repeated over and over again."

Details about and excerpts from ?uestlove's forthcoming memoir, Mo' Meta Blues: The World According To Questlove, are discussed in a The Village Voice profile on Ahmir "?uestlove" Thompson. The Roots' drummer and band leader is going as "Questlove" for the book, which he co-authored with Ben Greenman, a novelist and New Yorker editor.

?uestlove says in the article that it took four years for his publisher to convince him to write the memoir, which took close to a year to complete, according to The Village Voice story. Amazon.com lists June 18, 2013 as the book's release date.

In the book, ?uestlove discusses his life and includes lists of his favorite albums. The book also features footnoted commentary by Rich Nichols, The Roots' managerOne of Nichols' excerpts discusses 2 Chainz's 2012 album, Based On A T.R.U. Story"It's a fucking object lesson in thematic narrowness, one dumbass idea repeated over and over again," Nichols says in Mo' Meta Blues, according to the story. "There's a song called 'Crack' and then a song called 'Dope Peddler,' right next to each other. Then a little later there's a song called 'I Luv Dem Strippers.' I'm not knocking 2 Chainz, but what kind of market elevates him like that, at the expense of everything else?"

That line of thinking is why Nichols says it was imperative that ?uestlove wrote a book, namely that it isn't centered on violence and criminality, according to the story. "Stories that revolve around Black people, the shit has to be this weird sort of outlawish type of existence for people to get into it," Nichols says. "For some reason, there's this idea, post-Hip Hop, that Black peoples lives are always on the edge."

In addition to the book, ?uestlove is preparing for the release of two The Roots albums, including Wise Up Ghost, a project with singer-songwriter Elvis Costello that is slated for a September release. ?uestlove also has a Thursday DJ residency at the Brooklyn Bowl and is approaching the fifth-year anniversary of The Roots' run as the house band on "Late Night with Jimmy Fallon."

The Roots earned its first platinum album in April when its 1999 release, Things Fall Apart, was certified by the RIAA. The collection featured the Grammy-winning single "You Got Me" with Erykah Badu.

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  • Anonymous

    all these artists do features with him because he sucks so much he makes them look better has he ever said anything smart or important there is more social awareness and wisdom in one Black Sentence than 2 chains will ever say in his whole career he even knows this shit and knows that there are plentey of idiots that eat that shit up just like there are plenty of idiots that smoke crack and shoot dope they love 2 chains

  • questlove is a porch monkey

    questlove is a porch monkey

  • lol

    cant disagree with him

  • the guy who thinks questlove is a porch monkey

    Isn't it funny when I write the same tired old crap on every article featuring questlove? Should I get the fuck out this site or end my life, or even do both?



  • Fuck Philly

    Don't you hate when irrelevant niggas start talking like 75 year old burgeois white women?

  • Anonymous

    Questlove is just mad that The Roots aint moving units like 2Chainz is...Bottom line is this: - 2Chainz had one of the hottest albums of the year. - Based on a TRU story = Certified Gold - Undun = 112,000 copies sold - Supreme FLOP - 2 Chainz is the future of rap 'Nuff said

    • Anonymous

      here is a lesson on math how many classic albums do the roots have and you can add more in the future how many will 2 chains ever have none You can listen to those classics now and then and forever one listen to 2 chains and who is ever gonna play that trash again no content no skill no wisdom no flow just mindless shit to sell to mindless idiots like you grow up ya bich learn something

    • 2chainzisthefutureofrap

      i might suicide over this

    • Anonymous

      Kill yourself, 2 Chainz stan, for the bullshit you said.

    • Anonymous

      Lol. Look at this little trollipop kid typin' all types of bullshit. 2 Chainz' album was no where near half as good as any Roots album.

  • DownSouth

    Smdh, yet it was fine for Biggie to make the "Crack Commandments" or for 50 and Roc A Fella to make movies about dope dealing....Those dudes get a pass, but its not ok for southern rappers to do the same?gtfoh! Typical northern hate....

