Pop star Justin Bieber has garnered quite the bad rep from neighbors due to an incident that allegedly involved the singer speeding through his gated Los Angeles neighborhood in late May while behind the wheel of his Ferrari.

Over the weekend, Odd Future rapper Tyler, The Creator turned to his Twitter account to reveal that he was in fact the one driving Bieber’s Ferrari during the Memorial Day weekend incident.

On top of the rapper’s confession, TMZ reports that Bieber’s security team has video of Tyler driving the Ferrari.

Despite Tyler’s claims and the alleged video, Keyshawn Johnson, former NFL star and neighbor to Bieber, seemed certain that it was the singer behind the wheel.

“Look man, I know the difference between a black kid driving a car and a white kid driving a car,” said Johnson, according to ABC News.

If Bieber was driving his Ferrari during the speeding incident, he could be hit with a misdemeanor reckless driving charge.

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