Kendrick Lamar Reflects On "Menace II Society"

The TDE member also asks Tyrin Turner, who played Caine on "Menace II Society," about his role in the film.

Twenty years ago this month, the film Menace II Society was released and Kendrick Lamar was in his early elementary school years. However, the film was still influential in his life. Recently, Kendrick spoke about his appreciation for Caine in the film and even asked Tyrin Turner, the actor behind the role, about what it was like to portray the character in the movie. 

"I liked Caine," Kendrick Lamar shared with MTV's RapFix recently, while asking Turner his question. "Everybody liked O-Dog. I liked Caine for some reason. So, Caine, being that you are from L.A. I want to ask how easy or hard was it for you to portray the character inside of Menace II Society?"

Kendrick then continued, sharing that he saw his older cousin in Caine when he was a kid.

"I look at it as a kid and I still see, you look like my older cousin when he was 17. So, how easy was it for you to portray Caine in Menace II Society?" 

Turner explained that growing up in South Central Los Angeles gave him a definite advantage with the role. 

"I grew up in South Central L.A. so I never participated in none of the activities that went on but I had homeboys that sold dope. I had homeboys that drank, smoke or whatever the case may be. So, you see it and you know the demeanor of it," he shared. "I just knew to pick up on a lot of things that I saw. So it was easy."

RapFix was hosted by Sway Calloway. His co-host for the day Consequence also asked Turner a question, his regarding Tupac's relationship with Jada Pinkett-Smith. 

"When I seen 'Pac and Jada together, they seemed like brother and sister. They was wrestling and all kinds of stuff, all in the hallway wrestling," he noted, saying that Tupac was present during the filming of the movie.

Kendrick's question and Tyrin's answer can be viewed below.

When Menace II Society was released, it was billed as a true-to-life portrayal of the streets in South Central Los Angeles. Allen and Albert Hughes directed the film and it starred Turner as Caine and Larenz Tate as O-Dog. Jada Pinkett (before adding Smith to her name) played the role of Ronnie. The film was released May 26, 1993. 

In 2011, Nadine Graham spoke with Kendrick Lamar about Menace II Society's influence on his life for HipHopDX. In the interview, Lamar shared how he viewed Caine's role and said he saw himself in Caine. "I always tell people, my lifestyle and my household was like [the character of] Caine when I was little," he said. "That was me, I had cousins, my moms and pops, smoking, drinking, cussing, gangbanging, shootings outside, type of wild shit. It’s on camera actually. That’s what a lot of people don’t know. I got a lot of footage of that shit coming up." 

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    Hands down, one of the greatest (behind Boyz in tha Hood) of all time! And kendrick was growing up during dem times...and loved surprise....

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    lol @ 1:04 and this nigga who played Caine didn't age very well these past 20 years

  • J Mc

    Check out the wheeeelz....

  • Anonymous

    that movies whack

  • Anonymous

    Ja Rule's favorite movie is Beaches and he's still the hardest gangsta out there.

  • Anonymous

    Kendrick you shouldn't say you got gang banging an all that on video police be watching on the web for u and everyone them mofos are locking people up for s#@t they did ten years ago bro

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  • Anonymous

    Wasn't Pac suppose to be O-Dog ?

    • Anonymous

      Nah, Pac wanted to be O-Dog, however the Hughes Brothers cast him as Sharif. Pac didn't want that part, and hence you have him not participating in the film's production.

  • Such A Hoodish Nigga

    Menace II Society > Boyz n the Hood

    • Anonymous

      ^ lol truuuu

    • Anonymous

      Boyz had a budget, and was well acted. Menance had worse acting than anything on BET.

    • Sco*

      Menace is a great movie, however Boyz n the Hood encompassed a superior storyline, superb acting, as well as better cinematography and production. It was quite simply a 'deeper' movie which explored the topics of gentrification, education, African American family dynamic, as well as that gangsta shit....just my opinion tho......

    • Anonymous


    • aNoNyMoUs

      I think Menace II Society is just a whole bunch of shootings with nothing in it; Boyz n the Hood has more meaning.

    • Anonymous

      real talk. menace ii society is too ill

  • White Power

    Who gives a flying fuck ?

  • hollywood

    What I noticed in Menace after watching it recently was that as crazy as O-Dog was he had Most respect for his elders. Look at the way he stopped himself from cursing when talking to Caine's granparents in the living room, or apologizing for cursing in front Mr. Butler when he told Keisha to fix Mr. Butler a plate. Those littel details depict the difference between today's crack baby and yesterday's killer. In addition to the fact these Internet trolls need to have experienced an o-dog in their neighborhood to have experienced true hip hop. Thats why cats be loose at the tongue on the internet. No Morals no ethics....Streight Up Menace is still a slept on top 10 Hip Hop record of all time

    • @hollywood

      dumb nigger...

    • hollywood

      @ ?: Sorry I just come from a time where you were held accountable for how you speak on this here hip hop culture. 90 % of what you read on the internet loves hip hop but only experienced it watching TV or on the radio. Hip Hop was something you related to for no reason, just growing up in America period. Now with Hip Hop on the net you got people talking out a turn about legends and the culture cats couldn't talk like that in real Hip Hop time. Yah need to watch & study Menace and see how times was like during a real Hip Hop environment before the internet.

    • Anonymous

      also if watch, odog is a killer but ain't pull no bitches

    • ?

      "In addition to the fact these Internet trolls need to have experienced an o-dog in their neighborhood to have experienced true hip hop." the hell is that supposed to mean? what are you talking about?

    • tha OG

      Real talk!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      got to agree Streight Up Menace is still one of the biggest hood records of all times

    • Sco

      Great points.....

  • Anonymous

    That movie was a classic. It's about time for another movie like that. Checkout thegrandreport, they hot some good stuff and videos on there

  • Fresh 2 Def

    ill keep it 100. rest in peace to young pookie. ya bish.

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