    • Anonymous

      There's a difference between how Biggie rapped about it and the way 2 Chainz raps about it. Listen to the music before commentin' with stupid shit like this.


      Biggie was telling stories, this lanky ass giraffe clown is trying to make that shit seem "cool"

    • Anonymous

      Biggie is the reason southern rap came up. He slowed rap flows down so that you retards actually think you can rap.

    • Anonymous

      IT wasn't fine. To me Biggie is the reason rap is where it's at now. Fucked up.

  • gegoga

    Hey but at least the guy runs faster then Forrest lol

  • Da Enigma

    I don't understand the black folks of today who are insecure and feel that money makes them. So, you're telling me those rappers that make more money make better music? Most of those ignorant uncle Toms are slaves to the labels and make music, which is ignorant and the black folks who buy into their music and like their music are ignorant as well.

  • Anonymous

    everybody knows 2 chainz is garbage..the industry will promote musicians that cant rap,rappers that glorify drugs,violence,pussy.



  • Anonymous

    'So if your message ain't shit, fuck the records you sold Cuz if you go platinum, it's got nothing to do with luck It just means that a million people are stupid as fuck

  • bevis n butt head


  • sxx004


  • YEBO

    If there's a reason to cheer for 2 Chainz, it's that the limited but now loveable rapper lifted himself out of a dead-end group (the Sporty Thievz-like Playaz Circle), dropped his awful name (who wants to say they're the world's biggest Tity Boy fan?), and reinvented himself as a welcome character somewhere between the syrup-sipping Pluto and the slang-slinging Pootie Tang, all while rocking True Religion everything (and if the clothing company didn't pay for all this album's product placement, they should send Chainz a box of swag immediately). This devil-may-care style that's right in line with the flash-flavoring landscape of 2012, was refined over mixtapes, street releases, and guest spots, all of it smart preparation for this official debut. Based on a T.R.U. Story is a fine payoff, coming off as trendy as those jeans Chainz keeps repping, but still quirky enough to stick to the ribs. Prime example is the opening "Yuck!," a high-powered Streetrunner production with Lil Wayne getting in the distasteful spirit of the album (warning: he's searching through his black book for a girlfriend who's not experiencing "the monthlies") while Chainz places his second favorite product when Similac gets another mention, once again thanks to the rapper's skill at baby making. "Birthday Song" borrows Wayne's love of dumb bluntness for the great "She got a big booty, so I call her 'Big Booty'," while "Extremely Blessed" offers both "Our first date was the Waffle House" and "If you a chicken head, go and lay some eggs" which producer The-Dream coats in polished R&B for a track that's quite velvety and Ludacris. In this environment, a stripper track with Nicki Minaj can't go wrong, and when hooky singles "No Lie" with Drake and "Birthday Song" with Kanye West find their respective superstars coming down to Chainz' big booty level, it's like free drinks and table dances all night long. Still, there are a couple unexpected highlights, like Mike Posner getting convincingly nasty on "In Town," or "Stop Me Now," which plays it soulful, smooth, and nostalgic ("All my Planets were Digable"). The claim "Every line is so dope, you can snort it" is an oversell, but 2 Chainz over-promises and almost delivers on his official debut, putting him right in the punch-line rapper's sweet spot.

  • anon

    Hes just stating the obvious. So what. thats how it is nowadays. Quit bitching and change the landscape.

  • SL


  • SL

    So this was something said by Questlove's manager? Why advertise the story with Questlove's mug x2? Why is it so unclear as to who said this? It makes Quest look bad - someone that has done so much for music and is the quintessential musicians' musician. Drag him into controversy for a bunch of ignorant fucks to misinterpret. Once again DX, thanks for keeping me entertained, but FUCK YOU FOR BEING SLIME BUCKETS.

  • Big Bad One Eight Gang, E'z up!

