Gucci Mane Announces Title Of Brick Squad 1017's Compilation Album

Willie D might appreciate Brick Squad's first studio album title, which is a play on Gucci Mane's short-lived name-change.

Gucci Mane recently revealed his 2013 plans to release an album from his Brick Squad 1017 collective. In a conversation with, Gucci noted that in addition to Young Scooter, OJ Da Juiceman, the release would include contributions from estranged member Waka Flocka Flame.

While a release date and distribution remain in question, Gucci Mane did confirm the album title to the compilation on Twitter yesterday.

The album is reportedly called Big Money Talk. Earlier this year, for less than a day, Gucci had stated that he was formally changing his name to Guwop (or Big Guwop), a play on "big money." Per his tweet, the compilation may additionally feature Chief Keef, with whom Gucci launched 1017 Glo Gang with last month.

Also in May, Gucci Mane released Trap House III in his trilogy. The self-released effort, which is available for full stream on Gucci's Bandcamp page, remains on the Top 200 of Soundscan.

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  • Marguerite T. Brady

    just as Jimmy said I am inspired that some one can make $7589 in a few weeks on the computer. did you see this site...

  • flower power

    YESSIR!!! Gucci and crew are about to take over the game (again). Those compilations from MMG, YMCMB, and GOOD were nice, but this is gonna be a classic, right up there with 36 Chambers. I told y'all it's gonna be heat when Gucci and Keef get on a record together, but now we got Waka, OJ, and the ENTIRETY of 1017 with them as well. Mark your calendars and save up because this gonna be that fire. #thatfire IT'S GUCCI TIME!!!

  • xzzzz9

  • Anonymous

    Now MMG and YMCMB dont seem so bad

  • Cashaholic

    It should be called "ALL WE DO IS Brick" because that is all they do, release brick after brick after brick. This has to be the worst collective of rappers ever. Ever? Ever! Ever!

    • flower power

      GBE is amazing. What the hell you talking about? You just mad that you ain't gotta clique like him. Keef already launched the first strike with his classic debut, and now they're mounting for an all-out attack just like 1017 is doing.

    • Anonymous

      chief keefs crew is worse

  • Burmy

    Wait a minute-OJ da Juiceman's still alive?! I THOUGHT WE GOT RID OF HIM YEARS AGO!

  • x0009

  • Anonymous

    You know why they're called the Brick Squad...Cuz their albums literally do just that....they brick...hard....No sales whatsoever

    • Anonymous

      Yes they all brick, but the joy these albums bring is priceless. Not to mention Obama has Waka on his Ipod.

  • OUCH!

    I thought waka said that...ah never mind, they both retarded.

    • John Blaze

      Notice Waka Hasn't Said A Word Since The Incident. Gucci The Only One Talking About Working....Sometimes Silence Is The Best Move. Plus Those Two Probably Got Hundreds Of Songs Already Done Before The "Beef", He'll Probably Use A Couple Of Those.....

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