Kanye West Compares Himself To Steve Jobs & dead prez

Kanye West also talks about making "Yeezus" with the help of Rick Rubin and why it has influences from Run DMC to KRS-One, as well as J-Kwon's "Tipsy."

Kanye West once said he doesn't do press but that he gets the most press. While the press has been buzzing about his latest project, June 18's Yeezus, West took a moment to do press, speaking with Jon Caramanica of The New York Times. In the interview, which also discusses this album's influences, West compares himself to Steve Jobs and dead prez.

"I think what Kanye West is going to mean is something similar to what Steve Jobs means," Kanye West said. "I am undoubtedly, you know, Steve of Internet, downtown, fashion, culture. Period. By a long jump. I honestly feel that because Steve has passed, you know, it’s like when Biggie passed and Jay-Z was allowed to become Jay-Z...I’ve been connected to the most culturally important albums of the past four years, the most influential artists of the past ten years. You have like, Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, Nicolas Ghesquière, Anna Wintour, David Stern." 

West also explained how his emceeing evolved after being influenced by Talib Kweli, Mos Def (now Yasiin Bey) and dead prez

"I used to have tracks that sounded like Timbaland; I had tracks that sounded like [DJ Premier]. But Jay-Z was an amazing communicator that made the soul sound extremely popular. And because I could make the soul sound in my sleep, it finally gave me a platform to put the message that my parents put inside of me and that dead prez helped to get out of me and Mos Def and [Talib] Kweli, they helped to get out of me: I was able to put it, sloppily rap it, on top of the platform that Jay-Z had created for me...Before, when I wanted to rap, my raps sounded like a bit like Cam’ron; they sounded a bit like Mase; they sounded a bit like Jay-Z or whoever. And it wasn’t until I hung out with dead prez and understood how to make, you know, raps with a message sound cool that I was able to just write 'All Falls Down' in 15 minutes."

His connection to dead prez must have been strong. In this interview, West declares, "I am dead prez." 

"That’s how I discovered my style. I was just hanging out with them all the time in New York. I would produce for them. You know, I was able to slip past everything with a pink polo, but I am dead prez. And now, because I was able to slip past, I have a responsibility at all times."

Much of the recent conversation surrounding West's Yeezus has been around his work with Rick Rubin. According to reports, West and Rubin have been fine-tuning the album, making some changes before it is released. This interview confirms those reports, with West explaining how much Rubin has helped him. 

"For [Rubin], it’s really just inside of him. I’m still just a kid learning about minimalism, and he’s a master of it. It’s just really such a blessing, to be able to work with him. I want to say that after working with Rick, it humbled me to realize why I hadn’t — even though I produced Watch the Throne; even though I produced “Dark Fantasy” — why I hadn’t won Album of the Year yet," West shared. 

"This album is moments that I haven’t done before, like just my voice and drums. What people call a rant — but put it next to just a drumbeat, and it cuts to the level of, like, Run-DMC or KRS-One," he added. "The last record I can remember — and I’m going to name records that you’ll think are cheesy — but like, J-Kwon, “Tipsy.” People would think that’s like a lower-quality, less intellectual form of Hip Hop, but that’s always my No. 1. There’s no opera sounds on this new album, you know what I mean? It’s just like, super low-bit. I’m still, like, slightly a snob, but I completely removed my snob heaven songs; I just removed them altogether." 

Kanye West's Yeezus has been highly discussed since it was announced. He then made headlines by debuting a new song and video with "New Slaves" on buildings using a projector. Yeezy also added Rick Rubin as the Executive Producer of the album recently. The album is set for release June 18. 

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  • college dropout

    u try walking in his shoes. don't cee yo footprints in the sand anywhere. ye has been thru a lot over the years. find peace in ya own lives. he's just finishing what he started... too "complex" for mos heads... go watch block party or something... internet geeks... u do the history. one love, peace

  • Ricky Rozay

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  • Anonymous

    Think he forgot to mention Yeezus is pretty much completly influenced on Death Grips/ Horror Core.. its been around.. Like when he was wearing Polo..Lo life were doing that for years... way to re-invent the wheel.

  • Tha Truth

    Kanye had to sell out at age 25 to get where he is, now he fell off so hard hes TERRIBLE, lost all my respect, on the other hand Game never sold out and shits on anyone out there. realest nigga out

  • Anonymous

    This nigga a lie

  • thesheriff69

    Except he's missing the part that he sold out, unlike DP

  • j

    lmao i just read two stories that mentioned j kwon on this site

  • Anonymous

    I fucks with Ye but he is delusional comparing himself to a visionary who changed the world with technology and a group who has always had a political message and substance.Ye needs to sit his ass down and stop putting himself on a pedestal.A real visionary would not wife a smut who has been passed around like a blunt...

