New Jersey Police Officer Faces Termination Due To Homophobic Lyrics

Maurice Gattison, a.k.a. "Gat The Great," and three other police officers now facing the loss of their jobs due to a controversial music video.

In mid-March, it was reported that Irvington, New Jersey police officer Maurice Gattison, stage name “Gat The Great,” was under investigation due to his controversial music videos. And over the weekend, an update provided by, has revealed that Gattison has in fact been charged in the matter.

Gattison, along with three other police officers, were hit with misconduct charges, and as a result they could possibly lose their jobs.

Among the most controversial aspects of the investigation seems to be Gattison’s repeated use of the homophobic slur “faggot” on his record, "Temper Like An Alcoholic." But according to the rapper, he never intended to use the word in a harmful manner.

"When I say the words…I never say it like intending to slander anybody. I’ve never used that term like that in my whole life. They don’t have nothing. My career is impeccable. I do my job,” said Gattison, according to, while speaking on a homophobic slur used in his music.

Gattison and the other officers involved, who appeared alongside the rapper in his “Temper Like An Alcoholic” music video, will find out their fate during a disciplinary proceeding scheduled later this month.

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  • Rick Rozay Syndrome. Toughest Cops Cleaning Up The Streets Only to Rap About It.

    Sorry but if you're a cop. you have to maintain an ethical disposition of being a cop. You know, like being more moral than the people you lock up. Not just stoic facade of being a person behind a badge. Because when push comes to shove your ethicality may be checked as a form of contradiction when you're locking someone else up who has a worse social or societal morality than you. Not just because you caught them, but because their arrest was well-deserved for the sake of the entire community. This guy has Rick Rozay syndrome. Cops Who Think They're Bosses. No. Not quite. You can't think to yourself that you're not snitching on yourself when you do this.

  • hollywood

    Just listen to Black Steel in the hour of Chaos by Public Enemy if you think CO's or Cops should be rapping

  • Ola D. Evans

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  • J.Blades

    To make a point - there is one major difference between this guy and Rick Ross. Rick Ross can rap.

    • -

      ross can rap.. just cuz you don't like him that's you. like him or not he can spit saying otherwise you don't know rap

    • Anonymous

      "Rick Ross can rap." The world would be better off if you weren't a part of it anymore.

  • Oblugaatin Shuhottin

    its crazy because i went to school with one of them niggas, i definitely don't think they should lose their job, but then at the same time, as a cop, you are not supossed to be carrying on that type of conduct out of respect for your profession... I'm pretty sure them low budget videos aint feed nobody's kids at the end of the day and was more so a hobby than anything else!!! Why not create a label, and "Diddy" ya way through the glamour and glitz of being a part of this rap shit!

  • scarface

    is gonna be tight when he sees what these fake white people are doing to hiphop

  • Six

    Everyone just gotta be rapper nowadays.....D I R T Y J E R M has that real gutter shit

  • Bpayne

    Get this Faggot the Fuck outta here Police can't's in the HipHop Bible His ability to Call himself HipHop in any way should be terminated due to the fact that he is in Law enforcement if u really want gangster hip hop check out D I R T Y J E R M...

  • Six

    Everyone just gotta be rapper nowadays

  • smokealone

    Maybach Music !!!

  • Anonymous

    So these guys were in the studio trying to be like Officer Ricky, then would go to work and cuff and process dudes in the streets trying to be like Officer Ricky. smh

  • Anonymous

    Officer Ricky got all these cops thinking they can get away with it too

  • smfh

    only in hiphop can police officers and co's rap. only in hiphop can you steal gangstas names and run with it and win in court when the real gangsta wants his name back. only in hiphop can you be a c.o and name your album teflon don (mafia leader name). only in hiphop can you rap about sellin ounces and pounds of coke and crack when the only time you touch dimes in when you give your dealer 10 bucks to smoke a L

    • Anonymous

      Riveting commentary coming from someone who hasn't done any of those things either.

    • smfh

      and you act like drugs only affect black people? every race gets fucked my drugs just different drugs. doesnt matter the color of your skin, drugs are colorblind

    • smfh

      @omfg--people do drugs now, they did drugs decades before and will do em decades in the future someones making the money. even if its poison he still made that brand from the streets bottom up, worked hard im sure and can still profit off his name- that rick ross quickly stole his name, entire image and became rich. and noone watches fox news LOL stop it, if you follow fox news it shows more about you than anything i can say. @anon- who cares if some ppl like it or not. it wasnt his name- he stole a gangsters entire name and complete image and sold it for profits in millions dumbass- yeah its call movies- aka fake- hiphop is like a movie bunch of fake shit and the real ones that are true stories get pushed in the background w no monster pushing it

    • dumbass

      where cant you do this things? haha you act like theres some mythical place where no one does any of these things

    • Anonymous

      c'mon son, people who like him even say rozay and dislike the name jack, you're reaching.

    • omfg

      Please... stfu.. you sound soo dumb.. "When the real gangsta wants his name back" it was his name, and it wasn't "marketed", otherwise he wouldn't have been able to slang dope in such epic proportions (despite the federal assistance he was getting) look.. just shut the hell up. Neither of them are right, the guy that destroyed many black communities and dreams (and has the nerve to fight for THAT name back) or the guy that used the name to make a profit (in term, poisoning the community in a different manner) just stfu. The Ross nay-sayers are some of the most bitter internet bloggers I've ever seen, worse than those racist guys that always ride the Obama articles on Fox. Go get informed you little trend-savvy fudge packer

  • Chris Etrata

    Does anyone see the similarities between this New Jersey Police Officer and Officer Rickey?

  • Bpayne

    Get this Faggot the Fuck outta here Police can't's in the HipHop Bible His ability to Call himself HipHop in any way should be terminated due to the fact that he is in Law enforcement

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