    I agree but it's not just 2 Chainz (fuck kinda faggot name is that?), it's 99.9% of the fucking faggot so called rappers running around in the game right now.

  • Mr Tibbs

    There it is, the line drawn in the sand. The 2 Chainz and Waka Flaka (mainstream) vs. Lupe Fiasco, Blu (underground). Not that it's a war but as a black person the radio and BET are truly misrepresenting my culture. From the outside looking in if I based our culture on our music as far as what's marketed, we look pretty fucking stupid. Example, "I Woke Up In A Bugatti", what? What part of common sense does this song speak too? Questlove has an obligation as an intelligent thought provoking musician to point out the decline of good music today. I can't help if 2 Chainz was the perfect example. Lol

  • zxsss4


  • Anonymous

    "Add to that they now have probably the most lucrative and high-profile steady gig a band can get outside of a few Las Vegas residency-type gigs" It's probably 1 million a season. Ross makes 7.5 million an hour, but that's to be expected from a boss.

    • lolol

      i feel like your joking but if you really think Ross makes 7.5 mill per hour you're a straight retard.

  • Dick B

    This is basically shit everybody knows already, so why is this a story?

  • Anonymous

    "the roots are on jimmy fallon every night of the week" 2 Chainz is on the radio every night of the week.

  • No Lie I'm Rising Down

    2 chainz actually is smart. He just dumbs down his music to sell records and make money. Hip hop has become a hustle and no longer an art form.

    • Da Enigma

      So why would that make him smart ? So you're telling me those rappers that make more money make better music? Most of those ignorant uncle Toms are slaves to the labels and make music, which is ignorant and the black folks who buy and like their music like to be ignorant as well.

  • Anonymous

    porch monkey ass nigger

  • Anonymous

    "Where is the talent" Talent is subjective. Someone could easily turn that around and ask why The Roots can't release music that sells anymore. 2 Chainz ain't destroying the charts, but gold is the new platinum, so if brain dead music can sell like that then obviously 2 Chainz is doing something right. It's not great music, but The Roots have no place to put Chainz on blast simply because he's getting major opportunities.

    • Anonymous

      you are a dumbass..hip hop is now a shitty hustle not a place of art anymore..2 chainz is wack AF..go and look at his shitty lyrics that glorify strippers and weed

    • Anonymous

      The roots have already said that they make music that they like and not necessarily music to make money. They are able to do this because they have so many side projects that bring in revenue so they dont have to conform to mainstream to support themselves. In that case numbers dont matter as much as acclaim and respect does. They released their first album in 1993 and just released an album in 2011 that was hailed as one of the greatest albums of the year. 2 Chainz might be relevant now but the roots have been relevant since 1993 and will go down in hip-hop history. At the end of the day i think their doing pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    Its his manager

  • Anonymous

    "the roots have sold way more records than 2 Chainz has or ever will" That's beside the point. 2 Chainz is doing it big. The Roots were always those critically acclaimed artists who had some ok sales, but who never blew up properly.

    • Anonymous

      They never got the sales maybe they deserved, but from what I always heard they never had a problem making money off shows. Add to that they now have probably the most lucrative and high-profile steady gig a band can get outside of a few Las Vegas residency-type gigs. How many hip-hop artists, even at platinum or diamond sales peaks, could really make money off shows year-round for entire careers? Not many. A lot of hip-hop acts went broke selling Gold or Platinum with no show money or other steady cash flow.

    • Anonymous

      the roots are on jimmy fallon every fucking night of the week. id say thats doing it bigger than 2 chainz who barely went gold off 1 album

    • D-Mite

      The problem is, we equate commercial presence with success. The Roots always have respectable album sales and even if they don't, they can sell out shows 250+ days out of the year... We need to stop thinking that if someone doesnt reach Jay-Z, Wayne, etc.. FAME, that they're not successful artists. I think we can all agree that the Roots are extremely successful and have accomplished their mission.

