Miguel Spurs Controversy With Tweets On Paganism & Race

Miguel comments on black people being "conditioned, pre-programmed to hate ourselves" while speaking on race.

California crooner Miguel seemed compelled to let loose a little social commentary via Twitter earlier in the week, and in the process spurred an online debate thanks to his somewhat controversial comments. The singer’s thoughts on ethnicity and culture began with a Tweet concerning those who wear the cross around their necks, as he referred to it as “a Pagan symbol” historically speaking.

Miguel later shared his thoughts on race as he referred to black people as being “the most judgmental people in the world” and also expressed his appreciation for “those who choose to think and act for themselves regardless of ethnicity or culture.”

In total, the singer sent out close to 10 Tweets addressing race and culture, although he didn’t interact with anyone directly during his brief Twitter vent.

Miguel released his debut album, All I Want Is You, in 2010 and has since appeared on records with Kendrick Lamar, Mariah Carey, and J. Cole. His most recent album, Kaleidoscope Dream, was released last year.

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    "Im proud of my heritage but honestly, black people are the most judgmental people in the world. Shits sad man." -----Calling black people or any other group of people judgmental makes you judgmental. Hypocrite

  • Hidden Agenda

    dont cha see the agenda they trying to push........lets stick together ya, we need it more than ever....red,yellow,brown,black,orange,white,green...we are all beautiful and colored, its 2013 ! lets focus on these bastards who are trying to take control of the future and depopulate us ! We The People !

  • Anonymous

    I agree with him, black ppl are too judgmental

  • sellout

    he is a wannabe anyway... he should ask whites to buy his whack music... they wont



  • fry

    who the fuck is this r & b clown? I only heard his name because i heard he Hulk Hogan-leg dropped some chick. I have pale white skin, but I'm pretty sure I'm blacker than this fag

  • Anonymous

    everybody is born racist

    • Loki

      No, racism is a learned behavior. But, begins at youth, so it would seem to be something we are born with.

    • Anonymous

      fuck niggas fuck crackas fuck chinks fuck sand niggas fuck curry niggas fuck yellow niggas fuck russians fuck hill billys and if i missed any type fuck them too

  • Killer Mike Scarface Lauren Hill

    Fuck this half bread mexican nigga. He aint pure like us he is just one of those crackers that do not belong in hiphop. If you're a half nigga you aint real so stay out of hiphop you dont belong in it.


    and rule #1 should be don't ever complain about racism if you are a racist yourself...that applies to a lot of people out there...you don't get to stand on your soap box and then turn around and spew the same hatred in the opposite extreme...equality is equality...it isn't equality when you think you are better than another race, that is called more of the same, that is called having your head up your ass


    I don't see anything wrong with what he said...he's spot on...society breeds people to make decisions on race based on a desire to fit into the mold...black girls scared to date a white guy because they are scared of what their friends/family would think, white guys that think twice about dating a black girl because they are concerned what their friends/family would think...Black people and white people growing up hating each other because they feel like thats what their society deems normal... the whole blame the white man for the black mans problems spiel is old and tired, as is the blame the black man for the detriment of society spiel...you should never make life decisions based on what somebody else expects you to do racially...thnk outside the box, be your own person, at the end of the day we are all equal unless you give power to people who insist that we aren't


      are you kidding me? what was this comment removed for? i said nothing racist and kept everything in bounds...that is bullshit and you know it...why are you upset? because i won't bend over backwards to give black people a free pass to be racists?

  • Amanda Bynes

    ring around the rosie

  • trevor Trouble

    Joey Badaa$$ from ProEra had a band mate Capital Steez who believed he who come back to life in 2047 as the God called Baphomet=Prophet of God, so he killed himself. Baphomet was also considered a Pagan deity. Actually the Church of Satan revived in the 19th century for occultism and Satanism. I won't lie Capital Steez is on top of my playlist because he died to soon. His mixtape AmeriKKan Korruption is excellent. If these "new" gods of hip hop are telling people to kill themselves to come back in 2047 with all these new religions that are the same God's from thousands of years ago- we are in trouble. If we gonna have a conversation about religion lets talk about Alcholics Anonymous's new God " Higher Power" and "God of your Understanding" the program is just like 100 years old and if you dare mention "Allah,Jesus, Jehovah, Yahwe, the Holy Spirit" the room goes silent, the mention of these names bring pure negative energy. Don't be fooled, new artist are bringing the same old pagan Gods into hip hop and practicing Satan worshipping and "White Magic" is all the same, I'd rather take my chances with Jesus...