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    deze hatin stans are hilarious. objectively this nigga is payin respects, but these deluded ass bum niggas suddenly become fuckin telepathic and pretend to know how dead prez feel about it. Oh yeah, imma listen to deze butthurt jerk-squad niggas over kanye who actually chilled w/ them.

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    Henry Ford? Come on Ye. Henry Ford revolutionized the automobile and in turn transportation all around the world. You make beats, wear skirts, and rap about Louis Vuitton. SMH, but I guess it's no worse than saying he should be in The Bible because a song that he didn't even write. A clown of the highest order.

    • Anonymous

      ^ I'd argue he changed the radio - the industry already "fusion" artists... He was just the first to crossover. Henry FORD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Every Kanye Album. (maybe not Graduation - shit knocks lol)

    • Anonymous

      @David, those are LIES. He didn't change the CULTURE, He changed the INDUSTRY. Even downplayed his shit to rock with soft niggas. Gimme a fuckin break, you gotta be an industry dickrider if you think what he has done was so "Visionary". What Ye did was not revolutionary, he just got white people to dig his shit. SIT THE FUCK DOWN.

    • David

      Seriously? I revolutionized Hip-hop with every single fucking album..808s is a classic no matter what you think because it changed the game..If it wasn't for that album nobody would listen to kid cudi...and blueprint 3 would have had the sound it did..EVERY TIME YE' DROPS A ALBUM IT CHANGES HIPHOP ALBUM STYLES UNTIL HE DROPS ANOTHER ONE.Ye' is the steve jobs of hiphop like or not..and no im not a fanboy..Thesse are just unbiased facts

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    • Anonymous

      @ANON you can't play both sides, your down... or your not. And he CONTINUALLY SHOWS US (The cats who actually giva a damn about their people & culture) that he does NOT... THIS NIGGA GOT A WHITE WHORE PREGNANT... HOW REVOLUTIONARY IS THAT????? SIT THE FUCK DOWN CLOWN.

    • Anonymous

      no, friend, you don't understand. he's talking about power, taking over, not being a perpetual revolutionary.

    • one

      The dude claims he's dead prez and names all the wealthy capitalists he admires. someone wasn't paying attention to the lyrics or something.

  • RC

    When did he ever have tracks that sounded like DJ Premier?? I'd like to hear that, drop that electro bullshit and go back to that soul Kanye.


    Kanye West Compares Himself To a chipmunk

  • SDK


  • SDK

    ..."Steve Jobs, Walt Disney, Henry Ford, Howard Hughes, Nicolas Ghesquire, Anna Wintour, David Stern." I AGREE 'TIL HENRY FORD


    yes, we need that black conciousness in hiphop. after dead prez and blackstar came jus allah, now we need a new one leader of black rap.

  • south side chicago chick (repost)

    dr donda west will be rolling in her grave. from making poppy euro hits to wearing skirts to dating kim kardashian to this. smh

  • Anonymous

    the people he just named are just people from the western society, where are the other societies ?

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  • Michael

    I really understand Kanye. He's on another level, i mean, back when black people was treated like shit in america, and now, everything changed. He's not acting like rich white people like a saw in some coments here, he's just in another level of his career/life.

    • huh????

      "what is material? he likes those things because they are results of designers and artists of a different medium."........What da fuck is u talkin bout?try and word ya sentences a lil better, lol. Dude buys all white made shit then talks about slavery, fuckin hypocrite.

    • Anonymous

      @MICHAEL You are a moron. please don't comment again.

    • Anonymous

      what is material? he likes those things because they are results of designers and artists of a different medium.

    • huh????

      "He's not acting like rich white people like a saw in some coments here, he's just in another level of his career/life."..............idiot smh. U obviously dont understand shit, Kayne is one of the most materialistic niggas in the rap game, lol.

  • eh

    fuck this guy comparing himself to dead prez. why do you need to taint the image of something pure with that. when you stop being obsessed by consumerism, when you stop dumbing your audiences down, when you practice a bit of humility and deliver an actual conscious message maybe then you can compare!

    • Anonymous

      @ANON Yea becuz white people are gonna run out and buy a dead prez album just becuz Kanye mentioned them. You sir, are an idiot.