  • bavu

    fyi, these guys have way more money than 2 chainz

  • Truth

    I don't think he's slamming 2 Chainz,personally. No need to get all butt hurt over someone's opinion. Listen if your a 90s hip hop head like myself, most of you grew up loving Luke and some other non-lyrical foolishness like everybody else. The difference between then and now is that we had WAY more artists to choose from for every ignorant song I shook my ass to, there was a Nas, Pac, Big, Kool G. Rap, Wu, etc. Mainstream artists were better at having substantive content and combining it with loud, ignant production and lyrics on albums. It ain't like that these days, these record labels ain't having it. They definitely weren't giving the Roots and Tribe that exposure that more street rap was getting, but at least the option was there. When you listen to the same 10 mainstream rappers do "different" songs all day long that opens the door to heavy scrutiny. The reason you didn't hear too many 80s rappers complaining about the Lukes and 95 Souths was because there were too much other quality music to be checking for. Although, they were extremely popular, nobody much complained about the impact on the art or the youth because there were simply much better. Mainstream artists weren't afraid to collaborate with more underground artists and that enhanced everything to where no one cared about the garbage music, cuz it'd be gone(and was), soon enough.

  • Judge Dredd

    Hey idiots, it was Richard Nichols; the Roots manager that made the comments regarding 2 Chains not ?uestlove. Secondly, he has a valid point and he's not going at 2 Chains. But rather questioning you.. the listener. He's asking what kind of market will elevate such nonsense? Yeezus you fucking people are dumb. VAN CITY'S FINEST DO TO THESE BITCH MADE RAPPERS LIKE VAGINAS. BET I GO INNN!!

  • Bobyahed2dis

    2Chainz don't give a fuck what these old ass never-been rappers think. they don't even have a platinum after 20 years in the game when Chainz is gonna have one by august. I bet this guy would lose to him in a rap battle

    • Anonymous

      2 Chainz will never have a platinum album and will lose in a rap battle.

    • DieHoodratDie

      Annnnnnnnnd you're done. I know you aren't using age when disparaging someone else in a conversation about 2Chainz (who is so fucking old/ never-been he changed his original name). Secondly, Things Fall Apart is Platinum and Undun was Grammy-nominated.... Please pay attention in class on Monday.

    • Anonymous

      2 chainz is old

    • Anonymous

      Questlove is not a rapper! If you don't know nothing about old rap then don't even comment, kid.

  • zssss4


  • Anonymous

    what i dont get is that 2 chainz has been like this for years. First time i heard him was back in 2002. He hasnt changed. Hes been him. Now that hes actually getting attention, the complaints want to come

    • Anonymous

      the complaints are coming because he blew up last year (for whatever mysterious fuckin reason that no one can adequately explain.) if he was still a nobody like he was 10 years ago then do you think people would have an opinion about this guy, one way or the other? no one would know who he was, no one would know any of his shitty music and no one would care.

  • CS

    "Look at you . now look at us" ... that line right there made him more of a target. Can't rub your success in peoples faces.

  • just sayin

    smh lol "who is this guy again", "fuck this hater" why am I not surprised by the comments?! you guys fall for hyped up sensationalized stories from the so called "hip hop media" almost on que, everyday! you guys are fuckin pathetic! You CANT knock 2 chainz or any other rapper running game on the consumer when the consumer is for getting scammed, but you can be hypercritical of what he's peddling! We have been brainwashed by capitalism. capitalism is a CONDITION. You have to condition yourself to be a cold hearted calculated worm who only loves money and will do or say ANYTHING to get paid! Same thing with RACISM, these things are TAUGHT...rappers, business men, bankers, politicians, etc etc are CAPITALIST...regular folks or 'americans' are capitalist in theory taught to chase the illusion of "the american dream", but the regular folks are the sheep that CAPITALIST survive off of...without regular dumb folks CAPITALISM cant work! without RACISM america cant exist! And if those who are considered rich are supposed to be the embodiment of the "american dream"...what are the rich chasing? see how dysfunctional the process is? America is running the biggest ponzi scheme the WORLD has EVER seen! All you idiots who adapt to the ways of the oppressor, what are you gonna slave to when that dollar isnt worth the paper its printed on? monetarily, psychologically you name it they have defeated "regular folks" ...what this man said about 2chainz is crumbs on the table compared to the big picture here...rap music is just a medium in which they can reach yall dumb asses and further tell lies to your vision....go on...troll your little heart out...kick your little jokes...refute what Im saying...wont be so funny when its all said and done...