  • hahhh

    dont fuck with miguel he'll leg drop yo ass

  • Anonymous

    Newsflash, whites hate on each other too. Not blond and blue eyed, not pure. Trailer trash? Small home and lower tier job? Not from old money? Community college and not university with a fraternity membership? I can keep going to show you the original haters but you stupid ass brothers and sisters are so programmed, like Miguel said, that you'll get on here and self hate in front of a bunch of devilish Caucasians, when most of these same Caucasians are acting black to bring you out.


      and now heres a newsflash for you... tissues are in aisle 3 you cry baby... the white man is the devil, the white man is to blame, the white man is holding us back WAHHH WAHHH WAHHHHHHHHH

    • Anonymous

      I partly agree that soon black artist will be compared to Riff Raf as far as if they are "black enough" basically its history repeating itself


    Unfortunately what Miguel was speaking on has ALOT of truth. I am a 32 year old Black man and I definitely feel like we as Black people are judgemental as hell. It seems like we have SOME black women that judge Black men that date outside of their race and then you have Black men who are obsessed with the sexuality of other men. Shit is retarded as hell if you ask me.

  • K I M

    nothing to see, keep it moving

  • Anonymous

    Dx is trying to duplicate the Scarface views, pushing that race conversation.

    • Anonymous

      Just like Dx had to report V-Nasty getting a deal the next day? Right.

    • DX

      can only report what dumb shit comes out of people like scarfaces mouth this isnt dumbshit or biased what miguel said is REAL life shit..diffence

  • Anonymous

    how's this controversy? This is real shit. Niggaz hate on each other just for being successful. We need to do more to help change that viewpoint cause honestly, when one of us makes it, we all make it. I know it dnt seem like that but that's how it should be.

  • Anonymous

    "that's why I appreciate those who choose to think and act for themselves regardless of ethnicity or culture" Real ass shit. I'm black too and I know that when it comes to anything dealing with Christianity, black people (especially here in the south) can be the most defensive motherfuckers in the world at times. If you live under a stupid rock and didn't know by now, imma let you in on something; Christianity is a ripoff of pagan religions before. Everything about it, from the stories, to the symbols, to the holidays, etc. Don't tell a hyper religious nigga this though, they'll get mad and lie up and down for Jesus.

    • Anonymous

      ^^ you history channel ass nigga!

    • Real Talk

      The sooner all people let go of that religious bullshit, the better off humanity will be. You don't need an imaginary man in the sky to have morals, freedom, justice and equality and peace.

  • translation

    stop pretending to be ballers and rappers. also stop selling dimes of weed and rap about selling a QP of crack

  • Anonymous

    It's not like he's lying.

  • JP

    Whay are the Christian holidays the same days as the Pagans? -Pimp C

  • Anonymous

    give sum leg drops on a nigga

  • Anonymous

    mexican ass nigga...

  • Anonymous

    miguel is black?

  • LOL

    even black people know black people suck and just follow trends to be cool. smh

    • Anonymous

      Just another white boy wanna act like he's the consummate rap fan, generalization the Black race while subtly boosting his. Whites are the original haters, deceivers, judgmental followers. "The black man is the most copied man on this planet bar none. ... wanna be a nigga but don't no body wanna be a nigga"- Paul Mooney" ^ TRUTH

    • LOL

      just bec i like rap doesnt mean im trying to be black LOL. i dress very white and i like rap music like i like other genres of music.. its a misrepresentation to think all people outside black race who like rap want to be black.. thats like saying all black people who like anything other than rap music want to be anything but black.

    • Jay

      You realize you're dumb right?

    • LOL

      WTF does that have to do with anything?

    • miles b

      "The black man is the most copied man on this planet bar none. ... wanna be a nigga but don't no body wanna be a nigga"- Paul Mooney so yeah you're wrong,

    • LOL

      i like rap music no matter what race raps white black spanish w.e lol im not sayin all black people i should of specified. even black people know the majority of black ppl are followers and cant think for themselves!

    • mar500

      What are u doing here?

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