    • Anonymous

      wow u a fuckboy. he just showed respect to dead prez and put them on. they probably appreciate it, but u too stupid to see.

  • eh

    fuck this guy comparing himself to dead prez. why do you need to taint the image of one of the something pure with that. when you stop being obsessed by consumerism, when you stop dumbing your audiences down, when you practice a bit of humility and deliver an actual conscious message maybe then you can compare!

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  • Sco*

    Ye is and has always been ions ahead of his musical contemporaries and at times, society itself....he needn't refer to himself as a genius, his work reflects that assertion....critically acclaimed, commercially viable, and universal acceptance by all socio-ethnic backgrounds while releasing music true to one's vision is a difficult tightrope to muneuver....he's done well thus far, who knows what's to come tho....

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  • Bulletproof Wallets

    Kanye may be a douche but he's been on fire for 3 years. Looking forward to the album.

  • Bobyahed2dis

    The only comparison i'd give to Kanye West is Vanilla Ice cause he only makes music for the Whites. How can you talk all this black power bullshit but than plant your seed in a white girl. What he doesnt realize is by doing this he's alienating both races from him and will most likely flop hard. Kanye needs to go back to his old ways and making hits like barry bonds with my nigga weezy and get off this hipster shit!!!

  • 614grind

    The best thing for Kanye is to flop HARD on this album. He loves to talk that militant shit to white audiences. Ain't no hood in this boy.

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    • zerocool6687

      ^This... probably the best comment I have read on this board arguably ever. Tip of the hat to you sir.

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      and you sound like a bitch ass hater guess which one I'd rather listen to you're gonna complain about Kanye whinin then you're gonna go and bump the next underground rapper.. that's pissing and moaning about something different. foh! only difference is he ain't got half the wealth Kanye has. what, when you get money you can't whine anymore? fuck does that make sense self-obsessed I'll give you that he has a massive ego but the whining part is stupid af. guess what, damn near every rapper is whinin about somethin if they ain't on about money & bitches. you might as well bitch at Kanye for screaming in his records or something else irrelevant

  • Anonymous

    more like a self obsessed fucking idiot

  • darnell carlton

    For real like who bumps this simple ass niggas shit? This nigga think he so legendary and all his shit is weak as fuck to me. That Throne album was boring as fuck and niggas just drooled all over it! These kids on youtube w fl studio make better beats than this coon.

    • darnell carlton's older brother

      Ok u succeeded and not liking what a lot of people like....I clap for you would you like a cookie? hold on i'll get one

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  • Nigga slim

    "This album is moments that I havent done before, like just my voice and drums" LOL weak ass nigga, yeah cause you got no skills behind the boards, you cant play one instrument, or read/write music. This nigga is so full of himself. He got lucky cause he was a industry nigglet hangin around big names..just like puffy did. Juicy J could kill this niggas beats in his sleep.

    • Chris

      Oh and also, is it fair to compare Mike Dean to Kanye? You know since Dean has done most of the in-house production for G.O.O.D. music for the past 5 years or so. He has publicly stated that Juicy J and DJ Paul are his favorite producers in the past.

    • Chris

      Not to mention that 3-6 Mafia created "Krunk" music which influenced and opened the door for an entire new generation artists that made commercially successful music. Also the only producer to win an Oscar. I do not particularly like Juicy's rapping style these days, but denying his production skills is just ignorant and misinformed.

    • Chris

      Yes he did, and I have to agree. Juicy J behind the boards making crazy beats with soul samples since the early-mid 90s. Juicy and DJ Paul are probably the most underrated production duo of all-time. While Kanye is a household name, that isn't a measurement of production skill-set. Educate yourself.

    • Anonymous

      Omg did you compare Juicy J to Kanye west? lmfao...you are kidding right?

  • zxsss4


  • zxsss4


  • bevis n butt head


  • rahrahrah

    "Kids say the darndest things.."

  • Anonymous

    Naw bro, u far from dead prez. Checkout thegrandreport, they got some cool entertainment news on there as well

  • zxsss4


  • Yasir

    he talking all this dead prez stuff. How anybody supposed to take you serious as some type of black revolutionary and you wit Kim Kardashian????

  • chiefhotfoot

    You are no Dead Prez, sir, not even close, nor are you anyway similar to Steve Jobs. Please grow up and learn to be yourself.

  • Anonymous

    lookin forward to this shit. nigga has respect for his mentors



  • huh

    anyone know what the fuck this clown talking about

  • Anonymous

    drugs are baaaaaaad

  • Anonymous

    Kanye has become such a hipster...What is he talking about?

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