    • ancientGOD83

      i would comment, but why??? great points GOD, folks wouldnt innerstand...and i mean i would respond, but you said it all. ASHE

  • zcccc9


  • manny05x

    maybe this why 2 chainz got robbed you put negative energy and ignorant stuff outhere thats what you get back but i can lie i dance 2 chainz songs theyre fun maybe we take things too serious like thinking a rapper is suppose to be or really is gangster???

    • -

      don't worry bro it's okay to like all types of rap. despite what half the tards on this site will tell you. i own every Roots album and 2 Chainz album

  • IckeyShufflin

    Sadly, the people who need to read this the most probably can't read.

  • Anonymous

    Valid points, but these guys couldn't sell records if their lives depended on it, even when people were actually buying music in the 90's (Do You Want More!?!,Illedelph Halflife, Things Fall Apart, Phrenology, ect.)they weren't checking for them. Myself included.

  • s000xx4


  • DK

    Fuck this old ass washed up ugly Nigger.He trynna get some shine. Hes jealous because he aint got 2 chainz's money. 2 chains got more bitches than Questbitch,2 chainz is also richer than the roots combined. Nigga tryana sell gay books by dissing the hottest rapper. Look at his hair, cheeks, teeth, Nigga is fuckin ugly, what a hobbit. #DEATH TO QUESTLOVE #TRUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

    • Drew

      Wow, I can tell by these comments that half of you would not know real hip hop if it slapped you in the face. The Roots are one of the most underrated groups in the history of hip hop. These guys are artists, not the bullshit that is on the radio now. How much murdering, drug dealing, stripper fucking talk can we hear? When does it all become redundant for Christ sake? Where is the talent

    • -

      2chainz aint richer than the roots.. they've been in the game touring and selling a shitload of albums to a huge loyal fanbase since 2chainz was a backup dancer for Luda. and they get a fat check for being the house band on fallon. fuck your so fuckin stupid it hurts. and your hurts. hurtin that is

    • -

      Questbitch... bro that was such a good one. you put the Ho in Homo

    • -

      butt hurt 2 chainz super-fan # 1

  • Anonymous

    Finally a valid,intelligent opinion on the vile state of marketing and how generic music has become.

  • Anonymous

    who is this guy. yawn

  • 614grind

    I think people are starting to grow real weary of the Ratchet Era of Hip Hop. If you do Coon-Hop, you better get your slice ASAP because the door is rapidly closing on that shit.

  • -

    maybe there bedtime is before Jimmy Fallon comes on

  • 3

    watch some know-nothing kid who just started listening to rap a few months before 2 Chainz album dropped say "who is this irrelevant blah blah blah"... on some tired ass shit. i'm 29 and i love 2 Chainz, but i love fuckin love the Roots to and i get where Quest is coming from

  • Jay Kid 2 Fly

    I am looking forward to reading this in its entirety. Maybe it will wake up a lot of people. #nochainz

  • Anonymous

    Watch a bunch of butthurt 2 Chainz fans come to his defense and call ?uestlove an old washed up bum because he spoke the truth.

  • sxxxx4


  • Anonymous

    totally agree with him thankfully i dont know anyone who listens to 4 dicks so i dont have to suffer

  • zxsss4


  • 2 Goonz

    i robbed ?uestlove a few years back and he didnt run like a bitch! he gave me his wallet and charged it to the game



  • jay

    shots fired. niggas vs. brothers

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