DJ Quik's Daughter Reportedly Arrested For Killing Her 2-Year-Old Son

DJ Quik's daughter and father of her child have reportedly been arrested for first-degree murder and child abuse.

Only in recent hours has it been revealed that Davieanna Marlena Blake, 21, is in fact the daughter of legendary West Coast rapper/producer DJ Quik. Tragedy struck last month when Blake and the father of her child were arrested on suspicion of child abuse and first-degree murder in connection with the death of their two-year-old child.

Blake and boyfriend Darnell Moses Alvarez, 24, were arrested by Phoenix police when they were found standing over the child's body outside of their apartment. reports that Alvarez was disciplining the child for wetting himself or the bed. Witnesses say they could hear the child being spanked, and that it was "excessive."

Blake told police she and Alvarez had argued earlier in the day, and after the child had been found to have wet the bed overnight, Alvarez reportedly began to beat the child with a leather belt. Blake said she didn't intervene because she was afraid of upsetting Alvarez.

An autopsy showed that the child, who was found with multiple bruises on his legs, arms, buttocks, back, and face, suffered a lacerated liver, severe internal bleeding, and multiple bruising throughout his body.

Both parents were arrested and booked into jail on suspicion of child abuse and first-degree murder.

DJ Quik made his mark as a deejay/producer/rapper, releasing his full-length debut Quik is the Name in 1991, and cementing himself as one of the major innovators in West Coast Hip Hop.

HipHopDX would like to extend its condolences to DJ Quik and his family at this time.

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  • Doubl Negative

    Assholes, you should never kill children. Hang 'em both.

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  • Anonymous

    i had to re read the headlines 3 times with my crazy ass.. i dj quick was the father of his Daughter son . smdh ..

  • IROC

    They need to beat his azz until his death he will get his behind them bars for sure !

  • Roos

    Rot in Jail...The beat down is coming to you both inside Fucking Morons. See what happens in jail to people like you 2. I hope you both suffer

  • d3

    this shit literally jus made me sick to my stomach

  • WOrdPlay

    so disgusting to here such a thing my heart dropped into my stomach why would you beat a baby to death cant defend itself thats why its a baby ...Im black and all i have to say is NIGGAS that do stupid shit are cowards like these Gorillas today .....i hate earth ..i hope the people in jail that know that you shouldnt hit kids beat them niggas asses ..dont kill them make em suffer

  • DEFSR6167

    What type of mother allows a man to beat her child to death and doesn't do anything to stop him because she didn't want to make him mad? Sounds like to me they both deserve everything they get. Let the judge throw the book at them and then throw the book away forever so they can't appeal his decision.


    Damn that shit is cold blooded. Lil man was only two...He couldn't even write his own name yet... No need to beat a child for wetting the bed...It's not like he wanted to feel himself drenched in his own urine. His hormonal changes haven't kicked in yet, so it's useless trying to put fear in him to make him stop doing it. People need to educate themselves. Violence against children is the worst shit man...

  • Isiah Taylor

    Sick bastard. they need the death penaty

  • RIDA

    My condolences to quik and the Blake family............I hope those two get that work ,on damu

  • uncle sam

    god damn savages

  • bigLee

    I wonder what lloyd banks has to say about this shit...

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  • Anon

    Damn, she used to be a great friend of mine in high school. I can't believe this is happening to her.

  • cross

    they dont deserve to live. hang em

  • wtf

    some of these comments are ridiculous saying "fuck compton" "lil wayne would never do that" 1) what does dj quik's hometown have to do w/ anything? it doesn't 2) it's not dj quik's fault. the article is about his DAUGHTER & her boyfriend.

  • Anonymous

    Low life savages. Use the firing squad.

  • Anonymous

    Hang them both.

  • jacob

    SO of your comments are foolish! Some of y'all are true bitches. Totally foolish!

  • officialstatic

    sick as fucks... good parenting retards let them rot.

  • So Icy Boi!

    Lil Wayne or Rick Ross would nver do it. dats why dey da realest rappers. fuck dj hoe. swag

  • Anonymous

    lmao for real the nigga look like a tranvestite

  • Fuck Compton

    That's what you get for having a perm wearing ass dad

  • Whorida

    What is the relationship of DJ Quik and his daughter? This shit could be isolated like when Juvenile's kid was killed that he never met.



  • Groll34

    This is fucked up that nigga should get life for beatin shorty like that

  • Anonymous

    DJ Quik is so old that he's a grandpa

  • BGG

    they should get beat same way thats fuckin ridiculous

  • So Icy Boi!

    deze killers are worse den me. diz world is horrible. da hate is too strong and increasing. swag

  • Josh

    Hope the both burn in hell. Fucking cunts

  • Come On

    What A bitch!!!! why doesn't he do that to someone his age its BABY you clown thats what happens with children they wet the bed and DJ quiks daughters is hoe too for not interving, your the mother protect your Baby I hope this ignorant fuck gets Shredded in jail and beaten just like the poor baby who didn't stand a chance and DJ quks should disown his bitch of a Daughter..

  • HHp

    Condolences to Quick for his immense lost

  • ro

    I'm getting so fed with hearing and reading news of children dying from child abuse and parents especially mothers doing nothing to stop it!! This kid is 2 years old!!! He's going to wet the bed, he's going to throw stuff around and he's going to act childish because he's a CHILD! If you can't be parents do not have unprotected sex! People like these two don't deserve children. I hope they get eaten alive in jail!

  • Anonymous

    I really think if the Death Sentence is being given to every killer in the US, the murder rate would be ridiculously low. Its hard but I think that is the way. I believe in death sentence to anyone that kills.

    • jakem415

      That other reply is just dumb lol "who's going to kill the killer of the killer" how old are you and stfu. The reason death penalty isnt the number 1 option is because it takes 10-30 years before the person actually recieves the death penalty and the price of single cells and special security for every single person in death row is just really really really expensive.

    • Anonymous

      Who's going to kill the person that kills the killers, as he will have killed the killers, he himself must surely be killed?

  • Anonymous

    there is nothin in this world worst than child abuse. I hope they will both rott in jail for what they did like someone said below, a two years old child is supposed to wet the bet. i believe some people should not have the right to make kids. bringin a kid to this world so you can beat him up later makes no sense fuckin pieces of shit

  • Anonymous

    SMH the world we live in man I just dont know sometimes this one of those at a loss for words type stories




  • whocaresidont

    2 year-olds are supposed to wet the bed. I don't know what should happen to these kids, but hopefully they will not have more children.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately Quik is always associated with some family drama but this is waaaaay too far man. That nigga alverez gonna be coughin up lungs in jail man. And who knows what awaits him in the "after life"...

  • Anonymous

    I have 2 kids myself, one is 4, other is 1.. I couldn't imagine even getting mad over wetting the bed, things happen... we all went through it, especially being just 2 years old? Are you kidding? He will be dealt with in jail.. you can believe that!!!!! add on whine book @ thachronicizback

  • Anonymous

    they're going down down pun intended

  • Anonymous

    so this dude beat his toddler to death for wetting the bed? fuck this world.

  • Anonymous

    this shit was on mediatakeout like 2 or 3 days ago

  • Yeezus

    Excellent copy editing as always!

    • geminiman7

      Arg! HHDX has the worst comment system. That was meant for another poster.

    • geminiman7

      Da fuq??? Dumb ass. I hope you lose someone close soon for that fucked up comment. Show some fuckin sympathy you faggot.

  • Anonymous

    hahahaha!!!!!!!! It mustve been a pretty bad song!

  • Anonymous

    What the fuck is wrong with people?

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